Gas Dirt Bikes For Kids

Top 10 Gas Dirt Bikes For Kids 5-13 Year olds: Fundamentals You Should Know

Are you in a fix while choosing the best gas dirt bikes for kids? Hello there! You’re in the right place at the right time. Let us help you fix your problem with gas dirt bikes.

Well, it might have been a tricky task for you. But with us, not anymore. We, adults, love riding bikes both on-roads and off-roads. Today’s kids are so advanced that they also love bike riding.

Like us, there are also available gas dirt bikes for kids with training wheels or without any training wheels with various features, designs, and colors. But, when it’s about your kids, you have to be more conscious about their safety along with their happiness.

So, here we are with 10 of the best gas powered dirt bikes for kids, their details, and basic guidance to choose the perfect one for your kids.

Best Pick

gas dirt bikes for kids

Apollo New Youth Fully Automatic DB25-70cc Dirt Bike is our best pick for all its advanced and upgraded features and free removable training wheels.

​Budget Pick

gas powered mini dirt bikes for kidsTop 10 Gas Dirt Bikes For Kids 5-13 Year olds: Fundamentals You Should Know 1

According to the budget we’ve picked the SYXMOTO 50cc 2-stroke Kids Mini Gas Powered Dirt Bike for the automatic transmission and the speed limiter in such an amazing price.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Gas Dirt Bikes For Kids

Highlighted Features

  1. 50cc genuine 2-stroke engine.
  2. Stylish unique design.
  3. Comes with improved speed limiter.
  4. Capable of limiting speed from 30mph to 15mph.
  5. Less noisy motorcycle for kids’ as a mini dirt bike.


This is one of the beginner gas dirt bikes for kids. With outstanding rear suspension, it can race through any wild side or any road along with comfort. The engine makes it so smooth and tough that your kid is going to have a great time with it. They can easily control their speed and break suddenly whenever they need.

The front and back brake disc makes breaking easy and smooth. This kids’ dirt bike comes with high-quality materials. It includes 21 inches high seat. With 0.45gal/1.7L fuel tank capacity, it can raise its speed up to 24.9 mph or 40 km/h.

The fuel is basically a mixture of lubricant oi; and fuel in a 1:20~25 ratio. This gas powered mini dirt bike can handle rough roads for your kids. The SYX MOTO kids’ mini dirt bike comes with warranty offer.

  • No clutch needed.
  • Speed limiter for each speed level.
  • Easy start.
  • Great for the beginners.
  • Might need a bit of throttle for the first time to make it warm up.
  • Have to assemble a little.

What age is this recommended for?

It’s best for the 6 years old and up kids. This gas powered off-road bike has a maximum 160 lbs weight capacity. So, regardless of your kids’ age, they can ride on it if their weight is less than 160 lbs.

Why will you like this product?

You’re going to love this mini dirt bike for your kids for its simplicity and the money. If it’s the first dirt bike for your kids and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, you should go for this. It comes assembled 85%. The rest you can easily complete yourself with the help of the owner’s manual.

Highlighted Features

  1. 49cc 2-Stroke fuel efficient engine.
  2. Longer engine life.
  3. High-quality EPA certified materials for tough situation handling.
  4. Stable and durable steel framing.
  5. High torque motor engine with speed range around 15 to 20 mph.



The XtremepowerUS mini pocket dirt bikes are long lasting with great design and color variety. They also come with versatility, stability, fast speed with safety control. This can amazingly go over dips and bumps on the road because of its good twist-grip, large pneumatic knobby tires, and outstanding suspension.

It also provides with quick break using the hand-operated front and back brake discs. Its amazing engineering and stylish bodywork will surprise you. Its suspension comes with superior front hydraulic and back spring for smoother off-road riding. 

All these features make this mini pocket kids’ dirt bike easier for kids to control the speed and acceleration. Once your kid becomes a pro s/he can control and change speed according to the riding area easily.

  • Longtime entertainment
  • Runs good.
  • Simply repairable.
  • Setup is so easy.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • The plastic is fragile and brittle.
  • Frames are very light.

What age is this recommended for?

This bike is highly recommended for riders of 13 years old or more. Younger kids around 8 years old may also drive it according to the size and weight. But, you have to keep in mind that its highest weight capacity is 128 lbs.

Why will you like this product?

These mini gas dirt bikes for kids can give your kids off-road thrills. If you have a lawn or yard with dirt and trails, it can be great fun for your kids with high performance. For the money, it’s a great deal for your kid’s first dirt bike adventure.

Even, an 11 years old kid can screw its handlebars. Just make sure they wear required safety protections. Sure, they’re going to enjoy their first ride.

Highlighted Features

  1. 40cc 4-stroke engine.
  2. Single Cylinder.
  3. Air cooled.
  4. Direct gas without mixing.
  5. No smoke.


This bike is less noisy than other 2-stroke gas powered mini dirt bikes for kids. The disc brakes, pneumatic tires, and suspension make this bike fully functional. Your kid can raise its speed up to 18 mph according to the riding surface, the area, his or her height, and weight.

This mini dirt bike provides with 22 inches high seat. It requires assembling a little, just the front wheel, shock, and the handlebars.

  • Constructed well.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Easy to start.
  • Quieter.
  • Runs good.
  • Fragile plastic frame.
  • The chain might pop off.

What age is this recommended for?

It’s better for the kids of around 6 years old to ride on this bike. Too much weight can make its clutch get hot.

Why will you like this product?

If your kid is just a beginner with a dirt bike, this is a great starter for him or her. You can train them for more robust and heavier bikes with this budget-friendly mini dirt bike for kids. For the price, it’s a good deal.

Highlighted Features

  1. 49CC 2 Stroke EPA certified engine with Automatic Transmission.
  2. Aluminium Alloy Wheels of 10 inches.
  3. 2 cycle of engine oil and unleaded petrol mixture fuel.
  4. 128 lbs highest weight capacity.
  5. Strong suspension.


This is one of the best gas powered dirt bikes for kids. Your kid can ride it instantly on any type of rough surface. It will amaze your kid with the thrill and feeling of riding an adult dirt bike.

This mini dirt bike comes with a 1-liter gas tank. It provides with smooth and faster braking control with the front and rear disc brake. It offers maximum grip through tires and chain drive transmission. There are three different colors available for this model.

  • Easy Pull Start.
  • Great performance.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • So many safety features.
  • N/A

What age is this recommended for?

Basically, this bike is the perfect match for kids around 13 years old. But, regarding its height and weight capacity, younger kids can also ride on it if they can handle it.

Why will you like this product?

It might seem a bit late for your 13 years old kid to learn to ride a dirt bike. But, it’s a great bike to start learning at this age. They can learn with proper safety and lots of fun. Even, it shouldn’t take much time for them to master it.

Highlighted Features

  1. 49CC 2-stroke gas powered motor.
  2. Air-cooled single cylinder.
  3. Speed up to 35 mph.
  4. Maximum 100 lbs. weight capacity.
  5. No shifting fuel.


This type of cheap gas powered dirt bikes for kids comes with a steel frame and heavy coated finish expansion chamber. They dissipate fully automatic transmission. And, that makes the bikes more powerful.

1 gallon of Gasoline with 2 cycle oil in a 25:1 ratio is the perfect mixture of its fuel. It comes with 22 inches high seat. This bike can prevent overheating issues using its motor-dedicated air cooling feature. Besides, it’s the reason behind the extended life of the engine.

The automatic centrifugal clutch of this bike makes it start easily and faster. It gets started just for a twist of the throttle. To stop the bike at a sudden, this bike provides with the front and rear hand operated disc brakes. With all these features, still, these bikes are lightweight and easily maneuverable.

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to start up and ride.
  • Large gas tank.
  • Runs great.
  • The kickstand might be weak.
  • Might get issues with the clutch.

What age is this recommended for?

Starting from 4 years old kids to 10 years old kids, any of them can ride on this bike. Just make sure the height and size of the bike suit your kids.

Why will you like this product?

This bike is full of fun. These are the beginner gas dirt bikes for kids. If it’s the first time for your kid with a dirt bike, this is perfect. No need to panic about the assembling. It comes 90% done. The rest is very simple. This can build up confidence in your kid.

Highlighted Features

  1. 49ccand 50cc 2-stroke gas motor.
  2. Single cylinder.
  3. Air-cooled.
  4. 145 lbs. highest maximum weight capacity.
  5. 22 inches high seat.


The Db49a gas motor mini dirt pit bike comes with a steel frame with a heavy coated finish expansion chamber. This bike provides a fully automatic transmission. Your kid can raise up its speed up to 35 mph depending on the riding surface and his or her weight. It runs on no shifting fuel which is a mixture of 1-gallon Gasoline and 2 cycle oil in a 25:1 ratio.

  • Easy and simple assembling.
  • Runs good and fast.
  • No training wheels available for this bike.
  • Complex pull start.

What age is this recommended for?

This dirt bike is recommended for kids around 4 to 7 years old.

Why will you like this product?

The weight capacity of this bike is a bit more. That’s why you don’t need to worry about your kid’s weight too much. Besides, it can really run fast. Your kids will enjoy like a thrilling adventure.

Highlighted Features

  1. 70cc, 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled,Gas Powered engine.
  2. Electric Start
  3. Fully Automatic.
  4. Maximum Speed 35MPH.
  5. Maximum horsepower 6.1HP.


The Apollo DB25-70cc dirt bike is a perfect starter for kids with power and smoothness. It comes with a tough rugged frame packaging. It provides with fully automatic transmission and simple acceleration managing system with the automatic clutch. With this automatic system, it’s so easier to handle and control the bike.

High-performance Keihin carburetor designed with Japanese Technologies lift up the bike performance. For a smoothness, stability, comfort, and safety, it has a high-quality Aluminium allow made handlebar with a soft pad on it.

The bike provides with the front conventional hydraulic fork suspensions and the 255mm Coil-over rear shock absorber. Your kid will have the best handling, controlling, and braking power with the front and rear drum brake.

Like the full-size dirt bikes, this kids’ bike also comes with Aluminium rims, lightweight, and OEM knobby tires. They make the bike too upgraded and strong to track on any kind of surface. The mini dirt bike also comes with a mild steel swing arm which is the replica of the pro Swing Arm.

  • Heavy duty chain and skid plate.
  • New thicker gas tank.
  • Advanced rear shock.
  • high-performance air filter.
  • Free removable training wheels.
  • Legal at California.
  • Tire tubes might have some issue after long term usage.

What age is this recommended for?

It’s for smaller kids. Kids around 7 to 9 years old are recommended as the perfect users of this bike.

Why will you like this product?

This is one of those most wanted gas dirt bikes for kids with training wheels. With amazing framing, attractive and stylish look, and top-class performance it’ll make you and your kids fall in love with it. It has so many advanced and upgraded features along with safety features. There’s no doubt on its quality.

Highlighted Features

  1. 40cc,4-stroke,single cylinder, air cooled engine.
  2. High-quality materials.
  3. Maximum weight capacity of 143 lbs.
  4. Pull start.
  5. 2 feet or 24 inches high seat.


This gas powered scooter mini dirt bike provides with a strong kick using chain transmission. The high-quality materials make this mini dirt bike handle all kind of rough situation. It provides with speed up to 22 mph. Even with the highest speed, it’s easy to stop any time because of the strong front and rear disk brake. The dirt bike comes with 1.8 L fuel tank capacity.

  • Comfortable.
  • High load capacity.
  • Protection against overheating.
  • A little tough assembling.

What age is this recommended for?

Manufacturers and users recommend this gas powered dirt bike, especially for around 13 years old teenagers.

Why will you like this product?

It’s not a full-size dirt bike but its design makes it look like one. Your kids will surely love this. It’s a great ride for teenagers.

Highlighted Features

  1. 49cc 2-stroke engine.
  2. Aluminium Alloy Wheels of 10 inches.
  3. Chain drive transmission.
  4. 18 inches high seat.
  5. Hand pull start.


With the maximum grip of the tires, the Superrio gas powered mini dirt bike provides with a smooth ride. It also features smooth and sudden braking with the front and rear disk brake.

Its fuel is a mixture of EPA and oil in a 25:1 ratio. This bike comes with a 1-liter gas tank, soft padded seat, and a strong rear shock suspension.

  • Only requires assembling the handlebar.
  • Runs great.
  • Faster than enough.

What age is this recommended for?

The recommended age of rider of these bikes is 13 years old and up.

Why will you like this product?

This is an amazing dirt bike for your kids. It’s going to let your kid experience a wild and off-road riding trill and excitement. Even if it’s just a mini dirt bike, it can make your kid feel riding a real size dirt bike or motorcycle.

Highlighted Features

  1. 40cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled engine.
  2. 18 inches high seat.
  3. Direct gas, no mixing.
  4. Highest speed up to 18 mph.

The starmax gas powered mini dirt bikes for kids is fully functional, quieter, and quicker than the 2-stroke gas dirt bikes. This mini pocket dirt bike comes with front and rear disk brakes and pneumatic tires.

These features allow the bike to provide smooth riding with outstanding braking control. This bike lets your kids enjoy a long drive just using the unleaded gas in its large fuel tank.

  • Adults under 6ft height can ride on it.
  • No smoke.
  • Well-constructed.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Easy and quick start.
  • Runs good.
  • Fragile plastic frame.
  • The chain might pop off.

What age is this recommended for?

Kids from six years to eight years old are recommended as a user for this mini pocket dirt bikes. But keep in mind that you should take care of its weight capacity.

Why will you like this product?

These are one of the best starter gas dirt bikes for 8-year-olds. It can lead your kids as a great rider for more powerful and sturdy dirt bikes or motorcycles. And, with the price, you can’t get better.

Must Considerable Facts to Get The Best Mini Gas Dirt Bikes For Kids

Well, choosing the right dirt bike for kids isn’t like drinking a glass of water. You can’t pick anything you see. Dirt bikes are full of fun but can be dangerous too. And, of course, you don’t want to waste your money buying the wrong one.

So, while choosing the correct gas dirt bikes for kids it’s wiser and better to go through some important facts. These facts will lead you to the right dirt bike for your little one. Here are those most basic facts you should keep in your mind while looking for the perfect kids’ dirt bike.


Bike Size

Kids’ dirt bikes vary with size. All of the kids’ bikes are not the same in size basis. So, for the perfect and comfortable riding, the dirt bike should be a perfect match for your kids according to its and their size. So, make sure the bike you’re choosing has the right size for your kids; not too small nor too big.


Tire Size

It’s not unusual to think that bigger tires are better. They can tackle the bumps smoothly. But, in this case, it’s not exactly correct. As a kid’s dirt bike, its tires shouldn’t be too large. Otherwise, the bike will be too high for your kids to seat and ride comfortably.


Starter System

Usually, gas dirt bikes come with the push kick starter. It’s not an issue for teenagers. But the younger kids might have some problems. For younger kids, it’s better for the bike to have an electric pull starter.



A comfortable posture will help your kid ride a dirt bike easily and smoothly. For the perfect posture, you should look for the height of the seat, the position of the footpeg and throttle, and the load capacity of the bike. A right posture can also help him ride the bike safely.


Power & Speed

Pay attention to the horsepower of the bike. We, adults, choose the bike with more horsepower and speed for us. But when it comes to the kids, you shouldn’t choose a too powerful bike with higher speed. That can be dangerous for your kids if they can’t be able to control that.

Engine Type

Either a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke engine, you have two options. For children, 4-stroke engine is a better option. It will provide better and smoother control to handle any rough situation or surface.



Never forget to check out the warranty policy. Ask about every single detail about the warranty system. A good brand will offer you a warranty for a long time. For a risk-free deal, warranty is a must.



Gas dirt bike for kids is prone to be dangerous. That’s why there’s no way to compromise with its quality. Well-known brands serve with high-quality products. So, you can easily trust on their products. They won’t let their name and fame go down. For selecting the best gas dirt bike for your kid, make sure its materials are of high-quality. 


Budget & Price Range

If you have no limit on your budget, the price range won’t matter choosing the gas dirt bikes for your kids. But, if you want a starter bike for your kid to learn to ride a bike and don’t want to spend a lot on it, don’t forget to check the price range.

There are variations in price for a good dirt bike. You can have a good one in your budget. But before fixing your budget, just go through the price range.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Dirt Bikes Safe For Kids?

Even a bicycle can be dangerous sometimes for both kids and adults. It’s not about the dirt bike. It’s about precautions and protections. For a safe ride, use safety protections like helmets, boots, pads, gloves, goggles, etc. For learning choose a plane and obstacle-free place.

How To Maintain A Kids’ Gas Dirt Bike?

Clean every part of the bike. Take out the air filter and the starter battery and clean them. Before a ride, check it has enough fuel. Change fuel after a long time of the break. Keep checking the tires and repair the flats.

What Is The Right Size For My Child?

You may consider these following figures: For 5 to 9 years: 17 to 26 inches high seat. For 7 to 10 years: 26 to 29 inches high seat. For 10 to 12 years: 29 to 32 inches high seat.

Are Kids’ Dirt Bikes Legal?

They are legal for driving in your private area. For riding them in public trials or parks, you should check out your local DMV and state laws. And, about riding them on the street, to be legal they need all the required equipment, accessories, and full registration.

Are Training Wheels Necessary?

Well, not really. But if your kids are too younger and afraid of riding a dirt bike without training wheels, you should use them. When they will finish learning to drive a dirt bike, then you can remove those wheels.

Final Thoughts

The above given products are our top picks for the best gas dirt bikes for kids. If you really want the right gas dirt bike for your kids, check all the specifications and compare the models you like. Study and understand a gas dirt bike properly, only then hand over it to your kids.

Hope this article helps you. Leave us a comment and share your opinion with us. Also, share this article on your social media if it’s helpful.

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