Dirt Bike Size Chart – Find the Best Dirt Bike for You

If you are new to the off-road riding scene and don’t know much about dirt bikes, we are here to help with our dirt bike size chart. Choosing a dirt bike that suits you best can be quite tricky, but the two most important factors you should look for are Dirt Bike Sizes and Dirt Bike cc. 

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You might become intimidated by seeing how large a dirt bike can be and settle for a dirt bike that is too short. Also, there is some misconception regarding dirt bikes such as the taller you are, the more cc of the engine will suit you. However, that is not the case, and there are bikes specifically for your height and stature.

The first question that might pop up in your mind while purchasing a dirt bike can be “what size dirt bike do I need?” Understanding how a dirt bike works will give you complete estimation about what height of a bike you should go for and what cc you should seek. Among a lot of bikes available online, a dirt bike height chart will aid you in picking up the right one for you or your kid.

What Dirt Bike size is Appropriate for You?

When it comes down to choosing the appropriate dirt bike, your choice will vary regardless if you are looking for dirt bike sizes for adults or kids. Whichever size you pick, at the end of the day being comfortable in the saddle is the most crucial part.

The best and most straightforward way to figure out the answer to the question of what size dirt bike is right for me is just to sit on the bike. At this point, your feet should touch the ground, but the heel of your foot should be on the air while the toes touch the ground. This is how you will figure out that you have chosen the perfect sized dirt bike for you.

Constructing a dirt bike size chart is not a simple task because let’s face it; everyone has a different body type regardless of height. Some people might have long legs that need to be adjusted with the dirt bike, while some people have a larger body that needs to fit in with the bike. 

To make your life a lot easier, we have prepared a dirt bike size calculator that shows dirt bike size requirements according to height and cc. The following dirt bike seat height chart illustrates dirt bike sizes for adults in terms of height, seat, and engine.

Height in FT. Seat Height Engine
6′ (182cm) Tall and Taller 37.5″ or taller 250cc and up
5’10” (178cm) tall 35 to 39″ 250cc and up
5’8″ (172cm) Tall 34 to 38″ 125cc/150cc/250cc
5′ 6″ (167cm) Tall 34 to 37″ 125cc/150cc/250cc
5’4″ (162cm) Tall 33 to 36″ 125cc
5’2″ (157cm) Tall 31 to 35″ 125cc

What Size Dirt Bike do you need for your kid?

Now let’s talk about bike size for your kids where safety and protection are the primary concern. While choosing a dirt bike for your kid, you need to consider two factors. First, one being whether your kid will feel comfortable riding it, and the second one is offering the kid a room to grow without the need to replace the bike. 

Usually, kids’ dirt bike engine sizes are limited between 50 to 125cc. The following dirt bike size chart illustrates different dirt bike sizes according to age, seat height, and engine and will give you a sense of direction and approximation to pick the appropriate bike for your kid.

Age Seat Height Engine
Kids 10 to 12 years old 26″ to 31″ 110cc / 125 cc
9 to 10 years old kids 24″ to 28″ 110cc
8 to 9 years old kids 24″ to 26″ 110cc
5 to 8 years old kids 23″ to 25″ 50cc

In addition to this, always compare dirt bike seat height and wheel size while shopping for a dirt bike for your child. And, these are the only recommendations. It is up to you to decide and to pick one as every rider rides differently depending on their riding capability. Make sure you and your kid feel comfortable and confident while riding the bike. 

Dirt Bikes for 5’10” – 6′ Tall and Taller

If your height falls under this category, you might ask yourself how big of a dirt bike do I need. Don’t worry as there are lots of fascinating dirt and trail bikes out there that will accommodate you just right. These bikes are usually higher in seat size and have powerful engines.

Dirt Bikes for 5’10” - 6′ Tall and Taller
  • Kawasaki KX250F
  • Yamaha YZ125
  • KTM 250 SX
  • Yamaha YZ250X
  • KTM 250 XC

Dirt Bikes for 5’2” – 5’8″ Tall

Being moderate in height, most of the dirt bikes are designed for this group of riders. Simple, easy to get going, and performance beast bikes are available by different manufacturers. These bikes on an average have seat size ranging between 32″ to 38″ and have an engine power of 125 cc.

Dirt Bikes for 5’2” - 5’8″ Tall
  • Suzuki DR-Z125L
  • Yamaha TT-R125LE
  • Kawasaki KLX140
  • Suzuki DR-Z125L
  • Yamaha YZ12

Dirt Bikes for Kids

The essential thing in a kid’s dirt bike is the safety standard. Having cc range between 50- 125, the following are some pretty neat collections for your kid, including 125cc dirt bike size from which you can pick on for yours.

Dirt Bikes for Kids
  • Honda CRF110F 
  • Suzuki DR-Z70
  • Yamaha TT-R50E
  • KTM 50 SX
  • Yamaha YZ65

Adjusting the Height of a Dirt Bike

Now, what happens when you already have picked up a dirt bike and facing trouble with your dirt bike seat height? Many of us don’t even know that we can adjust the height over which we have been stressing over so much. You are just one step away from a comfortable ride where you can have great endurance and maneuver on your dirt bike. 

Unfortunately, there is no one simple switch that you can press to solve your height adjustment issue. This is where bike mods come to the rescue as they can be a cheap and easy solution for you, at least better than getting a new bike.

Then there is also the option to remove the seat of your dirt bike or simply cut it down to a level where you feel comfortable sitting on it. Installing a much softer seat foam will also do the trick as you will sink right in a while riding the bike. You can even tweak the suspension sag of the rear tire and set the settings to the lowest so that the height adjusts itself when you ride your dirt bike.

Tweaking the handlebar also sounds reasonable as you can raise or shorten the mount to get a posture in which you or your kid finds comfort riding the bike.

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Final Verdicts

So what we have learned so far from this dirt bike sizing guide is that choosing an appropriate dirt or trail bike will, without a doubt, affect your riding experience. Don’t just rush in to grab a bike that is overpowered as you won’t enjoy riding it, and it might not be safer for you either.

 Know what your height and body demand, and go for a bike that suits you best and also has room for tweaking. Whether you are considering buying a dirt bike for you or your child, we hope our dirt bike size chart will node you in the proper direction, and you have a marvelous off-road riding experience.

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