10 Motorcycle helmet communication system for group riding

You’ve planned an awesome bike road trip with the boys. So, you hit the road early in the morning to get to the place before dark. And it was going well. Until someone gets lost from the group making the wrong turn. That’s when everything starts to fall apart. You’ve got to stop and start looking for the guy before moving ahead to the destination.

Next thing you know, you’re riding at night time. Not something many enjoy.

If you were in touch with the rider, that could have been easily avoided. And with the motorcycle helmet communication system reviews, I’m here to show exactly that.

Feel free to check out to know more about it.

Don’t have time to go through the list. For you busy bee, I’ve got the top three choices right here. Just go if that suits your needs.

motorcycle helmet communicators review

Cardo scala rider PACKTALK Duo-Bluetooth


Without any doubt, the Cardo scala rider PACKTALK Duo-Bluetooth is the best pick you can make. Just the DMC system alone makes the difference as you can connect with riders with 15 riders at once. Even if someone gets disconnected, the communication doesn’t get hamper with others which makes it the perfect thing to have while riding with a big group.

best budget motorcycle bluetooth communication system

Sena SMH10D-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset


The Sena SMH10D-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset is the best choice. The range it offers might not be the most impressive, but it compensates for that with the audio quality. The noise cancellation on this thing is just the best. You get everything the other guy is saying from the other end, even in riding at high speed with all the wind and cry of traffic.

budget pick

Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset, BT-S2 Motorbike Helmet Intercom


For the budget pick, go with BT-S2 Motorbike Helmet Intercom. Even though it comes in an affordable price range, it offers everything you need. Good range, quality audio, and hands-free operation to keep your eyes on the road. It’s a steal.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 motorcycle helmet communicators review

motorcycle helmet communication system reviews

Cardo Bluetooth Communication System

motorcycle helmet communicators review

FreedConn Communication Systems

best budget motorcycle bluetooth communication system

Cardo scala rider PACKTALK Duo-Bluetooth

motorcycle intercom systems

Sena SMH10D-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Communication

SENA 20S-EVO-01 Bluetooth Headset Communication System

motorcycle helmet communicator

Sena SPH10 Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headset

best motorcycle helmet communication system

FODSPORTS FX8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

off road motorcycle helmet communication

HuanGou Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Helmet Communication Intercom Systems

LEXIN 2x LX-FT4 1-4 Rider Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

motorcycle helmet intercom system reviews

Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset, BT-S2 Motorbike Helmet Intercom

10 Best motorcycle helmet communication system reviews

Keeping in touch with riders on the road is quite hard. To signal them direction or get in contact with them, you’ve got to take your eyes off the road or slow down.

The motorcycle intercom systems here have changed that forever. Now you can keep in touch with one another all the time. No need to slow down to talk or give direction with hands. Just chat using the intercom.

Or if you’re riding alone, listen to Spotify, or answer your calls. Off road motorcycle helmet communication has so many uses. If you want to enjoy them, then pick any of the devices from below.

1. Cardo FREECOM 1 PLUS-Motorcycle 2-Way Bluetooth Communication System

Highlighted Features

Those who travel with their partners or others at the passenger seat, need to get the Cardo FREECOM 1.

It is more like a motorcycle helmet communicator with the passenger. Both can have clear communication with each other, riding at high speed on the bike with their helmets on thanks to it.

Cardo has a slim, aerodynamic design which makes it blend with any helmet. It doesn’t stick out like a thorn on the thing. Besides that, the FREECOM system works with any brand’s Bluetooth headset.

The passenger and the rider both don’t need to have the same intercom. But the Cardo isn’t just a device to talk with others sitting with you. You can use it to listen to tunes from your smartphone. The 40mm speakers give you a crystal clear sound to enjoy.

Plus, you can make calls, take calls, and do a lot of other stuff with a simple touch on it or even voice control.

Not only that, it got some smart features too. For instance, when you use the radio to listen to music, it always helps to automatically pick the strongest signal channels. Then there is the auto volume adjustment system that tweaks the sound based on the outside ambient noise of the helmet.

And you can use it no matter the condition. No surprise, it’s one of the best motorcycle communication devices in the business.  



Is it hard to use?

Cardo has an app that makes it easier to use.

What’s the feature that stands out?

One cool feature of the FREECOM is that you can merge incoming calls with the intercom.

2. FreedConn Motorcycle Helmet Communication Systems

Highlighted Features

For the best budget motorcycle intercom, you can go with the FreedConn. The system comes with everything you need. From the speakers to the headset, all get included.

Looking at it, it got a nice sleek design like the FREECOM. But it is a bit different. Where the earlier only let you talk with the passenger, you can use it to talk with other riders too.

Though only two people can use it at the same time. But the distance it offers is quite impressive. Riders at 800 m distance riding at a high speed of 120 km/h will have no problem contacting one another using it.

Both can talk at the same time as it is a full-duplex system. And you can expect to listen to everything loud and clear as the noise cancellation on the thing is top-notch.

If you love to listen to music while riding, the HiFi speakers on the headset will win you over. Plus, besides using it as an intercom, you can do other stuff too.

With the FreedConn, you can listen to the radio, take calls, make calls, or get GPS navigation on your ear without looking at the phone for directions.



Is it waterproof?

Yes, the panel is water and sun-proof.

What’s the feature that makes it a fan favorite?

The long battery life is something people enjoy. You can get 7hrs of intercom time, or 10hrs of call time, or can enjoy 300hrs of standby with a single charge.

3. Cardo scala rider PACKTALK Duo-Bluetooth

Highlighted Features

Cardo doing rider to rider communication with all the GPS, calls and everything is nothing new. That’s something the brand does better than most. Yet, Cardo went out and did one better introducing the PACKTALK duo.

Right off the bat, what is new in the PACKTALK is the firmware update. With the addition of the Dynamic mesh communicator, the latest integration on the headset, you can get the longest range with a large group of 15 riders simultaneously.

The insane part about it is that,  while all 15 are listening to the conversation, 6 people can talk at the same time.

Coming to the range, it claims to offer 5 miles. Now, that can be a stretch, but over 2-3 miles, you won’t have any issue as the communication is quite flawless. With the DMC introduced, people can come in and out of the network anytime without any permission. One rider losing doesn’t mean, you lose others behind him too.

That’s what makes it a game changer. The signal strength doesn’t get weaker just because you lost someone in the network. No need to stay in one position to keep the network working. That’s the beauty of it.

Plus, you get all the typical stuff like talking on call and listening to music at the same time. GPS navigation, voice control, all the basic stuff.



How many hours of talk-time the Cardo PACKTALK Duo offers?

With the node to node intercom system of Cardo, you can get 13hrs talk-time with ease.

What feature stands out about the Cardo scala the most?

The ability to use it with other brand’s Bluetooth is a simple feature. Yet, it is great to have as many don’t offer the support.

4. Sena SMH10D-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Highlighted Features

To share music from a long-range, or just simply have chat with the fellow rider, Sena is the one you need to have a look into.

Out of the box, you get a simple and sleek looking device that takes a couple of minutes to set up with your helmet. But don’t get fooled by the looks. With this little thing, you can have long ranges and talk with other motorcyclists 900 meters apart from you.

And not just that you can talk. The Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity lets you share your favorite music. Besides that, you can make phone calls too.

Now, the Sena might not offer like the earlier Cardo a big group conversation. But this can host an intercom chat with four people at a time, which isn’t bad too. The communication takes place using the Sena is loud and clear. Even if there is too much noise around, you still can hear what the other guy is saying.

The advanced noise cancellation system here cuts incoming and outcoming audio to eliminate most of the background noise like none other. On top of that, it got individual volume control. So, decreasing the music playing on the headset won’t interfere with the intercom sound.  Now, that’s cool.

And this is a device made for all. With voice prompts in various languages on it, anyone can get the hang of using it in seconds.



Does it work with other brand’s headsets?

Yes, this one works with other brand’s headsets.

What’s the best feature about it?

The range it offers is quite impressive. Even at that distance, the sound quality is crystal clear.

5. SENA 20S-EVO-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Communication System

Highlighted Features

The 20S was a groundbreaking Bluetooth head com from SENA. With 20S EVO, they made tweaks to make it even better.

Like any Bluetooth com, this allows you to have rider to rider communication. Plus, you can connect it to your phone too for making calls. Or just get the GPS direction on to your ear so that you don’t have to look at the phone while riding the bike.

Talking about the tweaks they made, the first thing you notice if you’ve followed the earlier 20S model is that the antenna doesn’t bump on the helmet anymore.

But the noise control on the EVO is much better. It cuts down the wind to give you a clear line of communication no matter how fast you go on the road. Even the connection is quite stable. You can stretch it to its limit of 2km, and yet the sound quality will remain flawless.

With the EVO set up, you can chat with 7 people at a time. Or, you can simply use it to listen to music. Or do both at the same time. The individual audio system lets you do just that.

Something you should be familiar with looking at the motorcycle helmet intercom system reviews.



Is it easy to use?

Even with gloves on, you can manage to control it, so you can say, it is quite easy to use.

What is the feature that will make you love it?

The fast charging and the long battery life of it surely is something that everyone will enjoy.

6. Sena SPH10 Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Highlighted Features

The outdoor headset from SENA, the SPH10 is another gem of a device that you can try out. Like many of the other SENA gears, this one offers quite the range. To be exact, 900 meters. 4-people within this distance can use it at the same time—impressive!

And not just talk. Using Bluetooth 3.0, you can share your tunes with other riders too with the SPH10.

But all things aside, the SENA stands out for its noise control system. The headset automatically boosts the volume whenever you’re in a noisy atmosphere.

Plus, it is perfect for use in all conditions. The superior sweat and water resistance make it the ultimate outdoor gear to have. And don’t forget about the Jog dial and large buttons on the mic. Those things make it quite easy to use.



How many hours does it take to charge?

It will take about 2.5 hours to get the headset fully charged.

What’s the standout feature in the SPH-10?

The auto noise cancellation feature seems to work quite better than most other devices in the market.

7. FODSPORTS FX8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom:

Highlighted Features

With universal pairing and all, the FodSPorts FX8 Bluetooth intercom system will make life easy and fun for the riders. No doubt with that, as you can get 8 riders in one group with its intercom system.

It can give you a 2000m relay communication range with those 8 riders in the line which is quite good. But if you’re just two on the road connected with the intercom, you still get 500m range which isn’t bad either.

But the range aside, the headset is getting most of the attention for its sound quality. Many offer crystal clear sound with their noise-canceling headset, but this one is like none other. The Hi-Fi sound with the bass gives you a concert-like experience on the thing which tells a lot about the sound produced by the thing.

Even at a high speed of 120km/h, it is loud, clear, and flawless. What’s even more interesting is that you can control your iPhone or Android devices using voice control with it. Take calls, make audio notes, or just use the GPS for direction even without touching the phone.

Yet, the best part is that it comes ready to use any headgear you have. You will get a soft-wired mic to use it with a full-face helmet, or use the boom mic with the half helmet, everything you need comes within the box. 



How many hours does it take to charge?

All it needs is 3 hours to fully charge.

What’s the feature that you will like about it the most?

There are a lot of things, like sound quality, noise cancellation, and the option of using it with half and full helmets. But the ease of installation takes the cake.

8. HuanGou Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Highlighted Features

Not all the best motorcycle helmet communication systems need to be out of reach for people with a tight budget. To prove that, comes the HuanGou headset.

This budget headset will put some of the most expensive gears out there to shame with a 1000m Bluetooth range.

But that’s just the start. With the CSR chip, it takes things to a new level. Thanks to it you can talk with each other by phone using the intercom. No need for one person to end speaking for you to talk. It even switches between the phone, intercom, and stereo music based on priority.

With DSP echo cancellation with noise suppression technology in the headset, the sound quality you get is quite on par with some of the best.

Plus, you can take calls, redial the last call, and play, pause or shuffle between the songs just using the voice command. Even the built-in radio in the headset works to capture the best signal channel for the rider to enjoy.

What more do you need?



Is it good to use in snowy conditions?

Yes, the headset is perfect for both rainy and snowy conditions alike.

What’s the feature that stands out to most?

Without any doubt, the price range of it comes to many as a big surprise for all the things it offers.

9. LEXIN 2x LX-FT4 1-4 Rider Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Highlighted Features

The first thing that comes to mind looking at the LEXIN is different. With its luminous light, it adds more flare to your headgear for sure.

Other than that, it is everything you expect a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth communication to be. You can call using it with your hands-free, listen to music or take directions from GPS or talk with other riders within 1.2 miles range.

With this water-resistant Bluetooth headset, you can have a group conversation with 3-other riders at the same time. And even when you’re moving at a fast speed, this one will cut the noise down and let you get crystal clear sound. The audio processing on the unit is just fabulous.

Even the simple buttons on the thing make it usable with the hands. No need to take off the gloves to operate it with the hands. Now, that already makes it better than most devices of such.



Is it waterproof?

Yes, the LX-FT4 is waterproof.

What’s the feature that makes it a top choice?

The sound quality is quite good thanks to quality noise cancellation with the headset.

10. Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset, BT-S2 Motorbike Helmet Intercom

Highlighted Features

Coming to the end of the road, let’s end with another budget pick for more riders to enjoy. It’s the BT-S, and it is from HuanGou too.

So, there are a lot of things that might be familiar with it just like the earlier one. For instance, the range it offers is the same. You can have an intercom conversation going with other riders at a 1000m distance.

Three riders can use it at a time which makes it perfect for a small group. Besides that, there are a lot of other things that will make you remember the earlier set.

You get the same high-quality noise cancellation with priority switching in the headset. Even the hands-free operation with voice command on the thing is no different. The only thing that makes it a bit different is the push-button on it, which is larger, which makes it easier to use, even with gloves.

For the price it comes, this is the best budget motorcycle intercom, hands down.



Is it offers good battery life?

Yes, you get good battery life. At least, 8-10hrs talk-time with a single charge.

What’s the best feature of the headset?

The simple and straightforward installation of the headset is quite the deal.

Types of Intercom Systems For Motorcycle helmet

While looking for the best intercom system, first you need to know about the types as there are more than one.

Starting with the wired system. These were quite common in the past due to their reliability. You don’t have to deal with interference like the wireless systems. But the con is that it limits your conversing range as you can only talk with the passenger.

Wired ones come to change that with their use of radio technology. You get a better range to talk with other riders at distance. But using a public signal means anyone can listen to your chats.

The Bluetooth intercom system seems to be the best option and the ones the list gets made of. That’s because it offers a private channel for the riders to share and talk on. But it has its drawback too. And in this case, it is the range. Still, way better than the rest.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying Best Motorcycle helmet communication system

So, you’re looking to buy the best motorcycle helmet communication system. Great! But where do you start?

If you’re still not sure about that, then this buying guide is what you need to get yourself on track.

Let’s start then.


Ok, you might have thought about the intercom system to talk with other riders and need to be on top of your checklist. If you got that, then it’s not wrong to have that there. But for me, the first thing you need is GPS voice direction capabilities with the system. That way without taking your eyes off the road, you can know where to go.


If you travel with a group of other bikers, then having an intercom system will save you from a lot of trouble. You can easily track each other and help them direct to find their way if they get lost. Unlike using none, where it’s too late when you find out someone made the wrong turn and you waste hours on the road to just get them on track.

Now, the thing you should consider while choosing the intercom system is how many people can connect at once. For a big group of people, you might need more connection points.

Noise cancellation:

This is the thing that will make or break the thing when it comes to the device. No matter, how good the device is, if it can’t filter out the noise from the person speaking, then it won’t be any good. So, make sure, the noise cancellation on the thing is on point.


The communication system isn’t just for having chat with other riders. When you’re alone on the road with no one else, you can also use it for other use like listen to music or just take incoming calls or make some calls to others with it. Some even offer radio for you to enjoy. Make sure, you get those things when you get the device.

Individual sound system:

Maybe while riding on with your buddies, you want to listen to music while keeping in touch. With an individual sound system, you can do just that. The intercom system on the thing will not interfere with your music system and you can do both the things at the same time. Now, that’s fun.


No matter the weather, you want to hit the road with your partners in crime. To have that chat going despite the condition, you need to make sure the intercom system that you’re getting is safe to use in those weathers. All you need to make sure, the gear is water and snow proof and you’ll be fine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best motorcycle helmet communication system?

All of them are great, but if you want a particular one, I would recommend the Cardo PACKTALK.

What is needed for motorcycle helmet communication?

All you need is a device with a speaker and a mic to convey your messages using wire, wireless, or Bluetooth medium.

How does a motorcycle helmet communication work?

With Bluetooth helmet intercom, you create a network where people connect with each other using a node system.

What do bikers use to talk to each other?

Bikers use intercom systems like the Cardo or Sena to talk with each other on roads.

Final Thoughts

The motorcycle helmet communication system reviews will your problem on the road. Whether you need to talk with the person sitting behind you, or someone riding along with you, the devices here will solve all the problems. Even riding alone, you can get great use out of them.

So, there is use for it. All you need what you want from the gear. That way, you can make the right choice just like that. And even if you’re having trouble, there is always the buying guide to get help picking a headset.

Whichever you pick, there is no wrong choice. Trust me on that.

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