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Why do you need to check the motocross knee braces reviews?

For the adrenaline junkie, motocross is high. The unpredictability of it makes it so much fun. But you can not ignore the fact, it is quite dangerous. Even the slightest mistake can cause you some severe damage.

motocross knee braces reviews

Especially on the knees. That’s one of the parts that get the most damaged while riding the bike. And if you don’t want to be kept away from the fun of riding the dirt bike, then you need to have a proper knee brace on. Otherwise, you are looking into a serious knee injury like a torn ACL that will keep you out of the track for a long time.

So, buckle up your seat belt and get ready for the dirt bike knee braces right away before it’s too late.

If you want a pick a knee brace gear right away, then I’ve got two options for you from the opposite end. One might cost you a lot, but offer the best of what the knee brace can offer, the other might offer high-quality protection, for a more affordable budget.

motocross knee braces reviews

Mobius X8 Knee braces


For the best pick, I’ve got to go with the Mobius X8. The futuristic-looking gear offers you a solid chassis made out of the most durable, impact resistance fiberglass. Meanwhile, it offers you security against ACL injuries with its hyperextension lock system. Besides wearing it for protecting it from such injuries, you can use it for recovering from such leg damages too.

best knee braces for dirt bike riding

Alpinestar 7 Knee Brace


Alpinestar Bionic 7 Knee Brace is one of the best choice gear to have. Made out of fiberglass, the chassis is super solid. It can take on heavy impacts. Even you get a double-wall knee cap design that leaves no space for getting injured. Plus, with interchangeable hyperextension lockouts, you can restrict your movement to your liking to avoid any ligament injuries.

budget pick
best knee braces for motocross

Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace


You can’t go with the Leatt X-frame. The brand has been making knee braces for a long time. And with the X-frame, they again proved that even on a tight budget, they can deliver a top of line gear. Its flexible top and bottom make it easy to wear over the pants. While the certified impact-resistant frame takes on crashes like a champ to keep you safe.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 best knee braces for dirt bike riding

motocross knee braces reviews

SCOYCO Racing Knee Guards

best knee braces for motocross

Leatt White Large/X-Large Knee and Shin Guard Dual Axis

best knee braces for dirt bike riding

Mobius X8 Knee braces

knee brace for motorcycle riding

EVS Sports Unisex-Adult Axis Pro Knee Brace

dirt bike knee braces

EVS Sports EPIC knee pad

motorcycle knee brace

Alpinestar Bionic 7 Knee Brace

motocross knee brace review

Fox Racing Titan Pro Knee/Shin Guard

motocross knee braces reviews

EVS RS9 Knee brace

best knee braces for motocross

Pod K8013-169-LG Knee and Shin Protection

knee brace for motorcycle riding

Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace

10 Best Motocross Knee Braces Reviews

There are too many knee braces that tend to claim to be the best. But most of them are not. But how do you find the ultimate gear from the sea of the mediocre ones? No worries, I’ve got the top ones picked for you right here. Just take a look.

1. SCOYCO Racing Knee Guards

Highlighted Features

Do you need the perfect knee brace to get on the trails on your dirt bike? Then Scoyco might have something for you to try on.

It is their PP PE Hard collision bionic knee guards. Whether you’re riding a moto, ATV, or a BMX, the crashproof gear is suitable to take on the unpredictable trails. Check it out below to know more about it.

Why will you like this product?

Being a bionic motorcycle knee brace, the Scoyco bents and flexes with your leg. You get 30-180° rotations with them. So, it won’t obstruct you in any way.

When it comes to protecting the knee, the PP shell covers a large area that starts above the knee cup and shields up to the ankles.

The injection-molded, high-impact PC material will absorb maximum shock to make sure you don’t fracture the knees.

If you look inside the dirt bike knee braces, you get a metal mesh that allows the airflow to keep things from getting sweaty. And for the winter, the thermal lining of Scoyco is good enough to retain heat to not let you freeze in cold. So, it is perfect to wear in all weather.



Is it suitable for adults?

They would fit adults, but big guys will have a hard time getting it on.

What's the feature that makes it a great knee guard?

The rotating joint in the knee cup is the exciting part. You get free movement thanks to it.

2. Leatt White Large/X-Large Knee and Shin Guard Dual Axis

Highlighted Features

For those who are looking to get into trail riding and want some protection for the knee, give a try to the Leatt Dual Axis Knee and shin guard.

No matter what type of riding boots you’ve on, you will get an easy fit with the Leatt gear.

Why will you like this product?

If you’re not ready to make the big leap to knee braces that cost a lot, then the Leatt Knee guards are the next best thing to get. Under $100, you get CE protection with the guard in question.

But before getting back to it, let’s take time to appreciate the inlets on the knee guard. They pull in the air to keep things cool underneath the guard.

On the exterior, the hardshell is all-around to give protection. And even it has a shield on the knee cup. So, when the dual-hinge moves with the leg, it won’t leave you exposed.

Behind the hard shell, the inside got a lot of foam that makes it so comfortable to wear. Also, the 3DF foam absorbs a lot of the impact, so you don’t feel much force from clashes.



Does it come in pair?

Yes, you get a pair of knee braces when you order it.

What's the stand out feature?

The knee brace is perfect for motorcycle riding as it adapts to your movement.

3. Mobius X8 Knee braces

Highlighted Features

Just by the way they look and work, they are the best knee braces for motocross.

But there is more to Mobius X8. Unlike knee guards, the brace here will take care of rotational forces to stop screwing up the knees. To know more, keep on reading.

Why will you like this product?

It is a massive upgrade from a knee guard like the Leatt. Though it comes at an even higher price.

But to be honest, it is worth it as it will save you from severe injuries like ACL and MCL that require surgeries to get better.

Now, getting to the construction. You get a fiberglass build with 6061 aluminum that gives you a solid shield. But the materials are lightweight. So, you feel easy to move around with it.

What really makes it great is its hyperextension adjustment on the knee cup area. You can get the right amount of it to avoid overextending the leg. And having that dual hinge system, your knee moves freely without depending on the top of the lower part of the knee brace. You don’t feel any constraint, therefore.

The backside of the brace got four buckles to get the right fit. Each strap got a number on it to show you which one to adjust first to get the best fitting. For the cross design buckle, the adjustment point is right at the front, which is a simple dial that won’t take any real work for you to figure out how to use. It gives you a secure lock keeping the brace in its place.



Is it available for kid’s sizes?

Yes, you can get it in small, medium, and large. Therefore, finding the right fitted brace for yourself, or your kid won’t be a problem.

What’s the top feature of the Mobius X8?

There are a bunch of things that will excite you about it. But for me, the overall protection it provides at the front, back, and even at the sides is unparalleled.

4. EVS Sports Unisex-Adult Axis Pro Knee Brace

Highlighted Features

EVS is one of the few brands that have been making knee braces for a long time. And they got a big lineup of them for all budgets.

But the one here, the Axis Pro is for those competitive riders, who need the ultimate protection for the knees.

Why will you like this product?

What makes it the best knee braces for dirt bike riding?

There are a bunch of reasons for it. Starting from the fitting. The braces come in a variety of sizes. So, finding a compatible one won’t be a problem. But however, if you feel like the medial and lateral contact of the knee brace is a bit lose, they give you extra padding to close that gap.

Next, come to the chassis of it, the Axis Pro gives you a rigid one. At the top of it and the bottom, you get carbon fiber calf protection. They won’t flex much, but they will take on the impact unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

The overlapping knee cap protection of it gives you full coverage no matter your knee position. That’s another great thing about it.

At the back, four straps keep it nice and tight, hugging the leg. Plus, you get an extra comfort strap to help in compression to keep the braces in place.

For the inner liner on the brace, the sharkskin neoprene will absorb the impact. Plus, it is easy to wash.



What sizes is it available to get?

You can get it in S, M, L, and XL size.

What’s the one feature that awes you about it the most?

The patented Tru-motion 2.0 hinge system is just fascinating. When the knee brace bends, that pivot point of the hinge changes to follow the right shape to give you more support.

5. EVS Sports EPIC knee pad

Highlighted Features

For dirt bike riding, EVS got several best knee braces in many categories. One of them is the Sports Epic.

It is not a knee brace but more of a guard instead that supports most of the knee.

But it is good enough to be on this list.

Why will you like this product?

The EVS sports offer you all-round protection. You get coverage from right over the knee cap to almost near the shin.

What’s even more exciting is the contour around the upper and lower cuffs to give a perfect shape to fit on the leg.

Then there is the kneecap armor on it. It got hinges to let it flex to cover that patella region when you extend the knee.

Even the adjustable 3-strap system works neatly. Just pop them on and off using the peg-in-hole buckle system of it.

Overall, whether it comes to mobility, rigidity, or just pure comfort, in all those parts, it does a great job.



Is it available in a smaller size?

For now, you can only get it in large or XL size.

What's the one feature that sticks out from others?

The hinge system works well. You get unrestricted movement wearing the gear, unlike some of the cheap stuff out there.

6. Alpinestar Bionic 7 Knee Brace

Highlighted Features

The Bionic 7 knee brace from Alpinestar is one of its most coveted protection gears.

And you can see why.

They came to replace their Fluid pro lineup that was a big hit. And with even lighter, more comfortable, and more rigid gear, they seem to accomplish that.

Why will you like this product?

I’ve talked about the Bionic 7 being lighter and more rigid. They achieved that with a fiberglass compound for the main chassis on the brace.

At the top and bottom of the brace, you get more room. So, riders with broad legs won’t have trouble fitting into them.

Then there is the new kneecap design. You get a double wall CE rated protection system where there is a layer that helps to cover the area when it overlaps. And a solid cage is on the patella at all times to take care of impacts.

Like the Mobius one, it got a numbered strap to show how to put them on to get it fit right. 

Inside of the brace, you got padding overall. Even under the double-wall design, it got that padding to make it comfortable to wear.



Does it come with extra padding for side hinges?

You can get extra padding for the side hinges to get the right fit. But you’ve got to get them separately as they won’t come with the brace.

What are the top features of the knee brace?

Two things make a real difference in the knee brace. The first thing is the dual pivoting hinge that allows it to mimic the natural movement of the knee. And then there are the hyperextension locks, which give the rider to choose at what degree you want it to lockout to stop overextending the leg.

7. Fox Racing Titan Pro Knee/Shin Guard

Highlighted Features

For quality impact protection, you can get the Fox Racing Titan Pro knee/shin guard.

What makes it different from its predecessor Titan is it covers an even more extensive area than that.

Plus, much more than you can find here.

Why will you like this product?

Now, for the buck you pay, you will get floating kneecap protection with the Titan pro. Unlike the Titan version, it goes over the thigh region to give an extra bit of security.

Made from injection-molded plastic, the knee/shin guard can take on real impact. The air vents on the calf area promote airflow within the knee guard.

On the interior, you get a mix of foam, padding, and mesh. So, it absorbs the impact shocks while giving you comfort and breathability to ensure not much sweating wearing them.

Under that patella knee guard, there is impact rubber to add some shock absorption too.

Plus, with the 3-hinge system, you get a great range of motion wearing them.



How many colors is it available?

The knee brace is only available in black color.

What’s the best feature of the knee brace?

For me, it solves a huge problem, and that is the fitting of the brace. The one size gear here fits all.

8. EVS RS9 Motocross Knee brace

Highlighted Features

EVS got a lot of knee braces in their lineup. And from that lot comes the EVS RS9. It is their mid-range knee brace for motorcycle riding.

And in this motocross knee braces reviews, you get to find what makes it great.

Why will you like this product?

For the RS9, the price you pay, you get a quality knee brace. You get a poly fusion polymer that is quite robust.

And it offers a lot more flex. Yes, the rigidity might not be on the same level as the more advanced model, but it’s not bad.

By the way, the upper and lower calf flex helps with the fitment. It conforms with the shape of the leg better than most.

When it comes to the knee cap protection, it does a great job with the two-piece design. It got overlapping hard plastic that stretches to shield that area. 

On the inside, it got soft padding that takes on the impact. And with the mesh design, allows the airflow too. Not to forget, the True motion 2.0 hinge mimics the leg movement.



How many sizes is the knee brace available in?

You can get it in S, M, X, and XL size.

What’s the stand out feature of it?

The quality of it is great. Still, the ratchet strap is one of the features that is quite exciting as it makes it quicker to get it on and off.

9.Pod K8013-169-LG Knee and Shin Protection

Highlighted Features

Pod is famous for making high-quality protective gear. No surprise that they got one of their knee braces making into the motocross knee brace review.

It is the Pod K8013-169-LG. The one here came to replace their long-serving K knee braces that are quite loved by the riders. Get a closer look at them to see what’s new in the latest gear.

Why will you like this product?

Starting with the chassis. You get the same carbon fiber build as the previous model. But with a new color scheme.

The chassis is quite lightweight. But don’t make the mistake of thinking of them to be flimsy. Pod advertises the frame to be unbreakable. And the 5-year warranty they gave on it is proof of their belief.

On the calves both at the top and bottom, you get the adaptive plastic bits on the brace. So, they flex and shape to fit the leg.

The low-profile knee cap is what sticks out the most as it overlaps to give maximum coverage in that part. And to make it even better, you can pop out the knee cap and wear just the knee brace.



What's the weight of the knee braces?

The dirt bike knee brace weighs only 1.0lbs.

What's the one thing that stands out about the Pod?

The knee brace got adaptive cuffs that conform to the leg shape that lets free-flowing movement.

10. Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace

Highlighted Features

To conclude the motocross knee braces reviews, I’ve got back to Leatt. And it makes sense as this brand has given so many quality knee gears over the years.

So, the last one that concludes the list is the X-Frame.

Why will you like this product?

The traditional style X-frame got a carbon composite chassis. Like the earlier knee brace model, the calf on top and bottom offers great flexibility. Therefore, it helps with getting the right fit over the pants and boots.

Then you’ve got that full patella coverage that has CE certification. So, it can take on the impacts.

Underneath that kneecap, it got two protective pieces at the top and bottom, to make sure when you extend the knee, there is coverage to save from impacts.

I love that Leatt gives some extra pads to use inside the knee to get a proper fitting on the knee. And can’t complain about the padding as it is soft and cozy.



Is it available in a small size?

 Yes, you can get it in S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

What’s the one feature that stands out to you the most?

For me, it is the hyperextension lock system of the brace that helps to reduce ACL injuries. You can limit the extension from 5°- 20° based on your preference.

What does a motocross knee brace protect?

It is quite obvious to have the question of what does the knee brace protects you from. Why can’t you just wear the guard as it seems to do the job?

Here is why you need it.

If you’ve gone through the motocross knee braces reviews, you’ve seen that it stops hyperextension. In enduro sports, you often twist your ACL or overextend it while riding that can lead to a serious knee injury. The knee guards can’t protect you from that. But the knee braces are equipped with avoiding that.

Besides ACL, the injury that is quite common among the riders is the Meniscus. It is the part of the joint that absorbs shocks from forces on the leg. When you put the foot down too hard on the ground, you can tear it.

Other than the two, the third kind of knee injury the braces will protect you from is the MCL. It happens when the inside ligament of your knee gets torn or detached completely.

What knee braces do pro motocross riders wear?

The professional motocross riders won’t wear entry-level gears. That is for sure. Even the mid-range knee braces won’t provide them enough security.

It is the higher-end products that will give what they need on the track.

For example, Ryan Villipoto, the supercross racer who competed in AMA motocross championship from 2005-2014, his choice of gear is the Mobius. Even many others like the Mobius X8.

Then there are many who are in love with the Pod. Blake Baggett, a famous motocross rider has been seen flaunting them.

For many others, the top pick knee brace comes from the ever-dependable Leatt.

What to look for in a functional knee brace?

In a functional knee brace, the first thing you need to look for is mobility. It should have a hinge system that will allow that frame to move with you so that it doesn’t feel like restricting your natural motion. Besides that, it should offer to shape around the leg well to fit on it. And the important thing for which you get a knee brace in the first place, protect from injuries. It should be able to restrict hyperextension so that you don’t twist those ligaments while riding and turning with the bike.

Should I be wearing a knee brace?

If you’re in the motorsport’s world, you should consider wearing knee braces. When you crash with the bike and fall off it hitting the knee, the knee guards will just protect you from the crash impacts. But the braces will give you a solid structural frame to ensure there is no rotational impact to avoid stretching the ligaments too much. It will prevent you from damaging the ACL and other things. And if you’ve gone through some injury like such before, wearing a knee brace will ensure you can protect the leg from existing injuries like such from happening again. Not to mention, it helps riders with such injuries to regain strength while minimizing the pain. So, no doubt, the gear is quite crucial for the riders.

Things to consider for buying the best knee braces

While trying to find the best knee braces for dirt bike riding, you need to make sure you’ve got the right features written down. If not, no worries, I’ve got this buying guide to help you distinguish those key traits.


The first thing that matters in a protection gear is obviously the amount of security it offers. In that case, the more coverage you’ve got the better. But that’s not it. Protection depends on the quality of the material too. For instance, fiberglass knee braces tend to be much more durable and impact-resistant than cheap plastic ones. So, you’ve got to keep that in mind too.

Impact absorption:

No doubt, the exterior will help to resist the crash wounds. You might be able to get out of the accident without any scratch. But that’s not enough. If the knee brace doesn’t absorb the impact, you might feel the force coming down on the knee. And that can cause it to tore down that you might not see with naked eyes, but can feel it. That’s why the knee brace should be able to absorb the hit to make sure you don’t feel the full force of the crash. That’s why proper padding on the brace is a must.

Pivoting Hinge:

The best quality knee braces will have a pivoting hinge system in place. And you should opt for it. That’s because it will allow you to get free movement with the knee without exposing the knee area in any way. That’s because the knee cap will move with your leg motion to cover up the space opened up with your leg shift.


The fitting of the brace depends on a proper strapping system. If the straps on the knee brace come off, then no doubt, it will slide down and expose the leg. That’s not what you want.

It is for this reason; you should consider looking into the straps in the gear. Some of the modern gears have many ordered straps that help you to put on the brace more tightly on the leg. Others have more grippy materials that hug the skin tight to make sure, it doesn’t come off.

Hyperextension lock:

One of the key features that you should eye for in your knee braces is a hyperextension lockout system. If you don’t want your knee joints to bend in the wrong way, then you need to make sure, they don’t twist much when you’re riding the bike. That’s where the hyperextension locks come in. They will restrict the knee movements to a preferable angle you wish to have to prevent such injuries.

Other stuff:

Besides all that, there are a couple of things more that require your attention. Like the comfort. The knee brace should be comfortable to wear as you will wear it for long periods. Alongside that, the breathability of it matters. If it gets too hot inside it, it won’t be possible for you to wear it for long. Other than that, the price and all that other things that you should keep in mind looking for the gear.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best dirt bike knee braces?

It depends on the user. But for many of the motocross riders, the Mobius x8 seems to be the top drawer gear.

Do motocross knee braces work?

There is no doubt that high-quality dirt bike knee braces do a great job of protecting the knee from various accidental impacts.

What is the purpose of a knee brace?

The purpose of the knee brace is to protect it from crash impacts as well as give you the freedom to move with it. No more hyperextending the joints are one of its key roles.

Will a knee brace help with a torn ACL?

Yes, a knee brace will give your torn ACL the necessary support to recover.

How tight should a knee brace be?

The knee brace should be tight enough to not slip down from its position. But it should have some room to let the air flow in without any interruption to keep things cool inside it.


I hope the motocross knee braces reviews helped you find the ultimate protective gear you were looking for before.

Just go through the list again and keep the things taught to find the right gear in mind. Then it won’t be hard to pick the ideal brace for your riding needs.

And if you still have trouble, then go with anyone from the above ones without any second thought. All of them do a great job saving the knees.

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