Best 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Oil for trail riding air cooled engines

To keep your dirt bike roaring on those muddy terrains, you’ve got to take care of its engine. It’s the heart of your ride. And what does pump through the heart? That’s right, engine oil.

This is why you’ve got to change your engine oil from time to prevent it from damaging. And using any oil won’t do that. You’ve got to get the best 2-stroke dirt bike oil for it.

Especially if you’re lining up on the track for racing often, you’ve got to be more careful about the oil change. If you don’t do it often with high-quality stuff, even the high-performance engine on the bike will leave you wanting for more.

Whatever the reason might be, getting cheap 2-stroke oil is never a good option. And if you can’t separate one from the other, the motocross 2-stroke oil list is just for you.

Check it out. 

Don’t have the time to go through the list. Don’t worry! I’ve picked the top 3-options depending on your needs and budget right here. Just take a quick look.


best 2 stroke oil for air cooled engines

Pennzoil Marine XLF Engine Oil


For the best pick, I will go with the Pennzoil Marine XLF Engine Oil. There are so many reasons to love it. The first thing is the use of dyed blue oil. It is quite easily detectable, making the mixing job easy for you. Plus, it got all the additives you need to have a perfectly working engine. It resists the heat, stops the scuffing, prevents carbon deposits, and much more. Just what you need for your racing dirt bike.

Best 2 Stroke Oil For Off Road Racing

Castrol Edge Extended Performance


For this one, I could have gone with either the Honda or the Castrol. I’ve picked the latter. No doubt, Castrol is the leader when it comes to making the best motor oil. And this is a prime example of that. The Edge offers all the traits to hold itself on those high-performing bikes with all the pressure and heat. May that be the muscle car or a dirt bike, it prevails to be the best for use in them all. 

budget pick
best 2 stroke dirt bike oil

Motul Road Racing 2 Stroke Oil


You can, for this, go with the Motul. The brand is quite well known worldwide, that’s already a big plus you get with it. And when it comes to improving the performance, it does so with its 100% synthetic oil formula. Even in the wettest of conditions, you will get no sticking on the throttle and get the engine’s power boost to go that extra mile faster than others.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 best 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Oil

Honda Pro HP2 2-stroke oil

motocross 2 stroke oil

Pennzoil Marine XLF engine oil

best oil for 2 stroke dirt bike

Castrol Edge Extended Performance

Briggs and Stratton Easy mix

Briggs and Stratton Easy mix

Maxima Castor 927

2 stroke dirt bike oil mix

Lucas Oil 10115 2-cycle

2 stroke oil mix for dirt bike

Red Line 2-Stroke Race Oil

high performance 2 stroke oil

Motorex Cross Power 2T

Best 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Oil


best 2 stroke dirt bike gear oil

Motul Road Racing 2 Stroke Oil

The 10 Best 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Oil For Air Cooled Engines

It’s hard to go through the market and find a 2 stroke dirt bike oil mix that’s good for the bike. Not that there aren’t any. But there are too many that it is quite confusing. You can’t grab any and pour it in the engine, as not all are the same. Some might damage the machine instead of helping it reach the maximum performance.

So, I’ve got down there and started looking for some of the best 2-stroke oil for trail riding. And to be honest, I had encountered some great ones and some cheap ones (in quality, not price) that are no good. To help you avoid making any mistake of buying those, I’ve made this list of the top 10-high performance 2-stroke oil. Just go through it and pick anyone you like.

1. Honda Pro Honda HP2 2-Stroke Oil:

Highlighted Features

For the best outboard 2-stroke oil that money can buy, you’ve got to take a look into the Honda HP2.

It is a 100% synthetic oil made for dirt bikes that need that racing blood going through it. Here, with the Honda Pro, you get a 32:1 mix in the oil. That’s 32 parts fuel and 1 part oil. As you can see, it isn’t a thick oil, which is good as there won’t be any drag issue within the engine that might cause the engine to lose its power.

Even in high heat, it will offer the same combustion power you need to get the engine RPM going up for the boost you need on the track. The inside doesn’t get too hot that might cause it to break down. Everything remains under control.

The throttle response will be exciting as it will give you high torque and horsepower at all times in no time.



Why you will love this product?

The clean-burning formula surely will make you feel less guilty about carbon emission as there won’t be much with it.

Is it a stroke racing oil?

Yes, the HP2 is perfect for stroke engines that require that extra boost on the trails.

2. Pennzoil marine xlf engine oil:

Highlighted Features

Carbon depositing is an issue you’ve must have faced from time to time. Most dirt bike oil doesn’t have the solution for it. Pennzoil, however, takes care of it with the XLF.

The XLF is a great option if you want to save some bucks. The 1-gallon bottle is quite good, but you can get even get in a pack of 3. That’s something to keep in mind.

Now, coming to the 2-stroke oil itself. Just like most 2-stroke oil for dirt bikes, it gets mixed with the gasoline. However, it is easier to find its existence there as it got a dyed blue color for getting detected easily.

Unlike some others, you don’t have to worry about the mix ratios. The premixing system lets you work with a wide range. It is better not to make the mix too thick as the engine won’t perform smoothly.

You will love the fact the Pennzoil works to keep the engine in top shape throughout. The additives get used to prevent piston scuffing. Plus, the formula stops forming any carbon deposits to avoid any combustion-related issues inside it. The synthetic blend works to keep things under control.

Not only that, compared to many, the oil consumption is lower here, so it lasts for long, saving you money there too. Even you can use it with boat engines as it gets made for that mainly. So, it’s a great option to have.



What’s the best part of the product?

It is mainly for use in boat engines, but you can also use it for dirt bikes, making it a good option.

Does it help protect the cylinder walls?

Yes, it will help to keep the cylinder walls from wearing out. 

3. Castrol 03087 EDGE Extended Performance:

Highlighted Features

If you want the best 2-stroke oil for off-road racing, go with the Castrol eyes closed. The British brand reached the top introducing the best oil technology for rides. The 03087 EDGE is a prime example of that.

So, what you get here is a fully synthetic oil.

For a bike engine to perform its best, a semi-synthetic is more than enough. But if you’re part of the motocross world, you’ve got to keep in mind the pressure the engine goes through.

It will move fast and build a lot of heat. The oil might not be able to keep its form, and soon the engine power can go down. To avoid that, you’ve got to get a fully synthetic oil with many additives. Just like the Castrol oil. Not only will it keep things running smooth, but it will also make sure there is minimal smoke buildup.

It will maintain viscosity. Even in extreme force, the moving parts inside the engine won’t get dragged down. So, you get so many miles with it before you need to get your oil changes.

The proprietary titanium additives of the castor oil will protect the engine from wear and tear much better than most others.



Why you will love the Castrol oil?

Even at high temperatures, it allows you to achieve your bike engine’s maximum performance without fail. That’s a good reason to fall in love with it.

Is it perfect to use on a boat engine?

You can use it for cars, ATV’s other than your bike. But it isn’t for the boat. For that, you might want to go with Pennzoil.

4. Briggs & Stratton 2 Cycle Easy Mix:

Highlighted Features

To use in any 2-cycle engine, whether that be your bike or lawnmower, go and get the Briggs & Stratton.

Unlike others, there is no chance of leaving any residue using the 2-stroke dirt bike oil mix. That’s because it has a fuel stabilizer that prevents any plug fouling.

And like your Castrol oil, the lubricant here is perfect to work with high temperatures. You will love the fact that it comes with a measuring bottle that makes it easy to mix things up. Not that you can get wrong with it anyway as it allows a wide range for mixing it with the gasoline.

The mix burns clean, which is always great as you will get smoother performance from the engine. It will provide better power and faster starts than regular oils.

For the price and ease of use, hands down, the motor oil is the best synthetic 2-cycle oil you will ever see.



What you will love about this product?

Even if you don’t ride the bike often, you can use the oil for your power equipment.

Is it suitable for a racing bike?

Though it can handle high-temperatures, the synthetic blend isn’t the best option for motocross riders.

5. Maxima (23901) Castor 927:

Highlighted Features

To reach your dirt bike engine’s maximum potential, pour in the Maxima Castor 927 in it.

What makes it different from other oil mixes out there?

To that, I’ve got to say the mix itself. Here, you get a blend of refined castor oil, unique synthetic, and additives that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The mix allows it to prevent carbon and gum formulation within the engine. For that reason, there isn’t much wear issue.

Besides, you don’t have to deal with oil flow. The power valves won’t get blocked with gums. And as it is biodegradable, it helps to maintain the right viscosity level. Even in hot temperatures, it won’t consume much oil. Similarly, in cold conditions, it will manage to get the engine started right away.

Like Maxima claims, the performance it provides in the high-stress condition is unmatched, and this one proves that to the tee.



What's the best feature about the Maxima?

The Maxima’s viscosity holds itself together, even in high-stress environments, to provide the best performance.

Is it for racing use?

Yes, the maxima get made specially to use for enduring racing.

6. Lucas Oil 10115 Semi-Synthetic:

Highlighted Features

For a smokeless option, you should bet on the Lucas oil. Made in America, the brand gets well-received everywhere for its high-quality.

With the 10115, semi-synthetic, you can expect to get just that. Being semi-synthetic might not be the best option for racing, but the improved lubrication is not bad. It can offer you the performance level you want as it does resist the heat well.

On top of that, there isn’t much smoke for here to worry about. Therefore, no soot formation within the engine that might slow down the moving parts within the machine.

It keeps the engine clean as there isn’t any residue left by it, making it perfect to use in a 2-stroke dirt bike. You will get increased engine life and better mileage using the Lucas than other oils.

But if you plan to use it with power tools with a 2-stroke engine, I will advise you not to. It is the best 2-stroke dirt bike oil, not for other stuff.



What’s the best part of it?

You will love the fact it reduces smoke formation better than most.

Is it perfect for use with an enduro bike?

You can use it for the enduro bikes, but if you want to truly take advantage of racing fuel, then a fully-synthetic option is much better.

7. Red Line RED40605 40605 2-Stroke Race Oil, 1 Gallon, 1 Pack:

Highlighted Features

To go with a trusted name, you can look into Red Line. In the racing scene, very few make motocross 2-stroke oil that can match the quality of theirs.

The one here is the RED4065, which is a great example of that. This 2-stroke synthetic oil gets mixed at a ratio of up to 100:1. That kind of versatility makes it perfect to go with most 2-stroke engines. It doesn’t matter whether you want to use it for the racing enduro or a chainsaw.

You will get optimal performance with it at all times, even in those high-temp conditions. While others at long runs lose the power, it will keep things stable within the engine. With 3-5% dyno gains, the engine won’t slow down.

Not to forget, there aren’t going to be any carbon deposits issue. Therefore, the performance will be quite stable. Plus, the shifting you will enjoy with the engine will be much smoother.



What is the thing that you will love about it the most?

No doubt, the versatility of the use of oil is something that you can’t ignore. You can use it for everything, and the mixing of the oil won’t be hard.

Can you use it for RC airplanes?

Yes, the Red Line works great with RC airplanes.

8. Motorex Cross Power 2T 100% Synthetic:

Highlighted Features

One thing with bike oils is that they don’t smell great. But what if you want to have the best smelling 2-stroke oil for use?

No worries, you can even have that thanks to Motorex Cross Power 2T.

This 100% synthetic oil is one of its kind when it comes to the smell. It won’t give you a headache like some of the others.

As it is fully synthetic, the flow of it is better even in cold conditions. And due to its high viscosity, even in extreme heat, friction or other such issues won’t cause it to breakdown. So, it performs great in the harshest of environments.

You’ve got to worry less about changing the oil as it will offer more miles than your regular oils. No doubt, you will enjoy better mileage with it.

Unlike others, there won’t be any wearing issue within the engine if you use the Motorex. Therefore, you can get optimal performance throughout. The combustion is clean without any smoke.

All of that makes it an ideal contender to use in your racing off-roaders.



What is the key feature of the Motorex?

The clean combustion of the oil is something you would like as it is good for the environment.

Is it actual racing oil?

Yes. It is fully synthetic, so made for real racing bikes.


Highlighted Features

To get great performance on those off-roaders, go with Bel-Ray. Since the 1970s, they’ve been making power sports oils; no doubt, they know better than anyone how to get the best out of those bikes on those uneven, muddy tracks.

The synthetic 2-stroke oil here gets made to do the same. With its auto lube and pre-mix application, you can expect to get great use even in high-pressure conditions within the engine.

Carbon build-up is also getting reduced with its use. Therefore, you will get cleaner burnouts than usual. At the same time, it improves the mileage for your ride.

Then there is the mix range. You get a 50:1 ratio, which is quite incredible. You can use it with a wide range of rides. All in all, it is a great deal.



What is to love about the Bel-ray?

For me, it’s the stability of the performance it offers is something to look forward to. No matter the condition, the power it produces throughout is the same.

Is it perfect for racing?

No. You can use it, but the performance won’t be that great compared to other racing oils.

10. Motul 104041 800 2T Road Racing 2 Stroke Oil:

Highlighted Features

Motul is a big name in the lubricant industry. No surprise, I’ve got one from them in the best 2-stroke oil for racing engines list of mine.

So, what are you getting with it?

For starters, it’s a 100% synthetic oil. That means it got made for high-performance racing engines that build-up a lot of heat. However, Motul has a stable viscosity that won’t breakdown. So, the inner parts moving won’t have any friction or anything of such sort. The power you will get is stable throughout the engine running.

But the best part is the ESTER core technology it introduces with the lubricant. It will protect your engine from those harmful carbon deposits. It will prevent sticking in the piston rings and exhaust valves, which is often why the bike performance deteriorates.

On top of that all, you can expect to get better mileage with it.



What is to love about it?

It offers better performance throughout. The engine power doesn’t reduce for a bit with it.

Can you use it with other 2 stroke engines?

 It is better to use dirt bikes. Not suitable to use with power tools.

2 stroke dirt bike engine oil for trail riding Buying Guide

Now, coming to the other part of the deal. Even looking at the options, you might not be able to find the right one for you.

That’s because you’re not sure which one suits your needs. In that case, go through this buying guide and get all the vital information regarding the best 2-stroke oil.

Oil type:

There are different oil types available in the market. Knowing about them will make things clear for you when it comes to choosing one.

Synthetic oil: It is the conventional one that you see. There are no additives used in the oil, which makes it a cheap 2-stroke oil. And that’s one of the reasons lubrication performance isn’t that great. You will get unclean combustion. That’s why it is better not to use it.

Semi-synthetic: Now, this one’s party uses the synthetic base. However, as additives get used, you will enjoy better lubrication with it. It resists heat. On top of that, there isn’t any smoke or soot formation when you use them for the engine. It keeps things clean.

Fully synthetic 2-stroke oil:  Now, these are a class of its own. As you can imagine, you get fully synthetic base oils with it. Not only that, it contains many additives. The result it gives is better performance and quality. For high-temperature conditions like in motocross bikes, the oil truly comes on its own to provide you with the best possible performance.


When there is smoke, there is fire. In the same way, when the oil burns, there will be smoke. You can’t get around it. However, if it’s too much, it’s never good for the engine or the environment.

That’s why to choose an oil that will minimize the smoke build. For a smokeless performance, you’ve got to opt for oils with many additives.


Additives in the 2-stroke play a lot of part in your engine performance. As you already know, they can help you to reduce smoke production. But they can also work to make sure the engine remains free of issues like rusting and corroding.

Then others work to keep fuel stabilized. With them, you will get a right balanced mix of gasoline and oil that will provide longevity. In simple words, better mileage and somewhat fewer changes of oil.

Use case:

This is something that users should be thinking about while getting the oil. If you’re not racing on the dirt track, spending your money on fully synthetic racing oils might not be the best idea. You can do good with the semi-synthetic ones.

However,  if you’re planning to use it for other applications like your power tools or other rides, then picking an option keeping all that in mind is also essential.


Not all oils will give you the luxury to mix in different ratios to make it compatible with all engine types. Therefore, knowing the balance, the oil lets you use it, and the engine that supports is essential. Do your research on that a bit before making the purchase.


The last bit of advice is to know about the viscosity level of the oil you’re using. If it has stable performance, then you will get a clean flow without any resistance. Also, the thicker the layer, the better it is as it will provide better handling of pressure. You will work with extreme heat and still get top-performance from the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best 2-stroke oil for a bike?

All of them on the list are pretty great. But considering the price and performance ratio, I’ve got to go with the Castrol Edge.

What happens if you put 4-stroke oil in a 2-stroke engine?

Not that you can’t use it. But it isn’t right to do so as it will create a hazy smoke that might damage the engine.

What Makes A 2 Stroke Oil Great?

A proper 2-stroke oil will create a smooth operation within the engine that will boost its performance. And it will reduce issues such as scuffing, smokes and much other stuff like that too.

Can You Use 4-Stroke Engine Oil in a 2-Stroke engine?

Yes, you can use it if there is an emergency where you can’t find any suitable 2-stroke oil for the bike.

How much oil does your bike need?

It depends on the condition and the oil type. With regular ones, it might consume a lot. In comparison, the best 2-stroke dirt bike oil might offer better mileage for the same amount of fuel.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best 2 stroke dirt bike oil, it won’t be that easy to find. That’s what made me come up with the above list.

No matter your budget, you will find a suitable option right there.

And even if you don’t, you can look for other options using the Buying guide that I’ve left for you.

Hopefully, you will be able to feed your dirt bike the right fuel and get the best performance out of it on the tracks.

Happy riding.

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  1. Hello, could you tell me what a good 2 stroke oil would be for a 1967 harley davidson golf cart. it is a low revving , low rpm (max 3000 rpm) air cooled engine. I’m guessing I need something with a low flash point. harley reccomended 1.5 oz per gallon of gas (85 to 1). the guy I baught cart from has been using pennzoil tcw3 non synthetic outboard oil. not sure if I should stick with it or not since it’s not water cooled?

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