Best Fit Right Dirt Bike Reviews: Best selling mini bikes

Your kid wishes to explore the muddy terrains on a dirt bike just like you. But for doing that, they need to have the right size bike to ride.

Not all mini dirt bikes will be fit for the young ones. But the Fit Right dirt bike reviews got perfect bikes for all age groups.

fit right mini bike reviews

From a very young age, your kid can start riding the Fit Right bike and master the art of controlling the ride on those loose trail tracks. So, why wait?

Go through the fit right mini bike review to find them the ultimate mini gas bike.

3 Best Fit Dirt Bike Reviews for the money

There are many mini dirt bikes in the market, but most of them are too complex or too expensive to get for the kids starting riding bikes for the first time. Keeping that in mind, I’ve got the fit right mini gas pocket bike that is easy to ride without making a dent in your pockets.

Just take a look.

1. Fit Right 2020 DB001 49CC 2-Stroke Kids Mini Dirt Bike: Get On-Demand Power

With the DB001 49CC 2-Stroke Kids Dirt Off-Roader, you can be sure about one thing, kids will fall in love with it at first sight.

That’s because the mini dirt bike has the same feel to it as the real pro dirt bikes. And with that black and white color combo, it is hard not to look at it. It’s that good.

Highlighted Features

For a quality fit right mini gas pocket bike, go with the DB001 49CC 2-Stroke Kids Dirt Off-Roader. Kids will fall in love at first sight.

That’s because the mini dirt bike has the same feel to it as the real pro dirt bikes. And with that black and white color combo, it is hard not to look at it. It’s that good.

Fit Right 2020 DB001 49CC 2-Stroke Kids Mini Dirt Bike Size Chart:

Why will you like this product?

Plenty of things that go great for the 49cc pocket bike

from Fit Right. The gas-powered engine is one of them. When you rev it up, the engine sound has the feel of a real motorcycle that gets the bikers looking forward to the ride.

The rugged build makes it perfect for off-road use. The sturdy metal tube frame allows it to take on hits. And to a large extent, it gives a nice balance to the bike that makes it much more enjoyable to ride.

Plus, riding the bike, your kid is safer than before as the Fit right got dual disc brakes at the front and rear to get the bike in control in no time.

And having a 2 stroke engine, it delivers better performance. With one revolution of the crankshaft, it completes the 4-stages of combustion to produce the power. It is fast.

Also, it requires less maintenance. That saves your time and money too.



2. Fit Right 2020 DB002 51CC 2-Stroke Kids Mini Dirt Bike: Persuade Excellence

For enthusiast riders, the DB002 Fit Right 2020 is the ultimate off-road bike.

This blue color bike got a cool look to it. And with a dimension of 38x22x27 inches (LxWxH), it is the right size bike to give the young riders a taste of what off-roading is all about.

Highlighted Features

Fit Right 2020 DB002 51CC 2-Stroke Kids Dirt Off-Road Mini Dirt Bike Size Chart:

Why will you like this product?

You will love the fact of how Fit right went out of their way and made this ride kid safe. It got a nice steel frame that can take on some falls for sure. And with those rear disc brakes, it gives the parent a relief knowing the bike clutch gets the ride stopped with a slight press of it.

But the bike isn’t only kid-safe. The mini bike is also saved from the kids. Reason for saying that, you can see the Fit right got caged over the engine. Kids are likely to fall a lot that increases the chance of getting the 2-stroke engine damaged more than usual. Fit right made sure that nothing of such happened.

And in terms of engine performance, the 51cc, 2-stroke engine produces enough muscle to ride through trails.

The large, fat tires really come on their own in the tracks to give stability to the ride as it absorbs most of the bumps to make it a smooth ride for the kids. The same goes for the cover on the chain that made sure the dirt and debris don’t get caught there to hinder the bike’s performance.



3. Fit Right 2020 DB003 40CC 4-Stroke Kids mini dirt bike: Fast and Reliable

Looking back at the Fit Right db003 reviews, there is nothing like this. It is a bare minimum bike with a tube frame, seat, and some tires.

However, the good thing about the bike is that it comes in wide colors like green camo, pink and yellow, giving the riders the perfect looking bike that goes with their style.

Great indeed!

Highlighted Features

Fit Right 2020 DB003 40CC 4-Stroke Kids mini dirt bike sizing chart:

Why will you like this product?

Though it is a bike with no real frame or anything, it still got steel tubing that gives a durable structure to the Fit right.

The real game-changer, however, for the bike is its 4-stroke engine. Compared to the 2-stroke engines, it provides higher torque with lower RPM. Therefore, it is much more durable.

Not only that, the 4-stroke engine is quieter than the counterpart, making it possible for your kids to ride it around the neighborhood. Plus, it is safe for the environment.

This 1.4 hp mini dirt bike from Fit Bike can get the power to translate on the wheels too. It can move at a top speed of 27 miles that is quite impressive, to say the least.



Best Fit Dirt Bike Buying Guide

Looking at the Fit Right dirt bike reviews, if you’re still not sure which mini dirt bike you should get for the kid, then let me intervene. With this buying guide, I will give you an idea about some features that you need to consider to make the choice.

Let’s start then.


For me, you need to get a durable bike. And the option that is perfect for that is the metal frame. It will be strong to take on the hits and won’t get wrecked that easily. So, this is the top choice for mini bikes.


With engines on a bike, there are two popular options to choose from. There are the 2-stroke engine and the 4-stroke. Now, they both have their merits. For producing power fast, you can’t beat the 2-stroke engines. However, due to their higher RPM, they aren’t quite durable.

Where their counterpart, a 4-stroke engine can provide reliable performance throughout the years. Plus, they are better for the environment. Though the many parts of it make it a nuisance when it comes to maintenance. You need to weigh down the goods and bads to make up your mind, what you want to get.


Quality brake is something that you need to ensure in the kid’s bike. When they are young, they will love to move fast all the time which can lead them to trouble. With proper brakes, you can make sure they can get the bike to stop before they crash into something.


To have a wonderful time riding the bike, you need to invest in a ride that comes with a comfortable seat. Here comfort doesn’t only mean having a cushioned seat that is cozy to seat on. It also means a surface that will give the young rider the grip to be on top of the bike sitting in one position and not slip from there.


The last bit of advice is to go with tires that offer the grip on the loose dirt tracks. With treaded fat tires on the bike, your kid will able to be on the bike even if the surface isn’t the most compromising. Not only that, it will take a lot of the shocks to make sure the rider doesn’t feel the punishment that the track beholds for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the best mini bike for young riders?

The Fit Right mini gas pocket bike 03 on 40cc 4 stroke is one of the rides that make for the best mini bike for young riders. It offers exceptional speed and top-notch durability that is unmatched.

Is Fit right bike suitable for teenagers?

Yes, the 49cc pocket bike from Fit right is a perfect example of that as it is suitable for riders aged 13+.

Do they come with an electric start?

The ones here don’t have an electric start as they got made to be affordable for most budgets.

Final Thoughts

Going through the Fit Right dirt bike reviews, you can see that all the bikes offer quite similar performance. Quality-wise, the three bikes in question are quite on the same level. The only thing that separates them is that everyone has a unique identity. One is really fast, one got a perfect balance, and one just gives you the raw feel of a dirt bike.

Just get whatever you feel like suits your kid and stick with it. You won’t have any regret. Fit Right dirt bike makes sure of that.

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