Mototec 50cc Demon Kids Gas Dirt Bike: Discover the ultimate off-roader

You’re trying hard to find a fast, reliable gas dirt bike for your kid. Some are fast enough to make the kid enjoy them, but you can’t rely on them to keep the young ones safe. Others are too slow to get the kid excited.

It seems impossible to find the perfect ride. Until you get to check out the Mototec 50cc demon kids gas dirt bike reviews.

mototec 50cc demon kids gas dirt bike reviews

The dirt bike in question is one of the most exciting rides out there in 2021 for the broods. And if you haven’t heard about it till now, then it is still not let to get to know more about it.

Mototec 50cc demon kids gas dirt bike Specification

Mototec 50cc demon kids gas dirt bike reviews

There are so many 50cc dirt bikes for sale in the market. But not many can match the quality of the Mototec ride that is taking the market by storm.

Want to know more? Then keep on reading as we will take a closer look at what makes this such a phenomenon.

Available colors:

Of all the kids’ gas dirt bikes, the MotoTec 50cc demon got one of the coolest looking graphics. You’ve got to give it to it. The multi color print on the body with the Mototec logo at the front and the number 22 at the rear, gives it the feel of a real racing bike. Kids love that.

Besides the color, even from the side, when you look at it, the bike captures your attention. With the large tires, the compact bodywork, it is one of the most stylish looking rides for kids out there. It looks like something adults might ride on the tracks. And that’s the highest praise you can give it to a kid’s ride.

Are they good in quality?

Yes, the bike looks fabulous. But it doesn’t in no way guarantee it to be a great ride. What matters the most is how well it performs on the track. And to know that, you’ve got to look into the Mototec 50cc demon parts to find out whether it has the quality to be called any good.

So, let’s check the Mototec 50cc dirt bike reviews to find out.


The frame of the bike gets made out of aluminum and alloy steel mix. So, you get the best of both worlds.

For starters, aluminum makes the ride weigh less. A bike made out of nothing but steel would have been too heavy for the kids to control. But this one has only 49lbs dry weight that won’t cause any trouble for the kids.

Mototec 50cc dirt bike reviews show you that. You will see how kids find it stable to ride even on those loose dirt tracks.

Besides having more control over the ride, you get the rust resistance quality. You can leave the bike outside without worrying about the frame getting corroded.

Yes, the bike frame is lightweight. But don’t consider it to be frail. The alloy steel on the chassis gives it the much-needed durability to tackle the crash impacts. Plus, it helps to absorb the vibration from riding on uneven terrains. It makes it easy for your kids to ride for long hours.

Gas engine:

There are very few sounds that are as good as gas bikes. The Mototec gas dirt bike for kids gives your kid to enjoy that impressive-sounding ride.

The other benefit of having the gas bike is the fact it can take some heavy abuse. Yes, electric bikes are becoming more popular as there is no harm to the environment. Still, those bikes have a limit to them on how much beating they can take.

On the other hand, gas rides get made to give your kids many fun hours on the bike for many miles.

Plus, they don’t have to wait long to ride their bike. Just pour in some gasoline in the tank, and the bike is ready to run again. Unlike the e-bikes which will require an hour or so before they can get back on it.


One of the most impressive parts of the Mototec 50cc Demon is its 2-stroke engine. You get the power generated by the motor in fewer cycles than a 4-stroke engine.  And the best part, the motor doesn’t consume a lot of the gas and oil mix to produce that. Not to forget, it has a smaller size to it. Therefore, it takes less space within the frame. And it doesn’t add extra weight to the ride. Also, there are fewer parts within the 2-stroke machine. So, the maintenance of it becomes much easier.

Then comes the acceleration it offers. Due to the amount of torque it produces and the higher RPM of 7000 it manages, the engine can amount up to 2.4HP. That’s quite the power for a 50cc dirt bike made for kids. The little ones will get instant acceleration on the bike.


Even though it’s a kid’s dirt bike, you can’t neglect the fact that it needs to be fast. And the Mototec doesn’t let you down. The 50cc, 2-stroke engine makes the two-wheelers move fast on the tracks.

How fast?

The Mototec 50cc Demon can let your kid unleash the bike at a top speed of 25mph. For a kid’s bike that is quite impressive.

Now, some parents won’t feel quite confident to hand it a bike that moves that fast to their young kids who are just starting to learn to ride.

Thankfully, they don’t have to worry about giving the bike to their little champs. That’s because the bike comes with an adjustable speed limiter. Using this feature, they can limit the top speed to make sure the kids don’t go too fast on the bike that is hard for them to control. 


The 50cc Demon kids gas dirt bike from Mototec 50cc comes with a 60 days warranty on it. And that’s for the bike’s part. So, if anything goes wrong within that period, you can send it back to the dealer or manufacturer. They will take care of the problem and get the parts replaced for free.

But as mentioned, the warranty is on the parts. So, when you buy the bike, you should make sure about the parts for which you get that privilege.

mototec 50cc demon kids gas dirt bike reviews

How does the Mototec 50cc Demon work?

As the bike gets made for the younger kids, Mototec made sure to make it simple to ride. That’s why instead of a kickstart, you will find a pull start on the bike. That is something even the young kids can manage on their own.

Besides that, the bike doesn’t have a manual transmission. It got the auto one in place. Therefore, there is no issue with changing gear and all that while trying to ride the bike. Plus, the twist throttle on it makes it easy for them to get the twist motion on the handle using the wrist. That helps with the handling too.


You’ve got to look into Mototec and see the quality it possesses. But there is still more to it that you haven’t discovered. Let’s find that right now.

Stopping power:

The bike moves fast. You’ve seen that. It is all fun for the kid until they lose control and about to crash into something. You don’t want that. Nor does Mototec. That is why they have incorporated quality brakes. And the bike offers that in the shape of the disc brakes.

With the Demon, you will get front and rear disc brakes. In comparison to others, they offer instant stopping. And the best thing about them is that they do not get heated like the regular brakes. Therefore, they give the same kind of precise braking throughout their lifetime.

Even in wet weather, they perform better than most.  


The large knobby tires are another reason for the bike’s impeccable braking. They offer superior traction to get the wheels from rotating and get the bike at a stop, no matter the condition.

Not to lose sight of the fact, the tires offer the same kind of feedback on all types of tracks. May that be a regular road, or a terrain full of gravel, the feel of it is the same. So, you can enjoy a smooth ride. Even the shifting it gives is quite nimble, making the bike quicker around the corners.


The other thing that you take for granted in the bike is how well it rides on the off-roads. All that credit goes to its inverted fork suspension at the front and the mono-shock one at the rear.

Due to how the front suspension gets made, they have a thinner and shorter frame which makes it lightweight. That gives you greater handling as it is more responsive than the traditional front ends.

On the other end, the mono-shock system at the rear focuses on just a particular point of load. That’s why it can stir better than dual shock systems while the bike passes through holes and bumps. The stability of it makes the riding experience even better.


The Mototec 50cc bike got many things going for it. Still, it got some flaws. Let’s take a look at them too.


The Mototech demon 50cc dirt bike assembly is undoubtedly the most irritating thing about the bike. Not that it is something undoable. You alone can get it done without any professional help.
But the amount of time it takes to get the handlebar and the wheels put together is what annoys the hell out of you. And the nagging kid waiting eagerly to get on it and ride won’t help either.


No complaints about the handlebar when it comes to how it feels and works. I have got the bone to pick when it comes to its adjustability. It is superb how Mototec gave it the adjustability.

But that only works for the angle. Not for the height adjustment. It might not be an issue. But for some of the smaller or taller riders, having that feature would have made it much more comfortable to ride.


Looking at the Mototec 50cc demon kids gas dirt bike reviews, no one should have a shade of doubt about the bike’s quality.

Whether it’s the frame, engine or how it rides on the tracks, in every aspect, it comes up on top. Yes, there are some minor issues, but those factors don’t have anything to do with the riding experience of this dirt bike.

So, all in all, you’ve got to say, the Mototec is a top-notch kid dirt bike that your kid deserves.

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