5 Best 125cc Dirt Bike Under 1000: You Won’t Believe What We Found!

Wondering if there are any best 125cc dirt bikes available on the market under 1000? No worries! We have some favorite choices to make your every moment enjoyable and adventurous on off-roads! 

Dirt bikes are not as common as usual motorcycles. They have rugged tires, a lightweight frame design, better suspension for riding in rocks and mud. But finding a suitable one for your intention is quite challenging.

While you’re starting new off-road rides, you might don’t know where to start, which bike matches your demands and needs. Otherwise, buying an expensive bike won’t be a wise decision at first.

So, In this article, we got a top list of the 5 best 125cc dirt bikes under 1000. We highlighted each dirt bike’s specific features, pros and cons. So whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can make your perfect pick and hit the trail fabulously.

Best Recommendation – Try Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike For Sale under $1000

Our winner is the Apollo 125cc X-18 dirt bike. Because it has a powerful engine with super handling, high speed, excellent torque rate, firm dual suspension, and dual hydraulic disc brakes. All the features make the bike perfect for bringing your riding experience to the next level.

Best for Overall

Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike
  • Durable wheels for better user experience
  • Generate the power of 65 kilowatts for off-road racing
  • High-tensile steel

Best for Choice

X-Pro 125cc Dirt Bike
  • Best for rough and regular use
  • The controls help newbies to improve skills in a short while
  • Great ground clearance

Best for Budget

Taotao 125cc DB17 Dirt Bike
  • Highly functional and sturdy.
  • Ideal bike for both beginners and adults.
  • Powerful engines.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best 125cc Dirt Bike Under $1000

1. Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike For Sale Under $1000- Best for Overall

You must hear the name of Apollo if you do some research about dirt bikes. This brand has continued delivering high-end dirt bike models over the decades. So we can’t keep away from mentioning the Apollo X18 dirt bike under $1000. With the powerful engine, robust control, high elevation, and suspension, it’s a fantastic choice for beginners as well as experts.

Chiefly, the X-18 model is a perfect combination of solid engine and suspension. It has a four-stroke single-cylinder engine that can reach the speed of 55 mph depending on the road conditions and rider weight. While considering a tight budget, you can be worried about whether the engine gets hot after riding for a long time. Luckily, its engine includes a super air-cooled system that keeps a proper balance between mechanisms and the hot temperature of the engine. 

Apollo DB X18 is built with a high quality and heavy-duty strong steel trellis frame. That’s why this frame makes your bike more durable and extends its lifetime for more prolonged use. However, these industrial-strength frames won’t add extra weight to your dirt bike. You’ll still find it lightweight for smooth riding.

The 17-inch large front wheel and 14-inch rear tire offer a better grip and prevent slip on the surface. The rear tire transfers the power so well that you can undoubtedly use this bike on off-road terrains. Another significant element in this dirt bike is the 320 mm front suspension fork and 750 mm rear suspension fork. 

These non-adjustable forks prevent bumps and absorb shocks on an uneven road. So it will give you the feel of riding a motorcycle on a smooth surface. Apollo X18 is made for all-terrain uses; we recommend this if your purpose is racing on the off-road. 

Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike For Sale Under $1000- Best for Overall


  • A Kick-start system makes it easy to start
  • Firm grip tires to overcome obstacles and holes
  • Two Hydraulic brakes for better control and safety
  • Prime storage capacity of gas tanks
  • Lightweight and agile body


  • Carburetor needs improvement
  • Shipping should be faster

X-PRO 125cc Gas Dirt Pit Bike- Best For Choice

A dirt bike engine indicates what kind of performance and speed you will get from it. If your priority is a completely upgraded, durable, and reliable engine – The X-Pro gas dirt bike will show its magic here. It is a great dirt bike with a strong engine that offers you service for an extended period without any hassle. It is also ready to give you enough thrust, which you require on the trails. 

The cradle-type steel tube makes the 125cc engine more powerful. Because The tube is light enough for big jumps on the rough terrains, experiencing a blast of amusement. The 17″ front and 14″ rear wheel makes a perfect balance of ground clearance for hilly terrains or muddy or rough terrains. So no terrain now can be your obstacle to winning the race.

Engineers designed this bike to give the riders super performance on the trails, but you can find it great also for regular use. Varieties colors and stylish design creates a modish look in the bikes. So fashion lovers will love it at first sight. Whether you’re going to use it for adventure or everyday use, its versatility makes the bike a worthy choice for you.

Apo 125cc Pit Bike Under 1000 - Best For Adults And Kids


  • Easy to assemble for the newbies
  • The 4-speed transmission is excellent for both adventures and regular use.
  • High ground clearance for rough and muddy terrains.
  • Changeable seats for riders comfort.
  • Great value for money.


  • Gear shifting can be troublesome for beginners.

3. Apo 125cc Pit Bike Under 1000 – Best For Adults And Kids

Apo 125cc pit bike comes with a smaller engine and body than a regular dirt bike. That’s why it’s called a pit bike. Though it’s small in size, it is excellent for giving a fantastic experience in off-road riding. Apollo pit bikes include a fantastic suspension system. You’ll find two suspensions which are both non-adjustable. The front is 750 mm suspension, and the rear is 350 mm. You know the significant front suspension nicely absorbs moderate shocks, and you won’t even get a feel of that. 

However, there is an upside-down fork on a suspension that is called an Inverted fork. You can easily reach the Inverted forks, which is the handiest. About the brakes, this model uses two hydraulic discs in the front and rear brakes. These excellent brakes give you an ultimate smooth ride as they are super-easy to handle. Also, the strong lever-action improves the stopping power. But make sure not to pull the brakes suddenly as it creates high rotation, which pushes you to lose control and fall on the ground. So try to pull the brake gradually. 

Apollo 125cc pit bike is designed with a unique tire design for versatile uses. The 17″/14″ front and rear tires refer to the bigger front tires effectively absorbing the shocks and transferring them to the suspension. And the smaller wheel on the rear part helps reduce the impact of the hit.

Try this dirt bike if you like to show off the mechanical things open. It’s naked from left to right, visualizing almost all components except the seating arrangement. To end on a high note, though it is an adult dirt bike, if you study some cases on Amazon, you’ll find this bike is a great satisfaction for both adults and kids.

Apo 125cc Pit Bike Under 1000 - Best For Adults And Kids


  • Latest CDI ignition system for keeping well the battery condition.
  • Lightweight construction to go over the standard mileage speed.
  • Enough space to accommodate modifications and customizations.
  • High-quality metal in brake cable to control heat and  free from moisture.
  • Kick-starter for a fast starting.


  • This model’s open engines and machines make it look messy for some riders.

4. Taotao 125cc DB17 Dirt Bike 4 Stroke – Best For Budget

TaoTao 125cc is the cheapest dirt bike for adults. The most prominent feature in TaoTao is its body construction. It mainly focuses on manufacturing the bike with solid materials. It is made of a robust steel framework so that you take it on any crazy adventures and challenging locations without fearing damage. On top, with routine maintenance, you can enjoy the ride on this bike for a lifetime.

Moreover, it comes with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine which is fair enough to high power and speeds up your bike on the off-roads. Besides, the air-cooled engine ensures the machines do not become too hot and work well. The 4-speed transmission operates the back wheel using a chain which gives you more control in adjusting speed. Otherwise, the CDI ignition system allows intense combustion like it blazes up the sparks in a blink in the cylinder. 

The intuitive Hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear impressively make your ride phenomenal. You can brake and stop instantly wherever you want with perfect control. The knobby tire design is excellent for traction in soft surfaces like muddy areas. It has a 17-inch front tire and a 14-inch rear tire to keep you safe from the enormous bumps and shocks. They also give you reasonable control over rugged tracks with a balanced grip.

Taotao 125cc DB17 Dirt Bike 4 Stroke - Best For Budget


  • Elegant, attractive display and design for the fashion lover riders
  • Durable construction for rough and long-lasting use
  • The manual clutch system makes it suitable for advanced riders
  • The engine is entirely environment friendly
  • Provide great acceleration


  • The suspension might not be much good.

5. Apo 125cc Adults Dirt Bike- Best for Convenient Riding

Apo 125cc is one of the cheap fast dirt bikes with a four-stroke, air-cooled engine. There are four gears on the bike, which speed up 15mph each and 60mph in total. This 4-speed manual transmission provides a quick start for the rider and makes it more convenient for them. Otherwise, the gears increase the speed of your motorbike. 

But there are other factors to consider, such as weight and height. People of at least 5’2″ or more are much suitable for this model. It is an absolute choice for adults and big boys as it features 17″ big front tires and 14″ rear tires, making it convenient to ride for them.

Its perfect suspension fork excellently prevents any deformities when you’re riding. So what could be better than the feeling of riding on a clean road though you’re on an uneven surface. On top-notch, you can use the suspension fork for at least two years without replacing it.

The bikes are connected with an air filter which means you don’t need to face dusty strings. Its engine can develop around 7500 revolutions per minute which is enough torque to go through any challenging trails.

Apo 125cc Adults Dirt Bike- Best for Convenient Riding


  • Best choice for beginners.
  • Default kick start system removes away the fear of battery.
  • Great fuel storing capacity around 1.03 gallons. 
  • Inverted forks for better compression and handling.
  • No sound pollution.


  • A little bit hard to assemble.

How fast is a 125cc dirt bike?

How fast your dirt bike is, depends on various factors, including strokes, weight load, etc. A 125cc dirt bike can generally go between 55mph to 60mph. If your bike has a 2-stroke engine, the maximum speed can reach up to 60mph. But for the 4-stroke engines, your bike speed might be slower, around 50mph.

What age is a 125cc dirt bike for?

125cc is a perfect dirt bike for youths aged 12-16 years. But it doesn’t mean the adults can not ride on them. The weight limit of a dirt bike decides whether it can support you or not. No matter, you’re 15 or 25.

How to choose a 125cc dirt bike under 1000?

For choosing a 125cc dirt bike under 1000, you should consider some essential factors to make a thousand bucks fruitful. So make sure to focus on powerful engines,  lightweight construction, off-road pattern tire design, suspension, and so on.

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With that, we’re going to wrap up the best 125cc dirt bike under 1000. Hopefully, the reviews of the above 5 dirt bikes will help you select the right company on an off-road riding journey. 

We select each item considering your requirements. Now, choose the right one for you and get ready to explore some breathtaking experiences.

Our experts recommend choosing the Apollo 125cc dirt bike for its all-rounder riding performance, functionalities, and user experience. 
Otherwise, buy a TaoTao 125cc DB-17 dirt bike if you’re looking for cheap street bikes for sale under $1,000.

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