250cc Hawk dirt bike – perfect for beginner and experienced riders!

While looking for a dirt bike and you came up across the hawk dirt bike reviews.

In a world where there are KTM and other big enduro bikes, why do you need a Hawk?

If you want to take your dirt bike for a spin on the street, then forget about others, Hawk is the only way to do it. That’s right!

hawk dirt bike review

The dirt bike got a road permit as it meets all the safety standards to use on the street. And not just for occasional use, you can use it for daily commutes for god’s sake.

No need to have a bike that sits around the garage all year long for that one day to take out on the trails. That ends with the Hawk.

You can have fun riding dirt bikes all year long with the street-legal bikes right below.

Hawk 250 dual sport bike comparison table:

Get a look at the hawk 250cc enduro specs right here to get what they are all about before heading to the rps 250cc hawk enduro dirt bike review.

Let’s take a look:

rps 250cc hawk enduro dirt bike review

Hawk RPS Dirt Bike 250cc Motorcycle Bike

250cc Dirt Bike Hawk Enduro Street Bike Motorcycle Bike

X-Pro Hawk DLX 250 Endure Dirt Bike

hawk 250cc dirt bike review

X-Pro Hawk 250 Dirt Bike Motorcycle

hawk dirt bike reviews

250cc Dirt Bike Hawk 250 Enduro Street Bike

Top 4 hawk 250cc dirt bike review

Finding the perfect hawk 250cc dirt bike can be a challenge. You’ve got to get the hawk 250cc enduro specs right as well as the budget. Not everyone has that kind of patience.

No worries, if you’re one of them as the hawk 250 dual sport review list will help you find the best deal. Just check out below:

1. Hawk RPS Dirt Bike 250cc Street Legal Motorcycle Bike

Straightaway, the RPS Hawk wins over the people with a sporty red ride that just stands out from the crowd. And style is something that oozes out of this bike as you can witness from the exhaust pipe of the ride too.

The added stylish design by the manufacturer improves the performance and the look of the bike.

When it comes to dealing with loose trails, you’ve got front and rear fat tires on the RPS Hawk that gives you the traction on those kinds of roads. At the same time, they work great on those smooth street lanes.

Perfect for both worlds.

Highlighted Features

Hawk RPS Dirt Bike 250cc Street Legal Motorcycle Bike sizing chart:

What features make the RPS Dirt Bike 250cc a stand out?

Looking at the RPS hawk 250cc dirt bike review, clearly, there are many great things about it. But the engine is what steals the show.

RPS offers a drive-chain system for the riders with their Hawk. It makes life so easy for the bikers.

That’s because the chain-driven system is famous to absorb sudden shocks from acceleration, brakes, and road bumps better than most.

Not to forget, it is also easier to get work done on compared to any others. Though it requires a bit of cleaning and re-tensioning from time to time which is something you can live with for the fact that it offers impeccable fuel economy.

The air-cooled system of the 4 stroke engine also helps with the fuel-efficiency.

Besides that, the color variant the bike offers is something to like about it too. Don’t like sporty red? go with Black then.

Comfort is another thing that is synonymous with the Hawk. With its huge size, it makes room for the tall guys on the bike. But the lower seating even makes sure, all stature of riders get the ease of movement on the bike.



2. X-Pro Hawk DLX 250 EFI Fuel Injection 250cc Endure Dirt Bike

Next I have in my list is the X-Pro hawk. From the moment you get your eyes set on it, you can feel the quality it has looked at its design. Just like the earlier, it got those fat tires front and back to make it perfect for the trails and the street.

It is also street legal as it got headlights, taillights, and other safety stuff on a bike that makes them suitable to ride within the city.

Highlighted Features

X-Pro Hawk DLX 250 EFI Fuel Injection 250cc Endure Dirt Bike sizing chart

What features make the X-Pro Hawk DLX 250 a stand out?

The first thing a rider has to ask is how fast can a 250cc dirt bike go? Many think being street legal, the Hawk X-Pro might not be that fast, and they can’t be any wrong as it has a top speed that goes beyond 68MPH.

Transmission speed using the 5-speed clutch is smooth. So, you don’t jump from something comfortable to riding at crazy speed on it.

To offer more control over the ride, you’ve then got the suspension. With an inverted shock front and dual suspension, you will get more response handling the bike. The compression and rebound of it react better to the bumps and pits to make it a smooth riding experience in off-road conditions.

Then you’ve got the hydraulic brakes that offer braking power with less power to get the ride stopped the moment you want. Plus, the kill switch feature comes in handy when you need to get the engine switched off right away.

And for optimal engine performance, it got the ECM system. Thanks to it, the engine knows when to combust the air and fuel to offer the best possible throttle response. Not just that, it even improves the fuel use.



3. X-Pro Hawk 250 Dirt Bike Motorcycle Bike Dirt Bike:

Coming from X-pro is another dirt bike to make its mark in the Hawk dual 250 sport review. Just like the other one, it got the safety features like headlight, tail light, signal lights, horn, foot brakes, and all that to make it road legal. But it got more stuff to make it riding on the street fun too.

Right on the handlebar, it got a phone bracket where you can keep the phone to get directions from the GPS. And if you love to hear some tunes, the Hawk got a Bluetooth speaker stationed there too.

Highlighted Features

X-Pro Hawk 250 Dirt Bike Motorcycle Bike Dirt Bike size chart:

What features make the X-Pro Hawk 250 a stand out?

For me, the nimbleness of the ride comes as a big surprise despite its bulky stature. You don’t expect it to take on those sharp corners that well. Yet, it does.

Riding on the hawk, you always feel in control. It got a smooth clutch system that shifts to reach the top speed of 65+MPH at a steady level—no sudden jumps.

Pair that with the quality hydraulic brakes it got both front and rear. It makes the ride stop when you need it to. But the best part, it doesn’t wear out like others as it dissipates the heat build from the braking better.

On top of that, you get a dual starter system with the X-pro. The kick start works quite well. Still, there is an electric start, in case, you need the engine to get started faster.

Plus, being a 4-stroke engine ride, it burns much cleaner than those 2-stroke bikes. No surprise, it is ideal to ride on the street.



4. 250cc Dirt Bike Hawk 250 Enduro Street Bike

To find a top-quality hawk dual sports enduro 250cc street legal dirt bike, look no further than RPS.

They bring you a road-legal ride to enjoy, that’s good to ride on the trails too. In terms of the build, it can handle drops and crashes riding off-road as it has that hard build frame.

However, like the typical off-roader dirt bike, it isn’t too small as it got room for big guys on it. Even with a 331lbs weight capacity, it gives you 8.3” ground clearance. It won’t get dragged in the mud because of the rider, that’s guaranteed.

Highlighted Features

250cc Dirt Bike Hawk 250 Enduro Street Bike sizing chart

What features make the 250cc Dirt Bike Hawk RPS a stand out?

First thing first, the exceptional tires of the bike adds value for the riders. Those large front and rear fat tires absorb a lot of the shock of the uneven terrains to make the ride quite comfortable. And on smooth tracks like the street, the flies pass like a hot knife on butter. It’s that smooth.

Besides the incredible tires, it got the RPS engine that’s known to produce clean power. Unlike, 2-stroke engine there isn’t any waste of fuel which is why you get more mileage on it.

Not to forget, the chain-driven system on it is on par with some of the best. It doesn’t stretch a lot and runs smoothly without accumulating any waste like dirt or debris that might slow down the ride.

Do you have concerns about how much a hawk 250 dirt bike weighs? Then you can take relief knowing that, despite making room for heavy riders, the bike weighs just around 265lbs. Maneuvering it isn’t a challenge which makes it great for both off and on-road biking.



hawk enduro dirt bike Buying Guide

The options you can find in the hawk dirt bike reviews are great. But maybe you want to look around the market a bit more on your own. Then knowing the right hawk 250cc enduro specs to look for is quite important.

But which ones?

Let’s find out.


The first thing that matters is the engine. To use a dirt bike for daily commute, you need something safe for the environment around you. And for that reason, 4-stroke bikes like the RPS or the X-Pro should be the obvious choice.

Not only do they burn clean but they also give you more fuel efficiency which is exactly what you want from the bike.


Shifting through the gears and getting to reach the top speed on the Hawk dirt bike is the dream. But some of the transmission in such bikes can be quite scary. Even though they have 5-speed, the change from one gear to another can throw you off big time. And that can often lead to life-threatening accidents.

That’s why while getting the dirt bike, make sure the speed transition is even on the bike. It shouldn’t be jumpy.


Suspension on a dirt bike plays a huge role in the comfort of riding. If it can’t dampen the blow from the rocky tracks, then it’s not worth it. One thing for sure, you need to consider is getting dual shock front suspension. Even if your ride through a road with potholes and stuff, it won’t let you feel that.


No doubt, you need to spend on a hawk bike that comes with good brakes. There might be different options with different brands of bikes, but the best one to go for is hydraulic. They react fast. With a slight press, the bike comes to a halt. Plus, they don’t wear out fast unlike some others.


Flat tires are the go-to option on the bike as they take on the bumps and absorb the shocks well to keep the biker on the ride. Plus, they also do great on the street.


For making sure, the Hawk you’re getting is street legal, you’ve got to make sure it checks out the following things: headlights, taillights, turn signal indicators, horn, reflectors, and a couple of other stuff. Make sure, the ride you’re getting got EPA certification. Otherwise, it’s not legal to ride it on the street.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who manufactures Hawk 250 cc dirt bike?

RPS ( Ricky Power Sports) manufactures the Hawk 250 cc dirt bike.

What’s the top speed of the 250cc dirt bike top speed?

The 250cc dirt bike can move as fast as 68+MPH.

Is it possible to get the bike shipped as fully assembled with additional charges for the assembling?

No, it won’t come fully assembled. It will come 80% assembled and you will need to do the other 20% to get it up and running.

What are the parts that need to be assembled?

The main thing is the engine comes assembled. All you need to put together is the suspensions, handlebar, speedometer, gas, and oil line which still takes 4-5 hours to get done.

Are Enduro Motorcycles Street Legal?

Most enduro bikes aren’t legal for street use. But Hawk meets the requirements to be a street-legal bike.

Final Thoughts

Enduro bikes do come with a big price tag. And the worst part is that you aren’t allowed to ride it anywhere else other than the trails. Hawk dirt bike reviews show that it doesn’t need to be that way at all.

You can enjoy off-road adventures with them. In the meantime, they let you move around on them in the busy city street and highways.

No more storing away the bike in the garage. Ride your enduro all year long with the Hawk 250cc dirt bike.

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