7 Best dirt bike Grips for all budgets

For a biker to be at the helm of his ride, he needs to have a solid grip on the handlebar. The stock grips that come with the bars might not always give you exactly that. When conditions are muddy or wet, that is often evident.

That’s why you’ve got to find the best dirt bike grips. In any condition, you need a grip that won’t get loose. Your arms shouldn’t pump with blood using it. Nor should you feel vibrations transferred to the bars while using the bike grip.

Best dirt bike grips

Get all that and more with the best dirt bike grips for trail riding that I’ve got here.

If you need a grip right out of the bat, then check out the ones I’ve picked based on the following categories.

dirt bike handlebar grips

RSG Motorcycle Grip


For the best one, I would pick the RSG one. It got that gel compound that helps to reduce the impact from vibrations big time. Plus, the inner core material bonds well with the surface of the bar to keep it from spinning too much. All that with a  durable and soft grip, there is not much you can ask from it

dirt bike grips

Surpassme Motorcycle Grip


Surpassme actually surpassed my expectations. I didn’t expect it to be this effective in terms of damping the vibration. And with that easy installation, it makes itself the perfect candidate for the preferred choice of the grip of many. You can go for it too.

budget pick
Best dirt bike grips

ProTapers Pillow Top Lite Grip


When it comes to reliability, none can match the quality of ProTapers. And when you can get them for an unbeatable price, it’s even better. With the Pillow Top Lite grip, you will get just that. The anti-rip tip design grip lasts for a long time, and it does an admirable job of keeping you in control of the ride at all times.

Quick Comparison: Top 10

ProTapers Universal Hand Grips

Surpassme Motorcycle Grip

Scott Sports Black Radial Full Waffle ATV Grips

RSG Motorcycle Grip

ProTapers Pillow Top Lite Grip

HTTMT- Black Handlebar Hand grips

AnXin Universal Handlebar Grip

7 best dirt bike grips

Don’t you feel comfortable with the grips that you’ve got on your bike? Then change them with anyone from below and see the difference.

1. ProTapers Universal Hand Grips

Highlighted Features

Professional racers trust grips that are easy to handle. Just like the ones I’ve got here, the ProTaper Universal grips.

Everyone in the motorcycling world knows the name ProTapers. They got a lot of riding accessories coming out of their factories. The Universal grips are one of them.

With 7/8″ left and 1″ right, it will fit just about any bar. Hence, the universal name. But it is just more than the fitting that makes it an obvious choice for the dirt bike handlebar.

It’s a combination of various factors. For say, the material. It got a non-slip rubber that doesn’t slip away from your hands. Even with wet hands, you won’t have trouble holding on to it.

And it isn’t just that it offers a good hold. It is a lasting one too, thanks to its corrosion resistance.

Upon closer examination, you would find that the entire grip has a diamond pattern. Using this pattern, ProTapers allows you to have that grip while dampening vibrations felt on the handlebars. This makes riding for long periods less tiring.

On the opposite side, the inner core meanwhile bites into the handlebar and prevents it from spinning too much. The grips reposition themselves when you twist them.



What color do the grips come in?

Universal grips are available in six different colors. You can choose from blue, green, yellow, red, orange or pink.

What's the best feature of the grips above?

These are some of the best vibration-reducing dirt bike grips I’ve used. Unlike those stock grips that come with the bike, these grips do not cause fatigue from riding the bike.

2. Surpassme Motorcylce Grips

Highlighted Features

Surpassme is another brand that offers durable and thick dirt bike grips. Similar to the ProTapers, it has a 2-inner size grip for the bar end.

The 1″ one is for the thruster, and the 7/8″ goes on the clutch.

That’s not the only similarity here. It even has the vintage diamond design grip on it. Much like the earlier one, it helps to reduce the skidding with wet hands while it feels good to the touch. The soft TRP rubber material really comes on its own on the grip.

But not only it makes for comfort, but it also helps absorb shock so that riding becomes less exhausting. Long rides become more convenient as a result.

Even in bad weather, the grip remains intact. It is not corroded by moisture. Whether the temperature is high or low, it would resist and come out of it undamaged.

More so, I like the easy installation of it. Folks who haven’t ever changed grips won’t have trouble getting the grips on the handlebar.



What are the color variants you get on the grip?

The four colors you will be getting are: Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow.

What's the top feature of the grips?

The comfortable TRP rubber materials are hands down its most prolific feature. It’s soft to the touch that you don’t feel wrist fatigue twisting the grips like the typical ones.

3. Scott Sports 233926-0001 Black Radial Full Waffle ATV Grips

Highlighted Features

Using stock grips, you will often get those painful arm pumps due to the constant vibration of the handlebar.

To save you from the constant exposure of shock comes to the Scott Sports grips. The single dense, soft grip helps to absorb most of the impact to let you enjoy a fatigue-free riding experience.

When you look at the grip, this one has a different pattern on it. The full waffle design helps your hands to find the right feel when you hold on to it.

Since its conception, this design has provided a solid grip on the handle. No different here.

You can get them on any stock 7/8″ bars. However, those of you with soft hands might want to have gloves on for using it. The aggressive grip might not be suited for all.

But that’s also the reason for the solid grasp on the grip. So, it’s a kinda two-edged sword situation here. Still, considering everything, it is a great deal.



Is it suitable for use in wet conditions?

Yes, even in rainy conditions, the grip would have the same effectiveness.

What's the feature that stands out from the rest?

It does a pretty neat job of reducing vibration.

4. RSG Motorcycle Grip

Highlighted Features

Often twisting hard the grips, it spins too much. If that’s not something you want to deal with, just switch over to RSG.

The motorcycle grips for dirt bike got that non-slip design inner core. The compound material bonds with the handlebar to ensure no more slipping when you twist the grip.

But that’s not the only game-changing innovation here. With the grips, you would have something called the anti-rip tips. Separate from the main grip, this part extends outwards. And it has been introduced to stops the ripping of grips from riding on those punishing off-road tracks. It helps to improve the longevity of the grips big time.

Then in terms of reducing the vibration, the grip got more tricks under its sleeve. Or should I say, it got vibrasonix pillows on it? Hundreds of these pillows got a gel-like compound inside them, which works wonders to dampen the shake transferred onto the hands. Plus, it makes the texture incredibly soft to the touch too.

However, if you’ve got doubts about the durability, you shouldn’t have any. The rubber material is super durable. No matter how hard you twist it, bend it or let it soak in water, it won’t get damaged. That’s guaranteed.



What colors are the grip available in?

For now, you can get the RSG grip in three color variants. You’ve got blue, green and red.

What's the one feature that stands out?

Most might say it’s the shock-absorbing pillowcases texture of it is its most impressive feature. But for me, it’s the self-cleaning pattern that makes me as happy as the other one. You don’t have to go through the trouble of trying to get the mud stuck on the grip anymore.

5. ProTapers Pillow Top Lite Grip

Highlighted Features

With the Pillow top lite grip, ProTapers gets another spot on the list.

Similar to the previous grip, it got the surface of the thing filled with pillows on it. As far as I can tell, the pads provide exceptional traction, preventing the hands from sliding off the grip. Plus, they do a great job of reducing the vibration. So, no more dreaded arm pumps for the rider.

Apart from offering a good grip, the small square cushions are very comfortable to hold.

You might think it’s all because of the pillows. Not wrong entirely. But credit has to go to the custom Kraton rubber compound that gets used to the grip too. With gloves or without them, it offers a solid grasp on the thing.

Another thing that the RSG and the ProTapers lite got in common is their anti-rip tip. Having the extra rubber material on the edges prevents the grips from getting ripped while getting caught on branches when you ride through the trails.

Twisting the grips, you won’t have to worry about them spinning on the handlebar. The inner core material hugs the bar to let them from turning on them. They twist as much as required and reposition themselves back.



What colors does the grip come in?

You will get the grip in black, blue, green, red, yellow, and orange color.

What's the one feature that you will like about it the most?

The small square cushions on the grip are undeniably its star feature. The thing ensures comfort, impeccable traction as well as helps to dampen the vibration.

6. HTTMT- Black Handlebar Hand grips

Highlighted Features

From all the best dirt bike grips for trail riding, the HTTMT is quite different. Looking at it, you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

The grips here are well made. You will see it got 4-rubber sections on it. What HTTMT does is that they got the chamber filled with a bit of air. These air pillows do the job of isolating the hands to ensure the road shocks don’t reach the hands.

If you take a closer look at the throttle grip, you will see an extra bit that supports the wrist. This small detail on the grips assists in maintaining the speed with the heel of your hand. You don’t need to twist your hand a lot anymore, which is often the case with most grips.

Meanwhile, the pointy end on the grips gives support to prevent it from getting torn while adding some flair to the thing.

So, if you’ve got a 1″/ 25mm handlebar, you might want to try it out for sure.



What are the color variants?

You’ve got black, chrome, chrome with blue and the other one is chrome with red.

What's the standout feature of the grip?

The air chamber cushions are the best part for doing an outstanding job of reducing the vibration.

7. AnXin Universal Handlebar Grip

Highlighted Features

For the last one, I’ve got a grip coming out from AnXin. It is their universal motorcycle hand grip that goes hand in hand with any 7/8″ handlebar.

Now, when you get it, you might not get any instruction manual. But getting it on the handlebar might not be that hard as it is quite intuitional.

Coming to the grip. Like many others, it got a cushion design on the surface. So, it does a great job of eliminating the vibration and impact while giving a solid and comfy grip. Plus, the pillow design with the spacing is self-cleaning as it doesn’t allow the mud to stick between the spaces like many grips.

 In terms of durability, the rubber material holds on its own quite well no matter the weather condition.

The part of the material that meets with the handlebar itself got an adhesive bond that makes it stick with the bar. It won’t let the grip turn too much than intended.

Besides that, like RSG and ProTapers grip, this one also boasts the anti-rip tip on it to increase its lifespan.



How many colors does the grip come in?

It comes in 4 color variants: blue, red, yellow, and gray.

What's the key selling feature of the grip?

The pillow grip is its most unique feature. It takes in the impacts well while keeping a soft texture for the rider to feel comfortable holding it.

best dirt bike grips for trail riding Buying Guide

If you’re looking to change the stock grip or your aftermarket grip, then you need to find some new ones. But how can you be sure that the one you’ll be getting will be better than the ones you’ve already got.

That’s where this buying guide comes to your rescue. I will share secrets that will help you understand how to find the best grips.

So, let’s not wait anymore.

 Grip material:

You’ve got to get the right material for the grip. Though the option that gets used by most, in this case, is rubber. So, you might think, there is nothing much to think about here. Still, not all rubber materials are the same. Some can feel real tacky and have that sticky feel to it that might make your life hell while you try to twist the throttle.

Therefore, you’ve got to make sure the rubber material you’re choosing isn’t like that. It should have the durability to withstand the conditions. Whether it’s hot, cold, or rain. At the same time, the material needs to feel comfortable to touch. It shouldn’t feel harsh at all.


The grip comes from the pattern on the surface of the material. Therefore, choosing the right design becomes much more important.

You can never go with the diamond design. This tried and tested treaded design for decades has provided the most reliable of grips. If not that, then the cushion patterns on the grip might intrigue you. They give the best traction while making it easier for you to clean it with its spacious design.

You might prefer the more modern air chamber pattern on the grips. They do offer a stronghold.

Impact absorption:

One of the reasons to have grips on the handlebar is to counteract the shock transferred through the bar. Without a proper grip, you would feel a lot of it in your hand, leading to those dreaded arm pumps.

Thankfully, grips today with their treaded cushion and materials consume most of the vibration. They don’t let the impacts reach the hands. So, when you’re looking to buy grips, you should consider such design and materials that would help to reduce the vibrations.


Having the best fitting grips is a must. You don’t want to get grips that won’t go on the bars. That’s why before ordering the grips, make sure they would fit the handlebar on your bike. Don’t throw down the money through the drain, getting grips that won’t suit it.



Having a proper grip on the hands isn’t enough. The grip should be capable of providing the same kind of traction with the handlebars too. Otherwise, while twisting the throttle, you will find yourself with a grip that spins like crazy. And you will be putting a lot of your time repositioning the grip on the bar.

But a grip with the proper inner core compound would save you the trouble as it will have the bond to make the grips from spinning too much.

The benefit of Dirt Bike Grips:

Often you don’t consider the grips to be that important. Only with time, you figure out how crucial they are to your riding experience.

Let’s find out how right here.

Reduced arm pump:

After holding on to the handlebar for a long time and twisting it, you get forearm fatigue. Your hands get all loose like jello and cause you to have a slower reaction time in your braking, clutching, and all that. Not something you might want to experience while riding the bike. That’s where the grip can come to your rescue, as it can drastically reduce arm pumps by diminishing the vibration felt on the hands.

Superior control:

In a split second is all it takes for the rider to lose control of a speeding bike. A single slip of the hands can cause you to have some life-threatening accident.

But with anti-skid grips, you will have better control on the bike and avoid any such nightmare incident for sure.


With better quality grips, no matter how long you ride and how much fatigue sets in, you will still have solid stability to maintain balance on your bike.

How do I make my dirt bike stop vibrating?

The best way to do so is by looking for new grips. If you’ve got the stock ones, change with them with a more dense grip that would soak in most of the shocks. Besides getting new grips for the handlebar, you can also look for a new set of gloves that will help you to feel less of the shocks running through the handlebar.

How Do I Keep My Dirt Bike Grips from Slipping?

You can prevent grips from slipping by doing a couple of things. The very first thing you can do is get a new pair of grips.

That’s the easiest way to solve the problem. But if you still face such an issue, then you can take the hairspray and spray it on the handlebar to have a thin layer before installing the grips. That would do the trick and stop the grip from slipping.

If that doesn’t work, grip glue-like outlaw racing motorcycles or the Scott one stop them slipping.

Some grips even come with locks like jaws or clamps that help them to keep secured in position. You can try them out if you like.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What glue should I use for my motorcycle grips?

I’ve mentioned them before, and I will say again, go with Outlaw or Scott as the adhesives are great for stopping grip slips.

What grip textures should you choose?

You should use the ones that are comfortable, provide traction, and reduce vibration.

Are all dirt bike grips the same size?

No. There are various sizes available based on the handlebar.

Best grip for Arm Pump?

You can never go with ProTapers as they take care of those jittering big time with their grips to save you from the painful arm pumps.

Dirt bike grips glue or no glue?

It depends. If you feel like the grip isn’t sticking well to the bar surface and it is twisting too much, then go and try out glue for sure.

How to fit dirt bike grips?

There isn’t much to do here. Just push them inside the bar, and that’s all.

Are all dirt bike grips the same?

They do get made for the same job, but not all are the same.

When should I change my dirt bike grips?

When you feel like you’re not getting the grip and losing control on the bike, that’s a good time to change the grips. Or change them when the previous ones get battered.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. The 7-best dirt bike grips. You can go and try them out with any bike you like.

Hopefully, you will feel the difference as the grips would provide you better control. And for sure, with the best grips, you will see a significant decrease in vibration. So, no more arm pumps riding the dirt bike on the tracks.

Don’t take my words for it. Try out one for yourself, and then come back to tell yourself how the grip has changed your riding forever.

You’re welcome!

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