10 best motorcycle chain cleaning brush [Buying Guide]

If you ride the motorcycle, then you’ve got to have the best motorcycle chain cleaning brush.

Now, why is that? For a simple reason, to enjoy the thrill of riding the bike. And that’s true. The engine on the motorcycle generates power, no doubt. But the thing it makes the power for is to move the chain on the bike. That’s because that’s the critical part on the bike that gets the tire spinning. So, if you don’t clean it regularly, it won’t move smoothly, and so your ride will slow down.

best motorcycle chain cleaning brush

And that’s where the best bike cleaning brushes come to your rescue.

You can use them to clean the dirty, greased chains and turn them as good as new just in minutes.

But you’re missing one to do that!

No worries, check out my list of the best motorcycle chain cleaner brush to find one for yourself.

otorcycle chain cleaner brush

Park Tool CG-2.3 Chain Gang Cleaning​


For my best pick I will go with the Park tool chain gang cleaning system. That’s because as it name suggests it’s more than just a brush, it is a cleaning system. All the things you need to clean the chain comes in this one kit.

otorcycle chain cleaner brush

Oumers Bicycle Clean Brush Kit


my best choice I will go with the Oumers Bicycle Clean Brush Kit. It has different brushes fit for different parts of dirt bike and motorcycle. 

budget pick
otorcycle chain cleaner brush

WEFOO Motorcycle Chain Brush​


And for the budget pick, I will either go with the Weefo or the Kisser. Both of them offer two quality grunge brushes in one single pack. So, you can go with either of them if you’re looking for a budget option.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best motorcycle chain cleaning brush

WINIKINE Chain Brush

WEFOO Motorcycle Chain Brush

Park Tool CG-2.3 Chain Gang Cleaning

LEBOLIKE Bike Chain Brush

Ozzy Chain Cleaning Tool

Finish Line Grunge Brush Chain

Oumers Bicycle Clean Brush Kit

Simple Solutions AGB888

KISEER Motorcycle Chain Cleaning Brush

1. WINIKINE Bike Motorcycle Chain cleaning Brush

Highlighted Features

The first thing you notice about the Winikine is its design. The motorcycle chain cleaner brush has 3-side bristles. So, it allows you to clean all 4-sides of the chain at once. And the nylon bristles are super stiff.

It’s essential to have quality bristles like this. That’s because the chain picks up a lot of grime and debris when you ride it through the tracks. It will gunk up the chain as it won’t move smoothly.

That will directly affect the rotation of the wheels of your ride. The nylon bristles help you to get rid of all the debris. And it’s not only for cleaning the chains on your bike. There is a long bristle at the butt to clean up the wheels and sprockets on your ride.

And that’s what makes it the best motorcycle chain cleaning brush.



Can you use it clean other things other than the bike chains?

Yes. The butt end bristle is like a regular brush, so you can use it to clean other stuff too.

Why will you like this product?

The 3-sided bristle design is hands-down, its biggest USP.

2. WEFOO Bike or Motorcycle Chain Washer

Highlighted Features

The chain cleaning brush from Wefoo is the best deal you can get. The package comes with two brushes. And they are in different colors, so you can set them apart for cleaning different stuff like for one for your bike and another for the cycle.

And like the earlier bike chain cleaner brush, it boasts the same design. So, there is a 3-sided bristle at one end, while the other side has a typical brush design.

It is the perfect tool to clean your bike chains to keep it performing smoothly. So, if you want to get 2-great brushes in the price of one, go for this motorcycle chain cleaning kit-it can be the best choice within your pocket..



What is the material of the bristles?

The bristles on the brush get made using nylon.

Why will you like this product?

No doubt, it is the price. You are getting two quality brushes for the price of one.

3. Park Tool CG-2.3 Chain Gang Chain Cleaning System Blue

Highlighted Features

The park tool is the best motorcycle chain cleaning kit. And it isn’t just your standard brush for cleaning the chains.

What you’ve got here is a chain cleaning system.

First, you’ve got the chain scrubber. Adjust it to the chain and lock it there. The scrubber has rotating brushes at the top and bottom that helps to clean the clogs. Inside of this little box has a magnetic field that collects the scrubbed particles from the chain. And to reduce the mess, it has a durable sponge to absorb the drips.

The scrubber has an opening at the top where you add the degreaser fluid that comes with the system. This general-purpose cleaning fluid doesn’t harm the parts on the bike while cleaning it.

Plus, there is a brush to clean the other parts of the bike. It has a unique curved tooth at the end, which works great to get rid of the debris between the gears. It is one of the best bike cleaning brushes I’ve seen so far.



Can you use the fluid to clean other parts?

It is a general cleaning fluid. So, you can use it to clean other parts of the bike too.

Why will you like this product?

The scrubber is a great addition. It makes chain cleaning effortless.

4. LEBOLIKE Durable Motorcycle Bike Chain Brush

Highlighted Features

If you don’t want to spend too much on the best bike cleaning brushes, Lebolike is a great place to start.

It offers a double-edged 3-sided brush like the winkie. So, you can clean through the chain on all sides at once.

Meanwhile, the sweeper end has traditional bristle design to clean other parts like the sprockets and wheels of your ride.

The nylon bristle on the gear cleaner cleans up the derailleur and works excellent on different parts of the bike where dirt collects.

Then like the Park tool, it offers a curved tooth cleaner to clean the gears. It reaches the deep parts of the speed to get the dirt out of there.

So, if you’re looking for the best dirt bike chain brush, Lebolike seems to fit the bill.



How many parts does the package include?

Three parts in total. A 3-edged brush with two gear cleaners.

Why will you like this product?

The 3-sided bristles have the right gap between them to clean both slim and wide chains alike.

5. Bike Chain Cleaning Tool by Ozzy Outdoors

Highlighted Features

The Ozzy outdoors is a scrapper chain cleaner like the Park tool. So, it works in the same way. Just open it, fill the chamber with any degreaser you like and then attach it through the chain. And then clasp the top part on top of it.

However, the motorcycle chain cleaning kit has a smart, single clamp design in the middle. It is a more secure lock system.

The scrubber gets made from plastic. There are no flimsy metallic pieces on this thing that might rust. They kept it minimal. Only the rotating brush is working inside the tool, and that’s all.

And to compete with some of the other all-round cleaning kits, Ozzy comes with its own motorcycle chain grunge brush and a scraper. So, you can clean the chain and the gears and cranks using this one kit.



How to attach the handle?

Just add it on the side and slide it so that it snaps into the device.

Why will you like this product?

The rotating bristles are great. It isn’t at all flimsy like some of the other products.

7. Finish Line Grunge Brush Chain

Highlighted Features

The grunge brush from Finish Line is the most used in the world. So, that tells a lot about its quality.

The 3-sided design has a close gap between them. It is perfect for cleaning those slim chains as well as the wide ones. And at the rear end of the handle, it has those long feathers to go deep into the gears to clean the mud out of it.

You can use the grunge brush in both dry and wet states. From cleaning the cassette to the rear derailleur to the chain and the chainrings, this one brush can do it all. The bristles are stiff; they won’t fall off like some other cheap grunge brushes in the market.

All of these traits make it one of the best bike cleaning brushes.



Does it come with a scrapper?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a scrapper.

Why will you like this product?

The durable bristles of the brush are the real MVP. It cleans almost everything.

8. Oumers Bicycle Clean Brush Kit

Highlighted Features

If you want more than just a chain cleaning brush, the Oumers combo pack is just for you. This pack includes more than just a grunge brush. It has sprocket scrapers, sprocket brush, tapered brush, tire scrubber, and much more.

You got everything to clean the bike from top to bottom.

The best part about it, you can use some of these things for regular use. For example, tire cleaning bristle is perfect for cleaning your pets. It’s too hard, nor it’s too soft, so it gets the dirt out without making the pet uncomfortable.

The 3-sided grunge brush has the right width to clean the motorcycle chains. Meanwhile, all the other parts, help you to clean any kind of bike, from mountain to folding, it cleans them all.

So, if you ask me, what’s the best motorcycle chain cleaning brush looks like, I will have to point out to this combo pack. It is that good.



How many pieces come within this brush kit?

In total, you get 10-brush pieces in this combo pack.

Why will you like this product?

The combo pack offers everything to clean the bike entirely. Clean the chains, tires, sprockets, gears, every little part of the bike with this one kit.

9. Simple Solutions AGB888

Highlighted Features

You’ve already witnessed a lot of horseshoe designed chain brushes. They all have the 3-sided bristles that make it easier for you to clean the chain from all sides.

However, Simple solutions brush is quite different despite having the same design. That because it is an aluminum grunge brush.

They’ve ditched the plastic handle for the aluminum for some apparent reasons. The chemicals used to clean the chains harden the plastic and cause it to crack. But aluminum is formidable against the substances, so it remains the same.

Meanwhile, the bristles are durable enough to get all the gunk and grime out of the chain. And the long whisker on the end of the handle helps to clean the gears and sprockets. But when the bristles on the thing wear out, you don’t have to get a new brush altogether. All you need is to buy some new whiskers as the ones on the grunge brush are replaceable.

The ingenious design makes it the best motorcycle chain cleaner brush.



Why get an aluminum grunge brush?

It isn’t as flimsy as plastic handles, which is a good enough reason to buy it.

Why will you like this product?

The idea of being able to change the bristles is what many love about it the most.

10. KISEER 2 Pcs Bike Chain Cleaner Washer

Highlighted Features

Now, the Kiseer chain cleaner brushes offer great value, unlike anything else. That’s because you will get two grunge brushes for the price of one.

It comes with one blue and one red brush. And both of the brushes have the typical grunge design. So, one side of it has the 3-bristles in close quarters. And that side is the one you use to get the gunk and grime out of the chain.

Then there is the butt of the handle with the long whiskers. This part allows you to clean other parts of the bike like the sprockets and gears.

The brush offers an all-round cleaning experience to keep the chain, and other parts of the bike scrubbed so that the tires can rotate effortlessly.



What's the material used to make the bristles?

It uses the standard nylon material for its bristles.

Why will you like this product?

It is a good brush, no doubt. But it is the deal that makes people more excited as you get two quality brushes for a reasonable price.

best motorcycle chain cleaning brush Buying Guide

The motorcycle chain cleaning brushes on this list are some of the best in the market. I’ve got no doubts about that.

However, you might feel the urge to explore the market yourself to see if you’re getting the best products or not. And that’s a good thing to do.

But how do you differentiate the good product from the best is the real question.

And that’s what you will learn from this buying guide.

The number of brushes:

It is all about the brushes. So, how many can you get in a deal is always a factor that you should consider.

Now, more brushes don’t translate to great products always.

Few cleaning products offer a lot of brushes for the job. But only a few come handy for the real task, and sometimes you can’t find even one right brush from the lot.

So, you shouldn’t just blindly buy a brush combo. Find out clearly what type of brushes the pack includes. A kit with a grunge brush, a scraper, a scrubber and a tire cleaning brush is better to have than something with hundred of brushes that has no actual use.

Bristle quality:

The thing that you rely on to clean the chains is the bristle. So, brushes with quality bristles should be on top of your checklist.

Now, there are two types of bristles you can find in brushes. There are the soft ones, and there are robust ones.

Nylon is the material that predominates most chain cleaners. It has a stiff quality to it. And that’s what you want from the best motorcycle chain brush. That’s because it takes the grime and dirt out from the chain, which is hard to get.

And unlike the weak bristles, it doesn’t wear out fast.

But this kind of whiskers isn’t perfect to clean the frame of the bike as it would leave a scratch on it. For that, soft bristles on the brush are perfect. But they won’t get the mud out of the chains.


It might look like a small aspect, but it plays an integral part in how you clean the bike using the brush.

The handle has to offer an excellent grip, and it depends on the design. So, find a brush with a comfortable handle.

Also, give good though about the handle material too in the process. For instance, if you get a wooden handle brush, it would likely to rot in no time as you will be working with liquid often to clean the chain.

The same way, metal isn’t the best of choice either as they rust and unpleasant to hold. So, materials like aluminum and plastic should get prioritized for the handle.


If you can find a bike cleaning brush that does more than cleaning the motorcycle, then it’s great.

You can use it to clean other types of bikes like the mountain bike, folding bike, and much more. So, you can get more use out of it.

Also, there are a bunch of brands out there who provide brushes that you can use to clean more than just the bikes. You can use them to clean the household items too.

So, having such an option with a cleaning brush is a dream scenario.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best brush to clean a motorcycle chain?

All of the above brush is great to get the job done. But one particular chain brush that stands out the most is the Park tool. The scrubber, brush, and scraper combo is great to give a thorough clean to all the parts that help the tires rotate. Plus, it comes with a degreaser, which allows you to get rid of the heavy grease from the chain. 

What kind of brush to clean the motorcycle chain?

The nylon grunge brush is the perfect tool to clean the chain as it cleans it from all sides.

What brush can I use to clean the motorcycle chain?

You should use a stiff nylon brush to clean the motorcycle chain. Soft brushes aren’t cut out for the job as they can’t get the mud and dirt out of it.

Can you wet the bristles to clean the chain?

Yes, the nylon bristles on the brush are perfect to use in the dry and wet state.

Why use the degreaser?

The degreaser helps to cut out the grease that starts to pile up on the chain, which causes it to slow down.

Final Thoughts

I’ve put countless hours to the research and went through thousands of reviews meticulously to come with this best motorcycle chain brush list.

So, I can say without hesitation, they are the best chain brush money can buy.

However, don’t take my words for it. Go through all the products by yourself if you need to and then make up your mind on one.

And if you feel like finding something new besides the brushes in the list, you can do that too.

Use the buying guide to discover the next best motorcycle chain brush. And when you do so, don’t forget to share it here with me.

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