10 Best Dirt Bike Tie Down Straps | Ratchet | Cam Lock | Soft.

Every bike owner should take some measures before transporting their precious bikes on a cargo, crate, trailer, etc. Otherwise, the damage could be serious. The dirt bike tie-downs are the smartest and safest way to protect your bikes while transporting them on other vehicles. 

There are loads of brands and models of dirt bike tie-down straps, we picked the best dirt bike tie-down straps to save your time. Don’t you have your dirt bike straps yet? Get the best tie-down straps that fit your bike perfectly. 

Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Ratchet Tie Down Straps are fasteners, that help you to tie down your cargo with a vehicle. These web-like straps are utilized to hold the cargo down and these are connected to the tie-down hardware. Therefore, these motorcycle ratchet tie-downs provide safety to cargo while traveling. Most motorcycle ratchet tie-down straps fit almost all types of vehicles. Before you buy one, make sure you have a clear idea about the categories of straps. Otherwise, you may pick a wrong one that may cause a life-threatening accident.

Some of the best motorcycle tie down straps are recommended below

1. AUGO Cambuckle Alternative Ratchet Tie Down Straps Review

Highlighted Features

These types of tie-down straps are great for providing safety to the vehicles while traveling for a long time. It comes with 4 premium quality ratchet straps, that have a load limit of 500 lbs and has a break strength of 1500 lbs. The S-hooks are rubber-coated, which ensures a scratch-proof experience. The process of applying the straps is simple. Even if you travel for a long time, these straps will make sure that they don’t fall off. 

  • A Unique molding technology that makes sure that the handles don’t fall off.
  • Rubber-coated S-hooks
  • 15 ft. of webbing.
  • Easy to tighten and release.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Overloading may cause breaking.
  • Might require a bit of force while unhooking.

Why will you like this product?

This product is one of the Best Dirt Bike Tie Down Straps  in the market. With a 500 lbs load limit, 1500 lbs break strength, it can ensure proper safety of your cargo, if not overloaded. The unique molding technology provides surety that the handles will not fall off. 

3. Sunferno Ratchet Tie Down Straps Review

Highlighted Features

These ratchet straps by Sunferno, are the best dirt bike Tie-down straps available. This product provides maximum durability, so it will not break within six months like some other cheap quality straps in the market. It has a break strength of 2500 lbs. and it has a 1250 lbs. of working load limit. The webbings are made of UV ray protected materials. Besides, strong sewing patterns make it last for a long time. It also comes with rubberized hooks and closed S-hooks that provide maximum security to the goods.

  • Best for long rides.
  • No stretching.
  • Requires no adjustments.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Lasts for a long time.
  • Works great even if it’s windy .
  • Great at holding items and providing safety in speedy traffic.
  • Why Might break if overloaded.
  • The straps are very thin.

Why will you like this product?

This tie-down strap provides maximum durability and the best service at affordable price. The installation and the unhooking process is really easy and requires no extra adjustment. 

4. Bison Gear Ratchet Tie Down Straps Review

Highlighted Features

These 20 ft. long heavy duty ratchet straps are GS certified, they provide the best quality among all. The strap materials are UV, mold, and mildew protected. That’s why these straps are long-lasting. Besides, these straps are Neon-reversible, so these are visible even in darkness. The S-hooks are coated with rubber, so it won’t scratch your cargo. Therefore, these straps are of the best quality and provide the most select service.

  • 20 ft. long straps.
  • GS certified.
  • Neon-reversible straps that make it visible.
  • Made of UV ray, mold and mildew protected materials.
  • It’s hard to put everything together.

Why will you like this product?

This tie-down strap by Bison gear already fulfills all the requirements if you are looking for a new ratchet strap, as it is GS certified. The neon reversible feature also adds to its performance. 

Ratchet Tie-Down with J-Hooks

Below we will discuss about some ratchet tie down straps that come with J-Hooks.

5. HFS Heavy Duty Ratchet Cargo Tie Down Straps Dual J-Hooks Review

Highlighted Features

These straps are used for heavy lifting and shifting of vehicles, household appliances or other equipment. Double thickness polyester webbing makes the straps soft so that it doesn’t scratch the loads. These are generally used for household appliances, ATVs or motorcycles, farming equipment, or any heavy objects and last a long time.

  • Double-thickness Polyester webbing.
  • Highly Durable.
  • Rot and Weather resistant.
  • Triple stitched.
  • Can absorb mildew easily.
  • Straps are prone to attack.

Why will you like this product?

HFS 1-1/2″ x 15′ heavy-duty ratchet strap has the double webbing with a versatile breaking strength. The hardware of the product is perfect for securing household appliances, vehicles or other equipment without any scratch, which makes it a strong and ideal product.

6. Keeper Ratchet Tie-Down With J-Hooks Review

Highlighted Features

Keeper provides Hi-Test webbing which is resistant to abrasion and will never rot or mildew and remains transportable and lightweight. All of these features combine and allow for safe and secure transportation. The Keeper-Ratchet-Strap is perfect for securing heavy cargo like cruisers and ATVs. It is suitable for a lengthy trip or excursion.

  • Sturdy design.
  • The four straps are very easy to ratchet.
  • Works smoothly and seems super heavy duty.
  • Reasonable Price.
  • The ratcheting mechanism works well.
  • Easy to lock and release.
  • Quite long .

Why will you like this product?

Keeper provides improved webbing which gives its ultimate strength yet remains transportable and lightweight. It’s very easy to use and ideal for lengthy trips and a good pick for ATVs & bikes.

7. DC Cargo Mall J-Hook Ratchet Strap Tie-Downs Review

Highlighted Features

With the maximum length of 27-feet, these two ratchet straps are large enough to hold farm machines, motorcycles, or furniture. The straps also come with the maximum breaking strength of 10000-pounds. The large release lever allows to tension the straps with ease. We can say, they are one of the best dirt bike tie down straps.

  • Perfect Length.
  • High breaking point.
  • UV-resistant polyester webbing construction.
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Nothing serious to add.

Why will you like this product?

These are top quality and durable cargo tie-down straps which can be easily used for flatbeds, utility trailers, pick-ups, trucks, warehouses, boats, docks, etc. and it’s quite easy to work with.

Soft Loop Tie Down Straps

Soft loop tie-down straps are usually used to secure a Motorcycle, ATV, Dirt bikes, Powerchair or any other equipment while tying down it with any hook end tie-down straps. Attaching with the hook and afterward stabilizing the tie-down system, it assures the security of the machine. Moreover, this arrangement protects the part from where these straps are tied down to avoid any scratch or damage. These straps are comparatively easier to install and safer to use.

8. AUGO Soft Loop Tie Down Straps AUGO Review

Highlighted Features

Soft loop tie-down straps by AUGO have 4,500 lbs. break strength and around 1,500 lbs load capacity. These are specially made with high-quality polyester which makes it softer. 4 ounces weight and 12-inch length are quite impressive for sliding around the tie-down point of your vehicle or machine. 

  • Easier and safer to use.
  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • It provides long-lasting service.
  • Includes six soft loop straps.
  • Comparatively thinner than the others.

Why will you like this product?

If you don’t want to mess up with the paint of your Motorcycle or Dirt Bike or any of your favorite machines, AUGO soft loop tie-down straps will help you out. By preventing any kind of scratches in the tie-down point it will secure the paint. 

9. Rhino USA Motorcycle Tie Down Straps Review

Highlighted Features

RHINO USA Motorcycle tie-down straps are highly recommended for its no-slip transporting service as it includes spring-loaded steel buckle along with heavy-duty teeth. The integrated soft loops make the tie-down system smooth. 3,328lb breaking strength and 8 x 6.8 x 2.5 inches dimension ensures it is well functioned.

  • Spring-loaded safety clips assure more security.
  • Smooth and convenient to use.
  • Made with top-notch materials.
  • Light-weight.
  • Includes a clip retainer which ensures a hook doesn’t fall off.
  • The hooks don’t fit perfectly over some handlebars.

Why will you like this product?

The safety clip on each s-hook works perfectly by providing maximum security. The poly webbing and stainless steel ratchets make it well constructed plus durable.

10. Pro Taper Standard Universal Tie down Accessories Review

Highlighted Features

The pro-Tapper tie-down straps are one of the best products in the auto-mobile field offering a patent-pending swivel carabineer base hooks which assure the straps don’t get twisted. It has industrial strength non-slip cam buckle, huge swivel, soft loops, and a Velcro mini strap to prevent the loose end from flapping.

  • It creates a loop that protects a handlebar from any damage.
  • Carabineer base hooks prevent twisting of the straps.
  • Offer huge swivel.
  • Provide long-lasting performance.
  • Buckle size is extremely huge which sometimes doesn’t fit perfectly.

Why will you like this product?

The Pro Tapper tie-down accessories are offering everything you need in a tie-down strap. The hooks are made in carabineer style to reduce strap twisting. Besides, the velcro strap ensures that the loose end doesn’t flap in the wind.

11. FORTEM Ratchet Tie Down Straps Review

Highlighted Features

FORTEM Ratchet tie-down straps are made from good quality materials. Hooks are plastic coated and they are made of weather-resistant stainless steel. The coated S-hooks also prevent rust. Moreover, the straps resist weather, rot, mold, and mildew. Also, it offers high visibility neon webbing that is formed of sturdy polyester fiber.

  • High visibility neon webbing.
  • It contains rubber grips to ratchet down anything easily.
  • Weather-resistant hooks.
  • It creates soft loops that prevent scratches.
  • Slightly overpriced.

Why will you like this product?

These straps are highly recommended for their durability that ensure heavy loads with less effort. If you are planning to buy a strap for equipment shifting which is comparatively safer and easier to install, these soft tie down straps for motorcycles would be a perfect choice for you.

12. CARTMAN Soft Loop Tie-Down Straps Review

Highlighted Features

CARTMAN soft loop tie-down straps are used with the straps containing hooks to prevent scratches in the tie-down point. It has one end twisted loop with 3600 lbs. breaking strength. The 18-inch length is the perfect size to tie loops and should fit easily to any kind of handlebars. If you are seeking the best soft straps for motorcycle tie-down, you can pick this right away.

  • Well stitched.
  • It doesn’t require knotting to tie as it has a twisted loop.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Wider to tie loops easily.
  • Overload sometimes causes a failure.

Why will you like this product?

These soft straps for motorcycles are mostly used to protect the handlebars or tie-down points from any damage. You can create soft loops by this kind of straps where a hook can be attached. This is why it won’t be able to mess up with the color and cause scratches or damages.

Cam Lock Tie-down Straps

A tie-down strap is a length of webbing that is tensioned and used for securing cargo or other equipment for transportation. Cam lock tie downs are mostly lighter than ratchet straps. Yet offers more heavy-duty services than lashing straps. These are designed for medium-sized loads such as dirt bikes and ATVs and can have 500-lb working load including 1,500-lb breaking strength. They are easy and quick to tight and release. In a word-they are Ideal for delicate gear, great for any climate or weather condition. You can install within minutes and they are lightweight and portable.

13. Ancra Original Tie-downs Review

Highlighted Features

These tie-downs have nylon webbing with 4500 pounds tensile strength and 1800 pounds rated heavy duty cam buckles with the pressure plate. Its overall length is 66 inches with a sewn hand loop. Working load capacity is 400 pounds per strap which works well for transporting motorcycles or dirt bikes and is sold in pairs.

  • Heavy lifting.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Durable.
  • Very Sturdy.
  • Straps are overpriced .

Why will you like this product?

These are one of the best dirt bike tie down straps because they stay tight and the quality is immediately apparent also the hooks are heavy-duty as are the buckles and the webbing. These are great products and worth the extra money.

14. PowerTye Cam Buckle Soft-Tye Secure Latch Tie-Downs Review

Highlighted Features

These 11.2” cam buckle tie-downs provide a higher working load limit and come in a standard length which has vinyl-coated secure latch hooks. These latch hooks are great for towing sport-bikes or transporting motor vehicles. These are also great for tougher applications where smaller 1″ tie-down isn’t enough. Moreover, Integrated loops and double security snitching make it more durable.

  • Superior quality .
  • Strength.
  • Sturdy.
  • Overpriced straps

Why will you like this product?

These tie-downs are very well built, thick and sturdy. They do not slip at all. Transporting or traveling will seem easy if you have these soft-tye tie-down straps.

15. Ancra 66” Orginal Tie-downs Review

Highlighted Features

These tie-downs are the best for transporting motorcycles or other equipment. The canvas material of the strap is thicker, stronger and stiffer than the cheap auto store tie-downs and doesn’t stretch when wet. These straps can withstand weather and abrasion as work smoothly. Thus, they proved worthy to be one of the best dirt bike tie down straps.

  • Good cam buckle.
  • Large and secure hooks.
  • Withstands weather and abrasions.
  • Sturdy.
  • Heavy-duty hauling.
  • Easy to use.
  • Nothing mentionable

Why will you like this product?

Ancra provides a thick fabric strapping that engages the cam-lock and holds better than any other tie-downs, especially the thin and cheap ones you often see by the side of the road.

Locking Tie-down Straps

These are perfect for power sports, Tools, Equestrian, Medical, and much more. It’s 8.5 ft long and has a soft tie extension which makes it stretch-free. There is two hardened steel combination locking carabiners. Each carabiner is 6.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide with 8 braided stainless steel cables inside the straps. There are beefy galvanized steel rivets to detour theft. Tying the leftover strap behind the sliding clasp and putting the last loop inside the carabiner along with the other loop help to secure something without loosening the lock straps.

16. Lockstraps Locking Tie Down Strap Review

Highlighted Features

These Lock straps are pretty good and ensure premium security for bicycles or equipment. There are 2 carabiners lock with 8 inner braided stainless steel cable strap making it harder to crack. It has a lengthy and soft extension which makes it erosion free and durable too. 

  • The strap is made well.
  • Adjusts easily.
  • Pretty sturdy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Problem with locking mechanism.

Why will you like this product?

It locks security for bicycles, equipment, jet skis or small vehicles when parked at dock/restaurant/trailer, etc. Moreover, the straps are well-made and adjust easily to fit your needs.

Other Accessories You Might Need

You can take a look at these accessories as well.

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Buying Guide for The Dirt Bike Tie-Down Straps

If you are a bike enthusiast or bike racer, your bike has to be the most precious thing to you. With great bikes, greater responsibilities appears. Taking care of the bike in every situation has to be your top priority. 

Transporting your bike in a trailer or back of a truck can be tricky and risky. To make sure that your bike remains safe throughout the journey, you need the best motorcycle straps to hold it in a place.

Choosing the best tie-down straps for motorcycles can be tricky. If you buy the wrong one, you can damage your bike easily. You may say, you can use ropes to tie it down, but that may scratch the bike and ruin the color. There is a lot of tie-down straps available that can provide proper safety for your bike.

For buying the proper tie-down straps, few things should be kept in mind. Such as-


The first thing you need to consider while choosing the best dirt bike tie-down straps is what that straps are made of. There are two types of materials usually used for making these, Nylon webbing and Polyester webbing.

Between Nylon webbing and Polyester webbing, I would recommend you to buy the Polyester one when you are looking for a strap for long-term use. The straps with Nylon webbing are for short-term use. The reasons behind this are that Polyester webbing is better than Nylon webbing as a choice of material.

It is more long-lasting and durable than Nylon webbing and it provides better protection to the straps in harsh weather. Moreover, they prevent damage from harmful UV rays. Besides, Polyester straps keep the bike from jumping around in a bumpy road as it is less likely to stretch than Nylon straps.

Length, Load capacity, and break strength

The length of the straps depends on the space you are using. Usually, 8 to 15 feet long straps are available in the market. The shorter the length is; the better protection it will provide. So calculate what length is proper for your bike.

Every bike comes with different break strength and load capacity. Determining these properly plays an important role in choosing the best tie-down strap.

The weight of your bike can help you determine the load capacity. The load capacity has to be higher than the weight of your bike. If it is not higher than the weight, the straps will break at any moment.

The break strength depends on the load capacity of the straps. The higher the break strength is, the better it is for your bike. Usually, the break strength of a tie-down strap should be three times higher than the load capacity.

Attachment Points (Hooks)

There are two types of hooks available for tie-down straps, S-hooks and double J-hooks. 45-degree S-hooks are recommended for transporting your bike on trucks and 90-degree J-hooks are recommended for trailers.

These are my recommendations for choosing a proper tie-down strap. Just make sure you know what your requirements are and choose a trusted supplier, and I hope this guide helps you in choosing the best tie-down strap for your bike.


How Many Straps Are Needed To Secure A Motorcycle Properly?

Tie-down straps are perfect for transporting or securing motorcycles or dirt bikes. To secure a motorcycle properly, we need enough straps which can keep the bike properly balanced and immobilized. 4 straps are mostly used for securing a motorcycle because we can get each corner of the bike secured by using 4 tie-down straps.

What’re The Types Of Tie-Down Straps?

There are two common types of tie-down straps- Loop straps: It is a single piece of webbing that is looped around the item to be protected. Moreover, two endpoints are brought together for fastening and providing tension. 2 piece tie-down straps: These are constructed out of two separate pieces of webbing with their hardware and they are fastened at one end to the area which surrounds the equipment to connect with to each other. The Basics of tie-Down Straps are- Lashing Straps, Cam Buckle Straps, Ratchet Straps, S-Hook, Snap Hook, Flat Hook, J-Hook. Besides them, there are also-

    • Specialty tie-down straps
    • E-Track tie-down straps
    • Motorcycle and Car tie-down Straps
  • Custom Tie Down straps

On Which Vehicles Can Tie-Down Straps Be Used For?

Tie-down straps are mostly used for transporting or securing motor vehicles or bikes. Each tie-down strap has a specific weight limit and it can only lift that particular amount of weight. As long as the weight of the vehicle is below the maximum weight capacity of the straps, it can be used properly. So, yes, it can be used for other vehicles if the maximum weight capacity of the strap is higher than the vehicle.

How Can We Store The Tie-Down Straps?

Before storing the tie-down straps away, we must make sure the webbing is clean and dry. Some of the great tie-down storage ideas are: Plastic zip ties: Great for short time storage. Plastic stretch wrap: Non-sticky and secure cargo compactly. Rubber band: Simple, fast and easy Cinch strap: Great for securing a loop of webbing. Plastic freezer bags: Secure the strap and keep them dry. Bungee balls: Have plenty to wrap up your tie-down straps. Tackle-box: Great for storing smaller straps. Bungee cords: Fit around the largest straps. Plastic storage boxes: Used in a garage or shed. Shock cord: Easy to make custom length straps.

Can Motorcycle Tie-Down Straps Be Universal?

Motorcycles and ATV tie-downs are used to secure vehicles to trailers, trucks, and any other mode of transportations. These tie-downs are available with ratchets or cam-buckles. There are many configurations available like tie-downs with a built-in handlebar soft loop. While buying these straps customers look for some important features such as- safety, strength, size, design, durability, and availability or universality. And yes, these are universal as the manufacturers all over the world ensure the universality and productivity of these tie-down straps.

Final Thoughts

You may have been confused all this time. We are pretty sure you are much knowledgeable now, you are ready to purchase the most select one among all the best dirt bike tie down straps. You should invest your money on tie down straps to prevent the future damages and maintenance cost.

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