10 Best Motorcycle Chain Cleaner with Buying Guide

The cleaning and oiling of the chain of your bike will achieve the miracle of making it run smoothly for years. Yes, it is a messy task. But you can’t avoid cleaning a motorcycle chain if you want to run wild with the bike. That’s why you need the best motorcycle chain cleaner. It will help you to get rid of the grime and dirt. And let you enjoy a fast-moving ride.
motorcycle chain cleaning kit

So, you get its importance. Great!

But the question is, what to use to clean a motorcycle chain? And that makes sense. The market has so many options that you can’t figure out which one is the best.

That’s where the best motorcycle cleaner review comes to your rescue. We’ve picked the 10-best motorcycle chain cleaning kit. All you need is to sit and go through them to find out the best option for you.

best sportbike chain cleaner

Maxima Chain Wax Ultimate Chain Care


For my best pick, I will go either with the Maxima or the Reverend combo kit. That’s because these kits offer all the things you need to maintain the chains properly.

dirt bike chain cleaner

WD-40 Motorcycle chain cleaner


For my best choice, I’ve got to go with the WD-40 Multi-Use Product. With a single formula, you can lubricate, penetrates, protects, removes, and displaces moisture—five function in one. Not to forget, the smart spray straw system lets you work with more precision.

budget pick
what is best motorcycle chain cleaner

Bel-Ray Chain Clean Spray


On the other hand, for the budget pick, I will put my money on the Bel-Ray. Not just because it’s affordable, but it also gets the toughest of grime out of the chain. That’s why I’ve picked it.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Reviews

Best Motorcycle Chain Cleaner

Maxima 75920 Clean-Up Chain Cleaner

Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Reviews

WD-40 Motorcycle Chain Cleaner

Motul Chain Clean

Motul Chain Clean

Motul 103243 C1 Chain Cleaner

Motul 103243 C1 Chain Cleaner

Bel-Ray 99478-A400W Chain Clean Spray

Maxima 70-749203-3PK Chain Kit

Motorcycle Chain Lube & Chain Cleaner

Tirox Chain Cleaner With 360°

WD-40 Multi-Use Product With SMART STRAW SPRAYS

DuPont Motorcycle Degreaser

1. Maxima 75920 Clean-Up Chain Cleaner

Highlighted Features

The Maxima chain cleaner is an easy to use cleaning system. All you need to do is spray it on the chain and other parts where the grime builds up. Let it rest there for 10 minutes. The heavy-duty, emulsion cleaner quickly helps to dissolve the clot. Then all you need to is to apply water to rinse the dirt. It’s that simple.

And unlike other emulsion cleaners, it doesn’t harm the metal surfaces or the inside parts of the bike. It works best on aluminum.

However, the formula is strong enough to discolor the paint on the bike. You should, therefore, carefully spray it on the bike chains.

So, if you need a spotless bike chain that lets you run the bike fast, get the Maxima.



Can you use it using a cloth?

Yes, you can apply it to clean the chain using a cloth.,

What's the best part about the Maxima?

It is effortless to apply. Just get the top off and spray it. It’s that easy.

2. WD-40 Specialist Motorcycle Chain Cleaner

Highlighted Features

The foam formula of WD-40 sticks to the chains and slowly gets into it to remove the dirt and grime that builds up inside it. And it isn’t only for the bike chains. You can apply it on swingarms, drivetrains, and other intricate parts where the dirt clots.

Unlike some other formulas, it isn’t for only a typical type of ring chain. You can apply the WD-40 on O, X, and Z ring chains without any worry. And the best part, it doesn’t get under the seals.

If you don’t have a bike, you can still use it to clean the garage doors, door hinges, and more as it has multiple uses. It is a much superior and longer-lasting lubrication that remains on the chain for some time. So, your bike chain moves smoothly for more time before you’ve to apply it again.



What's the can size of the WD-40?

It is an 18 oz can.

What's the thing that makes the WD-40 so unique?

It does more than just cleaning the bike chains. You can use the best motorcycle chain cleaner for other purposes like cleaning the door hinges and more, which is a stellar feat.

3. Motul Chain Clean 9.8 oz

Highlighted Features

The Motul chain cleaner is the best sportbike chain cleaner in the business. Motul is a brand that has famous worldwide for its range of lubricating products.

It makes products for all types of vehicles. The Motul here is best for the bikes. The spray formula is easy to use. All you need to sprinkle the liquid formula on the chains, and it will start to dissolve the grease and other stuff that is obstructing the movement of the string.

The formula used on the Motul is chlorine-free. So, it helps to clear out the rusting on the chain, sprockets, and other parts dealing with the issue.

All in all, it is an excellent moto chain cleaner.



What's the best way to scrub using the Motul?

You can’t use a grunge brush with the Motul spray to properly clean the chains.

Why choose Motul?

The powerful liquid formula not only cleans the chain but also helps to prevent the parts from rusting—two good reasons to pick it over others.

4. Motul 103243 C1 Chain Cleaner

Highlighted Features

Like the earlier Motul, the 103243 is a spray formula. So, it is easy to apply. However, to get the best use out of it, to clean the bike chains, you should use a grunge brush.

Now, it might look the same as the previous Motul, but it provides some extra benefits. Using this particular formula, you can clean all types of ring chains.

Also, it is quite versatile. You can use it on all types of vehicles. From motorcycles to snowmobiles, the Motul works on all.

It also degreases better than most. It takes all that tacky chain lube right off to give you a smooth working chain. The only issue I have with the Motul is the quantity. And many people have the same complaint.

The formula is great that people would love to get in a container instead of a small can that runs out in one use.



Do you need to get the chain off to apply it?

No. You can use it directly on the bike with the chain on it.

What's the best part about this particular Motul?

It is much more versatile as you can apply it in a variety of vehicles.

5. Bel-Ray 99478-A400W Chain Clean Spray

Highlighted Features

Off-roader bikers pick up more grime and dirt in their bike chain than regular bikers. That’s why they need the dirt bike chain cleaner to get the stubborn mud out of the chains and wipe it all clean.

So, comes the Bel-Ray.

The aerosol spray is the perfect option to apply to all the parts with precision. It covers all areas quickly without making a mess off it. And it not only just get rid of the grime and grease. The formula creates a long-lasting protective coating on the chains to prevent the rusting.

Its special anti-wear additives ensure protection against metal-to-metal contact, adding more lifespan to the bike chains. And it leaves your chains with a fresh factory look. It is the ultimate motorcycle chain cleaning system that you can’t miss out on.



Do you need to rinse it off with water?

It is necessary to rinse it off with water to get rid of the oily residue.

What's the most attractive part of it?

It is perfect for scrapping out the heavy muds, and grease picked up by off-roaders. Other solvents aren’t that strong to clear out the mess.

6. Maxima 70-749203-3PK Chain Wax Ultimate Chain Care Aerosol Combo Kit

Highlighted Features

The Maxima is the ultimate motorcycle chain cleaning kit. It comes with three different Maxima products that help you clean the bike thoroughly.

First, use the cleanup spray and apply it to the chain. Leave it like that for ten minutes and then clean it with the garden hose. Chains will come up like brand new!

For the next step, take the Maxima lube. Like the cleanup, spray it on the chains and leave it there for 10-15 minutes. The penetrating lube gets into the nook and corners of the chain and removes the water. It creates a smooth film on the chains that let it move like butter. At the same time, the lube builds a protective layer on the bike chain to help it prevent from rusting and corrosion.

And as the last part of the chain cleaning system, use the Maxima wax to protect the chain from wearing out. Just spray it on and leave it to dry—no need to wipe it off, unlike other stuff.



What are the can sizes of the three sprays?

The cleanup is 15.5 ounce, MPPL is 14.5 ounce, and wax is only 13.5 ounce.

What is its biggest USP?

No doubt it’s biggest USP is that it’s a kit. You get everything required to clean the bike chains thoroughly in one package.

7. Motorcycle Chain Lube & Chain Cleaner w/Chain Brush Cleaner Tool

Highlighted Features

The Reverend Motors follows up the Maxima with its motorcycle chain cleaning system. And it steps up the game. That’s because the 3-can kit comes with a grunge brush.

Let’s first come to the cleaning systems. All the cans get color-coded for easy identification. The red one is Release-Da-Grease. Like its smart play on the name, the degreasers work smartly. It cleans all the driveline components without damaging them. The formula is safe to use on all types of surfaces, so you have one less thing to worry about here.

Next in line is the Divine Driveline. The synthetic chain lube reaches the toughest of spots in the chain and cables to keep them lubricated. And it also reduces the chain stretching so that it can last for long. The bottle of the lube gets a yellow color word prints.

The last one is the orange-colored Thou Shall Not Rust. And as the name suggests, its main work is not to let the parts rust. It does so by repelling water. And you can properly apply all of the things using the grunge brush for better results.



Are the bristles on the brush changeable?

No. It isn’t a removable bristle brush.

What is the key feature of the cleaning kit?

It is not only for the chain; you can use it on all the other parts that work to move the chain in the bike.

8. Tirox Chain Cleaner with 360°, Brush 803500

Highlighted Features

The Tirox is one of the best motorcycle chain cleaners for a couple of reasons. Starting with the formula itself. The kerosene degreaser lets the chain soak it better, and also it reaches the hard places. It dissolves the chain grime.

And unlike some other degreasers, it doesn’t harm the rings and plastics. It keeps everything intact for the thing to run properly.

However, you would require to apply lubricant after using the degreaser on the chain. Besides all that, the key attraction of the Tirox is its 360° brush. It keeps constant contact with the chain, unlike the grunge brush. The thick nylon bristles on the brush clean the links, O-rings, and the slide plates. And it bendable, making it more helpful to clean the parts.

Plus, it stores inside the cap. So, you can leave it with the degreaser at all times.



Is it too costly?

No, the cleaner formula is quite cheap.

What's the best thing about the Tirox?

The bendable 360° brush is without the real deal in this cleaning system.

9. WD-40 Multi-Use Product with SMART STRAW SPRAYS

Highlighted Features

WD took a great product and made it smarter with a simple modification. It added a long straw with the can. Now, you can spray it like the regular ones. And when you need to get more precise, simply bring up the smart straw.

But that’s not the only reason for it to be called smarter. This one WD formula does five jobs alone. So, it not only cleans up the mud sticking on the chains. But it also lubricates the chain. Drives out the extra moisture. Saves it from rusting. Also, it frees up the sticky mechanisms.

In one simple application, you get all these benefits. And that’s not it. You can use it on other tools like your hedge trimmers, nuts, and bolts and much more.

This versatile WD-40 is much more than just a motorcycle chain cleaning kit. And I love it for that.



What's the use of the straw?

The straw lets you spray in a more precise way. Also, it helps to use it on small things.

What's the best aspect of the WD-40?

The one formula is all you need to clean the bike. No need to buy wax and lubes separately. 

10. DuPont Motorcycle Degreaser

Highlighted Features

In comparison to all the other best motorcycle chain cleaner, DuPont is quite different. That’s because it doesn’t use any harmful chemical that harms the environment. The formula gets made using biodegradable ingredients like soy extracted esters. So, it is eco-friendly.

Also, it has no toxic fume. The low VOC solvents on the formula don’t cause you any headache when you use it.

On top of all that, it is super easy to use. The fast-acting formula requires only spraying—no need to rinse it off like others. All you need is to wipe it off and re-lubricate and you’re good to go.

But like the others, the formula is strong enough to get rid of the grease, dirt, wax & grime off the chains and other bike parts. So, it’s worth a shot.



Is it ok to use on bike chains?

Yes, you can easily use it on cycle chains without any problem.

What's the feature that attracts people the most?

The low odor formula is something people love, especially those who are allergic to chemical cleaners.

Best Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Buying Guide

We’ve got our best motorcycle chain cleaner list. So, now let’s see what the aspects we’ve followed closely to pick them.

If you’re interested in knowing the secrets, then you better check out the buying guide as we will spill the beans right here.

Degreaser type:

The cleaner lube can be of two different types. Some are dry that doesn’t require any rinsing at all. Just apply them on, and they soon get absorbed while cleaning the chains. Meanwhile, others leave a residue while cleaning the dirt out, so you need the water cleansing.

So, knowing whether you need to wipe it off, or let it stay before rinsing it with water should be the first thing on your checklist. Otherwise, you will buy a rinsing formula and let it stay there without washing it off, which might do more harm than good.

Cleaning Kit:

You can buy a single cleaner, or you can get yourself the kit. In the cleaning kit, you will get more than just the degreaser. It also has the lubricant or the wax. Or can have more. And the benefit of having a proper kit is that you can take appropriate care of the bike chains. Using the degreaser, you will get rid of the grime and mud stuck in the chain.

Meanwhile, the lube will ensure fluid operation of it. Also, it will keep it safe from rusting. And at the end of all, the wax will repel the water and keep it all shiny and new. So, to have all the benefits, you need to think about buying a kit rather than just getting the degreaser alone.


It will make sure how easily you can apply the cleaner. Now, there are two apparent options; you can get with spray attachment on or just get a degreaser that you pour and employ. Spray option is better as it makes the cleaning easy and fast.

Chainring type:

You need to know if the cleaner supports the chainring type of your bike. Now, if you don’t know, there are three variants of ring types that are quite popular: X, Z, and O.

Now, these seal the inner and outer plates. For your purchase, you need to know, the cleaner is compatible with the ring types or not. That’s because some of the solvents are quite strong and might harm the sealing.

So, make sure the moto chain cleaner you’re getting won’t do damage to the sealings on the rings.

Water or solvent based:

Now, the cleaner comes in two types. You can get a solvent based solution or a water based solution. Now, the solvent ones are perfect to spray as they get deep into the chains to take out the grease.

Meanwhile, water solution build up the foam and they stick to the chain. That way, it grinds through the grease to get rid of it. So, both solutions are equally good. It all comes to what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I use to clean my motorcycle chain?

If you’re trying to clear the clot of mud, grime and other particles stuck between the chains, then you should use a degreaser.

What is the best motorcycle chain cleaner?

Any of the above chain cleaners from the list will fit the bill. But if you want a specific answer, you can go with the WD-40 due to its versatility of being more than just a bike chain cleaner.

How often should I clean my motorcycle chain?

It depends. If you ride the bike often, then every week, and if you ride it on off-trail roads for a long time, then you must clean it right after you get back home.

What’s the best sportbike chain cleaner?

The Bel-Air is one of the best in the business for ATV’s and sportbikes.

Do you need to use a brush?

It is better to use it as sometimes rocks and other small stuff get stuck in the chain that the cleaner might not be able to dissolve.

Final Thoughts

If you love your bike, then you need to take care of it. And for that, you need to have the best motorcycle chain cleaner.

You can’t just sit back and expect the bike will optimize itself, and it will perform at its peak. No, you’ve got to work for it. You’ve got to put the hours in and get the grime, dirt, and debris out of the parts that are slowing it down.

But now you can do it effortlessly with the help of the best motorcycle chain cleaner tool. Don’t take my words for it. Go and give them a try and see it for yourself.

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