7 Best Dirt Bike Loading Ramp for the money

Having trouble getting your dirt ride at the back of your truck?

Then go and get the best dirt bike loading ramp right now and get things sorted.

Unlike a regular plant ramp, these specially made loading systems allow getting the bike to push up and down from places with more control and ease.

best dirt bike loading ramp

You can trust to get your expensive ride on them without any risk of getting damaged.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Then why wait? Check out the folding motorcycle ramps for pickups right now from here.

If you don’t want to look into the list and get the right ramp for yourself right away, then you can check the options below.

best dirt bike loading ramp

Bosski RevArc Motorcycle Loading Ramp


For the best pick, I will go with the Bosski RevArc. As it got a step right beside the ramp, you can do the loading and unloading alone. No need for extra help. Plus, it got straps to make sure to give stability to the thing to avoid any accidental drops.

folding motorcycle ramps for pickups

Reese Explore Steel Centerfold Loading Ramp


For the best choice, I will go with the Reese Explore. That’s because it got more weight lifting capacity than others. Plus, it is easy to carry around thanks to the handle on it. But what attracts you the most is the fact you can separate it and have it used as two ramps to load up those four-wheelers ATV. So, it gives more flexibility in terms of loading and unloading rides.

budget pick
motocross loading ramp

Black Widow AFP-9012 motocross loading ramp


If you need something within a tight budget, then get the single runner AFP-9012 from Black Widow. Not only it got a great weight capacity of 750 pounds, but the thing also gets made to last too. You don’t have to worry about getting rusted and damaged.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 folding motorcycle ramps for pickups

Black Widow AFL-9012

Pit Posse Aluminum Folding Truck Ramp

YAHEETECH 7.5’ Motorcycle Ramp

Black Widow AFP-9012

Reese Explore Steel Centerfold Loading Ramp

best dirt bike loading ramp

Bosski RevArc Motorcycle Loading Ramp

best dirt bike loading ramp

MotoSport Ramp, Stand, and Tiedowns Combo

7 Best Dirt Bike Loading ramp for pickup truck

If you’re looking for a loading ramp to push up the bike from the ground and at the back of your truck/pickup, then you’ve got to check out the list below.

1. Black Widow AFL-9012

Coming from Black widow, this single runner ramp will make loading and unloading your bikes an easy job.

Unlike other dirt bike trump ramps, it won’t take up your space in the back of the track. With a foldable design, this one is one of the most compact motorcycle ramps for stairs out there today.

Highlighted Features

The aluminum-made ramp got finger-style attachment points that secure on the tailgate. As it got a rubber coating, you can be sure, it won’t leave any scratch there.

Besides that, the durability of the ramp is something that impresses. You can get those heavy bikes up on the truck using it. Thanks to its arched design, it offers great clearance for the tailpipe and the bike engine.

Not to forget, the serrated rung on it offers great traction to make loading and unloading the rides an easy job to do.



What’s the dimension of the ramp?

The ramp is around 7′ 5-1/4″ L x 11-1/8″ W.

What’s the top feature of the unit?

Its weight capacity is super impressive. You might not expect it to carry 750lbs looking at it, but it does that with ease.

2. Pit Posse PP2755 Aluminum Folding Truck Ramp

For folding motorcycle ramps for pickups, you can go and get the Pit Posse.

Just like the earlier one, this is an aluminum ramp that is perfect to load up the heavy bikes onto your trucks.

Highlighted Features

Not all aluminum ramps can match its quality. The 6063 is top of the line which not only is super durable but also lightweight. And unlike others, it can resist the weather conditions and remain in perfect condition. It won’t rust.

The ramp here got well-welded hinges, joints, and crossbars that allow you to fold and unfold it as many times as you can. It won’t malfunction.

Not to forget, it got that grip rubber truck rest to make sure your vehicle’s paintwork doesn’t get ruined while loading or unloading the bike.



Do they offer a refund on the product?

Yes, you can get a refund or exchange if you aren’t happy with the product.

What’s the best feature of it?

Without any doubt, the lightweight nature of it wins me over. It can manage heavy loads but doesn’t burden you with extra weight as you can carry it around with ease.

3. YAHEETECH 7.5’ Motorcycle Ramp

If you’re looking to get your bike loaded on the truck, or get the ATV or lawnmower unloaded (you’ll need two) from it, get the YAHEETECH.

This 7.5″ long foldable ramp gives you the trust to give the expensive bikes the lift to the back of your truck or pickup.

Highlighted Features

The aluminum body of the ramp provides traction to keep the bike from slipping from the ramp.

Meanwhile, the anti-slip soft-tipped points at the bottom of the ramp allow the stability to keep the thing from moving.

Not to mention, you’ve got a safety strap that comes with the ramp for reinforcement if you need it.

Overall, with that high weight capacity, and the simple folding design, this is the modern motocross loading ramp that everyone needs to have.



How much does it weigh?

The ramp weighs around 14 pounds.

What's the best feature of it?

The dirt bike got a rust-proof aluminum material. So, you can keep it in the open without worrying about it getting damaged.

4. Black Widow AFP-9012

Similar to the earlier Black Widow, the dirt bike loading system is a single-runner ramp. If you’re looking for a loading ramp, that’s easy to use, then this is the one to get.

Just check it out.

Highlighted Features

From the many things to like about it, the weight capacity is one of its key selling points. This lightweight ramp can take load up to 750lbs with ease making it usable for those heavy rides like the Harley.

The aluminum build loading system doesn’t just offer a high load capacity. It also provides you with a long service as the thing can handle weather conditions well. You can live it on the open without worrying about it getting rusted.

Other than that, the ramp plate got that grippy surface that makes taking the bikes up and down from the truck easy. There is no risk of it slipping from the platform.



What’s the dimension of the unit?

It got a dimension of 7′ 5-1/4″ L x 11-1/8″ W, while the length gets half when folded.

What’s the one feature that stands out the most?

For me, the fingerstyle attachment points make a lot of difference as you get allowed to have the stability because of it.

5. Reese Explore 7454000 80" Steel Centerfold Loading Ramp

All the best pickup truck ramps for the motorcycle you’ve seen so far are the same. For something different, you’ve got to explore the Reese.

Thanks to its universal fit, you can use it on any pickup or truck to load or unload your rides.

Highlighted Features

Unlike others, you can use the Reese Explore to load up ATV and other such vehicles alongside your two-wheelers. That’s because you can separate one long ramp into two smaller ones.

Plus, you get exceptional loading capacity with it. The galvanized steel ramp provides an 800lbs weight capacity. Not just that, to make sure you have a secure loading experience, it comes with adjustable straps to make sure no accidents happen during getting the ride up or down from the back of the truck.



Is it suitable for four-wheeler rides?

Yes, you can use it to load four wheelers as it separates into two ramps

What's the most likable feature of the ramp?

It’s got to be those handles on the ramp which make it easy to carry around even though it’s a bit on the heavier side of things.

6. Bosski RevArc Aluminum Ramp and Steps Motorcycle Loading System:

For the best dirt bike loading ramp system, you can go with the Bosski RevArc. For loading your rides safely without any help, this one of the best solutions out there.

Find it out why right below.

Highlighted Features

While loading the bike on a higher-height truck or pickup, it gets tougher and tougher the higher it ascends. Not with the Bosski as it comes with steps alongside the ramp. You can walk upright beside the bike thanks to the folding trailer hitch steps.

Compared to others, it got a lower weight capacity. But the 500lbs is still quite impressive. Meanwhile, the quality steel build hitch steps allow 300lbs weight support.

Though it got more parts to it, the things weigh just around 16lbs thanks to the aluminum ramp.



What’s the dimension of the ramp?

The ramp measures 8′ L x 12″ W.

What's the best feature of the unit?

The RevArc is a one-person loading system. That’s a great thing no doubt. But it is the heavy-duty rungs on the ramp that offers exceptional traction to make the bike go up and down the ramp easily.

7. MotoSport Ramp, Stand, and Tiedowns Combo

The last ramp for loading motorcycles in a truck is coming from MotoSport.

And here you’re not just getting the ramp. Besides that, you’re also getting a bike stand and some tie-downs to make the transportation work easy for you.

But let’s just focus on the ramp more.

Highlighted Features

You will get a compact ramp with it. The tri-fold system allows it to be smaller than usual folding ramps for easy storage.

Meanwhile, when it comes to durability, the aircraft-grade aluminum ladder with the carbon steel hinges provides a solid platform for the bikes to get up on the pickup. With a 500 lbs load capacity, it ain’t that bad.

Plus, it weighs just 13.5 lbs itself which makes it lightweight. So, picking it up and laying it on the truck tailgate won’t cause any trouble for you. Not to forget, the ramp got an angled design at the bottom to allow it to align on the surface for a smoother transition to push the bike up the ramp.



What’s the dimension of the unit?

It got a dimension of 28.5″ x 11″ x 8.5″

What’s the one thing that you will like about it the most?

For me, it would be the finger tailgate design that makes sure the paintwork doesn’t get damaged. Plus, it gives the ramp the stability required to let you give the faith to push up your bike on it.

How to Choose a Loading Ramp?

To find your best dirt bike loading ramp, you’ve got to look for some things in it. Let’s talk about it here to give you some ideas.


Length of the thing matters a lot. If you’ve to deal with a steep slope, then without a longer ramp, you won’t have that reach.

So, depending on the truck or pickup for which, you’re getting the ramp, choose the right length.


Getting a folding ramp will work to your advantage in many ways. Not will you have it in a compact size for easy transportation, but it will allow you to get the right size while covering the right inclination angle length.

Loading capacity:

The higher weight capacity your unit has, the heavier bikes you’ll be able to roll up and down using it. It’s as simple as that.


Having the right width ramp will make sure, there are no accidental tilting of the bike on the sides from the ramp.

You will have a more stable loading and unloading experience with a wider ramp.


If you can get a ramp with those high traction rungs, then you will have no trouble loading or unloading the bike.

Also, those fingerstyle contact point tailgate grips will allow you the stability to make sure the thing doesn’t move about when you’re getting the bike up the ramp. Not to mention, they will also prevent paint scratching.


Some ramps have stairs with them. If you can find them, then go for them as it will make it a one-person job.


Besides all that, you should consider having a good angle arch on the thing to have good clearance from the tail and engine. Also, the bottom with a proper arch will make the transition from the ground to the ramp easy. Not to forget about the extra straps that will offer more stability to the loading process.

Which dirt bike loading system to choose?

It depends on how many bikes you’re looking to load up at the back of your truck. For instance, if you’re a solo dirt bike rider, then a regular folding ramp is perfect for the job.

For multiple bikes, a wider ramp should be your choice. With them, you can have the ride positioned the right way as the truck back will be cramming with other bikes.

Also, for heavier bikes, you need a large platform. That will eliminate the risk of the vehicle going sideways and falling off it.

Not to forget, if you’ve got an ATV, then also a wide platform ramp should come in handy. Or something like the Reese Explore is exceptional as you can separate it two have two ramps.

What design features to consider for the dirt bike loading ramp?

There are a couple of things that you need to consider must design-wise. For instance, the rubber tailgate thing will allow the ramp stability while attaching to the truck.

Plus, it will avoid damaging the truck. Also, the ramp should have a good arch angle to give the engine clearance while loading up the ramp. And always get a ramp, that’s wide to avoid any sideways falling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How hard is it to load a dirt bike without a loading ramp?

Without a proper loading ramp, there will be a chance of dropping the bike and damaging it. So, it is hard.

Who makes the safest dirt bike loading ramp?

There are many brands out there like the Black Widow, Bosski, Motosport, Pit Posse, and others.

Who makes the most affordable dirt bike loading ramp?

Black widow got to be one of the most dirt bike loading ramp makers right now.

Why do we choose the Bosski step ramp combination?

As I’ve said, even with a loading ramp, it’s a two-person job, as one person needs to be standing on the truck while the other pushes up the bike up the ramp. With the step combo Bosski, you can climb up with the bike side by side and do the job alone.

Final Thoughts

For the best dirt bike loading ramp, you’ve got many options. You can see that from the above list.

But if you’re still not sure, which one to pick, just take some time, think about the features you require and choose anyone from them.

You won’t regret it. The ramps out here are a class apart from the rest.

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