10 best removable motorcycle wheel chock for trailer

It is hard to keep the bike upright. Whether it’s for maintenance or just keeping it parked unattended, you can’t be sure whether it will remain steady and not tipped over.

And that problem gets even worse while trying to move the bike on a trailer.

How can you get around all these problems?

dirt bike trailer chocks

Didn’t you hear about the best motorcycle wheel chock for trailers?

It is a tool to have your wheel locked and keep the bike upright without letting it fall. Sounds like exactly what you’re in need of.

If that’s the case, then check out the below motorcycle trailer wheel chock reviews and get the best one for you.

If you’re looking for a quick pick wheel chock, go for any of the three based on what you’re wanting to get.


Lock N Load BK1000 Deluxe Motorcycle


For the best-rated one, I will have the Lock N Load BK1000 Deluxe Motorcycle. You will get a complete transportation system to move around the bike in the trailer or to keep it steady on the parking. Whatever you need, from a quality chock to strap system, all it has. So, it makes a good option.

best choice motorcycle wheel chock

Extreme Max 5001.5010 wheel chock


Looking at everything, Extreme Max 5001.5010 wheel chock is the best choice. It got a nice balance between budget and functionality. Right here, you’re getting a solid chock that keeps the bike stable. The high-quality build of it can take on good weight while taking care of issues like rusting. Plus, it got that cradle adjustment which makes it easy to fit a wide range of tires on it.

budget pick
best motorcycle wheel chock

raider Deluxe Wheel Chock for Motorcycles


The raider 19-610 Deluxe is a simple and effective chock system that will fit most budgets. Made out of quality steel with chrome plating, it makes room for any tires with a 5.5 width. And that easy installation is what makes it so pleasing. You can get it installed or removed without any effort.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 best choice motorcycle wheel chock

To get a quick glance at the best removable dirt bike wheel chocks for trailer, you can check out the table below.

Best motorcycle wheel chock for trailer

Extreme MAX 5001.5010

motorcycle trailer wheel chock reviews

MaxxHaul 70075

dirt bike trailer wheel chock

MaxxHaul 70271

motocross wheel chock

Lock N Load BK1000 Deluxe Motorcycle Wheel Chock

dirt bike front wheel chock

Raider 19-610 Deluxe

removable motorcycle chocks for trailers

ABN Removable Trailer Wheel Chock

front wheel holder for motorcycle trailer

CONDOR SC-2000 Trailer

motorcycle trailer wheel chock reviews

Extreme Max 5001.5759

dirt bike locking wheel chock

Pingel Series E Track Wheel Chock

best choice motorcycle wheel chock

New Trailer only Model Motorcycle Wheel Stop Chock

10 Best removable motorcycle wheel chock for trailer

If you’re looking to find the best motorcycle wheel chock for the trailer, then you should know about them in more detail. And that’s what you’re going to do right here. I will take you through all the top picks which you’ve got a sneak peek right before to show you what makes them great.

1. Extreme MAX 5001.5010

For the ultimate tire chock for your dirt bike, you can go for Extreme Max.

The 5001.5010 motocross wheel chock got everything you need. It looks sleek, has a solid build, and most importantly, keeps the bike stable even on the sloped roads.

Highlighted Features

Why will you like this product?

The compact size of the chock is something you can’t help but love. It takes up limited space for mounting on the ground. But manages to give that solid stability to make sure the wheels get locked.

Its floor space use is unlike anyone as it got that solid front crossbar and a boot design that takes minimal room.

But it’s not just the space saver. The V-shaped cradle on the chock allows room for both front and rear wheels of various sizes and widths. No matter what size tires you’ve got, it is the best wheel chock for your dirt bike.

And how can’t it be with the mounting holes at the rear end? You get that custom fit from starting from the front to ending at the tail hole.



Does it hold big motorcycles?

Yes, the chock is super stable to hold big bikes like the Harley Davidson.

What's the one feature that garners your attention?

When you take a step back and look at it, you can see this one got a broader stance that adds stability without adding any extra bulk. That’s impressive.

2. MaxxHaul 70075 locking wheel chock

To have something more within the budget, go for the dirt bike locking wheel chock from MaxxHaul.

The 70075 dirt bike chock is the ultimate tool to have. Whether to transport your ride or repair it or just for storing it, you need this one kit.

Highlighted Features

Why will you like this product?

For starters, the build quality of the chock is something you will appreciate for sure. The heavy-duty steel tool gives you maximum stability to keep those bulky rides locked in their position.

Not to forget, the powder coating gives it a nice look. At the same time, it makes sure the steel doesn’t get rusted or corroded in damp conditions.

Then there is the chock design. You will get 3-position pivoting brackets to help to fit any size wheels on to it. And with the automatic lock on the thing, loading and unloading bikes can’t be any easier than that.

Just use the bike weight to your advantage to get the tires locked when you roll it in the wheel chock. And that’s all you need to do.



What’s the dimension of the chock?

The chock got a dimension of 24″ L x 9-3/4″ W x 12-7/8″ H.

What’s the best feature of the tool?

For mounting on a trailer, truck, shop, or any other surface, the motorcycle wheel holder comes with the necessary hardware. It makes installation much easier.

3. MaxxHaul 70271

Not many chock stands can give you the luxury to hold on to the massive rides. MaxxHaul 70271 is, however, one of the few ones that give you exactly that.

So, if you’re looking for a front-wheel holder for the trailer to transport your motorcycle, or just need a bike stand in general, then go for it.

Highlighted Features

Why will you like this product?

The cradle adjustments on the chock are on point. With 6-different adjustments, you can manage to make room for various wheel sizes between 3-5 inches.

And getting the bike secured in the chock can’t be any easier. With a simple roll-in auto-lock feature, you don’t need to put any effort into settling it in the chock.

There is no need to worry about your bike once locked into the chock. The 1800 pounds weight capacity ensures, the heaviest of bikes remain in their place upright. You can feel safe walking away from the ride, keeping it secured like that. Or you got the anchor points to strap in the ride to add a bit more stability to it.



What’s the dimension of it?

It got a dimension of 37″x11″x6″ (LxWxH)

What’s the standout thing in the chock?

It got good quality overall. There is no doubt about it. Still, something as simple as the black coating on the steel makes it so great. You can leave it in the open in any condition without worrying about it getting rusted or corroded, unlike many other chocks.

4. Lock N Load BK1000 Deluxe Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Whether you’ve got a motorcycle, ATV, or any kind of motocross ride, Lock N Load them onto the trucks and trails with the BK1000 wheel chock.

Up till now, it is the most expensive removable motorcycle wheel chocks for trailers on the list. And you must check it out.

Highlighted Features

Why will you like this product?

Yes, it is expensive. But it is worth it. That’s because, here you’re not just getting a dirt bike chock, but an entire transportation system.

In this one box, you get a wheel chock, two retractable ratchet straps, two quick-release D-rings and strap clips, one mounting plate, and a ratchet strap for the front tire.

But it is the wheel chock that is its most impressive thing. You get an adjustable, self-locking chock that can keep heavy bikes stable on it without any extra reinforcements.

Still, all the other kits are there to help you out if you need to secure the bike to get it moved from one place to the other. The tie-down systems provided by the Lock-N-Load will offer the max tension to secure the ride without compressing or damaging the ride’s suspension.

And with the quick release straps, fastening and releasing have never been easier.



Is the wheel chock adjustable?

Yes, the dirt bike locking wheel chock is adjustable to make room for all sizes of tires.

What's the one thing that stands out the most about it?

It got a great weight capacity. Without the rear or front ratchets, the chock alone can manage extreme load rides.

5. Raider 19-610 Deluxe

If you don’t fancy a complete transportation system and want something simple, then I’ve got the right thing for you.

It is the Raider 19-310 Deluxe wheel chock. All you get is a simple chrome-plated frame and that’s all.

Highlighted Features

Why will you like this product?

You get a solid steel frame with it. It doesn’t have any lock system, but the 5.5-inch-wide frame doesn’t need it.

Just slide in the front tire to the removable wheel chock and it will stay there.

The good thing about the tool is that it comes with the hardware. Therefore, installing it on the truck bed or trailer floors is easier as you don’t need to get any extra stuff for installation.

And what’s great is that for the trailer all you need is to flush mount brackets to be on the floor to use the best removable motorcycle wheel chock for the trailer.

For the price, it is quite a great deal.



Does it come in any other color variant?

Yes, it comes in a black color variant too.

What’s the best part about the chock?

It is the chrome-plated finish that makes it look stunning. But most importantly, it adds more durability to the thing from the effects of corroding or rusting.

6 ABN Removable Trailer Wheel Chock

Finding it hard to keep your bike upright while transporting it or just doing the regular maintenance?

If that’s the case, the ABN got something in the form of removable motorcycle chocks for trailers: The ABN Universal stopper.

Highlighted Features

Why will you like this product?

Not everywhere you can bolt the stand to the surface, which makes most wheel chock useless.

Not the ABN as it got carriage bolts that allow you to mount it on plywood. So, you can have it mounted permanently or have it temporarily.

Also, the front tire wheel lock got that auto-self lock after you roll in the tire to the plate. Therefore, it gets securely placed in its position. For standard wheel sizes, it is the perfect width.

And don’t forget the fact, it comes with all the necessary hardware to get it installed and mounted in position.



What’s the dimension of the unit?

It got a dimension of 24.5” x 10” x 13” inch.

What’s the one feature that stands out the most?

For me, it is the durability of the chock that is its most outstanding feature. You will get a 7-gauge steel build with hardware made out of carbon steel and thermoplastic end caps that gives it the strength.

7. CONDOR SC-2000 Trailer

The dirt bike trailer stand from CONDOR seems to be the ultimate wheel chock you can get. For the value, it offers all the things you want from the tool. It keeps the bike stable and secures while making it easy to use. What more can you want?

Highlighted Features

Why will you like this product?

The first thing that comes to mind is the construction of it. Made like a tank using steel, the bike chock got a solid built to support a great weight. You can get those heavy Harley Davidson bikes to stay upright using it.

Alongside its high weight capacity, the patented locking system of the chock makes what it is. Rolling the bike wheels into the platform, the lock snaps in and get it secured to keep it in position.

Other than that, there is the luxury of having adjustable wheel locks from 14-22 inches/80-220W both front and rear make it suitable for a wide range of bikes.



What’s the dimension of the chock unit?

The tire holder for dirt bikes got a dimension of 24.5 x 12.5 x 9.8 inches.

What’s the standout feature of the SC-2000?

Without any doubt, it’s the weight capacity of the unit that wins over many. Especially those who have a hard time keeping their bulky rides upright.

8. Extreme Max 5001.5759 3-Piece Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Not everyone needs a heavy-duty wheel chock. Especially dirt bike riders who don’t need wheel chocks to support heavy bikes. All they need is a lightweight tool to take with them around with ease.

For them, I’ve got the best motorcycle wheel chock for trailer, the Extreme Max 5001.5759.

Highlighted Features

Why will you like this product?

Finding a versatile chock is one of the hardest things on the planet. Not all are good to be mounted on a bike trailer, truck beds, or on the floor of your garage. But the Extreme Max is one of the few that is good to use everywhere.

Not just that, it got support for a wide variety of wheel sizes up to 5.5 inches in width. That is perfect for most ride tires.

But what makes this so great is its installation. With just 3-pieces, putting together the chock for use is a piece of cake. You even don’t need a manual to know how to do it. It is that intuitive.



How much does the chock weigh?

The bike chocks weigh about 3.8 pounds.

What’s the best feature of it?

It is the build quality of it that would give you trust in it. The solid steel construction with the black powder coating will ensure it won’t rust or corrode and last for years to come.

9. Pingel Series E Track Wheel Chock

Don’t want to waste the floor space with the wheel chock?

Then go for the Pingel series gear. This WC65EF chock takes up a small area of the ground to offer you the luxury to store the bike on it.

Highlighted Features

Why will you like this product?

To keep your precious bike secure and safe, you can trust the Pingel WC65EF system. It got a heavy-duty steel wall build, which makes it quite sturdy. It can manage to keep even heavy rides upright.

But it is the fact that you can install it both on the regular floor and the recessed ones too, and that makes it so great.

Unlike other wheel chocks, it doesn’t take up space too. And with those straps on it, you can add a bit more stability to your ride while using the roll-on wheel motorcycle chock.



What’s the width of the wheel size it supports?

It supports wheel sizes up to 6-1/2″ wide.

What is the one thing that you find the most attractive?

It got quality fasteners on it that make it quite easy to use.

10. New Trailer only Model Motorcycle Wheel Stop Chock

For the last wheel chock, I’ve got the ECOTric one. What’s different with it is that it got made only for use with the trailer.

So, if you’re looking for a permanent option to have installed in the trailer that you won’t be taking off, then go with this model for sure.

Highlighted Features

Why will you like this product?

Though it got only used for trailers, the motorcycle wheel chock still will impress you for its ease of use.

To load and unload your bike off it, you don’t need anyone’s help while using it. And unlike other trailer chock systems, it got only two straps to tie down your ride.

The other thing that impresses is its cradle. You can adjust it to make room for tires for any kind of bike. That’s because it got a very high weight capacity up to 3000lbs.

Plus, the motorcycle wheel chock got a roll-on lock which makes sure to get the bike upright in a secure position on the platform.



What’s the folding size of the unit?

It got a folding size of 9” wide, 25” long, and 7” high.

What’s the best feature of it?

For me, the weight capacity and the adjustable cradle system makes it so great. You can now get a wide size of tires locked into the chock of even heavier rides without any problem.

Benefits of a Motorcycle wheel Chock:

You might be thinking, why do you need to get a wheel chock? What’s the use for it?.

If you’re not sure about the need for a dirt bike chock, then you should check out below.


Many people don’t feel comfortable after parking their bikes. On certain conditions, you feel like the bike will tip over and get damaged. For the heavy bikes, that concern is even more. That’s where the bike chock comes to your rescue. You can anchor the bike and keep it upright even if you’re not their attending to it.


While working on the maintenance of your bike, you need to make sure it is straight, and the wheels don’t move. That’s where the wheel chock can come to be of great help. You can use it to keep your bike steady in one position while repairing it.

Efficient transporting:

While moving your bike from one place to another, you can use the wheel chock to make sure the bike remains stable on the trailer, and doesn’t move or fall over. Transporting a bike is easier with its help.

motorcycle trailer wheel chock Buying Guide

The dirt bike locking wheel chock doesn’t have many parts, but still, for looking for the best one, you need to know some key features. Here, we will take a look at them.


The first thing you should make sure of is the build quality. So, the build of the chock depends on the material used to make it. For the most reliable option, you’ve got to look for steel frames. Unlike anything else, it is much more durable. Plus, it can handle those extreme weights of the heavier riders. Aluminum is another option that gives stability. And it’s lightweight makes it the top pick for taking it around with you. For the cheaper ones, there are the rubber and wood variants. But those aren’t much stable nor can they handle the extreme weight.


The frame would last as long as based on what coating gets used on it. If you just have a steel frame and no covering on top of it. Then most likely it would rust or corrode being in the open air. That won’t be the case for the ones with corrosion-resistant powder coating.


While choosing the wheel chock, you’ve got to make sure for which type of bike tire, you’re going to be using it.

For instance, heavy bikes will have a wider tire than lightweight rides. So, if you’ve got to say something like the Harley Davidson, then go for a wider base that can fit it. And for the lightweight racing bikes, a narrow base would do the job.

Whichever you pick, the goal is to make sure that the bike doesn’t move from one end to the other. It should remain steady in its position locked.


Depending on your bike type, you’ve got to pick your wheel chock. For smaller, lightweight rides, a regular chock would be enough with lower capacity. But for those bulkier rides, you’ve got to make sure the wheel chock you’re getting can take at least 2000 pounds or higher, based on the ride.


What if you’ve got more than one bike? You can have a dirt bike as well as a massive ride like the Harley in your garage. Or you can even upgrade to a new bike with a wider or narrower wheelbase. You don’t want to get a wheel chock every time you get a new bike. That’s why having an adjustable cradle chock should be your top priority. With them, you can make room for any size of the tire in any position that you like without any problem.


Getting a wheel chock with an auto-lock feature will add more security to your ride. Without anyone’s help, you will be able to get it on and off the chock.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to Look For Before Buying One?

I’ve talked about it in detail. But to give you a quick review, you should look into the material, capacity, adjustability, and size of the chock with some other stuff.

What can a motorbike wheel chock be made of?

Motorbike chock can be made of steel, aluminum, rubber, and wood too.

How much do motorbike chock stands cost?

It depends on what type of stand you’re getting. The basic ones might cost under $50 or even less while the expensive ones can go over $200 or even more.

How do I install a motorcycle chock?

Based on what type of chock you’ve got, the installation will differ. But for the most basic ones, you’ll have some plate that you’ve got to place on the ground or the trailer floor and have it fixed there. Then on top of it, you fix the chock with the required hardware. When you don’t need it, you can even remove the chock from there only leaving the ground plate.

How does a motorcycle chock work?

The chock uses safe anchor points that get put against the wheels to make sure the bike doesn’t move and remains steady in its place.

What is a motorcycle wheel chock used for?

A motorcycle wheel chock is used when storing or transporting a motorcycle to keep the front wheel from turning and thus the motorcycle from tipping over. Wheel chocks come in several styles and sizes to ensure your tire fits tightly and your bike remains safe.

which is the best wheel chock for 4 stroke dirt bike

Some of the most popular wheel chocks for 4 stroke dirt bikes include the Raider Deluxe Wheel Chock and the Extreme Max 5001.5010 Wheel Chock.

Final Thoughts

While looking for the best motorcycle wheel chock for trailer, you would come across some pretty interesting choices.

Some good, some great, and some just quite not worth it.

Going through all of them is no easy job, and not everyone has the time. That’s why I’ve listed the 10 best removable wheel chocks for you.

No matter what budget or what type of chock you’re looking for, you’ll find one that will meet all your needs right here.

So, check them out once more, or if you’ve already picked one then go for it. They won’t let you down. That’s for sure.

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