10 Best Dirt Bike Stand heavy-duty and adjustable

You may have noticed, dirt bike riders after their run or tricks, leave the bike laying on the ground. They don’t keep it standing using the kickstand.

Why’s that?

That’s because the bike is missing one!

best portable motorcycle stand

Yes, dirt bikes usually don’t have the stand. It’s because you’re doing a lot of tricks and maneuvers with the ride, and the stand can get between that. But if you don’t want your bike lying on the ground, you can get the best dirt bike stands for it.

It will not only keep your bike clean, but it will also make the maintenance work much easier. So, if you’re interested in having that ease, check out this motocross bike stand review.

It will be worth it. Trust me.

best dirt bike lift stand

BikeMaster Easy Lift & Lower Off​


For my best pick, I will go with the BikeMaster. It is perfect for dirt bikes with its 330 pounds weight limit. The simple foot lever operation is easy to use. And it has the rubber top that keeps the bike steady while it’s on it. But it is the damper shock control system that takes the crown. With most of the other stands, the lift comes down fast, and that can sometimes make you lose control of the ride. But it lowers the bike slowly to avoid such a situation.

motorcycle stand reviews

BIG RED T64017 Torin Hydraulic Stand


I would say the BIG RED is the best choice. And there are several reasons to come to that conclusion. For starters, the weight limit. It can pull 1500 lbs of weight that makes it perfect to work with heavy bikes. And not just motorcycles. The versatile unit can let you lift other vehicles like a snowmobile, ATV and UTV. So, you can get better use out of it.

budget pick
dirt bike triangle stands

Dirt Bike Universal Triangle Stand


For my budget pick, I will go with either of the triangle bike stands. They are simple and effective. If you are looking for a kickstand and nothing more than that to keep your bike up then go for the Pit posse or the dirt bike universal. You can carry them easily with you as they have no real weight. Most importantly, they don’t cost a lot.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Dirt Bike Stand reviews

best transportable dirt bike stand

BikeMaster Easy Lift Motorcycle Jack Stand

motorcycle stand reviews

RISK Racing 00381 ATS Motocross/Dirt Bike Stand

Motorsport Adjustable Lift Stand

Motorsport Products 92-4016 Orange P12 Adjustable Lift Stand

folding dirt bike stand

Polisport Black Motorcycle Stand

best dirt bike triangle stands

Pit Posse Universal Dirt Bike Triangle Side Stand

dirt bike triangle stands

Dirt Bike Universal Triangle Motorcycle Stand

portable motorcycle stand

OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift

motocross bike stand

Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

best dirt bike stands

liftmaster 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift

best transportable dirt bike stand

BIG RED T64017 Torin Hydraulic Powersports Lift Jack

1. BikeMaster Easy Lift & Lower Off

Highlighted Features

The dirt bike stand from BikeMaster is one of the best dirt bike tire changing stand. What makes it great is that it provides a simple lift and lower stand system.

Using it, you can get the right height to keep the bike standing while fine-tuning it. Its secure lift lock system makes sure the stand doesn’t go down suddenly when you position it to the desired height.

The deck of the stand has an anti-slip pad on it. Therefore, the bike won’t slip off it.

To get the bike pushed up or down, you’ve got a simple lever system. While standing, you can lift the stand 400mm high to get the tires off the ground using just your feet.

And don’t worry, the dirt bike wheel stand gets made using high-quality material. It can take on the heavy bikes with ease.



What's the weight of the adjustable motorcycle stand?

The stand weighs around 1.8 pounds.

What's the feature that you will like most about it?

For me, it’s the height adjustment range of the unit that makes it quite attractive.

2. RISK Racing 00381 ATS Adjustable bike stand

Highlighted Features

With the cheap motorcycle stand, you won’t be able to get the bike to sit on the right level. The tire will be hanging at one side, touching the ground. It makes the maintenance work hard.

To get rid of such an issue, take the Risk Racing ATS stand with you.

The thing that makes it better from the standard motocross stand is the fact; it got two anodized aluminum turnbuckle level system at one side. You can rotate the red screws to adjust the top height to make any bike sit level on it.

Yes, any bike!

That’s possible due to the oversized top and base of the unit. It can hold all sized bikes with ease. If you notice, there is a large hole in the center; it is there to make the bike sit better. At the same time, it works as a draining system. The rubber top is there to keep the bike from slipping off the deck. For your information, the rubber top is resistant to chemicals. So, you don’t need to worry about it getting damaged by anything.

What makes your maintenance work even easier is the magnetic side panels on the stand. You can store your bolts and tools there. No more losing track of the parts while doing the maintenance.



What's the dimension of the best transportable dirt bike stand?

It has a dimension of 17 x 17.5 x 16 inches.

What feature will make you love the ATS?

Besides the adjustable feature, the magnetic side panels on the unit are a real showstopper.

3. Motorsport 92-4016 P12 Adjustable lift stand

Highlighted Features

The aluminum dirt bike stand from MotorSport is one of the best dirt bike kickstands. First of all, take the material into account. It doesn’t use any regular aluminum. The type it uses is the same that gets used in the aircraft. That makes it super durable.

Then there comes the lifting system. With a simple foot lever, you can adjust the stand while standing. And while being on the topic of adjustability, this unit offers quite the height range. You can change the bike stand in 11 different height positions. The lowest being 9.5 inches while the tallest it can go is about 14.5 inches.

That’s perfect for getting dirt bikes from 50cc to the broader 650cc on the deck stand. You can easily lift both the wheels of the ground while keeping the bike on it. On top, you will find a rubber padding that keeps the bike stable in one position. But it is the durability of the pad that wins you over as it doesn’t get damaged by any chemicals or oils.

To get maximum stability on even or uneven surfaces, you’ve got to get the MotorSports sport bike stand.



What's the highest height the dirt bike stand reaches?

The highest reach it provides is 14.5 inches.

What's the key feature of this unit?

The lifting system is better than most as kids can also get it adjusted with ease.

4. Polisport 8981500007 Black Motorcycle Stand

Highlighted Features

With most of the bike stand, you might have a hard time to carry them even though they are lightweight. To solve that problem, you can try the Polisport folding dirt bike stand.

That’s right!

It is a folding unit. But before getting into that, the easy carrying is also possible because of the polypropylene plastic build. So, it is super lightweight.

But just because its made of plastic, don’t think it will be flimsy. Instead, this will hold more heavy bikes better than some other bike stands. With its 550 pounds weight limit, you can get almost any size bike on top of it. The molded rubber top keeps steady in their place—no-slip top.

The deck is super large. When you expand the unit, you will get an 11.5 x 12 inch top. But then when you get done with the job, simply collapse it, and you will get a 24.5-inch unit that is only about 2 inches thick. That makes it for easier storage. And carrying it won’t be an issue as it has a handle.



How much does the portable motorcycle stand weight?

The stand weighs around just 8 pounds.

What's the best feature of it?

The folding aspect of it makes it what it is as you can easily store it anywhere around the garage.

5. Pit Posse PP2849 Universal Dirt Bike Triangle Side Stand:

Highlighted Features

If you want to eliminate the trouble of installing the stand, go with the dirt bike triangle stands from Pit Posse.

Compared to the other ones, it is a more suitable option if you’re looking for a parking stand. That’s because it is quite compact and has very little weight to it. But when you need to do the maintenance of the bike, you can simply plug it to the rear axle and get the height to do the work.

Even though it looks a bit flimsy to the eyes, the triangle stand is quite stable. Thanks to the widened base that makes it secure when the bike leans on it. And the part where you put the rear axle on has the rubber end that keeps the bike from wiggling or falling.

And you can’t complain about the construction. It gets made of heavy-duty steel that’s super durable. When it comes to lifting the heavyweights, it won’t let you down.



What hole sizes the dirt bike wheel stand support?

It supports hole sizes 18mm, 14.5mm, 11mm diameters.

What's the best feature of this unit?

It comes with a lifetime warranty. So, you can be sure to get good use out of it for years to come.

6. Dirt Bike Universal Triangle Motorcycle Stand

Highlighted Features

Another dirt bike triangle stands to make entry to the list. This time it is from AnXin. What makes the unit so unique is that it can fit a wide range of the bike. From 80cc to 500cc, the easy to use bike stand fits them all.

The angled stand has the rubber grip. Due to it, the bike axle won’t slip from it. Nor it will wobble while you’re trying to work on it.

And if you’re not planning to use it for the maintenance, you can simply use it as a regular bike stand. It is the perfect option for the dirt bikes that don’t have the stand. That’s because it’s small and has very little weight.

The unit even though get made using high-quality steel, it weighs just about 1.8 pounds. Carrying it around with you won’t be an issue.



What's the dimension of the best dirt bike stands?

The stand has a dimension of 15.35 x 9.84 x 4.72 inches.

What's the best aspect of this motorcycle dirt bike stand?

It is super lightweight. The unit weighs just 1.8 pounds.

7. OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift

Highlighted Features

The hydraulic dirt bike stand from OTC is the one to get if you have a heavy bike like the Ducati. With its 17 inch long skids, you can lift the largest and widest of cruisers without any problem. And the 1500 pounds weight capacity of the stand makes sure; the bike doesn’t fall off it.

Just like the other hydraulic, the dirt bike center stand uses the foot lift system. But what makes it better than some of the others in the market is that it has a release locking system on foot. What it does is that it automatically locks the rear casters to keep the bike in place. To further safety, you get two ratcheting tie-down straps with the OTC.

Now, you can get a variety of height on the bike using the adjustable motorcycle stand. The lowest clearance you can get is about 3.5 inches. But if you need to get the dirt bike lifted more, you can go as high as 16-3/4 inches.

Yes, the unit is a bit heavy. But moving it around won’t be hard as it got a removable 360-degree handle on it.



What is the weight of the dirt bike lift?

The dirt bike lift is super heavy as it weighs around 93 pounds.

What features on it that you like the most?

Its high weight capacity makes it perfect for using with superbikes too.

8. Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic motorcycle lift

Highlighted Features

If you want your hands on the best dirt bike tire changing stand, then this is the one. It’s the Extreme Max hydraulic dirt bike stand.

Extreme because it offers one of the highest rising platforms in the market. You can get the bike tires 34.5 inches clear from the ground using this unit. And that’s perfect when you’re working with small kid bikes.

On top of the platform, you’ve got a hollow space. It works as a drain to get rid of the oil and other greases while doing maintenance. And to keep the bike steady in its place, you’ve got a 16.25 x 13.25-inch rubber padding covering the entire platform—no need to worry about scratches and scrapes.

With its simple foot pedal operation, you can quickly raise or lower the platform. This unit, however, isn’t the best option to deal with heavy road bikes. For dirt bikes, it is perfect as it has a 300 lbs maximum weight limit.



What's the size of the motocross bike stand?

The bike stand has a dimension of 17.52 x 16.5 x 14.61 inches.

What's the feature you will like the most?

The bike stand has tires at the bottom of it to make it quickly move around places.

9. liftmaster 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift

Highlighted Features

From the motorcycle stand reviews, the Liftmaster is quite different from the rest. That because unlike others, it doesn’t use a hydraulic lift. The one is a simple crank operation stand for the bike.

Though it rises slowly compared to the other, the stability of it is quite unmatched. You can easily lift around 1100lbs weight using the bike stand.

The 10.6-inch full deck has enough room to fit all sizes of motorcycles. And just like all the other units, it has that rubber padding all over it to keep the bike steady without letting it slipping down off it.

But it is the durability factor of the Liftmaster that proves to be its most prominent trait. With the solid steel construction, you get a stable unit that doesn’t wobble with a heavyweight. And the blue and black powder-coated finish on it helps it to avoid damages from bike oils and other chemicals.



How much does the motocross stand weigh?

The pit bike stands weight is around almost 30 pounds.

What's the key feature of the bike stand?

It’s the stability that it provides that makes you fall in love with it. It can handle high weights with ease.

10. BIG RED T64017 Torin Hydraulic Powersports Lift

Highlighted Features

If you’re into Powersports like dirt biking, then you need a professional tool just like the Big Red. And just like its name, the Big Red proves its name worth with its big load capacity. Using the bike stand, you can easily hold a load of 1500lbs.

That high weight capacity comes to your advantage big time. Now, you can use it to lift vehicles other than the bike. You can even use it to work with your snowmobile, ATV or UTV.

The unit features a wide range of lift. You can get ground clearance starting from  5-1/8″ which can go up to 16-1/8 inches depending on your need. And when you choose a height, you can lock that position.

To make maintenance work even simpler, you will get 2-locking swivel casters a bottle jack and a pulling bar with this best dirt bike stand. And there is no doubt about it is that it is the best as the wide-load bearing jack comes handy for Powersports use.



How much does the bike stand weigh?

The motorcycle bike stand weighs around 71.2 pounds.

What feature of it do you love the most?

The versatility of the unit is something you can’t help but love. It lets you work with ATV, UTV and snowmobile ride other than your bike.

Types of Dirt Bike Stands

There is a variety of bike stand that you can find in the market. With innovations going on all the time, soon, there will be more, no doubt. But currently, below are the most common type of motorcycle bike stands that you can get.

Triangle stand:

If you want a stand just to use it as a kickstand for the dirt bike, the triangle stand is the best option. It is super compact and has very little weight to it. This will not lift the tire off the ground, but you might be able to get some maintenance work done using it.

Standard stand:

The static or standard stand that you can get in the market is perfect for getting both the wheels off the ground. And you can find them in folding type to take it around with you. But the problem you have with it is that you won’t be able to level the bike on it that easily.

Lift stand:

The adjustable height stand comes in some varieties. The most basic and reliable of the lot is the lift stand. With a simple foot paddle lever, you can make the bike stand go higher to get the tires clear the ground level.

Adjustable stand:

These are quite similar looking to the static stand. The only difference is that you can get the height adjusted. Usually, the deck in such a unit is adjustable, which makes levelling the bike a much easier task.

Hydraulic Scissor stand:

Just like the lift stand, it uses a paddle lever to adjust the height. But what makes it different is that you can get a suitable working height with it as it provides a taller height range. But the lifting system might be a little slower compared to the other.

Dirt Bike Stand Buying Guide

To get your hands on the best dirt bike stand, you’ve got to figure how first to pick one. Yes, I’ve laid out some pretty great options in front of you but which one to choose is up to you.

If you’re having trouble making a choice, then probably still you’re not sure for what purpose you’re trying to buy one. That will become clearer after you get through the bike stand buying guide.

Type of stand:

You might have already got acquainted with the types. In that case, you should have some idea about it.

If you’re looking for a simple stand, the triangle one does the job. But for maintenance work, you can go any of the others: hydraulic, scissor or adjustable stand.

But that decision would get made depending on the other factors that come below.


Next on the line is the material. The construction of the stand will determine how much weight it can lift. Also, it will make sure how long the unit will last.

The best option is always to go with high-quality materials. For instance, steel is still a great choice. Other than steel, you’ve got the aluminium that also gives you high durability. But such stands can be heavy.

For a lightweight but heavy-duty stand, sturdy plastic material is a great alternative.

Lifting/height adjustment:

The best stand is those that can lift a lot. So, look for an option that has a high weight lifting limit. That way, you can use it for regular bikes other than your dirt bikes.

And when you’re on the subject of the lifting, make sure to get a unit that uses a simple lifting system. Some of the peddle lever out there require to much force to get the platform raised. That would make your work only tricky.


The weight of the unit is something also you should consider. Now, there are some dirt bike stands that you can carry with you easily. They do not weight at all. But some of the heavy lifting limit ones are bigger in dimension; therefore, they weigh much more.

In that case, to ensure easy portability, make sure the stand has wheels under it. That way, you can quickly move it around and take it with you on the tracks if required. But if you need to carry it with all the time, then that can be a nuisance. In such a scenario, a simple, lightweight option would be a better choice.

The other stuff:

Other than all that, you should consider a durable unit. You don’t want to get a bike stand every few months. You want something that can last as long as the bike itself. For that, go for a durable construction stand that resists damages from chemicals and stuff.

Apart from that, consider the versatility of the stand. There are special sportbike stands that you can use to lift other vehicles. If you can find such an option, then that would be a big plus.

And last but not least is the price. Depending on your use, get a stand that would come within the budget. Don’t overspend unnecessarily on a top-quality expensive stand that you will hardly ever use. Rather, spend wisely on a cheap motorcycle stand, that offers great quality and better use to your cause.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are dirt bike stands universal?

No. Not all of the stand will support the bike. But some models are universal.

What are dirt bike stands used for?

Dirt bike can have two purposes. One is to give your dirt bike the kickstand that it is missing to keep it up when you’re not riding it. The other use of it is to help you do the maintenance work by lifting the bike. You can use dirt bike stands to change your dirt bike tire, but it is not necessary. You can just as easily change your dirt bike tire without a stand.

What is the best dirt bike stand?

It depends on your use. If you want a simple stand, then the triangle stand will be that for you. If you’re going to use it to lift and work on various types of vehicles, then the BIG RED will be that for you. It varies from user to user.

What are the common problems people face while using a bike lift stand?

The common problems that people face are getting both the tires lifted from the ground without any of the one hanging low. Then there is the issue of getting it to the right height to have enough room to work on it. Another problem that occurs a lot is the bike doesn’t stay in its positions and slides on the stand, which can even cause some unwanted accidents.

How tall are dirt bike stands?

It depends on the model. Some model might offer you ground clearance around 10 inches. Then others offer better ground clearance which can go as high as 30+ inches.

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Final Thoughts

Getting the best dirt bike stand can be a tall task. That’s what inspired me to come with this list.

I took the time and researched to give you the 10-best dirt bike kickstand that the market has to offer.

Whether you’re looking just a stand or a tool to help with your bike repair work, there is the right kind of unit here for you.

Just go through them and pick one. Take good care of your dirt bike with the perfect dirt bike lift.

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