5 Best Tao Tao Dirt Bike ultimate buying for kids and adults

Want to get your kid a dirt bike but not able to find one?

All the mini dirt bikes are too expensive for you to afford? Or most of them are too hard for a kid to ride. Then the Tao Tao Dirt bike reviews are going to change the picture for good with some of the best mini dirt bikes in the business.

Tao Dirt Bike Reviews

From having the old school 4-stroke bikes to the more modern electric dirt rides, Tao Tao got them all for the little ones.

So, don’t wait and go through the best TaoTao dirt bike reviews.

Best Tao Tao Dirt Bikes Comparison Table:

To have a quick peek at the Tao Tao dirt bikes on the list, go through the comparison table here.

best taotao dirt bike reviews

Tao Dirt Bike DB10

Tao Dirt Bike DB14

TAO Dirt Bike

Taotao DB17 125cc Dirt Bike

taotao electric dirt bike

TaoTao e500 electric dirt bike invader e500

taotao electric dirt bike review

Tao Tao Dirt Bike E3-350

5 Best Tao Dirt Bike Reviews

Tao Tao got a massive variety of mini dirt bikes in their lineup. Having to choose just one from the lot can be a tall task. So, to make it a bit easier on you, I’ve got the 5-best Tao dirt bike reviews.

1. Tao Dirt Bike DB10: Stunning looks with Sensational Performance

If you’re looking for a great learner bike, the Tao Dirt Bike DB10 should be on top of your list. This gorgeous kid dirt bike got graphics that make it look so good.

And with that 110-cc engine lying at the heart of it, it is quite powerful too. So, it doesn’t feel like a toy bike like some of the other kid’s dirt bikes. And with great front hand disc brakes and foot drum brakes on it, the bike is a joy for the parents as it keeps the young biker safe on the track.

No surprise, it got so popular in such a short time.

Highlighted Features

Tao Dirt Bike DB10 Sizing chart:

Why will you like this product?

When you come to get a bike in this price range, you expect it to be kind of plasticky and flimsy. But it is the polar opposite of that as everything on it has been well built. It is why assembling the bike together isn’t that hard.

For beginner riders, it is the perfect choice because of the electric start on the bike. It is just a couple of steps to get the bike getting started that even the little ones can do it without any help.

Not to forget, the fully automatic transmission makes the job easy for them as they don’t have to hit the perfect timing to get the bike speed up on the track like those manual ones.

And with that 4-stroke engine at the heart of it, you can expect the bike to last for a long time. Besides being highly reliable, it is also better for the environment, unlike the 2-stroke engines.



2. Tao Dirt Bike DB14: Fierce speed with Graceful braking

You should check out the Tao dirt bike 110cc review of the DB14 if you’re looking for a bike for the young teenage biker.

This bike is the perfect size for the young rider. But if you like, you can even ride it from time to time. It got good build quality and weight capacity.

The bike can take an abusive riding style that makes it more attractive to those teenage riders. And with a top speed of 30 mph, no surprise, kids look forward to riding it on the dirt trails.

Highlighted Features

Tao Dirt bike DB14 sizing chart:

Why will you like this product?

Start from the tires of the bike. At the front, you’ve got 14-inch large treaded tires and slightly smaller 12-inch tires on the rear. They offer quite the bite into the tracks to give the riders more control.

Alongside that comes the improved suspension that dampens the shocks from the track. Riding on it, therefore, feels much more comfortable.

Don’t forget about the front and rear disc brake on the thing? It gets the bike stopped right away when the biker hits the brake.

Besides all that, the bike got a semi-automatic transmission system. Without worrying about getting the timing right, the young rider can shift using the foot shifter while getting used to the hand clutch.



3. Taotao DB17 125cc Dirt Bike: Incredible Handling with Unbeatable Grit

With the Tao Tao 125cc dirt bike review, you get to witness the DB17 off-roader. This one has found the perfect combination of power, weight, and handling that many of the predecessors weren’t able to achieve.

The bike got a lightweight frame that helps with handling big time. And with the 4-speed manual shifting, the more advanced riders will love to get their hands on it.

Highlighted Features

Taotao DB17 125cc Dirt Bike sizing chart:

Why will you like this product?

Starting with the engine itself. This 4-stroke, air-cooled, 125 cc engine gets the cool air flowing inside it to burst the fuel to produce power without any waste. You can see that reflecting on the wheels as the DB17 Tao Tao dirt bike can move at a top speed of 37 mph.

Impressive indeed!

But there are other things too that might impress you. Take the hand and foot hydraulic disc brakes at front and rear. Coupled with that top speed, the braking power makes it a phenomenal ride. You get the rapidness with the control of instant braking on it.

And with those knobby tires at both front and rear, you get traction on any kind of surface that lets the bike stop when you want it to stop.

To end on a high note, you get a solid frame that’s lightweight but durable to make it a ride of a lifetime.



4. TaoTao e500 electric dirt bike invader e500: Reinventing the wheel

Forget the fuel, and embrace the electric dirt bike with the electric TaoTao invader 500.

It is a perfect bike to have for the kid as this one got a suitable top speed that isn’t too hot for them to handle.

And with an automatic transmission in place, there is absolutely no learning curve to riding the bike. It is what you want to hand the young kids when they’re just starting.

Highlighted Features

TaoTao e500 electric dirt bike invader e500 sizing chart:

Why will you like this product?

TaoTao electric dirt bike review shows that it goes pretty quick. Even though it is small in size, the bike is perfect for kids aged 11 or above. But the smaller one might appreciate it due to its 15-mph top speed. For kids just starting, that’s more than they would ever need.

Surprisingly, the bike is quite comfortable to ride. The bike seat offers a nice grip to make sure that the rider doesn’t slip from the position while riding it. And with those instant acting brakes on the Tao Tao, it offers control to the rider.

Yes, it is somewhat heavy due to the frame and the battery and still has a nice balance to it. The battery unit on the bike is impressive, to say the least. Your kid can ride it for long hours even in hot conditions as the battery doesn’t get warm that easily.

And for parents, piecing together the bike won’t be that hard. What’s interesting is that the Tao Tao dirt bikes here give you the luxury to modify them. So, you can make the ride even more fun for the kids to enjoy.



5. Tao Tao Dirt Bike E3-350: Unleash the Electric Beast

Looking at the best TaoTao dirt bike reviews, it is the second electric dirt bike on the list that you can give a go. It’s the Tao Tao E3-350.

Similar to the earlier Tao Tao E-bike, it is a noiseless ride that is perfect for the street. But unlike the earlier one, it can adapt to the dirt tracks better. So, it is a more versatile E-bike of the two.

Highlighted Features

Tao Tao Dirt Bike E3-350 sizing chart:

Why will you like this product?

Compared to the other, it has less power. Though the high RPM of the bike compensates for that. It moves fast with a top speed of 15 mph, which can be even higher depending on the biker’s weight.

While being on the subject of weight, the bike is perfect for the little ones as it is super lightweight. Therefore, they can get more control over it than the other e-bike.

Also, the hydraulic front and rear braking systems are top-notch. It reacts real fast.

Overall, the E3-350 is quite nimble and fast which makes it a fun ride to have around for all year long use. Not to forget, it is completely legal to ride this one on the streets.



Tao Tao Dirt Bike Buying Guide: Everything you need to know

Tao Tao dirt bike reviews show you some pretty great options. But you’re still not sure which bike is best suited for the kid. That’s where knowing what feature is essential and what not makes the difference.

And in this buying guide, we will talk just about that to help with your search for the best Tao dirt bike.


First of all, you need to figure out what kind of bike you want to get for the kid. If you go for a 4-stroke engine gasoline bike for the kid, then DB14, DB17, or even the DB10 is an awesome option.

Or you can avoid the old school way, and jump on the new school bandwagon with something like the E3-350 or E-500 e-bikes.

So, first, make up your mind on that.


Once, if you’ve figured out the type of bike you want for the kid, the next thing you should look into the power it can produce. Looking at the Tao Tao 125cc dirt bike review, you can clearly see it is the fastest of the lot due to the amount of power it can produce. But maybe you’re not ready to hand that much power for the kid to explore.

Then something like the DB10 or even the E-bikes make a lot of sense. Those bikes offer a moderate power that is more on the wheelhouse of the young riders.


Stopping power on the bike is always an important aspect. Especially on a kid’s bike, it becomes much more crucial as you want to make sure the kid is safe riding the bike. That’s why you should always invest in a bike with a proper braking system. And all of the rides above fit that bill. The dual hydraulic disc brakes do a great job getting the bike stopped. Even the combo of drum and disc brake work real smoothly.

Whichever you choose, make sure that the brakes work when the rider needs them to.


Tires play an essential role in the braking as it offers the traction to get the wheels stopped rolling. Not only that, but it also provides control based on the terrain the bike gets ridden. When choosing bike tires, you should opt for the large, knobby tires as they bite into the track to give the rider cruise control.

Others stuff:

Besides the above stuff, there are a couple of other things that you should keep in mind. Try to find a proper suspension system in the bike. Riding on the rocky roads, it will make sure the bike absorbs most of the shock and let the rider feel none of it.

Also, having a solid frame on the bike is a must. Kids who just start to ride for the first time, even the experienced bikers drop a lot with the ride. Without a robust frame, the bike won’t survive those crashes.

Lastly, go for a semi-automatic or an automatic transmission on the bike. That way, they don’t have to think about the timing to shift the gears and get the bike moving fast. Semi-automatic being the favorite option as it gives them ready for a manual transmission ride in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is TaoTao manufactured?

Tao Tao dirt bike gets manufactured in China.

Is TaoTao a good dirt bike brand?

When it comes to mini dirt bike, there aren’t many that come close to Tao Tao.

Do You Need a License to Ride a Dirt Bike?

No, for a kid’s bike, there is no need for a license.

How Fast Does a TaoTao Dirt Bike Go?

It’s based on the displacement of the bike. The 125cc Tao Tao can go as fast as 40mph.

How Long TaoTao Dirt Bike Last?

The 4-stroke Tao Tao dirt bike lasts a lifetime due to its quality engine and solid build.

Final Thoughts

Coming to the end of the Tao Tao dirt bike reviews, you should by now have found the right bike for your kid. With all types of bikes, it shouldn’t be that hard to get the ride that suits the biker’s needs.

But if you feel like that you can’t find the ideal ride for the kid then still there is no need to lose hope.

Use the buying guide and go through the catalog of other bikes Tao Tao got for those new breeds of riders getting into the motorsport.

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