10 Best Motorcycle Tire Bead Breaker Is So Famous, But Why?

When you get a flat tire, what do you do? You take it to the garage for change, don’t you?

That takes time and costs you your hard-earned money. But what else can you do? You can’t get new wheels every time for a flat tire, and getting the tire off the rim isn’t something you can do.

Not really!

With the best motorcycle tire bead breaker, you can change the tires on your own without any help—no need to take to the garage. 

So, if you want to save some money and change tires in seconds, make sure to check out the best bead breaker list below.

best motorcycle tire bead breaker

Esco Pneu-Tek Pneumatic Bead Breaker


Without any doubt, the Esco is the MVP of the motorcycle tire bead breaker reviews. But saying it is just for motorbikes is not right. You can use it for anything. From truck tires to ATV’s to lawnmowers, there is no tire bead that it can’t break. Plus, it is a compact tool that you can carry around with you on trips.

motorcycle tire bead breaker reviews

BeadBuster XB-450 Bead Breaker Tool


If you’re looking for something like the Esco but within more in your budget range then the BeadBuster tools are the next best choice. You can go either for the XB-450 or XB-455 as they both are quite identical. But when it comes to dealing with tough ATV tires, the later has a slight upper hand over the other.

budget pick
motorcycle tire bead breaker reviews

Motion Pro Steel Tire Bead Breaker


The motion pro bead breaker set is perfect for most budgets. And it is for everyone in the sense that it is not that complicated to use. No screwing or tightening the bolts required to do the job. Just take the bead breaker and slide it in, and then push the lever inside to get it removed. Simple and effective!

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Bead Breaker review

Ok, before diving into the options. I will try to give you a quick look at the top choices in the following categories:

best motorcycle tire bead breaker

BeadBuster XB-450

motorcycle tire bead breaker reviews

HTTMT- Portable Tire Changer Changing Machine

Dirt bike bead breaker

Mini Small Manual ATV Golf Tire Changer Hand Machine

best motorcycle tire bead breaker

Motion Pro 08-0536 BeadPro

Dirt bike bead breaker

AME 71600 'Little Buddy' Manual Tire Bead Breaker

Motorcycle Portable Bead Breaker

Venom Motorcycle Portable Bead Breaker Tire Rim Changer

portable motorcycle tire bead breaker

BeadBuster XB-455

Bead Breaker

Esco Pneu-Tek Pneumatic Bead Breaker

Portable Tire Changer with Bead Breaker

Motorsport Products Portable Tire Changer

best motorcycle tire bead breaker

Bead Breaker, Adjustable from Allstar

10 Best pick Motorcycle Tire Bead Breaker:

Ok, you’ve got to have the tool. You got it. But which one? Don’t worry about that either as I’ve took look into the market and got some of the best motorcycle tire bead breaker tools right here.

1. BeadBuster XB-450- "The Versatile kit"

Highlighted Features

The BeadBuster bestows the virtue of versatility on you with its XB-450 kit. It is a tool that you should have in your garage for countless reasons.

From removing tires from motorcycle rims to cars, ATV’s, trucks to light aircraft, it can work for so many things.

And using it is super easy. Just attach it to the side of your tire bead. If you’ve got power tools like an impact drill to tighten the bolts, and the beads come off the rim just like that. Even you can use a ratchet/socket combo to get the work done. Whatever you use, the rims won’t get bent, that’s for sure. Plus, the padded clamps make sure no scratches on the rim.

This small and portable unit gets made from an all-steel construction with Grade-5 zinc coating on it. So, it can handle weather conditions.

Whether for breaking in motorcycle tires or any kind of other ones, the BeadBuster is all you need.



Where is the kit get made?

BeadBuster is a product made in the USA.

What is the feature that stands out most about the XB-450?

The ease of use is something that anyone will enjoy. With power tools, it would take less than 5 minutes to take the tire off from the rim. That’s super impressive.

2. HTTMT- Portable Tire Changer Changing Machine-"Heavy Duty tire changer"

Highlighted Features

The motorcycle tire changing stand and bead breaker from the HTTMT store is another option that you can go for.

Compared to the other one, this is much bigger with lots of parts. But unlike the other, it doesn’t only let you take the tire bead off the rim, it helps you to put on new tires on the rim too.

What you’ve got here are a pole stand and a lever. Just put the tire on the floor, take the bead remover part attached to the lever and slide it in between the rim and the bead. And then use the lever to get it to loosen. Once you did breaking the bead, take the wheel and put it on the top of the stand. Attach it with the screw and then take the tire off and insert a new one. Done!

For working with 8″ to 16″ light truck wheels to bike tires with a center hole of larger than 1-5/8″, the manual kit is just perfect. But takes some work.



Is it portable?

You can assemble it in a place in the garage, and after that remove it from there and store way. But not can take it around with you on trips.

What's the best feature of it?

For me, the construction of it is quite impressive. Lasts a long time.

3. Mini Small Manual ATV Golf Tire Changer Hand Machine- "The Best Mini Tire Changer"

Highlighted Features

Though no big brand name is behind it, still the Mini Tire Changer Hand Machine is a bead breaker tool motorcycle that needs your attention.

When you’re dealing with small tires like golf carts, ATV’s with rims up to 12 inches in diameter, this one comes quite handy.

Like the earlier one, it has a couple of parts, but it stands at 16″ height so it is much more portable. But it is not just easy to store, it is easy to use too. The tool comes in a couple of parts: Stand, screw, lever, and the bead breaker.

The first thing you need to do is install the standing part on the table or wherever you like. Put the tire on it. Screw it tight there, and attach the lever on to the screw. Then take the bead breaker and secure it on the lever. From there you know the drill. Slide the breaker between the rim and bead and push down the lever—tire comes off. 

That’s it.



Does it leave scratch marks on the rim?

If you’ve to go the motorbike bead breaker assembled tight, then hopefully you won’t have any wobbling that might leave scratches on the rim.

What's the key feature of the tool?

For me, it is the ease of use. You don’t have to put a lot of pressure on the lever to get the bead separated from the rim.

4. Motion Pro 08-0536 BeadPro Bead Breaker set- "The Portable King"

Highlighted Features

The tools before are great to have in the garage. But what about when you’re riding through tough trails and the tire blows out. Can’t take those tools with you?

You can however take the motion pro bead breaker with you.

The 08-0536 BeadPro is a set that comes with two small but handy tools that are perfect for travels. Here, you’ve got the bead breaker and lever that you can carry with you inside the side pocket of your bag—portable king indeed.

For breaking in motorcycle tires whether street or off-road ones, this set is perfect. Just slip the bead breaker joining the rim and the tire. Then take the lever and fix it into space on top of the head of the breaker. All you need to do is push down the lever and comes out of the bead.

The integrated tire spoon on it makes for easy removing and installation of the tire. And the long 16-inch handle helps to produce the torque to get them off with ease.

Now, there are many tools with the same design and use. But none of them can match the chrome vanadium forged steel build of it. Plus the added layer of black oxide finish takes the durability factor to the next level.



How much the kit weighs?

Both the tools have a combined weight of around 2 pounds or less.

Which feature is most exciting about the kit?

Hands down it is the build quality. With chrome vanadium forged steel build, it’s almost unbreakable.

5. AME 71600 'Little Buddy' Manual Tire Bead Breaker- "Ultimate Power Tool"

Highlighted Features

For a motorcycle portable bead breaker, go with the AME 71600—the “Little Buddy”

From the name of it, you can guess the kit is quite compact. Right on the money, you’ve guessed that. But don’t think of it as a flimsy tool. This power tool bead remover is quite durable.

To use it, you’ve got to slide in the hardened teeth under the rim. There is a heavy-duty hook on it that bites into the wheel. The next thing you do is take a ratchet with a socket head 1-1/4 inch to screw the head nice and tight. Do the same for the driver and the long tooth will push down the tire out from the rim. Using an impact drill, you can get that done in seconds—it’s that easy.

Unlike others, you don’t just stop with motorcycle tires with the kit. You can get working on those unremovable ATV and truck tires with this kit. The universal fit of it gives you that luxury.



Can you use it for truck tires?

The universal fit of the Little buddy makes it perfect to use it with all kinds of tires—trucks included.

Which feature of it makes it worth the buy?

I will say two things make it stand out from similar products in the market. First is the wide range of tires it lets you work with. The other being the ease of use.

6. Venom Motorcycle Portable Bead Breaker-"Best Bead Breaker Tool Motorcycle"

Highlighted Features

If you’re looking for a dirt bike bead breaker or a bead breaker in general for bike tires, the Venom is an option to look into.

Most of the tools in the market get made from the cheap stuff. This one however uses high-grade steel. That makes for a solid structure. So, when you put the tire and start breaking the bead, it won’t wobble.

Using it therefore becomes much easier. The solid platform lets you enjoy that long handle to produce some real torque to get the tire removed. Just push down the bead inside the groove of any 16″ rim or larger and let it take care of it from there. But don’t try fat tires like the trucks one, it won’t be of no good.



Does it need assembly?

Yes, you’ve got to do assemble the bead breaker to use.

Which feature of it makes it a stand out?

It lets you work with a wide range of motocross and motorcycle tires which is quite impressive.

7. BeadBuster XB-455 Tire Bead Breaker Tool- " Unrivalled ATV bead remover"

Highlighted Features

Seems familiar, doesn’t it? That’s because it is coming from the same BeadBuster brand.

The design is quite the same and the working procedure is also the same. Even the materials used to made it are similar. You will get the same steel construction with zinc coating to tackle all kinds of weather conditions.

Padding is also seen on the clamp to protect your rim from dent and scratches. So, all in all, it is quite identical.

What makes the difference is in its performance. Yes, the XB-450 is versatile, but when it comes to breaking the ATV beads that are too tight, it is a bit weak. You get that missing power with the XB-455—perfect for the stubborn tires.



Where is the XB-455 got made?

Though the XB-455 gets designed in the USA like its predecessor, it got made in Taiwan.

What's the best feature of the tool?

ATV tire beads are hard to break. This tool makes it super easy.

8. Esco Pneu-Tek Pneumatic Bead Breaker- "Universal Bead Breaker"

Highlighted Features

For dealing with all kinds of tire beads, look no further and go for the Esco. This portable motorcycle tire bead breaker has a similar style to the “Little Buddy”. But it is more durable.

With the handheld bead breaker, you can work on almost any single and 3-piece wheels. No matter whether you’ve got truck tires, lawnmowers, or motorcycle ones in front of you, it works for all.

Using it also a joy. You can use air impact or battery impact wrench or manual ratchet tools to tighten the screws to get the tire to loosen up from the rim—no need for wheel removal.

So, if you’re looking to work on different types of wheel tires, it is the one for you.



Does it need a hydraulic pump to use?

No, this one needs no hydraulic pump. Just fasten the screw and it will create the force to get the tire off the rim.

What's the best aspect of the kit?

It’s the little things that make a big impact. That rubber grip handle on the tool does just that. You will get a better hold on the bead breaker while working thanks to it.

9. Motorsport Products Portable Tire Changer- "Finest qualit bead breaker"

Highlighted Features

The Venom tool was great but maybe not for you. You want something similar but with a bit more reliable. That’s where the Motorsport one comes in.

In terms of quality, both are the same. And the use of both of the tools is the same. You get a wide base with the center rod where you insert the wheel. Then take the large wing nut & top ring to make the wheel instill. Use the long handle with the bead to remove the tire.

The difference-maker is the rubber-coated top ring that makes sure the wheel doesn’t get damaged during the process. Plus, the zinc plated with black powder coating gives it the upper hand when it comes to preventing rust and corrosion. That means a more extended lifespan.



What material gets used to make the bead breaker tool motorcycle?

It uses a steel construction.

Which feature makes it a great tool to invest in?

It offers better protection against corrosion and rust related issues. That’s make it stand out from the rest.

10. Bead Breaker, Adjustable from AllStar- "Breaker of Stubborn Beads"

Highlighted Features

To work with stubborn tire beads, take the AllStar. This is a manual tool, so you’ve got to do some work. But that won’t be hard as the tool got long handles to produce enough force to get the rim off the tire.

Now, coming to the tool. You will find three handles in the kit. That because the variety of handles let you work on a variety of wheel sizes: 10″, 13″ and 15″. Just slide in the hook and start with the bead breaking.

The entire tool gets made from steel. It can take the force quite well. Plus, with the black coating on top of it, it can manage against rusting and corroding problems like a champ.

One more thing to add, the rubber grip on the handles really make it easier to work as it doesn’t slip out of your hand.



Do you need assembly?

No, the tool requires no assembly. It is ready to use right out of the box.

What's the finest feature of the bead breaker?

I love the fact it has different size handles to work on different sizes of wheels. That adds versatility to the kit.

Top 10 Motorcycle Tire Bead Breaker Buying Guide

You’ve got the tools lined up above. Still, you’re not sure which is the right fit for your need. In that case, go through the buying guide to find the best motorcycle tire bead breaker for you.


The first thing you need to be sure about is the type of bead breakers. There are ones like the BeadBuster that will take the tire off the rim. That’s it.

Then there is the other option: motorcycle tire changing stand and bead breaker. With those, you can take the tire out as well as use the stand to put a new tire on the rim. That’s like the entire operation table for the tire.

Manual or Power tool:

Next comes the part of the tools needed to apply to the bead breaker. The old-school train of doing things was inserting the bead and hammering down it to get the tire off.

Things don’t work like that anymore.

Now, you can use wrenches and ratchets to screw the heads to break the bead. Or there are spoons like a lever that uses the downward force to separate the rim from the tire.

Then again, those that use wrenches/ratchets come in two types. With some, you can use power tools like an impact drill to get the job done fast. Others need manual screwing.

Tires to work on:

For the next part, you’ve got to think about the type of tires you’ll be working on. If all you need is to work on motorcycle tires, you can go for options like the Venom or the Motorsport.

But if you need to work on different types of tires, having a versatile unit like the Esco or a BeadBuster is always the best way to move forward.


Now, the portable unit can be of two types. Some units are big that aren’t for taking with you on trails but they are easy to store away. The other kind is obvious, the one that you can take with you.

Other factors:

Then there are other criteria that you can keep on your checklist. The pricing of the unit is the most obvious. Always fix a budget before moving ahead with the purchase. And try your best to keep within that.

Other than that, factors like ease of assembly, ease of use, and the lifespan of the unit are always good to be checked off the list if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a motorcycle bead breaker?

A bead breaker is a tool that takes the tire off the rim.

What is the best motorcycle tire bead breaker?

Any of the above tools from the list falls in that category. But if you want a particular one then I would go for the Esco.

How do take the tire off the rim at home?

Slide-in something through the gap between the tire and the rim. Then starts pushing down the tire to get the rim off it.

How do you seat a bead on a dirt bike tire?

The first thing you need to do is loosen the rim lock nut. Then let the air out of the tire by deflating the inner tube. Once done, push the bead into the rim. After that, you will inflate the tube so that the bead pops on the rim. Make sure the bead got into the lip of the rim on both sides. That’s it.

Can you use a bead breaker tool for truck tires?

Yes, there are tools like the BeadBuster, Esco, and many others that let you work with the huge truck tires. But you’ve got to make sure the bead breaker is usable for the task—not all work on truck tires.

Final Thoughts

Why drag the bike to the garage when the tire goes flat? Why give your money to them when you can change the tire at home.

All you need is the best motorcycle tire bead breaker to get the tire off the rim. From there, putting a new tire on the rim is just a piece of cake.

But make sure to get a proper motorcycle bead breaker tool. Don’t try those fancy DIY tricks shown on the internet! They might work, but there is always the risk of damaging the rim.

Be smart and get the right tool. You know where to find one.

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