Unlock the best dirt bike boots for trail riding for all season: Just Arrived

Riding on an enduro, you often come out of the trails with bruises on the lower part of the leg.

Your bike tires throw all the stones, sticks, and whatnot lying on the tracks right on the feet.

That’s why you need to think about protecting the feet a bit more. This is why the best dirt bike boots for trail riding is what you need.

best dirt bike boots for trail riding

Unlike the regular boots, it will strengthen the area to protect it from the rocks thrown to its way by the fast-moving tires. And even from the crashes, it will keep the shinbone from getting cracked.

That’s all great, but you need to first find the motorcycle trail riding boots to wear. And you even don’t know where to start the search.

Now, you know where…

If you have a budget in mind, and no how much you want to spend on the boots. Or only want to find the best trail riding boots to use, then you might not want to go through the entire list. That’s why I’ve shortlisted the top 3 products best on the budget, offers, and performance for you right here. Check them out.

best dirt bike boots for trail riding

Alpinestars Unisex-Adult Tech 10 Boots


When it comes to the boot’s quality, the Alpinestars TECH 10 stands out for various reasons. It has a durable TPU layer overall that saves from crash impacts. Not to forget the flexible toe box that makes it cozy to wear. And there is other stuff too. But it is the groundbreaking DHCP sole that takes it to a new level. The sole on the boots absorbs jump impacts so well that you don’t even feel them on the heel.

best motocross boot for the money

Fox Racing Instinct Men's Off-Road Boots


For the best choice, I’ve got to go with the Fox Racing Instinct Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Boots. Why is that? Let’s start with the sole that is grippy for the wettest of the surface. But what’s interesting is the fact the amount of feel it offers while shifting or braking is unreal. And there is no risk of hyperextending the ankle and getting injured wearing them due to their hinge lockout. That’s a big problem with most gears. Not to mention, the durability it offers is exceptional.

budget pick
lightweight motocross boots

O'Neal - 0332-412 Element Men's Boots


O’Neal – 0332-412 Element Men’s Boots are the budget pick. Hands down, they are one of the most comfortable boots out there. But that’s just one of the qualities that make it so great. There is other stuff like the size and color variations that helps a lot as the user can find the right fit and style of gear with it. Plus, it is great for those wide feet and freakishly large calf people as the opening is quite spacious. Also, the impact resistance of it is not far behind the best kits.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 most comfortable dirt bike boots

best dirt bike boots

Fox Racing Instinct Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

best dirt bike boots for trail riding

AXO Drone Boots

best dirt bike boots

Alpinestars Unisex-Adult Tech 10 Boots

best dirt bike boots for enduro

Gaerne Balance Pro-Tech adventure boots

best dirt bike boots for enduro

Alpinestars Unisex-Adult Tech 7 Enduro Boots

best motocross boot for the money

2019 Fox Racing Instinct Boots-Black

most comfortable dirt bike boots

O'Neal 0325-110 Men's New Logo Rider Boots

lightweight motocross boots

Alpinestars Unisex-Adult Tech 3 Boots

lightweight motocross boots

O'Neal - 0332-412 Element Men's Boots

best waterproof dirt bike boots for trail riding

FORMA Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

Spotlight on the Best dirt bike boots for trail riding

There is no shortage of dirt bike boots in the market. Instead, it’s the other way around. For every budget, every type of feet, there are hundreds and thousands of boots. But you don’t know which one of them might be the best dirt bike boots under 200. Or which one might be the best dirt bike boots for wide feet.

And that’s where things get hard for a buyer. No worries!

I’ve got the most comfortable dirt bike boots for you right here, no matter your budget or foot size.

1. Fox Racing Instinct Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Boots: Superior Quality ensured

Highlighted Features

Fox Racing has been in the extreme sports gear business since 1974. So, they do know what makes the best dirt bike boots for enduro.

The Instinct Men’s off-road motorcycle boot is proof of that.

The moment you slide your feet right into the boots, you can feel the comfort they have to offer. You can also feel the support they provide.



Why will you like this product?

Taking a close look at the gear, you will see the aggressive fox design is there. It gets the rider in the mood to take on the track.

And with those various color options, there is the perfect boot for every rider in the Instinct lineup.

Ok, it looks great and comes in various colors, but what more to expect?

You will have better control of the bike with smoother shifting wearing the boots. That’s because it got the same kind of open-lug sole patterns found in hiking boots that give super traction on the slimiest of surfaces.

Not to forget the introduction of the Duratac rubber on the outsole and the guard. You get more grip riding on the bike. Plus, it improves durability.

The hinge lockout on the boot is another feature that deserves a lot of praise. It restricts the ankle from hyperextending to make sure you don’t injure yourself.

Then there is the low chassis design, which keeps the foot closer to the peg. You get a better feel around the shifts and break because of it.

And when it comes to durability, besides those rubber compounds, there are TPU pieces to shield the buckles.

2. AXO Drone Boots: Easy bargain

Highlighted Features

If you’re just getting into the enduro bike scene, then entry-level gear like the AXO drone is what you should opt for.

Weighing 3.9 ounces only, it is one of the most lightweight motocross boots you will ever come across.

It might not be heavy-duty like some of the others. But it makes a lot of sense from the point of view that it got made for those who are getting into the sport. Not for the Pros.



Why will you like this product?

Let’s start with the fitting. AXO is quite generous to the wide feet with a larger heel and toe box style boot here.

The long instep panels on the boot make it suitable for various calf and leg sizes.

So, it is quite comfortable for most feet.

But for me, the tapered vinyl and foam gaiter wrap at the boot top does the business. Unlike other boots, it doesn’t allow the dirt to come inside as it leaves no room.

You’ve then got the steel shank on the sole to give you more support standing on footpads. The material of the boot is synthetic, not leather. But you can’t tell it apart looking at it.

However, synthetic holds its shape longer than leather while takes less time to break into.

On the boot, you will find 4 PU buckles. Not that durable compared to steel or aluminum ones. But the fitting it offers is good.

The timeless welted double stitching construction gives it durability. So, does the TPU panel inside the foot area alongside the toe with a reinforced steel panel.

You get superior protection at the toe as well as the heel of the boot which is more than you ask from one of the best dirt bike boots under $300.

3. Alpinestars Unisex-Adult Tech 10 Boots: Terrific Performance

Highlighted Features

For the pros, the earlier AXON might not cut the deal. They want top-of-the-line gear like the Alpinestars Tech 10.

It is perfect for the trails for adventure rides because of the level of protection it provides.

From the feet to the shin area, you get more coverage with the boots.



Why will you like this product?

The Alpinestars boot is ready to wear right out of the box. Breaking into them doesn’t take a long time. So, you feel more comfortable moving around wearing it.

But the real difference-maker is the DHCP system of the sole. The DHCP (Dual heel compression protection) is like EPS liners on the helmet that absorbs shock. Having this liner makes a lot of sense as in enduro riding you make jumps with the bike quite often. When you come down with the bike, the impact of it on the heels can be too much. Not anymore with the DHCP under the sole.

The best part is that it is replaceable. So, when it gets crushed you can take off the sole and replace it and keep on going.

Also, the sole grips pattern has gone through a redesign to offer more traction than ever.

With the previous model Tech boots, the toe box flexibility didn’t offer much feel for shifting and braking. That changes too with a more flexible design on the Tech 10 boots.

Even they’ve slimmed down the boot to offer 4-layer TPU to the sides to give more protection in the area that needed it most.

The TPU works its way up in the lateral side of the boot to give you bracing to take on impacts. The same goes for the medial side of the boot. The rubbers on the inside part of the boot offer a better grip on the bike too.

And with those hinges on both sides, it is much more flexible.

The blade system at the back of it also goes up to the top to offer ultimate protection. Even with so much safety, the boot weighs just around 4.6 ounces which is quite impressive, to say the least.

4. Gaerne Balance Pro-Tech adventure boots: Beautiful pair of boots

Highlighted Features

When it comes to quality, Gaerne is a brand that you can trust with your eyes closed.

The Italian made boots are exceptional for the way they look. And if you want something that looks great and feels nice to wear, then the Balance Pro-Tech adventure boots are the way to go for you.



Why will you like this product?

Gaerne got known for the comfort. This one is no different as it has very little breaking-in time. And with padding around the ankle, it is one of the comfiest boots to wear for trail riding.

The closure at the top of the boot is a bit smaller than the other Adventure boots. Though it will fit right even the larger calves rider. Not might be the case, if you’re planning to wear knee braces on, which is something to be noted.

The fitting is true to the size and has to say the toe box on it is perfect for the freakish wide feet riders too.

What makes the adventure touring boots so lovable is the full leather grain that goes up to the top. With double stitching, it is a heavy-duty build that protects and lasts for a long time. And right at the top, there is a large enough shin pad that takes on the impact like a champ. The rolled leather on top of the boot gives a nice texture to it too. Let alone the sealing that makes sure nothing gets in the boot.

If you haven’t a chance to try any Gaerne boots before, then you will fall in love with the buckles on the boot for sure. Just slide the strap and snap the buckle, putting it on and off is one of the easiest things to do. Even with mud, they work fine. The other side panel got the full leather treatment going to the top.

Plus, you’ve got a comfy inner lining as well as a flex back panel that gives it more maneuverability than others.

Not to forget, the flat sole offers quite a nice grip on footpegs.

5. Alpinestars Unisex-Adult Tech 7 Enduro Boots: Proven Track record

Highlighted Features

Alpinestars Tech 7 boot made people go crazy for it when it first came to the market. The regular boots were already great. But with the Enduro version, they take it one step further to improve an already great product.

So, what’s the difference?

The main distinction between the Enduro and the non-enduro version of the boots is the grip they offer. The Enduro one offers more traction which makes it the best youth dirt bike boots.

That’s right!

It even comes in sizes for the young riders to enjoy too alongside the adult riders.



Why will you like this product?

Yes, you’ve seen the Tech 10 from Alpinestars that is an improved version of the Tech 7 in many regards. But when you’re in the market for waterproof motorcycle boots, the Tech 7 takes the reign as the newer version of the boot lacks this feature.

Besides offering waterproof dirt bike boots, they come in various sizes. From 7-14, you get a lot of range to find the right fit gear. If you’re between two sizes, go for the smaller size as they offer generous room to fit even the widest of feet.

The entire base of the boot got a hard TPU layer on it. So, you get more protection from impacts. One thing to know is that the footgear will offer lateral and torsional protection. Therefore, it won’t offer much flex as it got designed to be that way.

But your movement doesn’t get restricted too much, all thanks to the dual-hinge system of the boots.

And the fitting you get on the boot is exceptional. All credit goes to the 4- aluminum buckles that can be adjusted quite easily. Don’t forget the shin guard on top too, which adds more protection to the boots.

6. Fox Racing Instinct Boots-Black: Sturdy build

Highlighted Features

If you want a flagship boot to take with you on the trails, then the Fox racing Instinct boot is a great choice.

Even before getting into the details, the first thing that makes you love it is the fact it fits true to the size.

If you are a 9 or 10 size, then the 9/10 size boot from the Instinct will fit you right without any issue. So, the fit is guaranteed with the Instinct.



Why will you like this product?

Right out of the box, you get a flexible and comfortable boot to wear. There is almost no break-in time to the gear which makes it so great.

But the true genius from Fox racing comes to the feel they offer with the boots. Standing on the footpegs, you know exactly what’s going underneath your feet. So, while shifting and braking, you get more control over the bike wearing the boots than other gears like such.

Looking at the boots, you can see there is the presence of the hard TPU for most of it. You get great reinforcement against the impacts with that.

The large shin guard is present too,

One thing that Fox racing did great is with the calf opening of the boot. You get good enough room to get your feet to slide in the boot without any hassle. The inside mesh liner of the boot keeps the air flowing to keep things cool—no sweating.

With hinges on both sides of the boot, their dynamic core stabilizer offers unreal flexibility without compromising the protection.

That’s because the back is a lockout position that will restrict any hyperflexion.

Not to forget, the Duratec rubber on the medial side offers a great grip on the bike to keep you steady on those trail tracks. The same material can be found in the sole of the boot, so you can expect what kind of grip to get with the boot. No surprise, why it is the best dirt bike boot for trail riding.

7. O'Neal 0325-110 Men's New Logo Rider Boots: Easy Fitting

Highlighted Features

For an entry-level off-roading boot, you can go for the bang for the buck O’Neal footgear.

And the fact you can get this best motocross boot for the money in various size ranges makes it easier for everyone to get their hands on them.

From pee-wee size to adult 15′, they got a whole line of boots fitting the entire family as they live to say.



Why will you like this product?

Looking at the boots, you get a dual stitched shift pad right on the toe box that gives protection for the feet.

Even on the sides of the boot, you get the reinforcement to take on the impacts.

Being an entry-level boot, the 4-buckles on it get made out of polyurethane. But it gives good fitting. So, you can’t complain about it.

The material of the boot is a mix of leather and synthetic leather. It, therefore, holds its shape longer than most gears within this budget.

You work your way up on the boot; you will come to witness a beefy shin guard that provides safety from crash impacts.

But it is the top of the boot that offers good sealing to keep the mud and dirt out. And does a decent job of expanding to make room for the bigger size calves too.

The medial side of the boot got a swatted heat shield to offer a great grip with the bike while letting you not feel any heat.

Not to forget, the inside of the boot got covered with the TPU for most of it to make sure it doesn’t wear out that easily.

So, overall, for the money you spend, you get motorcycle trail riding boots that gonna last long.

8. Alpinestars Unisex-Adult Tech 3 Boots: Reliable footgear

Highlighted Features

If you’ve been a fan of Alpinestars boots, but don’t want to spend big bucks on the Tech 7 or Tech 10 for now, then go with the earlier Tech 3 boots.

These things still hold themselves well enough for the occasional riders to explore the trails. And you can get this in two variations. There is the motocross edition and there is the enduro one.

The enduro comes in one color while the motocross in 4 variants. Even the sole is a bit different between the two. You have seen that trend before as the enduro one provides a more grippy sole on the bottom.    



Why will you like this product?

The very first thing that makes you fall in love with the boots is the size. You can get it from size 5 to size 16.

But the wide variety of sizes isn’t the only impressive thing. The fact that the boots fit one size large is what makes them special. The size 13 of it truly fits like a 14 here which makes it hands down the best dirt bike boots for wide feet.

The boots got a molded sole that gives a great feel to the footpeg. But the cool part is if the midsole of the boots wears out, you can get them replaced without buying a new pair of boots.

Besides, that TPU reinforcement on the toe box can be witnessed with the pair of boots to resist high impacts. And that TPU goes to the back up to the ankle to give the same level of protection in the rear part of the foot.

For the money spent, this one is quite a good addition.

9. O'Neal - 0332-412 Element Men's Boots: Affordable budget

Highlighted Features

In 2019, O’Neal came up with these Element boots with a lower price point for newcomers to the track.

And still, after two years, they stick out to be one of the best budget motocross boots out there.

So, if you want something within budget, take a look at them.



Why will you like this product?

Starting from the fit, it is true to size with a large enough toe box that makes room for the wide freakish feet.

And with a large calf opening, it also solves the problem for most.

All in all, the comfort level offered by the boots are on point.

Coming to the material of the boot, you’re getting synthetic leather. So, it is durable. With that, there is a lot of hard plastic on it to provide the impact resistance that you want from footgear.

On the medial side of the boot, the bottom half of it got that hard plastic wrapping while the top got a leather heat shield to protect you from the bike heat.

Even the flexibility of the boot is on point with those bellows at the back.

The lateral side of the boot got the 4-buckles with a quick and easy snap system. Meanwhile, in the interior of the boot, the moisture-wicking liner is in place to soak in the sweat to keep things cozy. Plus, a bit of padding is on the ankle area to offer a bit more comfort.

On the toe of the boot, you got a metal shield which makes it perfect for off-road riding. So, it is superb gear for the price.

10. FORMA Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots: Exciting design

Highlighted Features

The adventure boot from FORMA is one of the best dirt bike boots under $300. What makes the boots different from many others is their use.

The boots here are perfect for the adventure trail riding as well as suitable to walk around wearing all day long.

Not many can offer that. But what more to like about it? Let’s find out.



Why will you like this product?

For a 300-buck boot, you’re getting a dry text liner on the boots. That means the gear you’ve got here is waterproof.

Plus, that liner is quite breathable too. So, while it keeps the water from creeping in the boot, it lets the heat flush out to keep things breezy.

Now, the Forma is a boot that comes out of Italy. You can therefore imagine it having quality leather to use. And that’s exactly what you get with the Adventure gear.

The oiled leather with the vintage finish stands out for sure.

Besides the lightweight motocross boots got a dual-density lug sole that digs into the off-road tracks. Plus, it is comfortable to wear walking throughout the day.

Another thing that you see differently with the boots is the stiffness level. It is much more flexible than most of the other boots in the lineup. But not to worry, the reinforced TPU protection at the toe box is there to keep you safe from the impacts.

Everything to know about the best dirt bike boots for enduro

If you’re looking to get the best dirt bike boots for trail riding, then you should know about the key features to look for in a bike.

No worries, if you even don’t know.

I will take you through some of the features that you should have in mind while trying to pick the most comfortable dirt bike boots for yourself.

Let’s start then.


For me, the first thing that needs to be on point is the size of the boot. You can’t go for boots that are too tight or that are too loose to wear. You need the perfect fit to the size boots to wear to get the best results.

So, make sure, the size 14 you’re getting is truly size 14 and fits your feet. If you have wide feet, make sure the toebox got the room for it. The same can be said for the calf opening of the boot, which need to let the foot slide into the gear.


The boot material matters big time. Now, the best material for a boot is leather or you can substitute it with synthetic leather. Both stuff can hold up the shape for a long time, keeping the gear looking like new for years. And they don’t wear out that easily.


For a trail biking boot, you need to make sure that it offers enough protection. The boots should cover the toe box with TPU as well as the hard shell should exist for most of it, so that it can resist the crash impacts.

Also, having a big plastic molded shin guard at the top is something you need to get for sure as that is one part of the area that gets in contact during crashes the most.

Besides having impact protection, you also need to consider the heat shield protection for the inner side of the foot. For that, you should opt for boots that have those extra bits of heat shield layer on top of the boot that does keep the foot from feeling the heat.


Great sole on the boot is what will change your entire biking experience. If you’ve got a grippy sole, you will get more traction. Plus, they will offer more feel to you. So, you will know what’s going underneath the boot to have a better feel of braking and shifting.

Some of the boots have a special liner that helps to resist impacts from jumps to protect the heel too.


Having a quick and easy to use buckle system will allow you to get the boots on and off the feet within seconds.

While getting the motocross boots, make sure to get buckles that can resist the punishment from impacts. It is one part of the boot that can easily get wrecked.

With aluminum or steel buckles, you need to worry about much damage. Besides that, you should go for boots that offer replaceable buckle components.


If you want waterproof motorcycle boots, then you should make sure the material exterior doesn’t let the water creep into the gear. Also, the inner should have higher gaiters to make sure of that.


To make sure the boots are comfortable to wear, you should consider having a good layer of foam inside the thing. Besides that, it should have a breathable wicking interior that will allow the air to pass through it. That way heat won’t build up inside the boots. And you will be able to wear the thing for long periods.



Types of Motocross Boots

There are various types of motocross boots as you’ve seen already. But let us take a quick look at the options out there and what is the difference between them.


For the sporty riders, the motocross boots are the perfect choice as they got made for the racing tracks. Especially for those kinds of trails where you make jumps with the bike often as it offers incredible ankle support.


For off-road riding, the Enduro version boots are what you want. The steel-capped tope with the TPU protection throughout the boots will ensure you don’t feel the impact from all the rocks and pebbles on the trails. Some of them will offer waterproofing too.

Moto Trails:

The difference between the enduro and the moto trails is that these ones are meant to be worn and walk on more than the others. So, unlike the other one, it is not too rigid. And you get good enough flexibility wearing them. Plus, they are lightweight in nature.

Minibike boots:

If the bike you’re riding is small, you don’t have the need for the long boots. The short-cut boot is good enough to wear. These are the same version of the boots above, just a bit shorter in size.

How to Measure the boot size?

The motorcycle trail riding boots all follow the same sizing chart. But while buying the boots, you should keep in mind that the calf area should be large enough to fit you right. Also, the toe box should be wide enough to let you wear the boot with socks without making it feel too congested there.

So, when you get to buy the boots, make sure it is fit to size or a bit bigger than the size you wear.  But never small.

That means, if you’re size 13, you can go for a size 13 or 14, but never go with a smaller size.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are motocross boots?

These are boots that get made to wear while riding off-road. For their exceptional comfort and protection, these kinds of gear are required to wear while riding on off-road trails.

Is dirt bike boots waterproof?

Not all boots are waterproof. But there are some which have a high gaiter that keeps the water from going inside the boot.

Why are dirt bike boots important?

If you wear a regular boot for riding the dirt bike, you won’t have the protection against crash impacts. Even not just that, the rocks and pebbles thrown into the feet by the tires will be enough to damage you if you don’t wear dirt bike boots.

How to maintain dirt bike boots?

Just after every ride, clean them and let them dry before you store them away in storage. That’s enough to keep the boots in good shape.


You now have seen the best dirt bike boots for trail riding. The quality of the boots here is quite exceptional. And to get them, you don’t have to spend a lot. There are options that come within the budget too.

So, just find the best budget motocross boots for yourself and get on the track right away.

Or use the buying guide to go out in the market to find the best motocross boot for the money on your own.

Whatever you do to get the pair of boots, don’t forget to share your find with the readers here.

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