apollo 125cc dirt bike specs: budget-friendly for teenager

Have you checked the latest Apollo 125cc dirt bike review?

Your kid wants to ride a bike, but you’re not sure about it. Getting a bike seems like a lot of trouble. Not only they aren’t safe, but they cost a fortune to get.

Not really.

apollo dirt bike 125cc for trail riding

With the Apollo dirt bike, you get your kid the ultimate toy to play with for a reasonable price. And it’s not just a toy. They can ride it for a long time as the bikes are perfect for the growing kids. 

Want to know more? Then go through the Apollo dirt bike reviews.

Apollo extreme 125cc dirt bike comparison table

Want to have a quick look at the Apollo extreme 125cc dirt bikes on the list? Then check out the comparison table right below.

125cc adult size Dirtbike

Apollo AGB 37 125cc Pit bike

Apollo Dirt Bike

Apollo 007 125cc dirt bike

apollo dirt bike reviews

Apollo DB-X18 125cc dirt bike

3 Best Apollo 125cc dirt bike review

There is no shortage of 125cc dirt bikes targeted towards the teen. But very few of them ticks off the quality looked for by parents and the young riders.

But all the below Apollo 125cc will check off all the requirements. Just check them out.

1. Apollo AGB 37 125cc Pit bike

For amateur riders, Apollo got this stunning 125cc for trail riding dirt bikes—AGB 37.

And not only for the trails, but the dirt bike is also perfect for riding on the smooth roads. Whether you’re an adult or a teenage kid, it is suitable to be ridden by all.

So, it is a great pick indeed.

apollo dirt bike for beginners

Apollo AGB 37 125cc dirt bike specs

Why will you like this product?

The bike in hand gets mainly targeted towards the teens. And that’s why it introduces the manual clutch transmission. The young kids can get the taste of it at an early age and master it.

With its 4-gear change, they can get this ride moving fast and learn the art of shifting at the right moment.

Plus, it allows the adults to enjoy the bike from time to time.

Besides that transmission system, the 4-stroke engine is another major advantage of it. Yes, the bigger engine would gulp in more fuel, but it will ensure you get constant power on the wheels. The ride will maintain the top speed of 56MPH without fail.

And don’t worry even when you push it to the limits. The bike engine got a working air-cooling system that keeps it stable. Therefore, it is much more reliable.

For riding on the rough terrains, the bike has front and rear suspension. It will take in all the impact to keep Apollo steady. The same can be said for the knobby tires on the bike that give it an excellent grip on the loose and wet tracks.

Not to forget, the impressive disc brakes on the bike respond right away when your kid needs it to stop in its tracks.



What age group is suitable to ride the bike?

Teens aged 13 and above are the perfect candidates to handle this extreme Apollo 125cc dirt bike.

What’s the stand out feature of the ride?

Looking at the Apollo 125 pit bike review, the thing that comes forth to be its most promising feature is that 4-stroke engine. It gives you the power and reliability that makes the bike a dependable ride.

2. Apollo 007 125cc dirt bike

With a high RPM of 9500r/min, the fast-moving Apollo 007 125cc dirt bike hits the road quicker than anything you’ll ever see.

Draped in black, the bike captivates anyone who gets a glance at it. You can’t help but look back at it again and again.

No surprise, kids love it.

apollo dirt bike reviews

Apollo 007 125cc dirt specs:

Why will you like this product?

The durability of the bike is something you will enjoy. Made out of heavy-duty steel, the bike frame will come out of crash impacts unharmed. Same goes for the engine which won’t get damaged thanks to this solid enclosure around it.

Like the earlier one, it also boasts a 4-speed manual transmission. That gives you more control over the riding experience. But what deserves praise is that the shifting up from one speed to another in the 007 is quite smooth. There is no sudden surge of power that might catch you by surprise.

Also, the clutch operates real smooth. Therefore, changing gear from low to high and high to low feels quite natural.

So, what’s the top speed achieved by the Apollo 125cc using its 4-speed?

You get a 55MPH max speed in flat terrains without any real obstacle. That real quick for a teen ride. Even with too many bumps and holes, that won’t go down by much. That’s because the front and rear suspension smooth out the surface as if nothing is there. That’s what makes it so great for off-roading.



Is the ride suitable for adults?

It got a max weight capacity that goes up to 200+lbs. So, no doubt, adults can ride it too.

What’s the best feature of the bike?

The bike’s clutch system is on par with the best. It doesn’t feel rigid and works with slight pressure to give you the perfect shifting to change between the gears.

3. Apollo DB-X18 125cc dirt bike

Want a ride that both beginners and experts can enjoy? Then go for the trail riding Apollo DB-X18 125cc dirt bike.

It got everything you need, from a strong engine to a stylish looking outlook. But if you want to know what makes it a beast, check out the Apollo 125cc pit bike review below.

apollo dirt bike 125cc for trail riding

Apollo DB-X18 125cc dirt bike Specs

Why will you like this product?

Unlike the other rides, the DB-X18 comes in various color varieties. You can get this bike in the iconic blue color. Or can go for the more vibrant green or the gorgeous red.

Besides the style, the hydraulic braking system of the bike improves the riding experience big time. Compared to the traditional brakes, the disc brakes on the bike run down cool real fast. The brake fluid helps to distribute the heat evenly to let it remain the same for long periods. They give you that instant stopping power to keep your kid safe from unwanted crashes.

The 4-stroke engine is however its crown jewel. It produces enough power to make the ride move at a fast speed of 55MPH. And unlike the 2-stroke engine, it doesn’t break down that easily. Nor does it emit much smoke to harm the environment around.



What age group should opt for the bike?

Kids aged 13+ should consider getting the dirt bike.

What’s the one feature that makes it better than most?

The 4-speed manual transmission on this bike is quite exquisite. It moves from one speed to another effortlessly to make it easier to ride for the young ones.

How to Maintain Your Apollo 125 pit bike?

You should always clean the air filter as often as possible. If you don’t, then dirt and debris will eventually make it through the engine. And if it does, that’s not good news for your bike’s engine. Because you will start losing power, and the fuel economy will drive you crazy.

Besides cleaning out the filter, you should also change the oil often to keep the engine parts lubricated. Otherwise, the components inside might wear out and even break down beyond repair.

Alongside all that, clear out the mud and debris from the bike chain. Even if the engine is performing at its peak, that won’t translate on to the tires. There will be a power dip. So, clean it and lubricate it well so that there is no friction there. And you don’t lose the speed.

Are Apollo 125cc Dirt Bikes Safe for Teenagers?

It is quite apparent that parents would have some concern handing their kids a 125cc Apollo.

Can’t argue with them?

They want their kids to be safe. So, the question of the hour is it safe to ride by kids aged 12 or more.

And the answer is: YES.

The bike offers everything you want from a quality ride. It got quality brakes that will stop the enduro in its tracks. The large knobby tires give it enough traction to make it suitable for riding on all types of terrains. Not to forget, the suspension helps it to travel on the harshest of roads.

But most important of them all is the speed. The 4-speed transmission system puts the rider in cruise control over how fast or slows they want the bike to ride. And as there is no sudden jump in speed. So, the young ones won’t have any problem taming the motorbike.

Apollo 125cc dirt bike top speed:

The Apollo bikes are equipped with many safety features that parents look for in a teen’s bike. But those things won’t make the teens excited about the ride. For them, speed is the name of the game.

All the bikes on the list boast a powerful 4-stroke engine. In terms of power, it might be behind the 2-stroke one, still, it can manage a top speed of 55MPH. And depending on who is riding and where it gets ridden, this can max out to 60MPH. Now, that’s quite fast.

The counterpart 125cc 2-stroke engine bikes might give you 100MPH top speed. But the 4-stroke ones are more reliable for long rides. And they can manage to maintain that max speed for a longer time.

That’s where the 4-stroke 125cc edges out the 2-stroke rides. And it makes sense as you want long-running rides for the trail.

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Apollo 125 pit bike Buying Guide

Looking to track down the best Apollo dirt bike yourself? But don’t know how to start the search?

No shame in that.

You can learn how to recognize a quality ride from a cheap one using this buying guide. Just have a look at it.

Engine type:

There are two options here. You got to pick between the 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine.

The 2-stroke ride will offer you outrageous power right away. But it isn’t the most reliable option to get for the long trails.

Quite the opposite is the 4-stroke motor. It is much more stable and feeds you power at a high peak at a constant level. But it might not match the muscle of the 2-stroke. Still, in no way you can say it isn’t fast.


The bike frame matters a lot. You don’t want to hand them something flimsy that would get wrecked just with one hit. You want to make sure the bike is resilient enough to tackle the impacts. Especially in kids riding as they will drop with the bike more often during their learning phase. So, a solid steel chassis should be the top pick.


For trail riding, you should consider getting bikes with proper suspension. It will make riding on uneven terrains easy for the kids. They won’t have any trouble hanging on to the bike seat. Most of the impacts would get absorbed by the suspension. So, the bike will remain steady. 


When you’re handing over a fast ride like any of the Apollo in the list, you want to make sure they got good brakes on them.

For bike brakes, go with hydraulic disc ones as they get the wheels stopped instantly. Not only that, but they also keep the shape for a long time, unlike cheap brakes that expand in the heat. 

The braking liquid also doesn’t leak in the disc ones that easily. So, they perform the same over a long period.


The last component that you should notice while buying the ride is the tires. With proper knobby tires, you will get more grip on wet and loose tracks. Therefore, the bike won’t slip, and the kids won’t get knocked off the bike.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How fast does a 125cc Apollo dirt bike go?

The top speed of 125cc Apollo is around 55MPH.

Is a 125cc dirt bike big enough for adults?

The bikes get made for the teens, but even lightweight adults can get on it and take it for a spin. If you’re looking for a great deal on a 125cc dirt bike under $1000, then check out my latest article. I’ve rounded up the best deals on 125cc dirt bikes under $1000, so you can find the perfect one for you.

What type of brakes get used on the Apollo bikes?

The Apollo 125cc rides boast powerful hydraulic disc brakes.

From what age kids can ride the Apollo 125cc?

The starting age is 13 years old. But younger kids who are tall can start riding it

Final Thoughts

Going back over the Apollo 125cc dirt bike review, you can see how great they are.

They got good top speed, great brakes, smooth suspensions. And every single of them is good enough to be in front of any magazine. That’s how good they look.

No doubt, kids will love them. And so do you. Just pick one and let them run wild on Apollo.

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