10 best dirt bike tires for woods And trail riding

A dirt bike is absolutely nothing without having the right tires. This is a huge part of the overall mechanism. So, when you are interested to gift your kids with one of these fun rides, don’t forget to pay enough attention to choosing the right dirt bike tire.

Now with so many options available for tires, it’s obvious you’ll get confused and distracted by some overly hyped models. The best way out is gathering as much information and doing the right research before actually deciding on one model.

Let’s explore ten of the best dirt bike tires that comes with great features to meet most parents’ expectation. We’re also going to include a very convenient buyer’s guide and answers to your most frequently asked queries by the end of this writing. Enjoy!

Best Pick

dirt bike mud tires

The K772 Parker is our best pick for its brilliant design for giving more terrain with better traction on sandy or muddy areas at this quality and sustain.

​Budget Pick

best dirt bike tires

We recommended this product for budget pick according to its startling traction and good working in muddy or sandy areas at logical value.

1. Maxxis M7305 Maxxcross IT Medium Rear Tire

Highlighted Features

  • 18 inches of rim diameter.
  • Has amazing traction.
  • Comes with solid design.
  • Perfect for street riding.
  • This tire is suppler rubber compound.

The M7305 good dirt bike tires are race-proven that gives amazing traction on grimy or mud-covered off-road. Plus, it has good control for riding on any bike.

For what it’s worth, the rear tire gives more support on ground to knock off all rocks and dirt without difficulties. Also, it does help to find more power while wearing it for driving at any angle.

Here’s something we find surprising with its performance as it delivers good control on an off-road motorcycle. It has good surface for kid driving. We love about its amazing performance that helps to give more ground support.

Overall, it gives good features and better quality for riding on the mud with no trouble. This product gives superb balance and control to ride.

  • Has reasonable price.
  • Simple to manage.
  • Amazing in a rocky place.
  • Safe riding with a great grip.
  • Can load up in the mud.
  • This tire is thinner.
  • It is not durable.

What age is this recommended for?

The M7305 dirt bike tire is suitable for 13 year aged kids to enjoy it on dirt bike.

What feature makes this option stand out?

We discovered it has a great robust surface and good tread pattern for smother performance.

2. Sedona MX907HP Hard Pack Rear Tire

Highlighted Features

  • Has 97% loads index rating.
  • Brilliant design for blue-groove traction.
  • Accompany larger footprint.
  • 4 tire ply give full improves strength.
  • Great traction on the hardpack.

The MX907HP is the best dirt bike tire for trail riding for beginners to use. Plus, it has amazing hard and solid design compound for better riding experience.

But wait there’s more, the dirt bike tire got more traction and running ability for competing in racing competition or race. Also, it has adaptable knobs for greater performance on finding stability.

Here’s the interesting part of this product as it has larger footprint and crisscrosses shape tread that helps on fighting mud. It has excellent traction with less pressure to ride on a muddy area.

Overall, it has good support and smoother surface to ride peacefully with no fear of slippage. The product gives full control on bike to fight in all situations.

  • Good tire gripping.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Good traction.
  • Tire works amazing.
  • It works incredible for winter riding.
  • Tread design gives a sketchy feel.
  • Only suitable for trail biking.

What age is this recommended for?

Now, this is important as it provides age permission at least 14 years to use. If your kid’s age is similar to this, then it’s right for your kid.

What feature makes this option stand out?

The MX907HP has exceptional layout and traction to support terrain for smoother surface.

3. Bridgestone M102 Motocross Rear Tire

Highlighted Features

  • Has maximum gripping.
  • Designed for special mud usage.
  • 110 mm width tire.
  • Maximum speed rate of 81 MPH.
  • Top figure 100% aspect ratio.

The M102 is great in performance and made for bottomless sand or mud usage with dirt bikes. It gives control that makes this product as the best dirt bike tire for mud.

Want to know the best part? The tire has good tread design for users. Plus, it comes with better traction for critical situations. We are in love with its usability for riding in muddy area.

But wait it’s not finished as it has simple paddle layout for self-cleaning. With these features, a user can clean the tire with freshwater for smooth operation. Also, it helps to clear all dirt’s to get off from tire.

Overall, the product works amazing for beginners to get softer and comfortable shells for better driving.

  • Wonderful design for balance.
  • It gives maximum support.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Superior traction in flexible terrain.
  • The knobs are longer.
  • It is not suitable for the roadway.
  • The tire isn’t light in weight.

What age is this recommended for?

Now consider it this way that it requires 13 years at least to use safely.

What feature makes this option stand out?

This product works amazing with 81mph speed level and 64% load index to ride on the dirt bike. The speed and grip is pretty safe for learning kids.

4. Bridgestone M204 Motocross Rear Tire

Highlighted Features

  • Good tire for off-road-motorcycles.
  • Race confirmed rear motocross tire.
  • Great quality with adaptable design.
  • 16 inches of frame width.
  • Maximum speed rate.

The M204 mud tires for dirt bike is super durable and budget-friendly for riding on mud bike. Plus, it has good quality and fine surfaces for newcomer.

To make a point, the dirt tire has good gripping with better front for riding in critical area or environment. Plus, it comes with a race-proven tread outline with larger block space for driving.

Besides, the product has good design to find better balance while diverting direction. It helps to give more strength and trustworthy working for getting rid of mud. Also, this product has better surface for smoother running.

Overall, it has higher quality for users to get perfect dirt bike riding experience. The product comes in cheap price tag with better traction to ride.

  • Better grips for riding in bumpy.
  • Fits well in any dirt or mud bike.
  • It has good traction to drive faster.
  • Excellent features for beginner to use.
  • Good tire for driving all-terrain-vehicles.
  • It has limited warranty support.
  • The product has fewer features than others.

What age is this recommended for?

According to its age measurement, it allows for not less than 12 years old age kid’s to use.

What feature makes this option stand out?

This dirt bike tire has good design and adaptable features to drive perfectly. The grip makes it super safe for kids to maneuver.

5. Bridgestone M604 Motocross Rear Tire

Highlighted Features

  • Designed for hard terrain.
  • 59% of load index.
  • Excellent crosswise design.
  • Suitable for off-road motorcycles.
  • Comes with maximum speed.

The M604 hard terrain dirt bike tires have amazing power and gripping for smoother riding experience. Plus, it is made of solid and stable material.

But that’s not all as the tire has more interlace design to get rid of mud and sand while riding on dirt bike. Plus, it has a good balance with super-cross tread design to cuts every loose environment to find more power while turning direction.

Moreover, the bike tire gives safe usability with its solid design to avoid accident or injury. With this safe surface, a user can compete in racing competition for smooth performance. 

Overall, it has good features for long-term usage. This product assures protection and provides max power to run faster even in muddy area.

  • It has smoother surface.
  • Super durable.
  • Perfect tire wear.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • Works amazing on great terrain.
  • This tire is hard to mount.
  • It is hard to clean.

What age is this recommended for?

We will recommend this product to use 14 year old age children to use it for safe performance with adaptable features.

What feature makes this option stand out?

This super-strong and good construction has superior balance for faster riding performance. Also, it has good front to ride smoothly.

6. Bridgestone M404 Motocross Rear Tire

Highlighted Features

  • 90 mm of section sidewall.
  • Designed for intermediate terrain.
  • A great tube-type tire.
  • High-quality terrain.
  • Comes with perfect size.

If you want the best off road dirt bike tires for your children, then we may suggest you get this. The M404 has a good range to ride at max speed to perform well.

These are some as it provides amazing sizing with good balance to adjust the tire within a few minutes. Plus, it has enhanced traction with rubber compound design to find smooth driving performance.

And top of that, a user can find more traction and side support for faster and better speeding up. It has better tread design for smoother riding experience even in mud-spattered or deep dirty areas.

Overall, the product has good surface, value, adjustable construction and better design for riding with full support. It has good control and balance for fast grip.

  • Comfortable tire wearing.
  • Dirt bike rides faster.
  • Easy to escalate.
  • Tire gives good impression.
  • A perfect round tire.
  • It has bad customer service.
  • Have to use soap to clean.

What age is this recommended for?

This dirt bike tire can be used for a minimum of 14-year-old children to ride with smooth surface.

What feature makes this option stand out?

We love about its simple usability and 16 inches of rim diameter for good traction. It’s a wonderful pick for any teen child with little practice.

7. Michelin Starcross MH3 Motocross Rear Tire

Highlighted Features

  • A reliable dirt bike tire.
  • Good sizing.
  • Maximum sped level boosts.
  • Mini MH3 knob pattern.
  • ‘M’ speed rating code rating.

The Starcorrs MH3 has perfect tread pattern design and good adjustments for all terrain dirt bike. Plus, it has better shell and design for smoother riding experience.

We don’t stop there as the tire has good speed rating of 81% for faster gripping even in dangerous environment. Also, it has more power transformation for escalating perfectly. With this speed rate, a user can grip effortlessly.

Also, it has amazing surface for finding more control and balance while turning the tire in different direction. The product has super durable and hard surface for battling in any place.

Overall, it has good quality and better value with manageable design to get rid of chuckling or tearing. It has strong layout for reducing punches.

  • Outstanding grip.
  • First-rate service.
  • Super durable.
  • Amazing traction.
  • Helps to sustain performance.
  • Only for the dirt bike.
  • Have fewer features.

What age is this recommended for?

With lots of research, we find it’s suitable for 15 years old kids to use on dirt bikes. It gives more control to riding quicker.

What feature makes this option stand out?

Honestly, we love about its design and good traction for finding good gripping. Also, it gives wonderful support on the ground to ride. 

8. Dunlop MX52 Geomax Intermediate/Hard Terrain Tire

Highlighted Features

  • A hard terrain tire.
  • Has black sidewall.
  • Long-lasting rubber compound.
  • Qualified track for top-level racing tire.
  • Fabulous design.

The dirt bike mud tires have fantastic block technology that gives better support on side control. Plus, it has strong and perfect tension for softer surface.

There is no doubt about its good performance to give dirt bike more sustain and manageable control. With this control, a user can find more traction that allows bike to get perfect track from different angles. 

We love about its tire shell that gives smoother performance in difficult surroundings. Also, it has good liner for giving accurate support on bike for effortless driving. Plus, the mud tire has a solid design to fight in any situation.

Overall, it gives unbelievable options to find more control over the bike wheel. The load capacity helps to impact damping and steadiness.

  • Perfect for mud drive.
  • Amazing traction helps on the ground.
  • Super simple to clean.
  • This is light in weight.
  • Amazing tread pattern.
  • The size of this tire is smaller.
  • It is expensive.

What age is this recommended for?

The perfect age for this dirt bike tire is more than 13 so that your child can find more control while riding in bike.

What feature makes this option stand out?

We find it mesmerizing for its amazing tread layout and perfect surface. Also, it has smooth traction for riding in different angles.

9. ProTrax Soft-Intermediate Terrain Tire

Highlighted Features

  • Made for soft terrain.
  • Comes with max traction.
  • Designed for mini or mid-sized dirt bike.
  • Have 4 ply constructions.
  • Knobs are set for mud usage.

The ProTrax has strong frame that makes it one of the best dirt bike tires for regular use. Plus, it is made of firm and solid materials for long-term usage.

And we have more as it is super durable that helps it to lasts longer than usual. With this option, a user can trust this product for regular usage as it helps to provide smooth surface with less pressure.

Moreover, it has great value at a suitable quality for adjusting it to larger block space. The product provides good features such as good maintenance, better design and adjustable feature at good price.

Overall, it is wonderful for soft and smoother intermediate tire. The product has amazing maximum power for riding at ease.

  • Good value to get.
  • Decent traction.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Design to clean better.
  • Fits perfectly on a dirt bike.
  • This product is not smoother performance.
  • Only for deep sandy surfaces.

What age is this recommended for?

14 years kid can use this smoother dirt bike tire for perfect driving performance. Also, it provides good support to grip rightly.

What feature makes this option stand out?

The product has good gripping that helps on muddy area. And, it has good value to use without any fear of invading safety.

10. Kenda K772 Parker Radial Tire

Highlighted Features

  • 106 MPH max speed rating.
  • Radial construction.
  • Useful and gorgeous design.
  • Rubber casting tire.
  • Section width is 120 mm.

The K772 sand dirt bike tires are made of better and strong materials with DOT approved for Perfect traction. Plus, it has hard-wearing front for riding with max power.

The great part of this product is it has 6-ply radial construction for quicker and smoother driving experience. Also, it gives wonderful casting offers for avoiding punching or breakages.

But here’s the kicker, it has natural rubber compound that gives full advantages for perfectly fit wear to perform well on muddy or deep sandy area. Plus, it has casting design for driving in any terrain.

Overall, it has amazing casting that gives more than 30% cut resistance with its simple usability. The dirt bike tire gives more support on gripping for smoother riding.

  • Incredible tubeless design.
  • Good tread pattern to run faster.
  • Has strong sidewalls.
  • Works amazing with less pressure.
  • It is durable and strong surface.
  • Has no warranty service.
  • It is costly at this quality.

What age is this recommended for?

It is ideal for 14 years old children to use comfortably. For that reason, we suggest you to get this if it’s suitable for your child’s age.

What feature makes this option stand out?

We are in love with its perfect quality with smooth performance and good traction with a better surface to use daily.

Choosing the Best Dirt Bike Tires.

It’s quite overwhelming to find the right type of dirt bike tires. There are many factors that play a major importance. Let’s talk about the most essential criteria below.

Tire’s Sizing.

You can probably see the sizing information in the sidewall of tires. This is very important thing that you must consider first. Three numbers usually describe the sizing information. The first one is the width of one sidewall to others.

The next one is denoted to the height. And finally, the aspect ratio that tells you about tire’s width. The first two measurements are usually done in mm while the last one comes in inches.

The last sizing should match with rim measurement. Without the right dimension of the tire, there’s never going to be enough safety for riding.

DOT Stamp

 You should always check for a special stamp that also comes in the tire’s sidewall area. It basically ensures that the tire is certified for on-road usage in the US.

There should be words like DOT or DOT-approved. If you buy something without the approval, it’s not appropriate to use them for road or highway ride. So, make sure to ensure optimal safety, the stamp is existing in the sidewalls.

Right Pressure.

The tire pressure has a very delicate impact over the entire performance. You should be well aware of what PSI or pressure to run this tire is important. 12 to 15 PSI is the right run for most knobby tires in any average terrain. For better traction and flexibility, you may want to go a bit lower.

However, if you want to deal with lesser rim damage or pinch flats then go a bit higher than this ratio. Every tire will come with a maximum PSI recommendation imprinted in the sidewalls. You should make sure to not install the tire with exceeding points.

Different Types.

Depending on what terrains are mostly suitable for your kid’s riding, you need to pick the tire types and design. This is a crucial element since not every design of dirt bike tire plays well for all terrains.

Also, you have to consider checking the rubber compound, tread design and specification area for better choice making.

There are usually three types of tires you’ll come across. These are hard, intermediate and soft tires that are named according to what terrain they match.

Soft terrain tires are usually suitable for aggressive and tall lugs. Most of them are created with hard rubber components.

The hard tires are great for flexibility with a tightly spaced pattern. These are suitable for well-worn tracks. While intermediate types are usually between these two categories of tires.


Mounting the tire is pretty important for a safe ride. It needs to be perfectly done so that there’s no slipping or gliding while your child rides it. This is why you should always focus on buying a tire that comes with easy mounting facilities.

Something that won’t need any hard or complex step for mounting. You may want to consider models that have clear instructions for the installation process. Most of the renowned brands and options will provide you guideline manuals to help to mount.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The Best Dirt Bike Tire For Trail Riding?

Or trail riding you need something suitable for hard terrains. You may encounter some soft patches or soil occasionally. However, the hard tires would be enough to give you the right amount of traction and flexibility for your kid’s ultimate safety.

What Are The Best Tires For Hare Scrambles?

Hare scrambles need a lot of things for perfect setup. However, the most important part is, of course, the tire. We knew that terrain here usually comes with lots of rock and wooded areas. So, you need to get the best dirt bike tire for woods riding. However, there are a lot of sand and mud patches going around as well. These need some strong navigating tires. So, focus on buying the intermediate or hard terrain tires. These are great for hare scrambles.

Are The Engine Size And Power Output Important For Tire Choosing?

Yes, you need to consider these two elements of your kid’s dirt bike for choosing the right tire size. Because with engine size and power, the spins formed into the tire will vary. So, it’s actually making an impact on your kid’s bike wheels. This needs careful thought on the overall power of the engine that’s why.


So that’s how you choose the best dirt bike tires and some recommendation that works great for most kid’s riding style. Pick a suitable tire for your kid following the factors we discussed. And we’re sure you’ll be able to find something valuable for the price you invest in.

Don’t forget to know the overall features including the negative features of the bike tire you are interested in. If the minimal error is okay to deal with other fantastic features, then you are probably making a very practical choice.

Let us know what specific part of today’s writing helped you the most in the comment section below. Share this information with people you and let them also make a smart choice. Good Luck!

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