Ultimate Best 2 stroke dirt bike for trail riding

Looking for the best 2 stroke dirt bike for trail riding?

When it comes to speed and raw power, there is nothing better than the 2-stroke. And kids and teens know that quite well. Plus, for those young age riders, this is easy to handle to ride for its lightweight nature.

So, if you’re in search of the biggest, baddest 2 stroke dirt bike for your little one, then you’re in the right place.

Husqvarna TE300

I’ve gone and found out the top two strokers from the market. All you need is to sit tight and go through all of them to find the right deal.

So, let’s start then.

Keeping in mind that there are riders of very young and a bit mature ones,  I’ve got the options here for both.

best 2 stroke dirt bike for kids

KTM 50SX Motocross


For the best pick ride, I will go with the KTM 50SX motocross for the younger riders aged 4-10. The bike got enough power, a control speed limit, a simple single transmission system, and much more to get the younger riders excited about it.

For the older teen riders, I’ve got the Husqvarna TE300 as the best pick. It got a solid engine with a proper manual transmission that works effortlessly. And the build quality of it is made for the racing demands.




If you’re getting the bike for smaller kids, any of the KTM or Yamaha is the best choice. But for teenage riders, I would go for the KTM 250XCW.

It’s a superb-looking bike with a great frame that makes it nimble around the corners. While the engine itself is a top-notch want that gives excellent speed on the trails. And the brakes and suspension complement the bike to make it an all-around bike.

budget pick
best 2 stroke trail bike for kids

Yamaha PW50 Offroad


The budget option for the kid riders is the Yamaha PW50 offroader. It is a lightweight bike with a good engine power output as well as great tires to handle the off-roading pretty well.

For the advanced-aged riders, the budget option is the Yamaha YZ250X. It got tires focused to deal with trails while the adjustable suspension system makes it suitable for any type of terrain out there.

best 2 stroke trail bike for kids

Yamaha PW50 Offroad

best 2 stroke dirt bike for kids

KTM 50SX Motocross

2021 KTM 150 XC-W TPI

BETA 2021 200RR

BETA 2021 200RR

Yamaha YZ250X

Yamaha YZ250X



Husqvarna TE300

Husqvarna TE300

7 Best 2 stroke dirt bike for trail riding

If you want to find the best trail riding 2-stroke bikes, then look no further and check out the list below to get the best ride.

1. Yamaha PW50 Offroad: For single track trails

For the little ones, the PW50 from Yamaha is the most reliable ride you can get. Yamaha is a brand name that you can trust for its record of giving quality bikes years after years.

No surprise, you will feel happy to see the best 2-stroke trail bike for those beginners.

best 2 stroke trail bike for kids

Yamaha PW50 Offroad specifications

When you’re getting a bike for kids, you don’t want to make things complicated. PW50 knows that well. That’s why you’ve got just those twist-and-go auto transmissions on it.

From a parent’s point of view, keeping your kids safe is what matters the most. While handing a bike, they might not feel comfortable letting them ride the bike at high speed right away. That’s why the bike got an adjustable throttle system. You can restrict how fast they can ride the bike and based on their skill level increase the speed.

But at the end of the day, it’s all about that 49cc engine. It serves predictable power that is easy to handle on those off-road tracks. Paired up with the front and rear suspension and the smooth brakes, it is quite the ride for starters.



What’s the color of the bike?

The bike comes in a blue color variant.

What’s the best feature of the bike?

It’s something that gets unnoticed, but the seat height makes small riders feel confident riding it. They can have their feet on the ground and be control riding it thanks to its low seat height.

2. KTM 50SX Motocross: A Reliable kid bike

How can you make a list of an off-roader and not have KTM there?

That’s right, the next kid 2-stroke comes from the Austrian brand. And it is their 2021 KTM 50SX made for youth aged between 4-10 years old.

best 2 stroke dirt bike for kids

KTM 50SX Motocross Specifications:

It got a higher-performing, 50cc class engine that gives maximum power output. All thanks to the exhaust pipe and its reed intake system that manages to take full advantage of the motor.

But what makes riding fun is its super smooth centrifugal automatic clutch. With a simple twist throttle, the kid can adjust the speed without any problem.

No sudden power kicks into off-balance the rider, unlike some cheap 2-stroke dirt bikes.

To keep this precious engine running at its best, KTM introduced a liquid cooling system. Even under extreme conditions, it can manage to dissipate the heat and not drop its performance level for a second.

And caging that beautiful piece of machinery is the super strong, but lightweight Chromoly steel build. Not only does it make handling fun, but it also gives the bike to survive the nastiest of drops.



What suspension system got used on the bike?

At the front, the bike offers the XACT 35 WP Upside-down fork while the mono-shock is working at the rear end.

What's the feature that will make you like it?

For the parents, the power reduction kit will be the thing that makes it a great dirt bike. Using the PowerParts program you can manage the power produced by it to control the speed for the new riders.

3. KTM 150 XC-W TPI: Heavy-Duty Reliable motor

If you’re looking for a dirt bike for teens to enjoy, KTM got you covered with the 150 XC-W TPI.

Unlike most 2-stroke rides, there is no need for mixing fuel, thanks to its TPI (Transfer Port Injection) system. So, if you’re in quest for the environment-friendly 2-stroke, then this is the one to get.

KTM 150 XC-W TPI specifications

What separates it from a kid ride is the fact it got a manual transmission system. Young riders will get a real riding experience with its 6-speed transmission.

The best thing is, the jump from one gear to the next isn’t sudden. It got a smooth transition that let the rider be in control.

Then the obvious KTM high-tech frame design takes place. The state-of-the-art robot welding on the Chromoly steel gives you a solid frame. While the revamped race geometrics make the best use of aerodynamics to cut through the air and make the right faster on the tracks. And everyone knows, the lightweight nature of the frames makes them the ultimate ride for taking on the corners.

Not to take away from the bike build, but the engine is still its most coveted part. The 150cc 2-stroke is in a class of its own. The TPI tech on it gives you extreme power over the entire rev range—No sign of it dropping whatsoever.



What's the benefit of the EMS?

The EMS (Engine management system) takes care of the ignition timing, fuel injection, and many other system adjustments for you.

What's the top feature of the bike?

The bike suspension is excellent. The front fork compresses and rebounds the right way to take on the bumps to keep the ride stable no matter the road condition. While the rear also works to dampen the shocks to make it a smooth ride all the way.

4. BETA 2021 200RR: Professional Racing Performance

Looking to up the ante even more with your 2-stroke dirt bike choice, then go for the Beta. The 2021 200RR model is undeniably one of the stylist looking rides on the list. But there is more to it than just its killer looks. Check out to know more.
BETA 2021 200RR

Beta 2021 200RR specifications

The molybdenum steel build is something that comes top of the mind. It is a highly durable material that can take on any impact. And also absorbs the jump shocks to let the user feel none of it.

Going with the shock-absorbing trend, the bike got some of the best suspension systems in dirt bikes. The Sachs USD fork gives you the luxury to make adjustments to the compression, rebound, and spring preload to tackle any trail in the world.

At the rear, the hi/low speed from Sachs also lets it respond better on the fast, big hits.

Not to mention, the engine with its liquid cooling system and BPV power valves make it one of the fastest on the list.



Does it come with any warranty?

Yes, you will get a 6-month limited warranty on the bike.

What's the one feature that stands out?

You will be getting enduro competition tires on the bike. So, it will move fast while giving the rider enough traction to be on the bike.

5. Yamaha YZ250X: Ultimate Racing Bike

Yamaha also got a great dirt bike for the young teen riders. It is their new 2021 YZ250X.

The cross country ergonomics of it will give the riders the luxury of a nimbler bike on the tracks unlike any other.

Not to forget, it has a 249cc engine that will give 70-78 miles top speed on even the harshest trails on the planet.

Yamaha YZ250X

Yamaha YZ250X Specifications

For the ultimate cross-country experience, the bike got a powerful 2-stroke 249cc engine. And that comes with a superior 5-speed transmission to give you the luxury to shift around and get to have better control on the woody terrains.

To give you an extreme power-to-weight ratio than the biggest 2-stroke dirt bikes. The aluminum frame of it keeps the bike light. But it gives it the right rigidity to handle heavy impacts.

For cross country racing, the bike is the best for its speed-sensitive KYB suspensions. It compresses and dampens around the track at great speed to keep the bike stable while making sure the rider is comfortable riding it.



What’s the tank size in the bike?

 The dirt bike got a 2.1-gallon fuel tank on it.

What’s the one feature that stands out to you the most?

Besides the suspension system, the hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear are one of its most impressive features. Those things manage to get the wheels from rolling the moment you hit the brakes without fail.

6. KTM 250XCW: Incredible Off-roader

For the ultimate off-roading adventure on the trails, there are none better than the KTM. And the KTM 250 XC-W TPI is the benchmark for 2-stroke rides in this category.

Whether it’s in terms of performance, styling, or even handling, in every department, it comes up on top. No surprise, why many teens want to get their hand on this best 250 2 stroke dirt bike.


KTM 250XCW specifications

Without any doubt, the 250cc 2-stroke motor on it is its real star.

This lightweight, but powerful engine gives you great torque to power through any terrain.

And the TPI technology of KTM takes it to a new level as it got even more refined power for the riders to enjoy.

To enjoy the speed, you’ve got a 6-speed PANKL racing transmission on it. Unlike many others, it stops mud and dirt from getting in and interfering with the shifting. Therefore, even on the muddy tracks, you will get a smooth and precise gear change.

But what makes the real difference in the engine performance is its balance shaft. They’ve designed a lateral balancer to keep the bike from vibrating too much even while the engine is performing at high torque.

You won’t get tired of riding the bike. The credit also goes to the WP suspension on the bike. It absorbs the track shocks to keep the bike stable.



How much does the bike weigh?

The bike weighs around 103.4kg.

What’s the one feature that stands out the most?

The electric start on the bike helps with your off-roading experience big time as you can get the engine running on the first attempt every single time.

7. Husqvarna TE300: State-of-the-art dirt bike

For a race-winning setup, go for the Husqvarna TE300.

It got the most powerful engine on any bike from the lot. And without any doubt, one of the best performing 2-stroke dirt bikes out there right at this moment.

Check it out for sure.

Husqvarna TE300

Husqvarna TE300 specifications

There are so many things that will make you love the bike. Take, for example, the chromium molybdenum steel build of it. Cut out using a laser, the robot-welded frame offers the rigidity to survive the drops and crashes. While the frame flex responds well to make the rider feel in full control while being on the bike.

But the real gem of the bike has to be its 300cc engine. The centralized optimal mass helps to counterbalance the ride and gives stability like nothing else. Meantime, the balance shaft helps it tone down the vibration. Not to mention, its electronic fuel injection system alongside the controlled power valve helps to get the enduro performance on the tracks.

And to complement all that, you’ve got the WP damping and compression that makes any track feel like the smoothest of roads. Read more details about husqvarna TE 300i.



How much does the bike weigh?

The 2-stroke dirt bike weighs around 106.2kg.

What's the best thing about the bike?

The map switching feature is quite phenomenal. You can modify the bike based on the condition and the terrain you’re riding on to get the best out of it.

2-stroke vs. 4-stroke: What’s the difference?

Knowing how the 2-stroke motorcycle works differently from the 4-stroke ones is not something you need to know in great detail.

But you should have a basic understanding of how things work. Because that’s when you will know why there is a difference between the performance of the two engines.

Inside the motor, the combustion cycle is what produces the power to get your bike moving.

This combustion cycle in the best 2-stroke dirt bikes does it in two strokes from where the name comes. In its first stroke, the motor will intake, compress and make the fuel and oil mix combust. In the second stroke, it will expand, refill and exhaust inside the engine chamber.

But for the same thing to happen in a 4-stroke engine, you need valves. And that adds two more steps to the whole combustion cycle. That’s where the 2-stroke engine comes to be more efficient.

Not to forget, as it got 30-50% fewer moving parts, the maintenance of it much easier. As well as, it weighs 50% less weight than the 4-stroke motors due to that fact.

So, your 2-stroke dirt bike will be lighter and nimbler too. 

Are 2 stroke dirt bikes reliable?

When it comes to reliability, the two-stroke bikes have their goods and bad. It’s an even tradeoff kind of a thing.

If you think about the maintenance part, the engine is much more reliable than the 4-stroke ones. That’s because you’ve got fewer parts to deal with here. You will get the pieces for cheaper too.

But as I’ve mentioned, this benefit comes with its drawback too. The bike parts in the 2-stroke will get worn out faster than the 4-stroke. And that’s why you need to do the maintenance often.

Though it is easier to manage than the 4-stroke.

Besides that part, when it comes to instant power delivery, you can rely on 2-stroke motorcycles. The incredible speed provided by the best 250 2-stroke dirt bike will help you take off at the tracks faster than most higher cc 4-stroke.

So, when it comes to raw power, trust on the likes of Suzuki’s 2-stroke dirt bike or any other over their bigger brothers.

Are 2 strokes allowed in Supercross?

Though 2-stroke bikes are phenomenal when it comes to the raw power and all that. The supercross has moved on to the 4-stroke bikes.

The changes started to come from 1996 when Yamaha told the motocross legend, Keith McCarty, that they are switching to 4-stroke bikes from the 2-stroke ones.

Soon afterward, AMA also realizes the need for that change. The emission is too much from the 2-stroke engines. So, having the concern for the environment they also slowly started to make the transition. Plus, the 4-stroke seems to be easier to manage than the 2-stroke. Still, there were categories in both 2-stroke and 4-stroke bike races then. But from 2005 onwards, almost everyone is riding the 4-stroke.

Though, riding a 2-stroke bike in many races is still allowed. And it doesn’t give the rider any advantage over the 4-stroke riders. Because handling the 2 stroke dirt bikes require more skill than the new 4-stroke engine rides.

2 Stroke or 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes: Which are Best for Beginners?

Both 2-stroke and 4-stroke bikes come with their pros and cons. But when it comes to choosing the beginner bike, the 2-stroke motors prevail.

Yes, some people will talk about the carbon emission problem of the old school two strokes. But that’s also a matter the engines have addressed in recent times with reduced exhaust emission.

Besides that, you get a quality engine that is famous for providing raw power right away. And most importantly, the bike is super lightweight compared to the more advanced 4 stroke dirt bike engines. It feels simpler to handle the 2-stroke dirt bike, therefore.

So, I’ve to go against the popular opinion and say, the new 2-stroke dirt bike is a top pick. But as I always say, it depends on what makes the rider comfortable. For some, 2-stroke will be that cozy ride, for others, it will be 4-stroke.

Are 2 Stroke Dirt Bikes Better than 4 Strokes?

The answer is yes if you’re looking to get a bike that offers more power. If you get a 250cc displacement 2-stroke side by side with an equivalent 4-stroke, then the 2-stroke will give you twice the output of its counterpart.

Yes, for higher torque in lower RPM, 4-stroke is the best option. That’s what makes it so great for trail riding. But when you’re trying to get on speedier terrains with woods and all that, then you need the higher torque in a bike with higher RPM. That’s what the 2-stroke ride will give you.

Not to forget, to get the real sound of a ride, the two-stroke bike is the best. The exhaust pipe of it makes those rumbling sounds that make you feel alive.

But that’s not just to make the sounds; it also uses the sound waves to generate a supercharger effect. From that, you get that instant raw power for which you get the two-stroke dirt bikes in the first place.

Are two-stroke dirt bikes easy to maintain?

For maintaining the two-stroke bike, it is always easier than your four-stroke engines.

With the 2-stroke, you’ve got fewer moving parts. Just due to that, the engine weighs 50% less than those bulkier 4-stroke motors.

So, getting it off and dismantling already gives you an advantage over the other. Not to forget, as there are fewer pieces to strip down, clean, and put together, the work is far less than what you’ve got to do with a 4-stroke dirt bike engine.

Taking all those things into account, it won’t be wrong to say that it is far easier to take care of, let’s say KTM 250 2-strokes over its 4-stroke options engine.

best 2 stroke dirt bike Buying Guide

Not sure which best 2-stroke dirt bike for trail riding to get for your kid?

No worries.

In this buying guide, I will take you through some crucial features that you need to consider to make the right choice.

So, let’s get started with it.


It is something that many get wrong. People think more cc means faster ride. Which isn’t right, but not wrong too.

The higher the displacement, the more the fuel and oil mix will take place, and the higher power and torque would be produced by the engine.

So, but the higher the CC, the bulkier the ride will be.

Keeping all that in mind, if you’re getting the bike for a teen, you can go for those 200,300cc rides. But for the younger kids, a lower CC bike would be the better choice ride.


No doubt, it is quite crucial to get a durable chassis. Now, steel is a good option for that, but it adds a lot of weight to the ride. Modern bikes like the KTM and Husqvarna, however, utilize something called Molybdenum steel. You get the rigidity to handle high impacts. But it adds minimum weight to the right while doing so. Therefore, the bike offers better feedback to the rider.

Getting the bike, you should go for such a build, rather than just going for higher impact-resisting frames.


The modern two-stroke bikes today got something called mapping. You can tune the bike performance to get the best use out of it based on the riding condition and terrain. It is not a feature that you might be able to find in a beginner bike. But in many top-rated youth bikes today, you might find it.

Speed Control:

If you’re getting a dirt bike for kids who have just started to learn to ride, you want to make sure they don’t overdo the speed. The more advanced riders will have an idea how much speed they can handle, but for the newbie riders, it is often not the case. That’s why getting them a bike with a controlled throttle system or a speed limiter is something you should consider highly. That way, you can let them get comfortable with the ride based on their skill level. And you can increase the speed gradually to let them have full control of the bike when they’re ready.


Bike transmission is what makes or breaks the game. For the kid’s bike, having a single-speed system is the popular choice, as you don’t want to give them the complexity of shifting the gears at that age. But for the more advanced riders, to provide more control of the bike, you want to give them the manual transmission ride.

Now, while getting the bike, make sure, the transmission system works smoothly and responds well. Some dirt bikes got issues like sudden speed jump when moving from one gear to the other. You want an even speed change to let the rider feel comfortable.


Getting proper front and rear suspension is a must to handle the trails. You want to invest in bikes with something like the WP XPLOR or the KYB speed-sensitive systems that compress and dampen the bike forks to absorb the shocks. Not only will make riding on uneven terrains be fun, but it will also help you to move fast on such tracks without slowing down to avoid bumps and holes.


All those top features won’t be of any good if the dirt bike you’re getting got no stopping power. On the trails, where you don’t know what might appear in front of the bike, you want to make sure the bike can stop when you hit the brakes. That’s why spending on a quality stopping system like the disc brakes are always the priority. The moment you hit the brake, the tires stop moving. And they do last for a long time without losing their performance. So, spending on bikes with those brakes is always better than the others.


Investing in quality tires will always give you more advantages than you can think of. Bikes that come with racing tires will offer sleek movement on the tracks while taking in a lot of the hits from the terrains. It will give you the edge with a high-quality grip to handle the ride better no matter the condition.


The last thing that you should consider is how the bike starter works. If you’re getting the bike for younger kids, then having an electric starter will be of great benefit as they might have trouble with the kickstart system. But the older riders won’t have an issue with them. However, some bikes offer both. So, getting them is like hitting a jackpot as the rider can use the one, he wants to.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are 2-Strokes so Fast?

2-stroke bikes make the combustion cycle in fewer steps than the 4-stroke bikes, that’s why they’re so fast.

Are 2-Stroke Dirt Bikes Engines Banned?

No. The recent 2-stroke dirt bike engines managed to reduce emissions a lot, making them more environmentally friendly than ever. So, they’re reemerging again for the tracks.

What to know before buying a 2-stroke bike?

There are a lot of things you need to know. For instance, the displacement, the transmission system, suspension, and much other stuff like such. You can check out the buying guide to learn more about them

Are 2-stroke dirt bikes good for beginners?

Yes, the best 2 stroke dirt bike for trail riding is excellent for starter riders too.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s it. You’ve seen the best 2 stroke dirt bike for trail riding that is ruling the industry.

Now, it’s up to you.

Whether you’re going to get yourself or your kid a ride that’s extremely fun like the KTM or Husqvarna. Or go for something more in the lower scheme of things for the starter riders with the KTM 150XCW. It’s your choice.

Even for those young kids, the PW50 and 50SX are there.

So, there is something for everyone. You just go for the one you need.

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