10 Best Dirt Bike Handguards Review & Buying Guide

Do you decide to get a new pair of handguards? If yes, then it is a wise decision. Running a dirt bike without your protective handguards isn’t an excellent idea. 

Out there you will find tons of brands and models of handguards. However, we picked the most suitable ones among hundreds of patterns and designs. We looked into the features to filter out the most select products also picked a few ones that fit on a low budget as well.


Best Pick

best dirt bike handguards

If budget is no concern of yours, we suggest Acerbis Rally Pro X-Strong You can rely on Acerbis as they offer a high level of protection and well-known for topnotch products. 

​Budget Pick

best dirt bike handlebars for trail riding

Maybe you do not need high profile protection or short on a budget, there can be many reasons for not buying any high range handguards. You can choose PowerMadd Sentinel Handguard for their decent protection at reasonable pricing. 

1. Acerbis Rally Pro X-Strong Handguard Review

Highlighted Features

Rally Pro X-Strong is one of the best dirt bike handguards due to its notable features and superior quality. With its robust injection-molded nylon composite exterior, it gives you the ultimate defense. Besides, it has an anodized aluminum bar inside that strengthens the protection even more.

It allows you some additional space for cables and bike lines. These motocross handguards are super comfortable which ensures secure grip and maneuvering. When it comes to performance, Rally Pro X-Strong stands out with its strong protection against the heaviest forces. They provide a nice balance that makes it suitable for serious riders.

Pick yours from a variety of colors. They come with a mounting kit and are easy to install. Price is not that great but they are sturdy enough for professional bikers.



Why will you like this product?

This model will serve you well when you are seeking for enough comfort for your hands along with robust protection. They not only look cool but also protect you from damages with its sturdy construction.

2. AcerbisUniko Vented Handguard Review

Highlighted Features

This one is a vented handguard that can serve you well in hot and dry conditions. Acerbis comes with this sturdy yet lightweight design that offers amazing features for MX bikes. Are you looking for the best dirt bike handguards to protect yourself from damages in the summer days?

Through the large venting pattern, the airflow gets its way to pass across the levers. Therefore, it gives you comfort in a stressful condition. This product comes with an excellent mounting system that brings you enough strength and rigidity. The polypropylene frame is quite durable and the best thing is the molded logo.

The logo will not wear off easily because it is not printed but molded inside. This model arrives in several colors, so you are getting options to choose the most suitable handguards for your MX bike.



Why will you like this product?

AcerbisUniko Vented Handguards are lightweight and perfect for riding dirt bikes in stressful conditions. Yet they are not fragile, can keep you protected from dirt, tree branches, roost, etc.

3. Cycra Replacement Classic Enduro Shields Review

Highlighted Features

These are a suitable alternative if you want to purchase replacement handguards for dirt bikes. You can rely on a brand like Cycra when it comes to quality. These EnduroHandshields are so great that they can perfectly replace the original ones. With these replacement shields, your hands get the ultimate protection within a low cost. 

It is composed of high-resistant durable injection-molded plastic that ensures superior quality. These products are made in the USA facility of Cycra. You can use these hand shields for Cycra Alloy Probends, CycraCRM Probends, and Cycra Series One Probends. Besides, an installation kit comes with it and the installation process is very simple. 

There are color varieties, therefore, you can pick yours with ease. They are one of the best dirt bike handguards due to their topnotch quality and looks. 



Why will you like this product?

Reasonably priced and made to endure lots of hassles that come in your way. The installation process is super easy and all the necessary items are included. 

4. CycraProbend CRM Handguards Review

Highlighted Features

The revolutionary patent-pending design and Trademark Probend shape make this model of Cycra one of the best dirt bike handguards. Those who are looking for the USA made products will find these CRM handguards very convenient.

As expected from Cycra, they are rich in quality and offer an ultimate shield while you are driving motorcycle or ATV. These handguards come with center reach clamps ensuring enough operating space for most of the bars. They are specially designed to fit the 1-1/8” bars and come with all the necessary equipment.

Though they may require some additional modifications for some selected models, the installation process is hassle-free. Another mentionable part is the replaceable plastic abrasion guard.



Why will you like this product?

With their stunning design and high-quality hardware, they ensure a maximum clearance plus last longer than the other models of this kind.

5. Cycra Stealth DX Handguards Review

Highlighted Features

Do you want these sleek and lightweight motocross handguards for your MX bike? Cycra brings you these superior handguards that provide absolute protection against roost, debris, brush, etc. At this price range, they offer maximum features along with outstanding performance.

The installation process becomes quite easier with its rotating bolt plate. They let you mount the brackets above or below the levers. Therefore, they fit a wide range of bikes.

They got their place in our dirt bike handguards review due to their awesome durability and easy installation process. When it comes to the price, they are the winner. Cycra Stealth DX Handguards presents the best solution for the MX bikes in a mid-range price tag.



Why will you like this product?

A perfect product for MX bikes allowing super easy installation for a wide range of models.

6. PowerMadd Star Series Handguard Review

Highlighted Features

These cheap dirt bike handguards grant ultimate protection without compromising with quality. They are versatile and come in an array of colors. 

With their removable vent covers, they become one of the best dirt bike handguards of the industry. You can allow added airflow to keep your hands cool by removing the vent. On the other hand, getting warm on the cold days is also possible by snapping the vent cover back. 

Whether you are riding an ATV, motorcycle or snowmobile, PowerMadd Star Series Handguards will never disappoint you! They are the best option you get in this price range if you already have the required hardware set for mounting. 



Why will you like this product?

It becomes a suitable handguard for different weather conditions due to their removable vent cover options. 

7. PowerMadd Sentinel Handguard Review

Highlighted Features

If you are interested in high profile strength, you can check out these handguards. They look cool and come with some exclusive features. Like the Star Series, the PowerMadd Sentinel Handguard is one of the best dirt bike handguards for ATV, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc. 

Additionally, they are well-made, the stiff two-piece spine ensures durability, on the other hand, the softer colored body assures flexibility. Besides, a convex mirror comes with the pack which is rotatable and foldable. Therefore, it enhances your comfort and controls to a great extent. 

We can say these Sentinel Handguards bring you all the vital features that protect from wind, dirt, mud, rain, snow, etc. Four kinds of mounting options are available for this model, you will get installation guidelines on the official website of the PowerMadd. 



Why will you like this product?

Ensures robust quality with vital accessories and exquisite build. 

8. TMS Aluminum Hand Brush Guards Review

Highlighted Features

These handguards are just perfect for beginners. They aren’t made for serious riding, however, they can withstand dirt bike crashes with their durable composition. When you are on a budget, they are a great choice. 

In a low price range, they offer a universal fit for almost all dirt bikes. Yet, a slight modification is needed for some models. Besides, they come with an installation kit that includes mounting accessories for the standard handlebars. These accessories are not enough for the modifications to the bars larger than stock.

Moreover, there is plenty of room for the cables and brake lines which gives you enough flexibility for controls. Such exclusive features make them one of the best dirt bike handguards on a budget pick. 



Why will you like this product?

The best option for the beginners at an inexpensive price

9. JFG Racing Aluminum Handguards Review

Highlighted Features

We are presenting another option that comes with a low price tag. JFG Racing handguards are the blend of decent quality and competitive price. 

With their plastic and aluminum body, they protect the hands from dirt, brush, rocks, cold wind and more. Maybe you are a newbie and facing troubles while running your dirt bike. Then you just need a pair of these handguards. 

Since they are made of lightweight materials, they may not endure heavy impacts. However, they are comfortable and decent enough for beginners. Riding bikes for a long time may increase hand or finger fatigue, JFG racing handguards reduce such problems. 

When it comes to the installation, these handguards come with a universal installation kit which ensures easy mounting on almost every type of machine. You get more clearance since there is enough room for brake cables and other devices. 



Why will you like this product?

Compared to the price, they are surprisingly resistant and offer tons of valuable features.

10. Tusk D-Flex Handguards Review

Highlighted Features

They are one of the best dirt bike handguards that come in a mid-range price tag. This model is built for dirt bikes only and they provide many awesome features. These handguards look durable and they do their job pretty well.

The plastic exterior is quite resistant and the aluminum bar inside increases the durability even more. The shield is replaceable, which is quite a beneficial feature of this product. If you are seeking plenty of area for flawless operation, this model is the one.

With its large bend, it secures clearance for the brake and clutch levers. In this price range, a combination of quality and varieties of features are rare. So why don’t you have these?



Why will you like this product?

Delivers comprehensive protection along with enough operating space without breaking your bank.

A Buying Guide To Choose The Right Handguard For Your Dirt Bike

If you are a serious dirt bike racer, you must know the significance of handguards. In the case of choosing appropriate handguards, you must consider a few important things. Which handguards fit your bike depends on what kind of racer you are. 

There are two types of bike racers; motocross racers, enduro and trail racers. In both cases, you require different types of handguards. 

Usually, the motocross racers use the Open MX type handguards and the enduro and trail racers use the wrap-around handguards. There’re no specific rules regarding the use of handguards; it depends on the type of protection you require.

Motocross (Open) Handguards

Motocross handguards are the plastic deflector shields in the front, which block rain, wind, roost, etc. and protect your hands. They are lighter than wrap around handguards and suitable for motocross bikes. 

That doesn’t mean only motocross racers can use these; some trail racers do prefer these handguards, as they offer a little warmth for your hands in the cold days. However, even though these handguards let you move your hands freely, these may break easily if you drop your bike, as they are attached to the handlebars at only one point.

Advantages of MX Handguards:

  • Open-end design
  • Freedom of hand movements
  • Easy installation process
  • Can be swapped in a few minutes
  • Cheaper than wrap around handguards
  • Because of single-point fixing, there’re less bar clutters

Disadvantages of MX Handguards:

  • No protection for your hands from large impacts or crashes
  • Might break if you crash your bike
  • Less durable
  • Can’t prevent levers from breaking

Enduro/Trail Riding (Wrap-Around) Handguards

Wrap around handguards got their names due to their extended coverage area. The coverage extends across the entire lever and grip areas of the bar. 

These handguards are mainly used by theenduro and trail riders as they not only protect hands but also shield the levers during a crash.

Like the motocross handguards, these aren’t fixed at a single point. Instead, they are attached to two points, one at the end of the handlebar and the other one near to the handlebar clamps.

For enduro and trail riding the wrap-around handguards are the best due to their robust strength. The best enduro handguards are designed to provide maximum protection during crashes. Wrap around handguards not only protect your hands from wrecks but also prevent the levers from breaking.

Advantages of Wrap-Around Handguards :

  • Comes with highest possible endurance
  • The durability makes them survive most accidents
  • Provides maximum protection to your hands
  • It prevents the levers from breaking

Disadvantages of Wrap-Around Handguards:

  • Heavier than the MX handguards
  • More costly than the MX handguards
  • Offer less room for movements
  • Complex installation process

Top 3 things to consider:

1. What Kind Of Rider You Are?

Depending on your riding environment and situation you should pick your handguards. This is why, for motocross racing, you should choose the MX handguards and for enduro and trail racing, the wrap-around handguards.

It’s not like you cannot use wrap-around handguards for motocross racing or MX handguards for trail racing. However, it is best to use them for such situations based on what they were made. 

If you are a motocross racer, other than protection what you need is freehand movements, that’s why MX handguards are more suitable for motocross racing.

On the other hand, in the case of enduro and trail racing, protecting the levers is the most important thing to do. Therefore, wrap-around handguards are the best option for trail racing.

2. What Are The Diameters Of The Handlebars?

The standard diameter of the stock handlebars is 7/8” (22mm). So, if you are planning on getting an aftermarket handlebar, you must measure the size of your handlebars and order accordingly.

3. What Color You Prefer?

Most of the brands offer a wide range of colors for MX and Enduro handguards. In such cases, you can be creative and pick the most suitable shade that goes well with the appearance of your bike. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Handguards Are Used In Motorbikes?

They work as a deflector which protects your hands by blocking wind, rain, roost, etc. Moreover, they can be used for keeping your hands warm if it’s cold outside. If you crash your bike, Wrap-around handguards can prevent the levers from breaking. During a crash, the handguards can protect your hands as well.

What Are The Different Types Of Dirt Bike Handguards?

You will find two kinds of handguards-

  • Open MX type handguards
  • Wrap-around handguards
  • Usually, the Open Mx type handguards are for the motocross dirt bikes and Wrap-around handguards for the enduro and trail racing dirt bikes. Although depending on the type of protection you should pick a suitable set of handguards.

Are There Different Sized Handguards For Different Sized Dirt Bikes?

The size of the handguards is mainly universal. But if you don’t have a wrap-around frame, that inserts into the end of the handlebars, you need a handguard that matches the size of the handlebars.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Light Handguard?

Delivering a comfortable grip is the major advantage of using light handguards. They also improve accuracy drastically. Moving the hands easily is another benefit of using such handguards.

How To Measure Handguard/Handlebar Size?

You can use Vernier calipers to determine the handguard size of a dirt bike. If you don’t have this instrument, you can use the tape measure. In that case, you need to check the diameters of the bars at the point where you would connect the guards.

Final Thoughts

If you are trying to rely on your hand gloves only, then you are making a grave mistake. It is high time you should get your handguards that fit your dirt bike. 

You will find many videos and instructions related to the installation of these best dirt bike handguards. Therefore, pick the most suitable one and get them mounted right away. 

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