Dirt Bike for Teenager- Choice The Best trail dirt bike of all time

dirt bike for teenager

When I was a teenager myself, dirt bike races used to give me all the thrills I needed. I mean c’ mon, who doesn’t love to ride those badass beasts? I used to see bikers hit the dirt road and smashed their way through the woods and terrains. They would make awesome flip tricks that would wow everyone. Well, back in those days we didn’t have any dirt bike for teenagers. However, you can find them now almost everywhere in the marketplace. I know how kids, especially teenagers feel about dirt bikes; they’re crazy about it.

Well, if you want to give your kid a dirt bike as a gift, you’re in the right place. As I did my homework on dirt bikes, I’ll be able to help you get the best one. Here, I’ll not only give reviews of these bikes but also will share with you my personal best pick. If you’re on a budget, you’ll also be able to find the budget bike over here. So, without further ado, let’s hit it, shall we?

Best Pick

Dirt Bike for Teenager- Choice The Best  trail dirt bike of all time 1

My best pick is the Apollo 250cc Teen/Adult Dirt Bike. First off, it gives the most badass look that a dirt bike for a teenager can ever come up with. It’s a 250cc bike on which adults can ride as well.  It’s got a shock-absorbent suspension and a powerful braking system.

​Budget Pick

DONGFANG DB-007 125cc Manual Clutch

The Dongfang DB-007 125cc is the best budget bike according to my opinion. Other bikes can be cheaper but this one has advanced features at a very cheap price.

Best Dirt Bike for Teenager Reviews

Below are the bikes that have been running hot in the marketplace. Go through the reviews and pick the one that suits you.

Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike

Apollo DB-X18 125CC Dirt Bike

Highlighted Features

  • Bigger front and back tires
  • Powerful and sturdy four-stroke air-cooled engine.
  • Upgraded rear shocks.
  • Hydraulic disc fronts and rear brakes.
  • 750 mm front suspension and 320 mm rear suspension.

If you want the best beginner dirt bike for teenager, the Apollo DB-X18 can be your best pick. As you take a look at it, your mind will boggle as you see the stunning look it holds. With bigger front and back tires, this dirt bike for teenager will give your kid the ultimate comfort he wants.

To make sure your kid gets the best off-road experience, the bike comes with a powerful and sturdy four-stroke air-cooled engine. Soon he’ll realize that hitting the road was never more awesome. Uneven road? No problem at all as the bike has got upgraded rear shocks to provide the rider a smooth riding experience beyond the borders.

That being said, even on uneven roads, the bike gives your kid the ultimate control. The hydraulic disc front and rear brakes allow him to take control of the bike and ride with ease. As for stability is concerned, this one can fill the cup of tea of any riders. It has got 750 mm front suspension and 320 mm rear-suspension. 

  • Stunning looks and color combination.
  • Gives a comfortable riding experience.
  • Gives the rider better control over the bike.
  • Enhanced stability.
  • You’ll find the engine, water filter as well as the transmission exposed and wide open.

What age is this recommended for?

If your kid is about 13 years old or more, this bike is the one he needs to go for.

Why will you like this product?

This bike is one of the best dirt bikes for an off-road experience. With high-quality hydraulic disc front and rear brakes, it gives your kid the ultimate bike experience. Plus, it’s pretty cheap and affordable.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty steel framework construction.
  • Speeds up to 54 mph.
  • 125cc 4 stroke engine.
  • 17-inch front and 14-inch rear tires.

Are you concerned about the durability of a teenage dirt bike? TaoTao DB17 125 CC Dirt Bike can be your best pick if durability is what you crave for. Trust me, youngsters are craving for this amazing bike and it’s been running hot in the marketplace. You don’t get to judge a book by its cover, and however, as you look at this heavy-duty bike, you’ll know for sure that this one is a premium.

Built with a heavy-duty steel framework, this bike comes with the ultimate durability that will last for years. It doesn’t matter how rough your kid is going to use it, the bike can take a beating. If your kid wants speed and power, I don’t see any other choice than going for this beast. As he rides the bike, he’ll be able to speed up to 54 mph very fast, thanks to its mind-blowing acceleration feature.

Besides, its 125cc 4 stroke engine has teamed up with a 4-speed manual clutch transmission. This gives the ultimate power every rider desire. As your kid drives through the terrains or hits the road, it will give him the comfort zone he always wanted. Thanks to its 17-inches front tire and 14-inches rear tire that gives him a smooth riding experience.

  • It comes with ultimate durability that lasts for years.
  • Holds a very stunning look.
  • The acceleration time is pretty fast.
  • Gives the rider a powerful ride.
  • Gives a smooth riding experience even on uneven roads.
  • You’ll need to assemble it all by yourself.

What age is this recommended for?

This is recommended for kids around 13 or above.

Why will you like this product?

C’mon, just look at this bike. What hasn’t it got? Looks, durability, features, you name it.  It speeds up to 50 mph and you can reach the maximum speed very fast. It also has a heavy-duty body that will last for years.

Highlighted Features

  • 125cc powerful engine.
  • Heavy duty alloy frame body.
  • Big-bore exhaust
  • Two-piton brakes.
  • Can withstand 200 pounds of weight.

Who doesn’t want a dirt bike for teenager that has both fashion and functionality? The PCC Motor Coolster Dirt bike has got it all. The premium design with a sleek finish will make you and your kid go wow. The blue and black color combination lets you know it’s a prime. You don’t have to worry about its durability at all as this bike comes with a heavy-duty alloy frame body that can take a beating. 

Besides, it’s sturdy and lightweight, so if you feel the need to carry it with your bare hands (which is a rare case), you can do so. With the 125cc engine around, power-hungry riders will get the performance they always craved for. Ride through terrains, on roads, etc, the bike will give you a power ride.

The whole performance reaches unbelievable heights with its big-bore exhaust and the two-piston brakes. The powerful brakes make sure the bike halts and doesn’t move a single step further as you pull them. The bike can easily take all your weight and give you a comfortable ride. If your weight is not more than 200 pounds, you can ride it with ease.

  • Premium design with a sleek finish and a stunning color combination.
  • It’s durable enough to last for a long time.
  • Comes in sturdy shape.
  • It’s pretty lightweight.
  • Gives the rider an ultimate power-ride.
  • Powerful brakes halt the bike at once as you full them.
  • You have to take the hassle to assemble it.

What age is this recommended for?

Your child has to be at least 10 years old to ride this amazing bike.

Why will you like this product?

Unlike any of its competitors, it is lightweight and quite sturdy. Plus, you can’t ignore its awesome outlook. Its heavy-duty alloy frame ensures its enhanced durability. Plus, the braking system is quite powerful.

Highlighted Features

  • 125cc air-cooled engine
  • Speeds up to 40 miles per hour.
  • Strong steel alloy frame.
  • Supports the rider’s weight up to 200 pounds.

Still looking for dirt bikes for teens? Try to get your hands on this teenager bike from Coolster. With heavy-duty construction and premium design around, the bike will make your jaw dropped. As you take a look at it, you’ll love the fire-like color combination that blended in perfectly with black and white color. Other dirt bikes lack power and speed. Besides, even if they offer you a good amount of speed, the acceleration needs a lot of time.

Well, this bike has turned the tables. With this beast around, your kid won’t have a problem if he’s a power-hungry rider. With its 125cc air-cooled engine around, the bike will give a power-ride through terrains and roads. As for speed, it gives the rider the tornado-like feel as he rides smoothly. Your kid will be able to accelerate within seconds and reach the maximum speed within a blink.

In total, the bike allows its riders to go up to 40 miles per hour. So if speed is what your kid wants, the Coolster Dirt Bike 125cc Manual Clutch bike is the perfect catalyst.

  • Made with durable material.
  • Has a stunning look.
  • Gives you a fast and smooth ride.
  • Reaches maximum speed very quickly.
  • Gives an awesome power-ride experience.
  • The transmission is manual.

What age is this recommended for?

Teens who are around 15 years old can ride this bike safely.

Why will you like this product?

First off, this bike is pretty lightweight compared to others. However, it comes with a heavy-duty steel alloy construction. Besides, it reaches its maximum speed pretty fast.

Highlighted Features

  • 125cc engine.
  • Manual Clutch 4 Gears.
  • Speeds up to 55 mph.
  • Pneumatic knobby tires and a geometric frame.
  • Handlebars with a twist-grip throttle.

If your search for the best dirt bike for teenager kids hasn’t ended, you can go with the DongFang DB-007 125cc Manual Clutch 4 Gears Dirt Bike. This teenage dirt bike will impress you and your kid with its advanced features and outlook. This is one of the very few cheap dirt bikes for teens that have been running super-hot in the market place and teenagers are craving for it. One of the most important reasons for this is it comes with a grand look that will awe everyone. If your kid grabs this bike, he’ll one hell of a badass kid in town. The whole red and black color combination with a sleek finish will impress anyone.

If your kid wants to have a power ride through the terrains or on the highway, know this that this bike is no less than a bike for adults. The powerful engine will allow him to have the ultimate power-ride he always wanted. Besides, the bike speeds up to 55 mph, which makes it completely different than others. To provide high torque, the bike boasts a geometric frame. Plus, to make sure your kid can ride smoothly on uneven roads, the bike comes with pneumatic knobby tires which helps him to get maximum traction.

The riser handlebars come with a twist grip throttle that helps to boost acceleration. Besides, it also helps to pull the brakes perfectly so that the bike halts at once. These features allow your kid to take full control of the bike.

  • Boasts an amazing outlook.
  • Gives your kid the ultimate power-ride.
  • The speed limit is pretty high.
  • Provides high torque.
  • Allows your kid to have better control.
  • The bike does not appear as a street legal.

What age is this recommended for?

This bike is ideal for teens who are around 15 to 16+ years old.

Why will you like this product?

It has got an awesome speed limit and a powerful braking system. The pneumatic knobby tires back you up with the ultimate comfort zone.  It is one of those bikes that gives a grand look. It’s more like love at first sight.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with 14 inches front wheels and 12 inches knobby rear wheels.
  • It comes with very powerful front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Semi-Auto clutch.
  • Has got X-Pro Gloves, goggles, and handgrips.

Want to know why X-Pro 125cc Dirt Bike is one of the best dirt bikes for teenager kids? Well, no one will be able to ignore the fact that it looks insanely gorgeous. If your kid wants to step into the 125 class, this bike should be his best pick. The perfect color combination will woo the other kids in the neighborhood as your kid rides it boastfully. The premium design and the sleek finish makes this bike a grand. 

As your kid makes his way through the terrains or hits the road, the 14” front and 12” knobby rear wheels will give him the comfort zone he deserves. The tires will let him experience great traction as he goes in the variety of tracks and terrains.

The powerful front and rear hydraulic disc brakes let him halt the bike whenever he wants. As a result, he’ll be able to avoid crushing if a bus or truck appears out of the blue.

  • Amazing outlook with a sleek finish.
  • The large tires give your child a comfortable ride.
  • Provides great traction.
  • Powerful braking system.
  • A bit larger for mainstream teenagers.

What age is this recommended for?

Teenagers around 15 years old can use this bike with no problem at all.

Why will you like this product?

The bike looks insanely gorgeous. It speeds up to 70 miles per hour, which is a rare feature when it comes to bikes for teenagers. Besides, it also has a very powerful braking system.

Highlighted Features

  • 250cc Engine.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes.
  • 21-inch tires.
  • Speeds up to 70 miles per hour.

As the name says it, this is not just a bike for teens but also adults as well. Presenting the new Apollo 250cc Teen/Adult Dirt Bike. The design will look pretty familiar to you because you’ve probably seen this bike in movies like Water World or Mad Max. The problems with most teen dirt bikes are that they don’t come with a good braking system.

With the large disc brakes around, your kid will be able to slow it down or stop it at once whenever he wants. If speed is what you need, this bike can fill your cup. The bike speeds up to 70 miles per hour and you can gain the speed to the full very quickly. Riding on uneven roads can give you a hard time. Well, this bike has got everything covered.

It offers air shock front suspension that absorbs the shock riders get from uneven roads and allows him to have a comfortable ride. Besides, the bike is backed up b 21-inch tires which is a plus for you to experience a smooth ride.

  • Comes with a premium design and color.
  • The braking system powerful enough to halt the bike at once.
  • It’s faster than a lot of other teenager bikes out there.
  • Absorbs shock while riding on uneven roads.
  • It allows the rider to have smooth riding experience.
  • Some specific hardware of this model is very hard to find.

What age is this recommended for?

Kids who’re around 16 and above can use this bike with no problem at all. Plus, adults around 20 to 21 can use this bike as well.

Why will you like this product?

This is one of the very few bikes that even adults can ride on. One of the most unique features it has is its speed. It can speed up to 70 miles per hour.

Highlighted Features

  • 4-stroke engine
  • Large front brakes
  • Reliable rear drum brakes
  • Large front and rear tires

Your search for the dirt bikes for teenagers may end as you’ll find the Roketa Dirt Bike. It’s perfect for you if you want to give something to your kid as a gift. For a powerful riding experience, this beast comes with a 4-stroke engine feature. This delivers the maximum power possible you can get from a bike at an affordable price. Trust me, you don’t want your kid to ride all those mainstream bikes. They don’t have a good braking system, which is a must-have feature.

Well, the Roketa Dirt bike has large front disc brakes. It allows the rider to stop the bike whenever he senses danger. If a vehicle comes out of the blue, all you need to do is pull the brakes and the bike won’t move a step further. The braking system is backed up by reliable rear drum brakes which halts the bike as soon as you pull the brakes.

The large tires in the front and back will give your kid a smooth riding experience as he rides through the terrains or into the neighborhood. Even on uneven roads, the tires absorb the shocks so that the rider can have the ultimate comfort.

  • Delivers maximum power possible.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty construction, so, it lasts for years.
  • Looks stylish.
  • Comes with a powerful braking system.
  • Smooth riding experience.
  • Not CARB approved like other bikes.

What age is this recommended for?

It is recommended for teenagers who are around 16 years old.

Why will you like this product?

This product not only boasts a heavy-duty construction but also gives the maximum power possible. Besides, it’s braking system is better than its competitors.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Best Dirt Bike for Teenagers

Congrats! Finally, you’ve decided to buy a dirt bike. However, if you don’t know what the things are you should look for while buying a dirt bike, the chances are, you’ll get the wrong product.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, here are some things you should consider before buying a dirt bike. I’ll talk about the most important ones.

Size Matters!

‘Does Size Matter?’ Yes, it does, at least when it comes to buying a dirt bike for your kid. Imagine, you’ve bought a dirt bike but somehow it doesn’t fit the height of your kid.

You’re going to regret buying it, so, to make sure that doesn’t happen, buy yourself the bike according to the size of your kid. There are bike size charts online which you can follow to find the size of the bike that matches your kid’s height.

Braking System

One of the most important features, yet, pretty overlooked one. Imagine, your kid is riding his dirt bike and suddenly a bus or truck rushes towards him out of the blue. If the bike doesn’t have a good braking system, your kid may crush, and it may lead to major injury and even DEATH.

Dirt bikes that are made for teens tend to have a bad quality braking system pretty often. Find yourself a good one and give it a test drive if it needs. Make sure you buy a bike that halts instantly as your kid pulls the brake.


Tires play a huge role while giving a comfortable ride to the riders. If the tires aren’t good enough, the odds are, your kid won’t have a smooth ride experience. Go for the bikes that have pneumatic knobby tires. These are pretty comfortable to ride with. As your kid rides, the tires will give him a smooth riding experience.

Read our tires review:  Choosing The Best Dirt Bike Tires

Shock Absorbent Feature

If the suspension doesn’t have a shock-absorbent feature, your kid won’t find it comfortable to ride on uneven roads. He can fall off the bike if the bike gives him a lot of jerk. Go for the bikes that have suspensions which can absorb the shocks that you get for riding on uneven tracks.


If the handlebars are not comfortable enough, your kid won’t be able to control his bike properly. To have enough control, the handlebars need to have grips.

Handlebars with twist grips are easy to control and provide more friction to the hand. They don’t slip off the hand easily. As a result, the rider gets more control over the bike.


Getting a perfect speed is a must. If the bike you’re buying for your kid doesn’t have enough speed, what good can it do? Dirt bikes that teenagers use, most do not have much speed. Go for the ones that run 40 miles per hour. However, if you’re not in a budget, you’ll be able to find a few flagship bikes that speed up to 70 miles per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do All These Bikes Come With Warranty Offers?

Yes, you have to contact your nearest seller for more information.

Are All These Bikes Durable Enough To Last For Years?

Most of these bikes are built with heavy-duty materials. So, yes, they’ll last for a long time.

I’m Confused About Whether I Should Get My Son A Dirt Bike. Are They Risky?

Get yourself the bike with a powerful braking system. Teach your son how to control his bike properly. With proper guidelines, the chances of crushing will decrease.

Can I Make Modifications To My Bike?

Yes, however, you may lose the warranty offer for that.

What If I Have Hardware Issues After The Warranty Expires?

You can find the parts of these bikes anywhere in a bike hardware shop.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right dirt bike for teenagers can give you a hard time if you don’t know the dos and don’ts. I tried to talk about the bests of the bests here, so I hope this article will help you to get the perfect bike for your kid. If you want to buy mini gas dirt bike for your kid then read this review.

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