12 Best motorcycle helmet camera for touring

More and more people today are looking to get their hands on the best budget motorcycle helmet camera. Everyone enjoys reliving those memorable moments on the road.

Some people use it as a way to record mishaps on the road. So no one can point the finger at them.

best budget motorcycle helmet camera

No matter what your reason is, you need a good motorcycle dash camera. But finding such gear isn’t easy.

This is where I come in. I have the best motorcycle action camera for you. Just give them a look.

Best budget action camera for motorcycle

GoPro Hero7 Black


For my best pick, I will take the Hero7. It got a powerful camera that records high-definition video. The footage you get on it won’t be shaky like others. The EIS system smoothens the vibration to keep the video being recorded with almost no trembling. Plus, it adjusts settings while taking photos to give you the best shots. What more to ask?

best action camera for motorcycle touring

Garmin Action Camera


The Garmin action cam makes for the best choice. Not only you will get a smooth 4K video at 30fps. You will even be able to track your performance of various activities using its built-in GPS technology.

Plus, you won’t want to miss the voice control, the color touchscreen, and the 3-axis stabilization system.

budget pick
dirt bike helmet camera

Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera


I would go with the Dragon Touch. It got an excellent image balance to reduce the trembling. A battery that gives you long hours of footage on the road. And a build quality that is on par with some of the most expensive gears of such. As for the video quality, that’s not too bad either.

Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best budget action camera for motorcycle

best budget action camera for motovlogging

GoPro HERO Session Waterproof Digital Action Camera

Best cheap motorcycle helmet camera

Campark 4K 20MP Action Camera EIS External Microphone

best budget motorcycle helmet camera

COOAU Wi-Fi action camera

best action camera for motorcycle touring

Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera 16MP Vision

best budget motorcycle helmet camera

Crosstour Native 4K50fps Action Camera Advanced

motocross helmet camera

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera

best motorcycle action camera

VanTop Moment 4U 4K Action Camera

best budget motorcycle helmet camera

YI 4K+ Action Camera

best motorcycle helmet bluetooth and camera

MAXTO motorcycle Bluetooth headset with Camera

best motorcycle helmet camera for video and sound

Sony HDR-AS100VR POV Action video camera

best motorcycle helmet camera

GoPro Hero7 Black

dirt bike helmet camera

AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS Action Camera

12 Best motorcycle helmet camera

To be fair, the market got a bunch of worthy helmet cameras. But not all are worthy of making it to the top 12. So, you might want to take a closer look at the one below.

1. GoPro HERO Session Waterproof Digital Action Camera

Highlighted Features

GoPro is the go-to action cam for anyone who is looking for a helmet camera. Of all the choices they have, I suggest going with the Hero.

A simple reason for this is that the camera is very compact.

GoPro’s waterproof design comes as no surprise. Despite being submerged up to 33 feet, it still works just fine. In heavy rain, you can keep it on your helmet without any worries.

And I even began to mention the video quality. As opposed to others, it offers three high-quality recordings of 1440p 30fps, 1080p 60fps, and 720p 100fps.

Even it captures stunning still pictures with its powerful 8mp camera. Moreover, with an interval between 0.5 to 60 seconds, you can capture photos in time-lapse. Not to mention, it offers a 10 frames per second burst photo option too.

For all those videos and photos to store, the Hero session has 128Gb of storage. All of the above, plus a simple one-button control, make it the perfect helmet option.

And yes, it even has Bluetooth and WiFi support. You can easily connect to your GoPro apps with your Hero Session. You can even upload all of your videos and photos to the cloud too. But for that, you need the GoPro plus subscription.



Can you use it underwater?

Yes. The GoPro unit works 33 feet down water.

What's the one quality that makes it great?

The HD video recording quality really makes it great.

2. Campark 4K 20MP Action Camera EIS External Microphone

Highlighted Features

Finding the best budget action camera for moto vlogging can be a real challenge. Thankfully, I’ve got the Campark for you.

With its 4K/30fps video recording, you can have the best road vlogging.

It doesn’t end there. A 20MP camera lets you take amazing photos, too.

The fact it has the EIS anti-shake system makes it so much easier to vlog on it. This image stabilization system allows your camera to take shots without trembling.

Even while riding, it is easy to use. You can start and stop recording on the go using two 2.4G wireless remotes. Plus, the WiFi feature allows you to sync your activities to your social media accounts and share them on the spot.

Besides, a whole bunch of other features comes with the action cam. For example, the camera supports slow-motion videos, time-lapses, loop recordings, driving mode, waterproofing, and much more.

But the external mic that comes with it is what makes it stand out for me. Thanks to it, the audio on your shots will now be crisp and clear.



How long does the battery last?

With a full charge, you can get somewhere between 60-90 minutes of use time.

What's the coolest feature of the unit?

The instant sharing using WiFi and the app really makes life easy for many.

3. COOAU Wi-Fi action camera

Highlighted Features

The COOAU unit is quite similar to the earlier one. Just like it, this one also has a 20MP camera that takes ultra HD 4K videos.

The similarities don’t end there. This one even gets powered with the intelligent EIS anti-shaking feature. So, from now on, your shots will be more steady and smooth when you ride a bike at extreme speeds.

However, it’s the waterproofing feature that takes things to a new level. The camera has an improved case that allows it to be submerged in water up to 40 meters deep.

The WiFi remote control is also pretty impressive. You can be 10 meters away from the cam and still control it. As for its ease of use, it’s simple. With the red button, you can take pictures, while the gray one lets you record videos.

And like any other camera, it got all those features you wish to have. Slow-motion, time-lapse recording, and any other trait you might need are all at your disposal with the COOAU.



Does it have a time-lapse mode?

Yes, it got time-lapse, burst photo, and many other modes.

What's the standout feature of the camera?

It has to be the EIS system. It really works wonders in terms of reducing the shakiness to give stable footage.

4. Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera 16MP Vision

Highlighted Features

There is no better camera for capturing a wide area of view than the Dragon Touch Vision 3. The broad 170° lens on the cam captures everything in front of the frame. And if you need to get a close-up of anything, that can be done too. Because it has a stunning 4x zoom.

But before we even get into the details of the camera, I would add one thing. The wireless wrist remote makes it even a better deal. Having the remote on the wrist, you get easy access to it at all times. On top of that, with only just a two-button operation, there is no way you can mess up using it. When you need to record a video, just press the gray button, while the red one takes the pictures.

Besides that, the unit is highly versatile too. In addition to taking time-lapses and taking drama shots, this action cam can record in loops, take driving shots, and do much more. When the loop is on, the camera will automatically record and delete videos to keep recording for you.

It can take hours of footage of your trip. The battery housed inside the best motorcycle action camera offers at least 90 minutes of continuous video recording at 1080p. So even at higher resolutions like 2K or 4K, you can still manage to get an hour of recording using the cam.

Regarding video quality, the 4K action camera can offer that 2 K and 4K videos at a 30FPS rate, while for 1080 you get a superior 60FPS.

The 16MP camera doesn’t even disappoint with the pictures either. They are crisp and clear.

And you can put up all your favorite moments on social media right away as it even has WiFi. Do you need to get a better look at the shots you’ve taken? No worries, the 2″ display on the cam will let you preview your shots before you upload them.

All that with a 30 meter submerged waterproof rating makes it helmet cameras for a motorcycle that everyone looks to have.



Can you share recordings on social media using the camera?

If you’ve got the app, then within seconds, you can share the footage on social media as it got the WiFi feature.

What's the standout feature?

The 2″ display is a blessing. You can get a look at the footage or the images even without transferring them on your smartphone.

5. Crosstour Native 4K50fps Action Camera Advanced

Highlighted Features

Has multiple modes: loop recording, burst photo, slo-mo, time-lapse and much more

The Crosstour motorcycle dash cam comes with a mountain of features in that small package.

For instance, take the 2″ IPS touch screen on it. To my surprise, controlling the camera using the fingers on that display was extremely smooth.

What came as even more surprising is how well it manages to keep the shots stable. The hyper-stable EIS keeps it from moving too much. And to avoid those fish-eye effects, there is the lens distortion correction. So, no more blurry images. Instead, you will have those 4K shots as crisp as they come.

And to share those awesome videos, there is more than one way. You can use the WiFi for one. If that’s not what you want, you can even use a USB or even an HDMI to get the recordings.

Coming back to the picture quality. With the Sony sensor at its core, the 20MP camera lets you capture some amazing moments. Even at the high 4K resolution, you will get a super smooth 50fps rate on the thing.

Besides all that, you get an adjustable 170° field of vision. Then there are the remote control operation from at least 10 meters. And don’t forget about having those amazing diving shots underwater within 40 meters.



What's the battery capacity of the unit?

It has two batteries with a 1350mAh capacity.

What's the feature that attracts people most?

The various recording modes on the camera are something the users find quite interesting.

6. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera

Highlighted Features

For a reliable motocross helmet camera, choose the Garmin VIRB.

Unlike others, the features of the Ultra 30 Action camera are quite unique. This camera has a GPS built-in and a bunch of external sensors. Connected to other Garmin devices, it can now capture things like speed, elevation, heart rate, and G-force.

So, now based on your outdoor sport, you will get your data. And that’s what I liked a lot. For example, you can have your speed, acceleration, hangtime while snowboarding down the hills. Have data like cadence, heart rate, distance covered while pedaling on the cycle. Or even see the exact coordinate and altitude diving from the sky.

All those are secondary, however. For recording those moments, you get crystal clear images of various quality. Have it captured footage in 4K/30fps, 1080/120fps, or try the 720/240fps for slow-mo shots.

It got a 1.75-inch display to operate the thing. But after discovering the voice control, I believe you will hardly use it.

And by the way, you can live stream video right at the moment if you’ve got the VIRB app. No worries, the videos won’t be shaky at all on those streams. Thanks to its 3-axis image stabilization, you can have steady, smooth shots at any condition.



What's the fps rate in 4k?

You will get 4K recording at 30fps rate.

What's the standout feature?

The various activity tracking modes using the built-in GPS is obviously one of the things that makes it unique.

7. VanTop Moment 4U 4K Action Camera

Highlighted Features

VanTop is another action cam that’s perfect for a wide range of activities. You can have it on your helmet and get those travel shots. Or go underwater and video what’s beneath there with others.

The Moment 4U can go deep down 30M. Now, you can have crystal clear videos that are vivid and lifelike. That’s cause it can record at 4K resolution at a 30fps rate.

And your videos won’t be like those silent movies. VanTop ensures they bring life to the recordings. So, it packs an external mic with the camera. You will get the crisp sounds of the surroundings and not need to add them.

Plus, a wide array of options there is to explore. Take the time-lapse, for instance. Increase speed and make a long shot short for making it a shareable moment. Or make it longer.

Or take photos one after another in sequence with it using the Burst photo mode to have an amazing highlight reel.

If you plan to use it while snowboarding, then the overexposure auto-correction would allow you to have better skiing footage than ever.

No matter what activity you’re doing while using the camera, the EIS stabilization would keep your footage smooth and intact – no trembling at all.



Does it have a GPS?

No, this one doesn’t have a GPS.

What's the feature that makes it so great?

For me, the stabilization system on the camera is on point.

8. YI 4K+ Action Camera:

Highlighted Features

In the world of action cams, the YI holds a special place. Why shouldn’t it?

This is the first compact camera that captured videos in 4K at a 60fps rate. Using Sony’s IMX377 image sensor, the camera used the 12MP to take photos and film HD footages that looks too vivid and lifelike.

And the captures are super smooth too. No shaking, no blur, nothing. Credit to the EIS system on the camera that made fast-moving shots so stable.

Although, it is only compatible with videos at a 30fps rate when using 4K. Even so, 4K at 60fps with fast-moving action isn’t too bad.

To operate the camera, you’ve got a 2.2″ display. It gives a look at those shots with a crystal clear, bright view. Plus, you can change settings on it using the touchscreen.

All that features can only be enjoyed if the unit runs for long. And it does thanks to its 1200mAh battery. Even with the highest resolution, you can get 70 minutes of footage from the YI.



How long does the unit last with a full charge?

Recording in 4K, it will last around 70 minutes. With lower resolution video recording, you can extend it to about 20 minutes more.

What's the standout feature of the action cam?

The touchscreen operation is quite good. Moreover, the UI is clean, which makes it easier for the user to use it.

9. MAXTO motorcycle Bluetooth headset with Camera:

Highlighted Features

Will you like the best motorcycle helmet, Bluetooth and camera?

It’s true!

This one is a Bluetooth 5.0 intercom system that allows you to have a communication channel with the other 5 riders. So, a total of 6 riders.

And it covers a whopping 1000 meters to keep that channel open for talk. Besides an intercom system, it also functions as an action camera. Not a cheap one either.

You get a Sony IMX323L wide-angle lens on the action with the headset. The footage will be at a high resolution of 1080p. And they will be quite stable. That’s because it has even that intelligent stabilizing feature to keep your shots crystal clear.

Whether you want to video on loop, take a picture, all can be done using this Bluetooth headset with an action cam and much more.

And it’s waterproof too. Not to mention, it offers a hands-free operation with voice commands. Plus, there are a whole bunch of other stuff like GPS guidance, HI-FI stereo music, and uploading your footage right on social media.

Did I mention how long it lasts? You get at least 32 hours of intercom time or 7 hours of recording with a full charge.



How many people can communicate at once?

6 riders can communicate at the same time using this Bluetooth intercom camera.

What's the standout feature?

The camera still manages to take some great wide shots instead of not being the focal point.

10. Sony HDR-AS100VR POV Action video camera:

Highlighted Features

Take your action cam game to the next level with the Sony HDR-AS100VR.

Recording at a 120/240 frame rate, this one offers one of the smoothest-looking footages. And the shots come out so good also because of their steady shot image stabilization system.

Now, even in motion, whether you’re going up the hill or descending down real fast, it will neutralize the vibrations to have videos that look stunning.

No matter the weather condition, you can keep using the Sony cam. It got a splash-proof body.

Plus, operating it is straightforward too. You can use WiFi or the NFC to make changes to camera settings from your phone.

Even the cam tracks your performance. You can also monitor your daily activities with its built-in GPS.

All things said, the thing that makes it what it is for me is the Sony camera technology. With Carl Zeiss’s wide-angle, you get better framing with the thing. The Exmor R CMOS sensor gives you stunning shots even in low-light.

It doesn’t get any better than this. Trust me.



How do share files from the camera?

With an HDMI cable, you can share the footage to HDTV with ease.

What's the best feature of the cam?

Without any doubt, it needs to be the Exmor R CMOS sensor. It works superbly even in low light.

11.GoPro Hero7 Black

Highlighted Features

For the best GoPro camera for a motorcycle helmet, I would suggest you look into the Hero7.

From what has been seen so far in action, the stabilization of footages even in fast-paced movement is quite impressive. The Hero7 corrects the shakes to give you hyper smooth footage.

What’s even more exciting is that it allows you to get videos directly on social media from the spot. You can live stream on your favorite online platforms with a high resolution of 720p. All you need is the GoPro app on mobile and that would give you the option.

Other than that, there are a whole lot of amazing features to enjoy. Take the TimeWrap, for instance. You can now take long time-lapse videos and speed things up to 30x to have in a short bite to share over the internet.

Or try out the SuperPhoto. The Hero 7 optimizes the shots itself with HDR, noise reduction, and tone mapping to give the best results.

The 4K at 60fps will allow you to store your best moments on the road. And if you want to spice things up a bit more, there is always the 240 high frame rate at your fingertip. Slow things down to 8x and make those moments even more epic.

Together with a rugged, waterproof housing and a voice-controlled system in several languages, it’s an attractive pick for just about anyone.



At what resolution can you use the slo-mo?

Using the cam, you can record at 1080p @ 240fps and have it slowed down 8x to get your slo-mo footage.

What's the feature that makes it so attractive?

The gimble like stabilization offered by the cam is its most standout feature to most.

12. AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS Action Camera

Highlighted Features

Ending on a high note with another best helmet camera for motorcycles. This is none other than the Akaso EK7000.

You get everything you need with this compact cam. Starting with the video quality of it. This one will allow you to capture videos in 4K @30fps.

Other than the 4K, you get 2.7K and 1080p resolution with 30fps and 60fps frame quality. All three resolutions, therefore, produce crystal clear, smooth footage.

I’ve enjoyed the fact it doesn’t restrict your movement. You can have it controlled from a distance with remote control. Switching between photo and video mode is super easy.

Though the unit is waterproof and can still operate 100FT down the water. The remote won’t as it isn’t waterproof. So, keep that in mind.

Besides that, you get an action cam with every typical feature you expect it to have. For instance, it can capture videos and images in various modes such as loop recording, burst photo, and time-lapse.

It works with a wide-angle view of 170° to give you to capture more of the surroundings. And it has WiFi-enabled to share the footage directly on the internet using an app.



Can you share photos and footage on social media from the cam?

The 90-minute long run time is without any doubt its most impressive feature.

What's the standout feature?

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How to choose a motorcycle helmet camera?

If you’re in the market for a helmet camera, then first get things sorted. You need to have a clear idea of what you want from that device. And only then you should look for it.

Let me take you through this guide to give you some ideas.

Video quality:

When you’re getting a camera, the reason being quite simple, you want footage of your travels. You want to have everything captured in high quality for sure. So, having a high-resolution video quality becomes the obvious thing to look for. Most of the dash cams today come with 4K resolution. It doesn’t get much better than that.


No matter how good the camera’s video quality has to offer, it won’t come out well if it can’t capture the motions steadily. Therefore, a proper EIS system for your device is something you’ve got to consider quite highly.

Wide view:

You want to capture the view in front of you in its entirety. The more field of view you get on the shot, the better. That’s why try to find a cam with a wide lens


It isn’t just about taking raw video footage with the camera. Sometimes you’ve wanted to have fun. Therefore, other modes on the helmet cam would come in handy.

For instance, using a time-lapse you can take long hours of footage and then make it a short, sweet bite. Or a slow-mo feature will allow you to take some unique shots real slow. Then, a photo burst would capture one picture within seconds to create some magic on the screen.

There are many other modes like this. So while looking for a motorcycle helmet camera, make sure to find one that has such features.


This is a feature that you might consider highly. When you’re riding on the road, you never know when it might rain. If sudden rain appears, you don’t want your camera to get soaked in it and get wrecked. Nor do you want to miss out on the chance of taking some amazing riding footage in the rain. Whatever the reason may be, with a waterproof cam, that gets solved.

Battery life:

All those high-quality recordings and all that other cool features will go in vain if the camera runs out of charge fast. That’s why make sure to have a camera that can give you long hours of use.


Then there is a bunch of other stuff. Like having a display. It would certainly make life easy as you get a preview of the shots you’ve taken. Or having a remote control makes it easy to operate the thing. Even the WiFi connective has its benefit as it allows sharing contents right away on social media.

Just look into the device, and see what other features it got, and what comes in handy for your use. Then go with it. That’s all.



Are motorcycle helmet cameras legal?

Yes, they are 100% legal.

Should I bother recording footage in 4K?

1080p might do the job. But when you plan to zoom in shots, then the quadrupled resolution certainly has its perks. Plus, the footage itself is much crisper with higher details.

How long do helmet camera batteries last?

It varies from model to model. But most of them, even recording at the highest resolution, should give you about an hour or so.

Where do you mount a 360 camera on a motorcycle?

You should place it at the top of your helmet to get a clear view of all angles.

Final Thoughts

Ok. You’ve reached the end of our list of the best motorcycle helmet cameras. By now, if you’ve looked at all of them, you should have something to take home with you.

Regardless of the gear you choose, you won’t be disappointed with any of them.

You can count on that.

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