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Kids are always on the phone or their PS4 playing games and all. It has become even worse. There is no way for them to have fun with their friends playing real physical games. No surprise, they’re sitting on their ass and not having any physical activities at all.

Change that with the best Coolster dirt bike reviews by getting them their first dirt bike.

coolster 70cc dirt bike review

Get them on the tracks and let them have some real-world fun on their own. Break the shackles of boredom and obsession of the digital world by making them ride the pit bikes.

Sounds fun!

Then keep on reading.

Comparison Table of best Coolster pit bikes:

Here are a quick overview of the pit bikes. Just go through them and have some idea about them before you go ahead to the Coolster pit bike review.

Best Coolster dirt bike Comparison Table:

Coolster Dirt Bike Reviews

Dirt Bike 125cc Manual Clutch

coolster pit bike review

Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike 70cc Pit Bike

coolster 125cc pit bike review


coolster 110cc dirt bike review

Coolster QG-213A 110cc Dirt Bike

Best Coolster Dirt Bike Reviews

Coolster 213A Fully Auto 110cc Pit Bike

Coolster QG50X 50cc Dirt Bike

6 best Coolster dirt bike reviews for Kids

If you want your kids to get off the couch, then get them the Coolster pit bike. But which one to get? No worries, I’ve got a list prepared for you to find the right bike.

1. Dirt Bike 125cc Manual Clutch: Quick on the tracks

For teenagers, this 125cc Coolster dirt bike is the ultimate ride. Without any doubt, the stylish, small looking bike will get them pumped up to take this on the track and unleash that 125cc engine.

And most importantly, they get to taste the power with a manual clutch system that gives them the sense of being a real biker. So, no doubt, kids would love this for sure.

Highlighted Features

Coolster Dirt Bike 125cc Manual Clutch sizing chart

Why will you like this product?

The Coolster got many things going great for it. One of being the top speed. Most of the kid’s dirt bike can’t move fast on the tracks, but this one with its 67 km/h top speed will leave most other rides to eat its dust.

But while you’re kid moving real fast, you won’t feel worried at all as it got some large disc brakes at both front and rear wheels. The braking power it provides is superb. And also the rider gets better balance on the bike riding on those loose, unpredictable bumpy tracks because it got great rear shock suspension. The rider won’t get punished.

And not just the kids, adults can also take off on this bike as it got a good weight capacity.

One more thing to add is the fact it got a 4-stroke engine. Therefore, it is much more reliable and the fuel-economy is also exceptional.



2. Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike 70cc Pit Bike: The attractive ride

The mini dirt bikes’ design and color make it look close to the real rides. And it is the biggest USP of the ride besides the fact it is a gas bike.

So, this one from Coolster can take endless abuse while giving you miles after miles. And let’s not forget the sound it produces. It is like Beethoven’s symphony to the rider’s ear. Kids get quite stoked hearing the engine revving.

Highlighted Features

Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike 70cc Sizing Chart

Why will you like this product?

The semi-automatic transmission is perfect for young kids. They get to enjoy the best of both worlds. They get control as well as the ease of changing the gears and speed up the wheels.

While being on the subject of fast-spinning tires, the bike can go as fast as 30+ MPH. That’s quite impressive.

And the fact that you’ve got a 4-stroke engine, you get a more reliable ride that will give service for a long time. With the air cooling system in place, the amount of power and torque it produces is outstanding.

All things said, for parents, the part that is most enjoyable about the ride is the fact it comes mostly assembled. It requires only the tires and the handlebar assembly, and that’s it.

Good thing you know how kids love to wait when they get a new toy.



3. PCC MOTOR Black COOLSTER DIRT BIKE SEMI-AUTO 125CC: Guaranteed control

There aren’t many that provide the control of the PCC motor black of the Coolster. That said, the bike is more than that.

You get a 4-stroke engine at the heart of it that is quite durable. On top of that, the stylish looking bike with the vibrant orange color is one to catch your eyes every single time.

Kids love it at first sight.

Highlighted Features


Why will you like this product?

You can never go wrong with air-cooled engines. They got fewer parts, so they are lightweight. At the same time, it’s super-efficient when it comes to using fuel.

But the bike is all about the low weight. Not only makes it easier for the kids to handle, plus they can maneuver it better on the tracks. Even at full throttle, it will give you full control over the ride.

Then you’ve got the wheels and frame of the bike that gives an edge on all types of terrains. The bike tire grips well on any tracks. And the lightweight but durable frame can take on some beating.

All that with a grippy, cushioned seat, it is the ideal ride for the little ones to enjoy.



4. Coolster QG-213A 110cc Dirt Bike: Instant Power

For a beginner-friendly bike, going with the QG-213A makes a lot of sense. The bike got plenty of features, but the icing on top is the automatic transmission.

Kids who are getting into dirt biking got one less thing to worry about here as the speed change has been taken care of by the bike. But there is a lot to it that you can find out from the Coolster 110cc dirt bike review.

Highlighted Features

Coolster QG-213A 110cc Dirt Bike Sizing chart

Why will you like this product?

For me, the steel frame of the bike is the first thing that you notice. Compared to many others, it got a much more durable body that can withstand the crashes and drops better than most.

And for riding on the muddy tracks with holes and bumps, the CRF50 replica forks with the stiffer springs help a lot. The rider will feel comfortable riding on those tracks as if they’re riding on the street.

Even the tires play a great role in that. They bite into the tracks to give the bike more traction. So, kids will have more control over the bike.



5. PCC MOTOR Red Coolster 213A Fully Auto 110cc Pit Bike: Sensational drive

Most kid dirt bike can be too small or too heavy. That’s a problem where taller kids aren’t able to enjoy the bike, or the young ones, have a difficult time holding on to the ride. The Red 213A solves that problem with a bike that’s real light.

And even got a 29.4 inches height seat, which is perfect for both the tall and average height riders.

Highlighted Features

PCC MOTOR Red Coolster 213A Fully Auto 110cc Pit Bike size chart

Why will you like this product?

As a parent, you feel confident to hand this bike to your kid. Brakes on both the front and rear wheel give it stopping great power. And the fact, it uses a disc brake, the reaction is instant.

The same goes for the air cool engine. The fuel gets combusted with the cool air coming into the chamber and gets burst without waste. As a result, you get the instant boost that allows the chain driven system to move the wheels fast.

The bike moves at a top speed of 45 km/h. That’s impressive. But what’s more impressive is how easy it makes for the kid to get the transmission. The auto transmission system is perfect for young riders to get adapted to and get excited about the bike.



6. Coolster QG50X 50cc Dirt Bike: Fun and comfortable ride

To find a kids bike with all the real dirt bike features, then Coolster QG50X is the one that you can go for with eyes closed.

This 50 cc dirt bike is a great place to start for those young riders who are just getting into the sport. And there is a lot that will make both the riders and the parents happy with it.

Highlighted Features

Coolster QG50X 50cc Dirt Bike sizing chart

Why will you like this product?

The comfort level of the bike is unreal. It got dual inverted hydraulic forks at the front that absorb the shocks the track has to give without letting the rider feel a bit.

The same goes for the rear suspension. Besides taking on the shocks, it helps immensely with the handling of the ride.

Then there is the kill switch feature on the bike that let the kids turn off the engine on their own. But that aside, what makes the ride a fun ride is that the young bikers can easily switch the gears without a clutch. The 50cc bike moves fast on the track.

No worries!

Parents don’t need to worry much as the bike got quite the braking power. The front and rear drum brakes will get the bike slowed down real fast and even get the bike at a halt when the rider wants to. The big wheels also help with that as they deliver great traction to get the bike to stop right when you hit the brakes.



Coolster Dirt Bike buying guide

Looking at the Coolster pit bike reviews, you’re still not sure which one to get for the kids. Then maybe you’re not sure about the features that you need to prioritize when choosing the ride. Let me help with that a bit.


The first thing you need to figure out is the engine. Because the CC of the engine determines how fast the ride will be. Obviously, comparing the Coolster 125cc pit bike review with the Coolster 50 cc dirt bike review, you can see, the previous one is faster. No surprise, as it will produce more power and torque. But at the same time, a bigger cc engine means a heavier bike.

So, you’ve got to find a middle point where you want to let the kid have fun with a fast bike, but don’t want to give him a heavy ride that is hard for him to handle.


While picking up the bike, you need to consider whether it is a 2-stroke engine or a 4-stroke. From the Best Coolster Dirt Bike Reviews, you can see, all the rides here are 4-stroke. And that is because they are much more reliable and more eco-friendly. But when it comes to speed, 2-stroke reigns supreme, but they tend to get wreck fast. Therefore, invest keeping that in mind.


How fast the bike moves is important, but how quickly the bike comes to stop is even more crucial. With quality brakes on the bike, you can be sure the kids will get the bike stop when they want it to stop.

Now, while choosing the brakes, there are a couple of options in the market. Drum and disc brakes being the more popular options in the pit bikes. You can go to either of them. Though, the disc brake tends to last a bit longer. But they do cost more.


A good suspension system on the bike is a must. From Coolster reviews, you can see how the suspension system absorbs the shocks from the track and makes the rider feel comfortable on the ride. So, it is something you should consider a lot unless your kid doesn’t plan to ride it on the dirt tracks a lot and to use it on the streets more.


Gear changes are vital to get the bike wheel spinning fast. But for kids, it can be difficult to use the clutch and get the perfect transmission. That’s why while choosing the bike, you need to consider whether the kid is ready to handle the manual clutch transmission or not. If he/ she is just starting dirt biking, a full auto or semi transmission bike will suit them better. For more experienced riders, a manual clutch system will be more enjoyable.

How to shift on a Coolster dirt bike?

With a Coolster dirt bike, you shift with the foot. Now, being semi-automatic, there is no clutch in most Coolster bike. Therefore, you don’t have to sweat about getting the timing right for changing the gears. Still, there are some basics you need to learn to know how to shift with the foot in the right way. Let’s take a look.

  • On the right side, you will find the brake to turn on the bike.
  • Now, you need to give it a little bit of gas, so turn the accelerator. You will be in first gear at this moment.
  • With your toe on the left side, you need to press the pedal to shift into the second gear.
  • Again hit the gas with less pressure while pressing on the pedal with the toe to shift again and move to third gear.
  • You’ll do the same to go to fourth gear.

Using the left side pedal, you can even shift down when you need to.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How fast does a Coolster Dirt bike go?

It depends on the CC of your bike. The higher the CC bike you’ve got, the higher speed you can get. From the list, the 125cc Coolster dirt bike got the highest speed of 67 km/h.

What’s the best Coolster pit bike?

All of them are quite exceptional. But if you want to get the closest feel of a real dirt bike, then check out the Coolster 125cc pit bike review.

What is the cooling system of the Coolster engines?

The Coolster pit bikes use the air cool system.

Are all of the Coolster bike roads legal?

Not all are street legal like the PCC MOTOR Black 125 cc. So, be sure of that before making the purchase.

Final Thoughts

I hope the best Coolster dirt bike reviews gave you the ultimate ride for your little one. Whether you’re looking for a safe ride or a fast ride or a combination of both, they’ve got them all.

Both kids and parents will appreciate what the rides have to offer.

So, don’t think. Just pick one and give your kid the time of his/her life. Set them free.

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