Top 5 Best 6×9 Speakers for Motorcycle Saddlebags

Choosing a promising speaker for motorcycle saddlebags isn’t easy. The variety of choices is overwhelming.

But if you know the trick, it becomes easy!

What’s the trick then?

It isn’t rocket science, it is just knowing what to check before making a purchase which includes size, audio output, construction material, etc.

Don’t worry though, you won’t have to sort through dozens of speakers, I have done the hard work.

And brought 4 best 6×9 speakers for motorcycle saddlebags. Have a look and you will find one for your saddlebag.

Loudest 6x9 speakers for motorcycle saddlebags

Best Pick: Blaupunkt MOT699 2-Way Motorcycle Coaxial Speakers.

600-watts peak power capacity on a motorcycle saddlebag speaker isn’t a joke. That means you will be enjoying the sound even when the motorcycle is running at 100+ mph speed.

Not only that, the sound output is very balanced and good enough to satisfy your ears. The bass response and crispiness of this pair of speakers will impress you right out of the box.

If we have to pick only one speaker from these high-quality speakers, considering the power and the sound quality,  this Blaupunkt MOT699 will be our best pick.

NamePeak POwerMounting TypeAudio Output
Blaupunkt MOT699 2-Way Motorcycle speaker600-wattsCoaxial, Marine, and Motorcycle.Surrounding.
JBL GTO939 Premium Co-Axial 3-way Speaker system350-wattsCoaxialSurrounding
CERWIN VEGA XED693 3-Way Coaxial Speaker270-wattsCoaxialStereo
Rockford Fosgate TMS69 Power Motorcycle100-wattsMotorcycle and CoaxialSurrounding

1. Blaupunkt MOT699 2-Way Motorcycle Speaker – 6×9 saddlebag Speaker for Harley touring

best 6x9 saddlebag Speaker for Harley touring

Highlighted Features

  • It boasts 600 watts peak power, enough for a saddle a bag speaker.
  • Gives decent sound output, can be heard well even when riding at high speed.
  • Comes with three different mounting types.
  • Delivers surrounding audio output mode.
  • You can expect to have good bass for this unit.
  • Features high temperature cast aluminum basket.
  • UV treated thermal molded waterproof Kevlar cone.
  • Manufactured with IPX marine Specs.

If you are looking for the best 6×9 saddlebag speaker for Harley, then this Blaupunkt MOT699 is your grab. It is a high-power saddlebag speaker and provides a clean sound. Delivers good bass and is heavily constructed. It will last enough to satisfy you.


  • Long-lasting saddlebag speaker.
  • UV treated and waterproof cones.
  • Offers surrounding sound.
  • Satisfying bass output.
  • 600 watts peak power.
  • Heavy-duty construction.


  • These speakers aren’t waterproof.

Why will you like this?

This is a good choice for Harley riders. But it’s not that only Harley riders can use it, obviously. The audio performance is good with a satisfying amount of bass. The peak power is 600 watts which is great. And the construction is top-notch.

2. CERWIN VEGA XED693 3-Way Speakers – Harley Touring Saddlebag Road King Street Glide

Harley Touring Saddlebag Road King Street Glide

Highlighted Features

  • It doesn’t cost an arm and leg, comes at an extremely affordable price range.
  • Features coaxial mounting option.
  • Delivers a balanced sound output.
  • The peak sound output is 350 watts.
  • Comes with a Curvilinear Poly cone design.
  • Heavy-duty construction makes it a durable unit.

This Cerwin Vega XED693 is a three-way speaker, can be called one of the best speakers for road glide. The most impressive part of this unit is its price. It is extremely affordable and the quality it offers is found on expensive speakers.

You get a very clean sound with balanced bass and the overall audio quality is good enough. Though it lacks the crispiness a bit but overall from the price perspective, it is incredible.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Decent peak power output.
  • Highly durable unit.
  • Clean sound output.
  • Balanced bass.


  • The sound lacks crispiness.

Why Will you like this?

The price is the first thing about this speaker that everybody likes, it’s nothing compared to the quality this three-way system offers. Clear sound, balanced bass,  350 watts maximum power output, and good durability, everything at such a low price.

3. JBL GTO939 Premium Co-Axial Speaker – Loudest 6×9 speakers for motorcycle saddlebags

JBL Loudest 6x9 speakers for motorcycle saddlebags

Highlighted Features

  • These are Carbon-injected Co-Axial speakers.
  • One speaker is larger than the other one.
  • Delivers great heat dissipation, thanks to the oversized voice coils.
  • It can handle high power properly resulting in smooth high sounds.
  • Comes with a volume adjustment option.
  • Delivers Stereo audio output.
  • Maximum power output 270 watts.

Looking for the Loudest 6×9 speakers for motorcycle saddlebags? You can give this JBL GTO939 a go. It delivers a stereo sound output and the maximum power is 270 watts, that’s plenty of power. Offers Adequate Volume Output as well.

And the good part is when it is hitting the peak that doesn’t make it compromise on the sound quality. The sound is crispy, clean, and has a balanced bass.


  • Balanced bass output.
  • High-quality sound.
  • Long-lasting unit.
  • Crisp highs
  • Clean full-range sound.
  • Handles high power better.
  • Good heat dissipation.
  • Volume adjustment option.


  • Audio peak output power isn’t that high.

Why Will you like this?

If you are a fan of JBL, then you definitely like it. Even if you are not a fan but the quality of sound matters to you, then also it is a good pick for you. It offers crispy, well-balanced, stereo rich sound output. You get a volume adjustment option as well.

4. Rockford Fosgate TMS69 Power Motorcycle – 6″x9″ motorcycle Saddlebags Speaker

best 6x9 speakers for motorcycle saddlebags

Highlighted Features

  • These are 4-Ohm speakers offering a 100-watt peak output capacity.
  • Features 25mm proprietary film dome tweeter.
  • Delivers crispy and clear high sound output.
  • Heavy-duty construction for optimum durability.
  • These speakers got UV-resistant and corrosion-resistant construction.
  • The clean sound output can be enjoyed even when riding at 70+ miles per hour speed.

The list of best 6×9 speakers for motorcycle saddlebags ends with the Rockford Fosgate TMS69 speaker. Though the peak power output is low, but the clean and crispy sound can be enjoyed even when riding at a higher speed.

These speakers are UV and Corrosion-resistant, telling they have a long lifespan. To cope with the road bumps and jerks, they are constructed heavily.


  • Uv and Corrosion-resistant speakers.
  • Clean and crispy sound output.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Sound can be enjoyed at a faster speed.
  • 25mm film dome tweeters.


  • Low peak power output.

Why Will You Like It?

Even though the high power output capacity of this speaker is low but still you enjoy the sound since it is nicely balanced. And if you are an off-roader, then it is a good unit to go with since they are designed to deal with heavy road bumps.

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How hard it is to Install 6×9 saddlebag speakers?

the installation process of saddlebag speakers is effortless. A 1-minute tutorial should be enough.

What are the most powerful 6×9 speakers?

In my list, I have the Blaupunkt MOT699 two-way audio speaker which holds 600-watts peak power capacity along with quality sound, plus it comes with some high-quality components. The maximum volume output of this speaker is good enough.  This JBL GTO939 Premium Co-Axial 3-way design speaker is also a pretty good one.

Do 6×9 speakers sound good?

That depends on a few factors such as frequency range, frequency response, power rating, range of sound, etc. Any speaker that delivers quality performance will sound good, it doesn’t matter whether it is a 6×5 or 6×9 speaker.


That’s it! These are the Best 6×9 speakers for motorcycle saddlebags. All of these units are top-rated, and users are having a good time with them.  If you have gone through the reviews, you must have picked one for you already. And I hope you have a good time with yours as well.

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