7 Best dirt bike goggles for the money

Motocross riders have to deal with a lot of dirt when they ride the bikes. Without having the best dirt bike goggles on, they are likely to get some of it in their eye. And that can lead to some serious life-threatening incidents.

Like this, there is a lot that can go wrong if you don’t have the proper goggles on. Perhaps the sunlight got into your eyes while you were riding on the track. Even a gush of wind hitting on the face can put you through some real trouble when you’re moving that fast while riding the bike.

best dirt bike goggles

Keeping all that in mind, there is no alternative to wearing goggles. But which one you may ask?

To answer that question, I’ve got the dirt bike riding goggles list.

fox racing goggles motocross

FOx Racing Vue Goggles


There is no doubt, it needs to be the Fox Racing Vue Goggles. Made for the iconic motocross rider Ken Roczen, you can expect it to be nothing short of excellent. And truly it is. It got a frame that is both solid and flexible. The lens offers a clear view of all kinds of lighting conditions. A larger view of the road through the wide lens that allows you to see what’s going on beside it. It hits the trifecta.

oakley motorcycle goggles

Oakley off-road motorcycle goggle


The Carbon fiber Oakley MX adult gear seems to get my best choice. I’ve loved the foam padding which allows breathing to dissipate the heat building inside. Even the lens ensures it doesn’t build fog that might impair the visions. While the lens offers an exceptional peripheral view. It got everything plus more.

budget pick
best budget dirt bike goggles

ZDATT motocross goggles


ZDATT goggles seem to nail it. The adjustable strap with plush foam padding and a bendable plastic frame got it all. Plus, the lens is superb in terms of handling impact which gives it even more edge than the rest of its competition.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 best budget dirt bike goggles

best motocross goggles

NENKI Motorcycle Motocross Goggles

best budget dirt bike goggles

4-FQ Dirt Bike Goggles

best vented dirt bike goggles

100% unisex-adult Speedlab STRATA Goggle

best budget motocross goggles

ZDATT motocross goggles

oakley motorcycle goggles

Oakley O Frame MX Adult off-road motorcycle goggle

fox racing goggles motocross

FOx Racing Vue Goggles

best dirt bike goggles for the money

Scott Goggles

7 Best dirt bike goggles

Market got flooded with bike goggles in the past couple of years. Some are great, but most are below average to no good. To avoid making any wrong pick and save you from the frustration of throwing your money down the drain, I’ve got the 7-best dirt bike goggles money right here.

1. NENKI Motorcycle Motocross Goggles NK-1019

Highlighted Features

While riding the bike, you can wear the Nenki goggles.

For me, the glasses make the perfect companion for the riders for various reasons. Style needs to be at the top of the list. I like how they look.

That said, it is the other aspects that make it even better. Take the thermoplastic polyurethane frame for instance. The material keeps the goggles from being too heavy. At the same time, it gives it rigidity. Not too rigid, however. It bends to fit on all shaped faces.

Wearing it won’t leave marks on the face. There is triple-layer foam and fleece on the face beneath the frame. It ensures that comfort fits while making sure to soak in the sweat.

Then there is the glass itself. You get a polycarbonate lens with UV protective coating on it. It keeps the sunlight out of your eyes so you can keep your eyes on the road, without distractions.

I can’t say enough about how well it fits. The anti-slip silicone really holds it in its position. To prevent it from moving, it has adjustable straps that ensure it stays right on the eyes

If you are concerned about it being too hot, then you’re wrong. The goggles frame has a perfect ventilation system. While the top keeps the heat out, the bottom allows the breeze to come through under the goggles.



Is it suitable for use by women?

Yes, it is a unisex product. So, both men and women can wear it.

What’s the one feature that stands out the most?

Of all the things great about it, I would say the comfortable triple-layer foam is the most crucial feature of the goggles. The well-fitted glasses don’t leave those face scars after you wear them for a long hour, unlike some other glasses.

2. 4-FQ Motorcycle Goggles Dirt Bike Goggles

Highlighted Features

The 4-FQ gear will surely get you excited. Having the option to choose from a variety of color frames and lenses, there is no reason for one not to find the right style gear with the brand.

Also, the lightweight frame would make you happy. It won’t feel like a burden on your face.

Now, coming to the goggles. They got a multicolor PC reflective lens on them. Not only do they resist scratching, but they do keep 100% of the UV lights out from reaching the eyes.

And for the snowboarders, it is the perfect gear to have as it even works through the fog. So, no matter the condition, this will provide a clear vision.

When it comes to fit, the bendable OTG frame sits right on any shape. And to ensure there is no gap or anything of such, you got those adjustable straps to have the right fit. Furthermore, the elastic strap keeps the goggles from slipping.

Similar to the earlier eyewear, the best-vented dirt bike goggles keep out the heat while keeping things cool inside. And yes, there are even layers of soft foam that protect your face from harm from the frame.



What material does the frame get made out of?

The frame gets made out of composite Polycarbonate.

What's the standout feature of the goggles?

I love the fact, the inner space is large enough for those riders who need to wear their regular glasses. They can wear them without any problem with the 4-FQ goggles.

3. 100% unisex-adult Speedlab STRATA Goggle Mercury-Mirror Red Lens

Highlighted Features

With the Strata goggle, there is no issue with finding the right fitting eyewear. That’s cause it got one size that fits all.

Here, the curved fit gear sits right on the face giving exceptional comfort. That and a wide field of vision for the riders.

The dual-layered, plush face foam soaks in the hit impacts of heavy wind and all. At the same time, it soaks in all the sweat and moisture to keep them from getting into your eyes.

In terms of the frame itself, the urethane-made gear is quite good. It flexes and isn’t too rigid. But it is durable enough to last for a long time. Add the matte and gloss finish to it, which makes for one stylish-looking pair of goggles.

Then the mercury-mirror red lenses on the thing. This helps to keep out the fog, and UV rays to let the rider have a clear vision in all conditions. On top, it resists the scratching on the glasses which makes for unimpaired vision.

If you take a closer look at the glass, there are tear-off pins around the edges. Those things prevent the glass from breaking so easily.

While the silicone-coated 40mm strap securely holds the gear on your face and does not let it slip down.



Is it made for men or women?

This one is a unisex goggle. So, both can use it.

What’s the standout feature of the goggles?

For me, it is the lens. It keeps out the light, fog, and dust from getting to the eyes. Even it manages to ensure no scratches get left on the lens to ensure the rider has an unimpaired vision at all times.

4. ZDATT Motocross Goggles

Highlighted Features

With the ZDATT, you can have one of the best motocross goggles.

Everything you expect from the best enduro goggles is there. The anti-slip, elastic strap keeps it firmly in place on the face. No matter what gender or age you are, it will fit any head size.

Plus, having an adjustable strap also makes for an easy fit over helmets and glasses. There is no risk of your specs being damaged. There is a soft padding that ensures that.

Meanwhile, the padding makes sure that no more scars will form on the user’s face from wearing the goggles for hours. However, the reason why I find the padding to be excellent is that it allows ventilating. Cooling is ensured by breathable foam that disperses heat. At the same time, it prevents any fogging from the inside of the lens, which impedes vision.

Continuing with the lens. It can resist impacts to keep it from shattering. Not to mention, it blocks wind, dust, dirt, rain, snow, sunlight, and those harmful UV rays to keep your eyes protected.

That said, it is the nose cover on the goggles which makes me really excited about it. Additionally, it provides an extra bit of protection for the exposed nose.

The goggles come with a protective cover for the lens that can be used when the goggles are not being worn.



What are the frame colors available for the goggles?

You can have it in black, white and black, lemon green as well as in US flag color.

What's the best part about the goggles?

Of all the things, the flexible ABS plastic build comes to me as the biggest surprise. This lightweight, robust and flexible goggle frame will fit right on any shape face.

5. Oakley O Frame MX adult off-road motorcycle goggles

Highlighted Features

Featuring a carbon fiber construction, the Flexi O Matter frame is among the lightest gear available on the market today.

That combined with an adjustable strap system, it fits on any shape face with ease. It also doesn’t press against the face, since it has triple-layer face foam fleece built into it. The good thing is that the wick removes any sweat to keep from getting on your eyes. And as the foam doesn’t soak in it, there will be no bad smell.

On the subject of the lens, you get an impact resistance Lexan lens that lasts for a long time. And its anti-fog and scratch-resistant capability ensure that you get a clear sight wearing it.

Plus, the wide lens allows for an excellent peripheral view for those wearing them.

So, in general, it’s great.



What color do the goggles come in?

For now, you can get them in just three varieties: matte carbon fiber, jet black & white, and in true carbon fiber.

What’s the coolest thing about the goggle?

Hands down it needs to be its carbon fiber build. The thing is lightweight at the same time unbreakable to a great extent.

6. Fox Racing Vue Goggles

Highlighted Features

Another best dirt bike goggles that you can look into are the Fox Racing Vue ones.

Here, you will get a white color ABS plastic frame that stands out from the rest. The design looks great. Moreover, the ABS frame is quite sturdy. Despite this, it is flexible enough to bend without losing its shape.

However, what makes it so exceptional is that Ken Roczen, the german motocross rider worked with Fox tirelessly to come up with these goggles. After experiencing a career-ending injury, he came back strongly working with Fox to create a goggle that offers the perfect vision for him and others on the track.

And they did so by injecting polycarbonate into the lens. Thanks to it, now you will get optical clarity. There won’t be any condensation to impair your vision. Besides that, the lens is 100% capable of keeping out UVA and UV from getting to the eyes.

That said, to me, the pre-curved lens design seems the more interesting thing about it. Now, you get a better field of vision with superior clarity. The wide viewport really gives outstanding peripheral vision.

Even more impressive was the quick change lock trigger on the goggles. It makes replacing the lens fast and easy.

Other than that, you get a 360° venting to keep things cool inside. Not to mention, the 45mm silicone stripe gives a good grip even with helmets on.

And yes, there is the three-layered face shape molded foam that makes it comfortable to wear too.



Is it suitable for both men and women?

Yes, both genders can use it without facing any problem.

What’s the most noteworthy aspect of this goggle?

Out of all the things, the lens design stands out to me. It allows you to see the road clearly while also preventing anything from getting into your eyes that might distract you.

7. Scott 268178-1007279 Goggles

Highlighted Features

With the Scott, you will see something quite different from the rest of the goggles. Here, the lens gets combined with a frame that’s quite thin.

And that helps to give more space for the lens which ultimately is the reason wearing it gives you a wider field of vision.

45 experience of Scott comes out with this design.

That and the thermoformed face foam that sits right on your face. It makes it easy for you to wear the goggles for long periods. You don’t feel like the frame sawing through the skin like some of the cheap motocross goggles.

Also, it wicks the moisture and avoids any fogging on the lens. Your vision won’t get blurry thanks to it.

Other than that, the adjustable strap comes to the rescue with its exceptional grip. There aren’t that many dirt bike riding goggles that you can wear over the helmet and it won’t slip down. The goggle stay put.



What material does the strap use?

The strap gets made out of silicone to give that exceptional grip.

What’s the feature that will get you excited about the goggle?

It has to be the thin lens that gives peripheral vision wearing it like none other.

How to choose dirt bike goggles?

For your next dirt bike goggles, you’ve got to keep a couple of things in mind. Check out below to get a clear idea.


When choosing the goggles, you’ve got to consider having a frame that’s durable but not too rigid. It needs to bend to conform to all shapes. At the same time, it shouldn’t be flimsy that it might just break. A good material option for the frame is ABS. It gives you the quality you’re looking for while keeping things lightweight.


The lens on the goggles is what makes it. For this part, you should get something that got some kind of coating that will keep out the UV rays. Besides that, it should be able to keep out wind, dirt, and all that. If it doesn’t fog, then that’s even better. And if you can scratch-resistant to the list of things, that’s just hitting out the ballpark.


While wearing the goggle, you should feel comfortable. It shouldn’t feel too tight causing you pain. And not at all, it should leave pressure sores on the face for hugging too tight to the skin.

Having a foam layer between the frame and your skin would save you from trouble. However, choosing the gear, make sure the foam layer is comfortable and adapts to your face shape. Also, ensure the foam wicks the sweat and moisture to keep it from getting your eyes.


Next thing that needs your attention is the straps on the goggles. If you get adjustable straps, that will allow you to have a better fitting. Besides that, you should try to ensure getting a strap made out of silicone or any other such elastic material that prevents it from slipping from its station.


Often the frames don’t allow the room to get the hot air building inside it to escape. That’s why very few riders aren’t able to wear the goggles for long. But 100% MX goggles will have it solved. They will allow the cool breeze to come through inside of it from the bottom while dissipating the heat from the top to keeps things cool


Most goggles today have one size that fits all. The flexible frame material allows for that. Still, not many off-road goggles fit over glasses or the helmet. If you’re someone who needs to wear his/her specs, then you should definitely consider this and get a goggle that will allow you to wear them under it.

What are the best dirt bike goggles?

All the above ones mentioned on the list are great. But if you need some particular names for the best dirt bike goggles, then I would say Fox racing or the Scott for sure.

Are MTB goggles the same as motocross?

The only difference that might be seen between the two is their padding. MTB goggles tend to have less padding and they do seem to be lighter.

What Color Dirt Bike Goggle Lens Should You Ride With?

Yellow lens is a great choice for the fact they work great in low light conditions

Do Dirt Bike Lenses Scratch Easily?

They can get scratched easily unless they got some kind of coating to prevent it. Some even have a protective cover to shield the lens when you’re not using them

What do you need to consider when choosing the best Dirt Bike Goggles?

I’ve covered it in detail. Still, to give you a quick review I will say take a look at the frame material, lens, fitting, whether you can wear it with glasses or not.


For the best dirt bike goggles, you can pick any one of the above. If you’ve gone through the list, then you should know each of their strengths and weaknesses. So, weigh them, and identify what you need and what you can’t leave without. And then make up your mind and get the one that meets your needs.

When you do that, make sure to share your choice and why you’ve picked that particular one with others. Even if you get something out of the ones here, don’t hesitate to share your findings.

Till then, happy riding.

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