Best dirt bike handlebar for trail riding

When you start riding a dirt bike, you’re more focused on learning how to do it. You don’t think about the fine details like having the right handlebar. However, as you get used to riding a lot more bikes, you will see how handles can have a huge impact on the way you ride.

It is at this point that you feel like getting the best dirt bike handlebars for your ride. Because now you know how the turning response and flex of it can make the difference in your riding.

best dirt bike handlebars for trail riding

But what are the best motocross handlebars?

You are at the right place if you are seeking the answer. Just keep on reading.

If you want a quick solution for the handlebar and don’t want to go through the entire article, then here you might find what you’re searching for.

best dirt bike handlebars for trail riding

Renthal 605-01-BK Fatbar


For my best pick, I would go with the Renthal. They have been making handlebars for a long time. And with their Fatbars, they have perfected the art of making super solid bars that even flexes great. That’s the dream combo riders look for their handlebars.

Best dirt bike handlebars for tall riders

Pro Taper HandleBar


ProTapers is my best choice handlebar. When it comes to giving the grip, the gear stands out with its knurling ends. Meanwhile, the cut-down marks make it easy to alter. It also scores well for durability, flex, and impact absorption. No surprise, it is here.

budget pick
Best dirt bike handlebar

Wingsmoto handlebar


In case you’ve got a budget to follow, I would suggest taking the Wingsmoto into your consideration. The lightweight handlebar is durable enough to take on the impacts. But it is its shock, and stress absorption is that will make steering using it a joy as a rider.

Quick Comparison: Top 6 lightweight motocross handlebars

motorcycle handlebar guide

22M Handlebar for CRF

dirt bike handlebars on sportbike

Wingsmoto handlebar with Foam pad

best motocross handlebars

Pro Taper Seven Eights HandleBar

Best dirt bike handlebars for short riders

AnXin Motorcycle Handlebar

Flexible dirt bike handlebars

JFG Racing Universal Handlebar Set Fat Bars

Flexible dirt bike handlebars

Renthal 605-01-BK Fatbar

6 Best dirt bike handlebar

Don’t go around looking into all the dirt bike handlebar. That would just be a big waste of your time as there is a lot to go through there. Save your energy and read through the ones I’ve picked up for you to get you riding right away.

1. 22M Handlebar for CRF

Highlighted Features

Getting the right color handlebar for your motocross bike can be a daunting task. Thankfully, the DOS comes in 6-different colors to save you the trouble.

But it solves more than the styling. With the 7/8″ dirt bike handlebars, you can expect to have more control. Unlike the cheap handles, it is much easier to steer. And it is more accurate. So, it will go exactly where you guide it.

Besides giving you complete control, the bike handle helps you withstand crashes. It won’t bend, nor it breaks from impacts. The steel and aluminum alloy build of it is the reason. Many other handles are also made from the same compound material, but none come close to its sturdiness. That’s because it doesn’t use the typical 6061 aluminum. Instead, it uses one from the 7000 series. And that’s what gives it more hardness and tensile strength than the regular aluminum alloy mixed handles.

With alloy on the handle, the thing is lighter too. So, it offers the right balance of strength and comfort.

On top of that, the anti-corrosion and anti-oxidant on the surface of the handlebar ensure it survives the wreath of all kinds of weather to keep the thing in top shape. The grips that come with it are also super durable and offer a good feel to touch. Even the paintwork on the handle doesn’t get scratched easily.



What's the type of the handlebar?

It is a 7/8″ handlebar.

What's the top feature of the bar?

The flexing capability of it stands out for sure.

2. Wingsmoto handlebar with Foam pad

Highlighted Features

If you need lightweight motocross handlebars, then go with the Wingsmoto. Made entirely from aluminum, this bar is much lighter than the one before it. While it is lightweight, the bar was made strong enough to continue to withstand substantial impacts.

But when it comes to absorbing vibrations when biking over uneven roads, it is where it shines the most. 

However, the bar here isn’t perfect. It got rough ends which might need some sanding work. Still, it holds up to be a solid unit overall. Especially, the same Pro taper style for the price is a true steal. Compared to the conventional handlebars, it would allow more impact absorption as well as give better flex.

Plus, bikers would benefit from the extended and further style bar as it allows for a more comfortable riding position. Not to mention, the 304 stainless steel bolts ensure the mounting of the bar securely on the frame. The foam pads aren’t bad either.

It’s a great deal, overall.



Do you need tools to install to handlebar?

You would need nothing but a driver to screw the bolts.

What's the one feature that stands about it the most?

For the price, the quality it brings makes it quite unthinkable. A steal indeed.

3. Pro Taper Seven Eights HandleBar

Highlighted Features

Taper bars, the convention on today’s handlebar, is the gift to the world by Pro Tapers. They kicked off this thing which made it easy for the riders to put their hands on different spots on the handle with a bit more comfort.

But that’s not all.

In terms of durability and flex, the handlebar stands out from the rest of its competition. Credit goes to the proprietary aluminum alloy blend of ProTaper. It gives the bar to take in all kinds of shocks and stress with ease.

However, the SE series bars come with crossbars on them. That’s one of the reasons it might not flex as much as some of the other ProTaper bars. However, it will ensure extreme rigidity to the unit. And like any other bars on the list, the one here is rub and scratch resistance to come out off impacts undamaged.

Even modifying the bar to the rider preference becomes easier with the trials bike handlebars. It got cut lines on the handle ends to cut down the bars to narrow it down if needed.

Not to forget, the clutch end got the knurling to help the grips to bite into it.



What's the type of aluminum used to make the bar?

The handlebar here gets made out of 2000 series T6 aluminum alloy.

What's the best feature of the handlebar?

The high rigidity of it makes it durable to high impacts. So, it won’t bend or break that easily.

4. AnXin Motorcycle Handlebar:

Highlighted Features

The exceptional graphic work on the AnXin dirt bike handlebars will set your bike apart from the crowd. And with its anodized finish, the bar could retain its appearance for a long time too.

That said, it is the luxury of equipping any bike with the handlebar is what makes it so great. Regardless of the ride, if it got the standard 28MM rod clamps, the rig will fit on them right away. Plus, the mount clamps make it easy to have the right height for the bar to be mounted on the bike. So you can have a better riding position on your bike.

However, if you’ve got doubt about its durability, then you shouldn’t. It got a higher tensile strength of 7005-T6 aluminum that can take on crazy crash impacts. The handlebars of the bike won’t bend or break no matter how badly you drop it.

And yes, you can definitely expect it to be lightweight. Therefore, the rider won’t get tired of steering the handlebars.



What material does get used to make the bar?

The handlebar gets made out of higher tensile strength series 7005-T6 aluminum.

What's the one feature that stands out?

Installing the handlebar on the bike is super easy.

5. JFG Racing Universal Handlebar Set Fat Bars

Highlighted Features

Following the footsteps of the AnXin comes the JFG racing handlebar. Similar to the earlier one, it got a graphic design that caught your attention. And there are 5 color variations, so it’s even better.

But the similarities between the two don’t just end there. Just like the other one, it also goes hand in hand with any motorcycle using the standard 28MM rod clamps.

Plus, you have that anodized surface finish on it too. So, you can expect it to retain the impeccable artistry on the bar for years to come.

But what I find to be even more impressive is its lightweight build. The excellent feedback it gives makes it a treat for the riders as it moves to the direction you steer it. Plus, the bar flexes to absorb most of the shocks and stress transferred in its way while riding through rocky terrains. All dirt bikers would love to have both those features on their ride, and that is what you get with it.

Plus, with the deal, you get more than just the handlebar. A pad, clamp adapter, and grips are included as well.

All things good, there is still room for the JFG to improve. Providing an instructional manual for installation being the obvious one. However, it is quite intuitional to get it installed. Still, some guidelines would have been nice.



What's the size of the handlebar?

It’s a 1-1/8″ handlebar.

What's the one feature that stands about it the most?

Without any doubt, it’s the lightweight nature of the handle that makes it so great.

1. Renthal Handlebars

Highlighted Features

Anybody who rides a dirtbike has heard the name of Renthal. It is one of the leaders in producing some of the best handlebars like the Fatbar here.

Did you know it is made exclusively from 7010 T6 aluminum alloy? It was developed especially for Renthal handlebars to give them that extra strength to take on high impacts. Besides taking care of all those hits, this one also works hard to dampen vibrations. Not to forget, the material is lightweight too.
So it is clear that quality will never be in question with the bars coming out of Renthal.

Quality aside, the Fatbars got many cool things to make it even better. Eliminating the use of crossbars is one of them. They get rid of it by using an inch in 1/8 section right next down to the 7/8. And not having a crossbar makes for better flexing, which improves the steering big time.

But if you think you might lose some of its rigidity, then don’t. With an anodized finish on the bars, the handlebars get that semi-gloss matte finish that makes them look stand out. And it makes the outer layer of the bars stiffer to help the bars withstand higher impacts.

One more small detail on the bar that makes me happy is the knurling on the ends. You can now get a better bite on the clutch side grips on the bars, all thanks to it.



What's the size of the handlebar?

The one here is a Fatbar. So, it is 1-1/8″.

What's the best feature of the bar?

For me, the flexing of it comes off as a big surprise. Even for such a durable handlebar, it gives a great response.

What is the difference between 7/8" and 1-1/8" dirt bike handlebars?

A 7/8″ handlebar has the same measurement throughout the bar. But with the 1-1/8″, you will see the center to have a much more oversized dimension. That is how it got the name Fatbar.

However, when you move towards the edge on the Fatbar, you will notice they get back to the 7/8″ shape. Because of the different diameters on the bar, you can grip it better in various places, unlike when you have the regular 7/8″ bar.

Not to mention, it gives better rigidity to the handlebar, which makes them the perfect off-roading steering.

For flexing, the 7/8″ still holds the mantle. But it is not made to withstand the impact, which is why most dirt bikes use the 1-1/8″ as their choice of the handlebar.

How do I choose dirt bike handlebars?

Everyone looking to buy a bike handlebar will have their preferences. That said, there are a couple of features on which one should focus more than others to make sure to get the best deal.

And that’s what we are going to look into in this buying guide.


The first thing one should decide on is the size of the bars. Now, the choice is between the two options. You’ve got the 7/8 inches bar or the 1-1/8 oversized ones.

When it comes to flex and weight, the 7/8 comes at the top of the list. But in terms of durability and reducing arm pump and fatigue, the 1-1/8 bar is a better choice.

You should make your decision based on what you prefer.


Finding the best material on the handlebar is crucial. Like the sizing, here there are mainly two options. Either you buy the cheaper steel handles.

Or you can go and get the more advanced Aluminum alloy bars. The best choice will be aluminum as it offers the best performance. This material is stronger, lighter, and less prone to bending than steel.

But there is another option that mixes both materials. You can consider that too as it strikes the right balance between quality and price.


This is where things can get a bit dicey. You never know which bends will suit you the best until you give it a try. It is a trial-and-error kind of situation.

Nevertheless, it might pay to know the bar bend measurements.

Usually, the bends get measured using three factors: width, height, and sweeping.

The width of the bar is the simplest thing to understand. It is nothing but the width of the bar from one end to the other. It is a straight line. So, you don’t follow the shape on the bar.

Most of the bars on the market will have a 32-inch bar. However, you can alter them and narrow them down to your preference.

After the width comes to the height of the bend. Now measuring it can be slightly tricky. You can take the center part of the bar bottom for the height and consider a horizontal straight line reaching the bar end. From there, you measure the height from your imaginary line end to the bar end. And that’s how you get your height.

And for the last part comes the sweep. How much the handlebar bends back towards the rider from the center of the bottom of the bar is how you measure the sweep.

But as I’ve said, the bends are something that you won’t know whether it works for you or not until you give it a try. So, you can look through the different bends and get a feel of them before making your mind upon one.


A bike handlebar with crossbars can greatly affect its handling. The steering system should be much stiffer if they got the bar. And that might not be in the best interest of you as a rider.

Not that, all crossbars are the same. Still, the rigidity factors would cause you the flex which is crucial to get a better response during handling the bike.


The finish used on the bar also matters. An anodized or a shot peening finish on the handlebar guarantees longevity. Plus, it makes the bar look good.

How can I find my current dirt bike handlebars measurements?

Take the measurement from end to end on a straight line for the length of the bar. Don’t consider the shape. You can check the earlier section to find more about it.

What are the best dirt bike handlebars?

ProTapers, Renthal are some of the best dirt bike handlebars out there.

What is the Best set of Dirt Bike Handlebars?

It is either between the Renthal or the ProTapers. The Renthal gets the upper hand over the other for its durable build that doesn’t compromise the flex of the bar.

Why change your dirt bike handlebars?

Handles get bent, cracked, and even worse, you don’t feel it is well suited for your riding. So, there is the need to change them.

What do all these dirt bike handlebar measurements mean?

The measurements mean how long they are, how much they move towards the rider, and how much they rise from their station. In short, the handlebar explains the steering of the bar.


Ok, you’ve got your best dirt bike handlebar. Whether you need flexible dirt bike handlebars or a more durable sportbike one, there is one for you to choose from here.

So, take time, go through them and pick the one you feel like the right one to go on your enduro. And have a blast riding it.

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