The 10 Best cold weather motorcycle gloves: Get the Ultimate winter gear

When it gets too cold, all your body starts to get numb. Especially for the bike riders, it gets even worse as they can’t feel their fingers. That’s not ideal when you’re on the road riding on the two-wheeler.

To avoid such a disaster, you need to make sure the hands remain warm. And that’s why you need to consider getting the best cold weather motorcycle gloves.

motorbike road winter gloves

Yes, you need special gloves for the season as the regular ones aren’t cut out for the job.

But which one to get? That’s a question that gets asked a lot by the riders. If you have the same query, don’t worry, I’ve got the answer right here for you. Just stay with me till the end.

If you want the best gloves of the lot or the most budget friendly one, then check out the two options I’ve got here.

best waterproof winter motorcycle gloves

Joe Rocket 1344-10053 Gloves

For the best pick, I’ve got the Joe Rocket’s 1344-1005. It got everything you want from a quality pair of gloves. You get high-quality leather, superior insulation, and heavy-duty protection. Plus, it looks really good and feels even better when you wear it.
cold weather motorcycle gloves reviews

KINGSBOM -40℉ Winter Gloves


For the best choice, I will go with the KINGSBOM -40℉ Winter Gloves. In extremely cold conditions, you can’t get anything better than the Thinsulate insulation lining of it. Plus, it is perfect for all kinds of weather. No matter whether it rains or snow, it doesn’t get damaged by none. On top of all that, the unisex design makes it perfect for both men and women.

budget pick

Change and Moore Winter Glove


For the budget pick, there is a wide variety of options in the list, that you can check out if you can find the time. But if you’re in a rush to get one within the budget, then go with the CHANGE MOORE one. With it, you’ll get a waterproof glove that offers superior warmth and much more.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 best cold weather adventure motorcycle gloves

Iron JIA’s Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle Gloves Winter Warm

Y&R Mens Winter Glove

KINGSBOM -40℉ Winter Gloves

Joe Rocket 1344-10053 Gloves

Joe Rocket Sub-Zero Gloves

INBIKE Winter Gloves

MRX boxing & fitness Motorbike Gloves

MRX Mens Warm Winter Gloves

Change and Moore Winter Motorcycle Glove

10 Best cold weather motorcycle gloves

Finding the best quality winter motorcycle gloves for riding isn’t that easy. It’s like finding a needle in the haystack. That’s how many products out there are right now for you to go through a pair of gloves.

If you have no time to lose, then just check out the top 10 picks I’ve got here.

1. Iron JIA’s Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

Highlighted Features

If you don’t want frozen hands while riding the bike in cold, then you need to get some gloves. Don’t get any glove, go for quality leather motorcycle gloves that will protect those hands from the cold weather like the Iron JIA’s one.

The black clothing of it goes up the wrist to give you the protection you require. But you can get a bit of variation on the black with green or red essence to get the perfect styling for you. And with a variety of sizing available, getting the right fitted wear won’t be that hard.

Why will you like this product?

Yes, the glove will prevent your fingers from getting numb in stormy winter for sure. But alongside that, it will make sure to keep the water out from creeping inside it. All thanks to the built-in waterproof layer it got.

But what makes it impossible for the wind to get through is its adjustable wrist strap. You can have the right fitting gloves on the wrist to keeps your hands warm and comfy.

Even if you have the strap fastened too tight, the cotton lining won’t let you feel any of it. Plus, it gives a cozy warmth.

And don’t worry, it won’t ever get too hot. It has a breathing vent on the glove to keep things at an ideal temperature. Besides offering great comfort, the gloves give you a superior level of protection too. If you look at the back of the hand, it got a  hard shell to keep the knuckles from getting hurt. But that doesn’t stop there. It got durable palm protection too.

And for getting the best riding experience, no matter the condition, there are touch screen fingertips that allow you a good feel of the handlebars.



Is it available in a small size?

No, it isn’t. You can get it in medium, large, x-large, and xx-large.

Which one feature stands out about it the most?

The touchscreen design at the fingertips is great. They give you a solid feel while you’ve got hold of the steering.

2. Motorcycle Gloves Winter Warm

Highlighted Features

Another option from Iron JIA’s that you can try out for sure. This one like the earlier one comes in 4-sizes. But if you want it in a smaller size, then you’re out of luck.

For others, there is a lot to gain from the best waterproof motorcycle gloves.

Why will you like this product?

This one and the earlier Iron JIA’s glove are similar in many ways.

For starters, the touch screen fingertip is also available here. You can great feel of things while holding. Plus, you can without getting the gloves off use your phone.


Besides that, the same level of hard shell protection is available here. And inside it got a shock-absorbing foam that lowers impact.

To reduce wear, you get suede protection joining the thumb to the index finger of the glove. And an adjustable strap is also there to wear it tight. No space for the wind to breach.

Maybe aesthetically wise it not might be the same as the previous one. But not far behind either.



Are the size chart US standard?

No, they aren’t US standard size. To get the right fit, you should take a look at their sizing chart.

Which feature seems to attract you the most?

There is a bunch of stuff that’s great about the gloves here. But the quality of the material attracts me as it is breathable while it keeps the warmth inside it.

3. Y&R Mens Winter Motorcycle Glove

Highlighted Features

If you’re looking for the best gloves to wear while riding your motorcycle in the winter, look no further than the Y&R direct.

The clothing for your hands is perfect for shielding you against the wind. And even while it rains, it keeps the hands dry and warm.

Why will you like this product?

The fabric of it gets made from high-density nylon. So, it’s highly durable. And inside of it, you got the waterproof bag composite that keeps it safe from the wind and water.

Even in extreme cold like -30°F, you won’t feel anything. That’s because it got an insulated liner made from sponge alongside a thick fleece lining and an even thicker wrist made out of velvet.

The design of it is quite special. You can bend your fingers easily while wearing the gloves. And that makes a lot of difference when you’re riding the motorcycle or just shoveling snow in the street, as you get proper movement with your hands and fingers. Not to forget the grip it offers with that non-slip PU leather on the palm makes it easier to hold onto things. 



How to choose the right fit if you're between two sizes?

If you’ve got a thick palm and are between two sizes, go with the larger one.

What's the feature that makes you fall in love with it?

There is no restriction on your movements. You can use your hands and fingers naturally that is quite pleasant.

4. KINGSBOM -40° Winter Waterproof Thermal Gloves:

Highlighted Features

For the best waterproof winter motorcycle gloves, try out the KINGSBOM.

Made in the USA, the unisex hand gear will keep your fingers from getting numb in extreme cold while letting you enjoy riding the bike without any trouble.

And the best part, even people with small hands can find the right fit glove with it.

Why will you like this product?

The heat retention of the gloves is on another level. You get a multi-layer Thinsulate insulation lining that keeps your hands warm even if it is freezing outside.

But the fabric is super breathable too, so it doesn’t get sweaty inside it either. Plus, the moisture-wicking interior works to make sure the sweat gets soaked in to keep things dry and cozy.

Other than that, you get an outer layer that sheds off water and snow. And the tight fit gloves make sure wind doesn’t creep inside it.

Also, wearing gloves make you more visible in the dark. That’s because the fabric of it got a reflective lining. Such a simple thing makes quite the difference at times.



Is it suitable for both men and women?

The motorcycle gloves reviews show the cold weather gear is perfect for both genders.

What’s the best feature of the gloves?

It got a -40°F cold resistance. So, it is perfect for the harshest of weather.

5. Joe Rocket's 1344-1005 winter motorcycle glove

Highlighted Features

There is nothing better than leather motorcycle gloves to tackle the cold weather. If you believe that too, then Joe Rocket’s 1344-1005 riding gloves will be the right choice for you.

Why will you like this product?

You won’t have trouble finding the right fitted gloves with the Joe Rocket. You get a range of sizes starting from small to going 3x-large. So, whether you’ve got tiny hands or giant ones, you can get the right fitting gear for sure.

Getting a secure fitting is also possible due to the hook and loop wrist closure of it.

Then comes the material of it. You get genuine leather reinforcement overall that looks exceptional. Plus, the 100G Thinsulate is there to retain the heat. Not to forget, there is a high-density knuckle armor to give extra protection. And the exterior got a drum dyed Cowhide that keeps it dry in rainy conditions.



How many colors is it available in?

For now, you can get it in only black color.

What's the stand out feature of the gloves?

You get a super cozy inner lining that makes it comfortable to wear. At the same time, the supple leather on the outside looks and feels great.

6. Joe Rocket Sub-Zero Gloves

Highlighted Features

No doubt, the leather gloves are exquisite. But they aren’t for all budget. If you want to enjoy the quality of the Joe Rocket and not spend a lot, go for the Sub-Zero gloves indeed.

Why will you like this product?

Wearing the 100G Thininsulate gloves, you can ride in cold at a fast speed and not feel the wind chill in the hands. The waterproof motorcycle glove passes that test with flying colors.

But that’s one of its fine qualities. The workmanship on the gloves is the other thing that makes it so great. You get an accurate fitting without fail with it.

And being waterproof, it sheds off the water from the exterior to keep things dry. What I loved most about the gloves are its long cuffs. It goes over the sleeves to make sure no gap is there for the cold air to find its way inside the glove.

Even it offers padding on knuckles to give some protection to the riders.



Is it snow proof?

From what has been seen, this one can resist the water and wind. But not the snow much.

What’s the feature that will make buyers want it?

Finding the right fitting gloves with this particular Joe Rocket won’t be that hard. And that will attract many buyers for sure.

7. INBIKE Winter Goat Skin Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Highlighted Features

INBIKE gloves stand out from the rest for their cool design for sure. But for me, the adventure motorcycle gloves are the best cold-weather gear for the level of dexterity it offers.

But there is more to it that you need to know about to understand its actual quality.

Why will you like this product?

Right at the back of the glove, you get a durable carbon fiber protective shield. This one will save you from the cuts and bruises for sure.

But unlike cheap gloves, it won’t interfere with the mobility of the fingers at all. And that is one of its biggest USP. You get good flex wearing the gloves. Plus, you get finger protecting pads to offer more protection.

Besides that, you get a wrist and double hook and loop fastener that gives perfect fitting. There is no room for the wind to slip into the gloves. That and with the inner fleece thermal fabric of the gloves, you can be rest assured to have a cozy warmth all the time.



Is it available in a small size?

Unfortunately, no. But you can get it in medium, large, X-large, and XX-large.

Which one feature stands out to you the most?

Without any doubt, the mix of materials used to make the gloves are quite fascinating. You get the luxury of goat leather, the flexibility of polyester, synthetic leather, and the durability of nylon and polyethylene. All in one glove.

8. MRX Boxing and Fitness Men's Motorbike Glove

Highlighted Features

For those of you who want to get leather gloves, but don’t go over the budget, get the MRX gear.

They made it from real leather that is quite supple and plush. Plus, it got sizes for all. So, no one has to miss out on it.

Why will you like this product?

For the price, you don’t expect the leather on the gloves to be any good. But the quality of it will leave you amazed. It keeps you warm even in chilly conditions. Part of it because of the thermal lining it got. It keeps your hand warm no matter the occasion.

And being genuine leather, it will last a lifetime.

The gloves way up the wrist to cover a lot of the forearm. You get a chain system, which makes it easy to get it on and off. And with that adjustable strap, tightening it up isn’t hard either.

Plus, they’ve got that hook system to keep together the gloves so that they don’t lose when you’re not wearing them.



Does it come in any other color than black?

For now, there aren’t any other color variants available.

What’s the stand out feature?

Reviews have shown that the motorcycle gloves for cold weather got one of the coziest inner linings. And it is 100% true. These are super comfy to wear.

9. MRX Men's Warm Winter Genuine Leather Glove

Highlighted Features

Most gloves aren’t suitable for wearing all the time. The MRX one is an exception as the leather gloves are great to wear no matter the occasion.

Whether you’re at a casual party or driving on the road in freezing condition, keep them on as they look quite good.

Why will you like this product?

You can’t go past the fact that you get 100% genuine leather for under 20 bucks. Not only the construction of it fits right, but the layer is also heavy enough to keep away the cold winds.

Then there is the thermal lining that retains the heat inside the gloves. Also, you will love the wrist of the gear.

It uses elastic which makes it easy to get the gloves on and off from the hand. And with the zip on, fitting is quite perfect. Another thing that needs to be pointed about the elastic, it hugs the skin really tight, to make sure there is no room for the heat to escape or the wind to creep inside. But the tightness won’t leave you any mark, as it got a nice touch to the skin.



Do they follow US size?

They don’t use US size. Therefore, it is better to check the chart size before ordering them.

What's the coolest thing about the gloves?

The leather material is hands down the key selling point. You get 100% genuine leather for a reasonable price. It might seem too good to be true. And it is 100% real.

10. CHANGE MOORE Winter Motorcycle Gloves:

Highlighted Features

If you’re looking for the best waterproof motorcycle gloves in the UK, you can look into the Change Moore gear.

With a wide variety of colors like black, white, and red, finding the right gloves that go with your style won’t be that hard here.

But there is more to it that might get you excited about it.

Why will you like this product?

Starting with the protection. You get a carbon fiber knuckle shield to save you from accidental cuts and bruises. And on the palm, there is a thick layer of microfibre, that helps to reduce shock and impact. The material is anti-slip too. Therefore, it offers a solid grip too.

Even the fingers have padding to avoid any injuries. The index finger, middle finger, and thumb got the touch screen design so that you can use devices without getting the gloves off. 

That aside, you get a TPU waterproof membrane on the outside to brush off the liquid. And inside got a sponge that is 3mm thick to absorb all the water to keep things dry and warm.

Don’t forget about the Thinsulate, which blocks the wind and keeps you warm even if it’s freezing out.



Is it available small size?

Yes, you can get it in a small size.

What’s the stand out feature?

It got a multi layer lineup to keep the water out, soak in the sweat and retain heat. Also, the hook and loop strap really is easy to use.

cold weather motorcycle gloves Buying Guide

When you’re looking to buy the best cold weather motorcycle gloves, you’ve to have some things in mind before you go shopping. Getting a glove pair that fits right is one of the most obvious ones.

But there are a couple of other things that you might overlook during the purchase. Take a look at some of them.

Right gear:

Often people make the mistake of getting any gloves thinking that it will get them through the cold winter. You can’t be any wrong. The gloves made for the hot days have higher perspiration. It is why they can’t retain the heat much.

On the other hand, if you get gloves that have no breathability whatsoever. As a result, it gets all sweaty. To avoid that, you need to find something in between that can keep the warmth while letting the airflow going.


Getting the right material is crucial to have the best quality gloves.

When it comes to the fabric, there is a lot of option. Like leather with which you can never go wrong. It is cozy, comfortable, and stylish.

Then there are other options like polyester or synthetic leather. In comparison to the real thing, they might not be much different. Plus, they save you a lot of bucks too.


When people think about design, they only consider how something looks. Yes, being appealing matters a lot.

But the goal is to have an ergonomic composition that won’t restrict your movements. Also, making good design choices like a grip pad or a reflective liner like things would make a real difference in use. So, look for such a design in the gloves. Not just focus on the aesthetics.


Yes, keeping your hands warm in the cold is the ultimate goal. But that’s not it. The gloves you’re wearing should also work as a shield to keep the hand from getting injured from crash impacts, blisters, scratches, and that sort of stuff.

It is why getting gloves that adapt to your hand shapes is quite crucial. A proper fit glove will help to make sure the cold can’t creep into it.

Plus, with protective layers like inner and outer padding, it will be able to resist impacts if you get in an accident.

Besides that, you should get a knuckle shield on the gloves as that part of the hand is quite vulnerable while you’re riding the bike. But all that protection shouldn’t constrain your mobility.

All condition:

No matter the condition, you should have a glove pair that you can wear on and get on the road. So, besides tackling the cold winter, the gloves you should shed off brush off rainwater, snow to let you use them in all kinds of weather if possible.


The last word of advice is to go for a nice fitting pair of gloves. The right size glove isn’t enough for that. You should also have quality straps that will ensure the gloves won’t come off the hands. At the same time, they will leave no gap for the wind to breach in too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need special motorcycle gloves for the winter season?

Yes. The regular gloves won’t keep your fingers warm enough. And if the weather is too cold, your fingers can get numb. And that can amount to something dangerous when you are on the road. That’s why keeping those warm in the winter season is vital. And therefore, you need the best winter gloves for motorcycle riding.

Are winter motorcycle gloves waterproof?

Not all winter gloves are waterproof. Those which have a waterproof lining can sweep off the liquid.

What temperature can be considered too cold to ride a motorcycle?

It depends on the rider, to be honest. But it gets advised to not ride on 0°C conditions as the roads can be too risky. And when you’re riding in such cold at even a moderate speed, hands can get numb from it.

What are the best cold weather motorcycle gloves?

All the gears on the list are suitable for the title of best gloves for cold weather. But if you want one name in particular, then go with the leather Joe Rocket. It is amazing. Even the Iron JIA’s gear is good.

What do all top winter motorcycle gloves have?

The one thing that you will get with top gloves is that they have a super cozy inner lining layer that retains the heat and doesn’t let it escape.

Final Thoughts

Ok, you’ve found out the best cold weather motorcycle gloves in the business. There are all kinds of options here for you. Just based on what you want and your budget, pick any one of them.

They are all great. So, there is no wrong choice. Just make sure the right size glove to wear and you’ll be fine.

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