10 Best Youth Dirt Bike Helmet for Trail Riding

Motocross sports excite the kids a lot. They want to go on those mud circuits full of impossible turns and jumps to enjoy themselves. And many do get into the sport at a young age.

If your kid is also fascinated and wants to be on the tracks, then before sending him ahead, you should make sure to protect them from the possible blows and impacts from the falls. Hand them the Best Youth Dirt Bike Helmet For Trail Riding to make sure of that.

You can’t just give them any helmet. Because some can’t take the hit while others get in their way to compromise their vision on the trail causing them to get in trouble in the first place.

No doubt, you’ve got to find the right child dirt bike helmet for them. But where to find one like that?

You know where just keep on reading.

If you want a quick answer on which toddler dirt bike helmet you should get, then the following three you should give a look into.

Best Youth Dirt Bike Helmet For Trail Riding

ILM Youth Kids Dirt Bike helmet


For the best pick, I will go with the ILM Youth kids ATV dirt bike helmet. Everything you want from a good gear, it has. From a durable shell to the comfortable inner lining to a secure strap system, it got all the staple features of quality gear. On top of all that, it comes with goggles and gloves. 

Best Youth Dirt Bike Helmet

SanQing Motocross Racing Bike Helmet


It is SanQing for me. You’ve got a solid gear that saves the head from the crash impact. On hot sunny days, even it lets you enjoy the breezy wind inside it. But most importantly, it offers the style the kids want. Coming in 27 color variants with a whole range of graphic artwork, it is the best choice to please your kid.

budget pick
full face youth dirt bike helmet

Fox Racing 2020 Youth V2 Helmet


The Fox racing gear is my budget pick. With it, you can get a stylish looking gear that does a decent job of taking on the hits without letting the rider feel any of it. Plus, the airflow and padding in the gear are quite on par with the best ones.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 full face youth dirt bike helmet

Best Youth Dirt Bike Helmet For Trail Riding

ILM Youth Kids Dirt Bike helmet

dirt bike helmet for kids under 100 dollars

MX -Helmets -Kinetic –Thrive

best youth motocross helmet

SanQing Motocross Racing Bike Helmet

full face youth dirt bike helmet

Raider 2131015 GX3 Unisex-Child MX Off-Road Helmet

Best Youth Dirt Bike Helmet For Trail Riding

ILM Youth Kids ATV Motocross Dirt Bike Motorcycle

best dirt bike helmet for kids

WOW Youth Kids Motocross Spider

dirt bike helmet for 10 year old

SmartDealsNow DOT Youth & Kids Helmet

best dirt bike helmet for kids

AHR DOT Youth Dirt Bike Helmet

youth motocross helmet

Fox Racing 2020 Youth V2 Helmet

10 Best Youth Dirt Bike Helmet for Trail Riding

To keep your young one safe from falling down and getting hit on the head badly, you need to get them a helmet. But not all helmets are the same. Some might be durable, but not might be comfortable. Some might be comfortable but not might fit right.

There are so many things to look for choosing a dirt bike helmet for toddlers that it can be really hard. Not anymore. Just check the gears below.

1. ILM Youth Kids ATV Motocross Dirt Bike Motorcycle:

Highlighted Features

The ILM kit is perfect to get your kids as it is a complete set that offers goggles and gloves alongside the helmet.

You will get matching goggles with the helmet so it looks good. And the UV resistance keeps the sunlight from entering the eyes while the sponge cushion on it makes it comfortable to wear on the face.

But that’s the bonus stuff.

The main star of the show is the helmet and it doesn’t disappoint. Get made from an ABS shell, it can take some serious bumps and falls like a champ. The DOT approval on it tells you just that.

Not only that it is durable, but it is also quite super comfortable too to wear. With EPS padding inside all around it, you will feel cozy wearing it for long hours. The comfort also comes from the fact, the helmet got many vents at the front and back to let the air pass through it to keep the temperature bearable inside it.

Even there is an adjustable visor that is quite easy to push back or pull down to get the sun from hitting your kid’s eyes. And to get the helmet on and off easily, you’ve got quick release buckles that the young ones won’t have any problem using.

Plus, with all the colors to choose from it is one of the cool dirt bike helmets out there that kids would love.



How many sizes is it available?

You can get it in 4-sizes: Youth S, M, L, and XL.

What’s the best aspect of the gear?

The ILM kit is super comfortable to wear. Just not only the helmet but even the goggles and gloves are also something that you can wear for long hours without any problem as they are cozy and breathable.

2. MX -Helmets -Kinetic –Thrive

Highlighted Features

Bright colors with interesting artwork will get the kids excited. Fly Racing seems to understand that very well which shows in their Kinetic gear. The bold artwork with those rich color varieties makes it the perfect 6-year-old motorcycle helmet.

Now the helmet here is perfect for both boys and girls. You get them in all types of colors to make both parties happy with their choice. But at the end of the day, it’s all about keeping them safe. In doing that, the Kinetic helmet doesn’t fail either.

What you get here is a polymer shell helmet. It can take the hits to keep the kids from getting injured. But what even more impressive is the fact it adds durability without being heavy. The lightweight helmet doesn’t strain the neck of the young ones like some other gears out there in the market.

To go with the outer shell, you get a cozy EPS padding inside of the helmet. It not only makes it easy to wear but also takes out the shocks from the drops to make sure kids don’t feel the impact on their head. And Fly’s signature ventilation system is always at work to keep the weather chill.



What are the color options it has?

So, you get blue/white, matte dark grey with black, red/white/black, and one with white/black/grey in terms of colors with the helmet.

What’s the stand out feature of Fly Racing?

It got a lightweight shell which is just perfect for little kids as it feels comfortable on the neck.

3. Motorcycle Helmet, Youth Kids Dirt Bike Helmets

Highlighted Features

SanQing got a 4-piece best youth motorcycle helmet kit that you don’t want to miss out on, at least, your kids won’t want to for sure.

The spectacular thing about the set is that it comes in 27 color variations. And each variation has different artworks which make every gear unique from the other. Boys and girls both love that.

Yet, the main showstopper is still the fact that you get everything for the little one to get started with trail riding. Alongside the helmet itself, you get goggles, face masks, and gloves.

Now, the helmet it offers is quite good. It gets made from a lightweight ABS shell which is perfect to keep the head from feeling the bumps from the falls. To complement the durability of the outer shell, you get a multi-density EPS foam liner inside the helmet. It gives a comfortable house for the head inside the thing. But most importantly, it absorbs the hit to make feel the rider nothing from the crashes.

Compared to many of the others, the aerodynamic design of the headgear is quite impressive in terms of reducing the wind noise and drag caused by it. Plus, it flushes out the heat from inside to keep things cool inside too.

To give your kid a dirt bike helmet with goggles and much more, you can go with it.



Do the goggles and gloves come in the same color as the helmet?

Yes, the goggles, gloves have the same color pattern as the helmet.

Which feature attracts you the most?

The number of colors and exciting patterns on the helmet is something that will get the young ones pumped up for sure.

4. Raider 2131015 GX3 Unisex-Child MX Off-Road Helmet

Highlighted Features

For the young riders come the Raider with a great range of amazing features. They got a full face youth dirt bike helmet that’s perfect to use on all kinds of tracks. Whether the kid is riding on the street or off-road, the thermoplastic shell will take care of the drops.

Besides offering a sturdy shell, Raider gives you a lightweight helmet that is quite comfortable. It doesn’t put weight on your child’s shoulder and neck area like some of the cheap youth dirt bike helmets in the market.

It’s super cozy to wear around 24×7.

The integrated intakes and outtakes vent on the gear play a big role in that. You will get the cold air coming through the front while at the back of the head the vents flush out the hot air from inside the helmet.

Other than that, the design of it is quite good. The aerodynamic shape of it cuts air to reduce drag. At the same time, it got larger eye ports to let your kids wear goggles while having the helmet on.

Even it got removable inner padding that you can remove and clean to make sure it doesn’t stink with sweat.



How many colors does the helmet come in?

You can get the helmet in five different colors.

What’s the stand out feature in the Raider?

For me, the intake and exhaust venting system on the helmet works quite splendidly to keep the airflow going to keep things fresh.

5. ILM Youth Kids ATV Motocross Dirt Bike Motorcycle:

Highlighted Features

ILM got another best youth motocross helmet you can check out for your young one. Everything you want is there.

To give you the confidence that your kid will be safe, the gear got DOT certified. And not just DOT, it even meets and exceeds FMVSS-218 standards when it comes to offering safety. ILM makes it a reality going with the industry-standard ABS shell.

The material is famous to offer durability while reducing the weight to make it comfortable to wear without putting a strain on the neck.

But to go with that, it even has that sleek aerodynamic design that helps to reduce the drag. Not to forget, you’ve got back and front vents which help with the airflow to keep things in optimal temperature inside that comfy inner pads.

You will enjoy the fact, the liner padding inside isn’t too stuffy. It is enough to digest the shocks from the hits while giving your kid’s head a cushion that secures the head in place.

Plus, there is an easily detachable visor that they can use to protect from the sun. So, ILM gives another top-notch product for the youth to enjoy.



Is it suitable for adults?

Yes, you can get the gear for adults too alongside the kid ones.

What’s the feature that makes it so great?

For the safety of the rider, the helmet got a quick release buckle that fits nice and tight and doesn’t come off. However, you can remove it with a simple pull which makes it quite great.

6. WOW Youth Kids Motocross Spider

Highlighted Features

The first word that is bound to come out of your mouth looking at the helmet is: WOW! Not just because it comes from the brand, but because of its outstanding spider pattern with those wide ranges of colors.

Kids love it.

But it got more to it than the looks. What you’ve got in front of you is a lightweight durable thermoplastic alloy shell. If you do not wear this helmet, then you should know it is one of the lightest but durable materials out there for such gear.

You get that with the WOW.

It doesn’t end there. The aerodynamic design of it gives the dirt bike helmet for 10-year-old the same design as a true motocross gear for the racers to cut through the wind moving on their bike. In simple words, the wind won’t drag you down.

Instead, it will suck in the cold wind using its five front intake vent and flush out the heat building inside the heavily cushioned headgear. 

Therefore, the kids can enjoy the comfortable liner without feeling trapped inside an oven in hot weather.

And even if it gets a bit sweaty inside, you can always take the padding off and wash it.



How many colors is the helmet available in?

WOW helmet is available in 11 different color variations.

What is the stand out feature of the WOW helmet?

The airflow system is one of the best. With so many front intake vents, it let the air come in and pass through the liner to get it out of the big back vents. If you want to buy a vented motorcycle helmet, then you can read my ventilated motorcycle helmet article. This article will tell you everything you need to know about vented motorcycle helmets, including how they work and what to look for when choosing one.

7. SmartDealsNow DOT Youth & Kids Helmet for Dirtbike

Highlighted Features

If you’re looking for a dirt bike helmet for kids under 100 dollars, then Hard Head Helmets, got you the best deal with their helmet.

Though it comes in a price range that’s quite affordable, it doesn’t lack the quality of any of the higher end gears. To prove that, it meets the same DOT standard as any of the other helmets on the list.

When it comes to the housing, the shell is strong enough to not bend that easily. And to cope with the impact of those hits, you’ve got good padded inner lining inside the helmet. You can be sure, the kids don’t feel anything.

Also, the fact the comfortable liner keeps their head still inside there. That’s what you want if they drop off the bike head first as you don’t want the head spinning inside. Credit goes to the secure belt buckle that keeps the helmet steady in its position.

On the positive side, it comes in a variety of colors which makes it far easier for the parents to get the right gear according to the kid’s taste. Coupled with that, you even get a bag where you can store away the helmet when it’s not in use to make sure it doesn’t get damaged.

It’s important to realize, all this for less than 100 bucks makes it a steal of a deal.



How many colors is the helmet available?

Right now, the helmet is available in 17-different color variants for the users to purchase.

What makes it so popular?

Hands down people love it for its affordable price range.

8. AHR DOT Youth Motocross Helmet Full Face Offroad Dirt Bike Helmet

Highlighted Features

Sending the kids to the trail, make sure they’ve got the toddler dirt bike helmet that fits them. Finding those right size gear was hard until now as AHR comes with their helmets that come in all sizes.

From small to large, they’ve got the right fitting headgear for the youth to enjoy.

Now, coming to the quality of the helmet, there isn’t much to think about it as it got the DOT safety standards in the bag.

Even in the design, AHR did a splendid job to make the user stand out from the crowd. Though the graphics and red and white color are quite cool and classy, the lack of color option is something that disappoints many youngsters.

But they do make up for it with an upgraded ABS shell that is sturdy as well as super lightweight. To complement the exterior, it got an interior with a padded EPS liner. It is comfy but also works great to let the airflow go through to make the kid wearing it not feel out of breath or too hot.

The design of it also does a great job of reducing the drag and wind noise while moving fast on the bike. Meanwhile, the D-ring strap on the thing gives the parents the insurance that the helmet will never come off their kid’s head.

In all fairness, except for the color part, AHR got it all right.



Is it suitable for both boys and girls?

Yes, the helmet is suitable for use for both as it is unisex.

What’s the feature that makes it a top-pick?

Without any doubt, the design of the gear is something riders can benefit from as it reduces wind noise as well as helps with the speed.

9. Fox Racing 2020 Youth V2 Helmet

Highlighted Features

Coming from FOX racing is one of the Best Youth Dirt Bike Helmet For Trail Riding. It is the 2020 youth V2.

Starting from the top, you get two stylish and attractive looking color options to choose from here. The matte black and the white colors make it look a stand out to the kids.

So, in the looks department, they do great. But not just the appearance, even in the design, they did a decent job. Being available in small, medium, and large sizes, finding the right size dirt bike helmet for a 12 years old or one that’s younger won’t be hard.

With a nice visor and shell, you get good durability from it. And when it comes to saving the rider from the crash impacts, Fox gets known to innovate new things, the Fluid Inside design of it is there to prove it again.

Thanks to it, now, the crash impacts get dissipated right away. Besides, you’ve got large front and back vents to keep things cool inside the gear. Not to forget, the inner padding of the thing is super comfy too.



Is it suitable for adults?

No. The gear is only available for kids.

What’s the best feature of it?

The best aspect is without any doubt the Fluid system which absorbs in the impact like nothing else.

Key Features to Look for in Youth Motocross Helmets

While choosing a helmet for the kid, you need to keep a couple of things in mind. If you don’t know what they are, then find them right here.

Comfort and fit:

For me, the first thing that needs to be accounted for in the helmet is comfort. Yes, durability is a factor that you don’t have to think about a lot while getting the gear. That’s like given. So, you will make sure of that for sure. But something that you often overlook is the comfort.

And that’s because often the headgear you choose for the kid is either too stuffy or too loose. The head doesn’t feel right and they don’t feel like wearing it for more than a second. There should be some space, at least a finger or two’s gap to make it comfier. Not too tight, nor too loose.


The airflow inside the gear is also something that needs to be on your checklist. Without having the air coming to the helmet, it can get too hot which makes the kids avoid the headgear completely.

You should therefore make sure that the helmet got enough front vents for the air to come inside the helmet. And at the back of it, it should have large escape routes to get the hot air from the inside to keep the temperature breathable inside there.


Now, for the safety factor, hands down the material of the exterior matters. Something like the ABS will give you just that. But that’s not the only thing you should consider. You also need to keep in mind that the headgear stays in place and doesn’t come off the head while the kid rides the bike. For that, a secure buckle strap on it is a must.


The padding inside isn’t there only to provide comfort for the rider. It also helps to keep the head in a specific position so that it doesn’t move much. Besides that, it also works to absorb the impact of the bump to make sure the biker doesn’t feel any of it.

So, getting a layer of foam inside the helmet is something you can’t overlook. However, while choosing the gear, make sure you can remove the padding and clean it. Because on the hot days, things get sweaty inside there and it starts to stink. Getting it removed and cleaned would make it more pleasing to wear for the little one


The last bit of advice is to have a budget in mind while going to get the gear. Don’t just buy anything going out of your way. You should have a budget to follow on and then pick a gear that’s come within that price.

Yes, for your child’s safety, you can bend the rules and spend a bit more to keep their heart and to give yourself some assurance too. But having a budget under 100 and then spending on a 500 buck gear just for that doesn’t make any sense.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best dirt bike helmet for kid?

There are many that you can find from the list above. But if you want one name then I would go with the ILM youth ATV gear.

How do I choose a dirt bike helmet for kids?

You’ve got to get a couple of factors right while choosing the helmet-like safety, comfort, breathability.

What is the safest dirt bike helmet?

All of them are quite durable as they all meet the safety standards of DOT.

What is the best youth motocross helmet?

You can go with any of the above, but for just the sheer style of the WOW, it wows the youth like none other.

Final Thoughts

Getting your kid his first dirt bike is the happiest day in his/her life. But it brings in so many horrors thought to a parent as you never know what might happen on the track. That’s why even before getting the bike, you should think about the Best Youth Dirt Bike Helmet For Trail Riding that you will get.

And from the list of gears I’ve got here, you can do exactly that. Just look at some of the best dirt bike helmets for kids I’ve got. They aren’t only great, but they are also quite affordable for all kinds of budget.

So, why wait?

Just get the best gear to make sure the kid can ride on the trail without harming himself on the head.

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