Best 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding for all skilled level riders

Want to explore the off-road? Then you need to get the best 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding?

But why 4-stroke?

To survive the unforgiving tracks, and give you a run for a long time, these are much more reliable than the counterpart 2-stroke.

best 4 stroke dirt bike

So, if you’re thinking about getting on the trails and riding for fun or competition, you need to have the right ride.

But where to find that bike?

No worries, I’ve got lined up the best 4 stroke enduro bike for you.

Want a quick answer on what 4-stroke bike to get without getting into the details? Then check out the list here.

Yamaha WR450F

Yamaha WR450F


For me, the Yamaha WR450F takes the cake. It got a powerful engine. And with the quality gearbox, it takes advantage of that high CC and torque produced by the engine. Not to mention, the KYB speed-sensitive suspension softens the blow of the off-road tracks to make it a smooth trail riding experience.


Beta 430 RR race edition


Many rides could’ve made the best choice. But considering everything, the Beta 430 RR race edition seems to be the ultimate winner. Whether it’s the speed, transmission, suspension, or brakes, everything on this is on another level as you expect from a higher end bike.

budget pick

Honda CRF250F


For beginner riders, the Honda CRF250F is what you should eye for. It got a quick electric start system that helps with a cold start. Alongside that, the engine it has is reliable, offers swift turning, and the torque is excellent. So, it highly deserves its place.

Comparison Table: Search for the Ultimate 4 stroke Trail bike

Get a sneak peek at some of the top 4-stroke trail riding bikes that are ruling the market in 2021.

Yamaha YZ250F

Yamaha YZ250F

Honda 2021 CRF250R

Yamaha WR450F

Yamaha WR450F

Kawasaki KX250

Kawasaki KX250

Suzuki RM-Z 250

Suzuki RM-Z250

KTM 250 SX-F

KTM 250 SX-F

Yamaha TT-R230

Yamaha TT-R230

KTM 500 EXC 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding


best 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding

Kawasaki KLX300



10 Best 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding

If you don’t have the time to go and find the ultimate 4-stroke ride for you, then take some time and look into the list below.

1. Yamaha YZ250F: The Best 4 Stroke For Fast Trails

best 4 stroke dirt bike

Yamaha YZ250 Specifications:

For the ultimate 4-stroke trail ride, the Yamaha YZ250F should be your top choice. For years, the Yamaha dirt bike was in a class of its own with a ride that gives more torque than anything else in this range.

And with the latest 2021, it kept that crown with a bike that’s even better than before.

Why will you like this product?

For the sharp cornering, Yamaha made changes to the bike’s frame. It got a new front axle with an upper triple clamp that gives you more handling than ever.

Just not the frame, the entire motor system saw improvements. From the intake, exhaust, ECU, muffler to the bike’s shift and transmissions, everything’s better with the 2021 Yamaha.

From all the 4-stroke motocross bikes, the Yamaha one is different for its engine mapping system. Using the power tuner app, you can make changes to the engine without adding any tuning device to the bike.



What colors does it come in?

The bike is, for now, available in only blue.

What's the best feature of the bike?

The adjustable suspension system makes it a great ride. You are allowed to make changes to it to suit the tracks you’re riding it on.

2. Honda 2021 CRF250R: Best Trail bike for beginners

Honda CRF250R specifications

You can’t tell apart looking at the 2021 Honda CRF250R to be any different from the previous year’s CRF250R.

But that’s what Honda does. They make you a familiar model with the same looking ride every year with extraordinary changes inside that you can feel only riding it.

The same goes for this year’s 4-stroke dirt bike too.

Why will you like this product?

This best 4-stroke enduro bike is what you need for racing trails. With its HRC launch control, you can nail the start every single time. All you need is to select the right EMSB mode from the three to get that instant power delivery to take off right away.

Not just you get to be first out of the line, you get to stop the bike or slow it down quicker whenever you need to with the ride. With the latest front brakes on the bike, you get a better feel and stopping power than ever with it.

Add the frame design to the equation, you get an advantage over others with the latest Honda. Everything gets closed to the lower center of gravity to give more traction at the rear wheel. And with those adjustable Showa forks at both front and rear, you get superb control and feedback from the tracks to be on top of it.



What colors does the Honda ride come in?

The Honda comes in only one color, and that is the iconic red.

What's the stand out feature of the ride?

The 3-engine mode is the most exceptional feature of the bike. With the 1st mode, you can get optimal performance for most tracks, the 2nd mode gives more rear wheel traction for the muddy grounds, and the 3rd one gives you the power to deal with the sandy trails. So, no matter the track, you can ride easily on it.

3. Yamaha WR450F: The Best 4 Stroke For Desert Trail Riding

Yamaha WR450F

Yamaha WR450F specifications

If you ask anyone what’s the best 4-stroke trail dirt bike of all time, most will shout out the Yamaha WR450F.

The 450cc displacement gives you more power to work with on those tracks than any other bike. Make sense why it gets so much love.

Why will you like this product?

No doubt, the 4-stroke enduro bike seems to be the best to many for its top speed. But that kind of power would have gone to vain without its fuel injection system.

The WR450F gives you instant power delivery with a superior throttle response no matter the condition. The five-speed gear with the multi-plate wet clutch lets you hit that power to get the wheels spinning fast whenever you need it.

And to make that speed to your advantage, Yamaha got its legendary handling and response. With high, low-speed compression, the suspension makes it a smoother ride even on those undrivable terrains. On top of that, the aluminum frames shave every bit of unnecessary weight from the ride. That’s why it turns as well as it does on those track corners.

No surprise, it is one of the best dirt bikes for trail riding.



How many colors is the WR450F available?

Like many of the Honda bikes, the WR450F comes in just one color variant: BLUE.

What’s the stand out feature of the ride?

Many things are going with the bike that’s second to none. Talking about just one seems hard, but for me the radiator reinforcements on the bike are impressive. It got those large capacitors to get the cooling required to keep that engine performing at its peak without interruption.

4. Kawasaki KX250: The Best 4 Stroke For Tight Single Track

Kawasaki KX250

Kawasaki KX250 specifications

While most bike manufacturers offer the same ride every year with very few updates. Kawasaki does the opposite with its 2021 KX250.

The latest four-stroke dirt bikes for sale in this lineup got more than 300 new parts. From frame, motor to the bodywork, a lot of it has gone through the change to make it an even more exciting ride.

Why will you like this product?

You will get a solid dirt bike frame that comes from the Kawasaki KX450. But it gives a little more flex that you need, unlike the other one.

The lean chassis also gives you better handling with the latest Kawasaki 4 stroke dirt bikes.

And as told earlier, the engine gets beefed up this year in the KX250. You will get 300 rpm more revs with the latest model. The quick revving bike lets you getting the most out of the engine.

Plus, the bike handles the tracks better than before. With its simple switching map, you can go from standard, soft terrain to firm terrains based on the type of trail you’re riding. So, the bike adapts to the surface to let you get better performance out of it.

Not to forget, there is an e-start in the house with the new bike. With all the upgrades like the chassis, clutch, suspension, the bike feels like the real deal.



What color does the bike come in?

The bike is available in only the lime green color.

What’s the one feature that attracts the buyers most?

Even the best 250 4 stroke dirt bike comes with tires that don’t do justice to the overall quality of the ride. But the stock Dunlop Geomax on the Kawasaki is surprisingly excellent. The traction they give is second to none.

5. Suzuki RM-Z250: The ultimate Balanced ride for all tracks

Suzuki RM-Z 250

Suzuki RM-Z250 specifications

When it comes to the most reliable 4 stroke dirt bike, very few can match the quality of Suzuki.

And the 2021 RM-Z250 takes the cake being the best 4 stroke dirt bike for those beginner riders.

Why will you like this product?

The 250cc engine planted in the Suzuki extracts more power than ever. That is the result of many things. First is the 30% larger intake air filter that gets introduced in the motor. And the second is for that redesigned cylinder that uses that extra airflow to enhance combustion within it.

You can feel that in the throttle response with the bike. Even the two injectors in the fuel injection let you enjoy that top-end power.

Besides that improved engine performance, you get the equally impressive KYB suspensions with the ride.

The front coil spring inverted forks, and the single shock linkage at the rear lets you go past those ditches and holes like they are not there. The damping and compression of the suspension are able to make those high jumps feel like nothing. It takes in the pounding to keep you stable on the seat sitting.



What colors of the bike are available?

The bike comes in a bright yellow and white combo with a blue seat.

What’s the coolest feature of the bike?

The bike offers you the latest advanced technologies to take the most advantage of it. You can get real-time data during your runs on the bike to know more about the bike’s condition. That offers you to keep fit as a fiddle than most others.

6. KTM 250 SX-F: The Best 250cc 4 Stroke Trail Bike

KTM 250 SX-F

KTM 250 SX-F specifications

No matter how good the other bikes look, the KTM bikes always are going to be better looking than those.

And the KTM 250 SX-F 2021, one of the best 4 stroke dirt bikes for trail riding is undeniably one of the most stylish looking bikes out there right now.

Why will you like this product?

The bike chassis has to be its most prized possession. Crafted out of hydro-formed chromium-molybdenum steel, the bike is lighter than before. But it adds more durability to it thanks to the robot welding that gives the overall build consistency that is hard to find.

It got the rigidity to take on the impact. But also adds the flexibility to give responsive handling on the tracks. 

With its independent dual fork leg functioning, the suspensions dampen and compress the ride based on the track to keep the ride stable no matter how harsh the conditions are.

And with easy adjustments, you can change the damping and rebounds on it to make sure it takes in most of the shocks while you feel nothing of it riding the KTM.

To go with those quality suspensions, you get the famous KTM wave disc brakes that will outdo its competition no matter the track you’re riding on.



What colors the ride is available in?

The KTM comes in iconic bright, glossy orange color.

What’s the top feature of the bike?

The e-start is one of its great features. You can get the bike started even in cold conditions without fail on the first try.

7. Yamaha TT-R230: A Trustworthy ride for beginners

Yamaha TT-R230

Yamaha TT-R230 specifications

For the best trail dirt bike for beginners, go with the Yamaha TT-R230.

No matter what skill level you’re on, you won’t have trouble riding the bike as it got the perfect balance of power and control.

Why will you like this product?

Unlike many of the 4 stroke motocross bikes, the gearbox on the Yamaha is ultra responsive. The clutch transmission got good feedback.

What’s more impressive is that the gear shift is smooth. No sudden speed bump from moving from one gear to another. Therefore, when you go up or down, you don’t have trouble being in control.

Besides that smooth power delivery, the bike got a top-notch suspension system on the front and rear. It absorbs the bump which also aids the bike handling.

Plus, paired up with a powerful brake and knobby gripped tires, you can put your confidence in it to get the ride stopped when you need it to.



What’s the color of the Yamaha bike?

The bike got a full blue frame with hints of the black side panel and some white parts here and there.

What's the stand out feature of the bike?

The bike got a nice seat on it. The low-hanging seat gives enough ground clearance for the tall riders while keeping the shorter biker’s feet on the ground without any problem.

8. KTM 500 EXC-F: The beast ride for the Desert trails

KTM 500 EXC 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding

KTM 500 EXC-F specifications

KTM takes the four strike enduro bikes to a new level with its latest and greatest hit, the 500 EXC-F.

With 510cc power at your fingertips, the imposing power-to-weight ratio ride will come on top on the trails, any given day.

Why will you like this product?

A four-stroke engine with such high cc should add a ton of weight to the ride. Yet, this one adds only 64.4 lbs to the bike. It complements that lightweight Chromoly steel chassis with that racing geometrics to let you enjoy exceptional feedback while making those sharp corners at fast speed.

On the subject of speed, the 500cc engine provides the highest power across the rev range. On top of that, you’ve got that extraordinary 6-speed PANK racing transmission. It lets you enjoy the engine muscle through the gear changes without any fail.

You don’t need to stress over the KTM being pushed to its limit all the time. With its innovative cooling system, the airflow keeps circulating from the cylinder to the radiator to keep it at optimal temperature no matter the condition.



What are the color options you get with it?

The solitary shading it comes in is the iconic orange.

What's the top feature of the KTM 500 EXC-F?

Whether it’s the lightweight frame, to the high-tech engine to the progressive damping system suspensions, there is no end of quality stuff in the bike. If still, have to name one thing, then the airbox and air boot of it. You get superior airflow and maximum protection which gives a greater performance.

9. Kawasaki KLX300: The Most Reliable 4 Stroke Trail Bike

best 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding

Kawasaki KLX300 Specifications

If you’re still looking to go with the Kawasaki 4 stroke dirt bikes, then the KLX300 is another option to look into.

Take a look at this off-roading maestro to know more about it.

Why will you like this product?

To get the powerful engine running in cold conditions, you’ve got an electric start system. All you need is to push a button and the engine starts revving.

Then there is the 6-speed gearbox. When you need the momentum going to make the climbs, the swift gear change gives you the ride going.

With all that, the bike gets equipped with trail-tested suspension. For long, bumpy trails, it offers a comfortable handling. All thanks to the inverted front fork that dampens the blow of the rough terrains.



What color does the bike come in?

You get that famous lime green bodywork with the Kawasaki ride.

What’s the one feature that impresses you the most?

The disc brakes give you more control while riding. Regardless of the state of the track, it gets the tires stopped.

10. 430 RR RACE EDITION 4 STROKE: The Fast ride for all terrains

430 RR Race Edition Specifications

The 430RR Beta motorcycle is quite the phenomenon.

If you’re looking to get the best used out of your 4 stroke bike for riding on the trail, then go for it.

Why will you like this product?

The frame is one of its key selling points. The solid molybdenum steel is rigid to take on the harsh impacts. But it got a dynamic design that gives it the flex to provide more responsive handling.

Besides that solid frame, there is the 490cc bike engine. With the exceptional air filter system, it manages to produce raw power without any drop.

You get constant power to the wheels to move at a top speed.

But when moving at a top speed, if something jumps out in front of you all of a sudden, the rotor brakes will save your life. You can rely on it in all conditions.



What colors does the bike come in?

It comes in a bright red color with a slight bit of grey and an evenly bright blue seat on top of it.

What’s the one feature that attracts most customers?

There isn’t one, however numerous things that pull in the buyers to it. From the bike looks to its excellent top speed, to its handling, all of them win over whoever gets to ride it.

4 stroke dirt bike Buying Guide

To find the best 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding, you need to look for certain things. If you’ve no clue what they’re, then you are at the right spot to find out about all of them them.


It is like a two-edged sword. And you’ve got to make the right balance for the bike CC. If you’re going for a higher CC bike like the Beta, you will have more power. And the more power means the faster the ride, but you’ve also got to consider the fact, it will burn more fuel. So, find the right balance between the two while choosing the bike.


For the engine cooling system, you’ve got two options. Either go with the older air-cooled system. Or go for the more advanced liquid cooling engine.

The air cooling bikes are easy to maintain, but they might not disperse extreme heat that well. Liquid cooling engines on the other end get the bike to a working temperature with ease. But it is much more difficult to maintain.


If you’re planning to ride on the trails, then a bike with a proper front and rear suspension is a must.

To handle those uneven terrains, the bike should have a solid damping and compression system to absorb the shocks.

Even it should be able to take in the big jumps to feel the rider, nothing of it.


You never know what might turn up before your bike in the trails. That’s why you need to have quality brakes on the ride.

For example, disc brakes give you instant braking the moment you hit it.

And unlike the cheap ones, it dissipates the heat better. Therefore, it holds its shape and performs the same over a long time. So, go for such brakes on the bike.

Other stuff:

Besides all that, you should consider having a solid frame that offers great handling. Even having a quality seat on the bike matters. Especially making those sharp turns, it will keep you stuck to it to hold your shape right.

Plus, there are many other things that you need to think about when getting the best 4 stroke dirt bike. But first, get the basics right like mentioned above.

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What Kind of Trail Riding Are You Doing?

When you think about trail riding, you can’t just expect to ride through the woods. Most of the time, people choosing their dirt bike make that mistake. They believe all trail rides get made for such terrain. But there are various types of trails. And based on where you’re riding the bike, you will get an alternate sort of response from your ride.

That is why figuring out the trail where you’re planning to ride is crucial. So, let’s take a look at the types of tracks there.

Wood trails:

Such terrains are uneven and have many obstacles like woods, rocks, and many other things spread all over them. To get past through them, you need an aggressive engine that can produce real power to ride through the trails fast. The 2-stroke engines might come to mind for that, but they’re perfect for short distances. For the long tracks, the higher CC 4-stroke engines enduro is what the rider needs. They get built to thrive in such environments.

Over Mountains:

For the mountain tracks, you need the climbing power. So, the bike needs to give you stable power continuously to help with the climbs. Even there, the 4-stroke bikes will come in handy. You might not need a higher CC ride. But a simple, 4-stroke ride with a superb suspension system at its heart will do the job.


For the sandy terrains, a higher power engine with a quality transmission system is a must. You need to consider having a lightweight ride to make sure the bike doesn’t sink in the sand.

So, as you can see, based on the trails, your bike needs to be picked. Some conditions demand higher CC rides. But for others, a simple dirt bike is more than enough for the job. That’s why you’ve got to identify on which type of trails you’ll be riding more often to choose the right type of motocross ride.

Motocross Bike vs. Trail Bike: What’s the difference?

Many people get confused when looking for a trail bike. Trail bikes often get mixed up with motocross bikes. And I can see why.

The trail bike is nothing but a type of dirt bike with some changes. Your typical dirt rides are all about going fast through the racing tracks with sharp cornering. Plus, you look for suspensions to take on the pounding of jumps and drops with the ride. So, they get made to be shed as much weight as possible to make them move faster.

Where else trail rides are more about having a smooth ride on unpredictable terrains. They need to be more reliable and sturdy. You look for a bigger tank, bigger tires, and many other things that will make the ride heavy. That’s why the 4-stroke engine rides get preferred for this type of riding. Where the motocross riders go for the 2-stroke variants.

Is A 2 Stroke or 4 Stroke Better For Trail Riding?

By now, you should have an idea about it. No doubt, both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines have their perks and pitfalls. But if you just have to take the trail riding experience into account, then 4-stroke bikes come up on top for various reasons.

Compared to the regular motocross tracks, trails are quite unpredictable. You never know what to expect at the next turn here. Therefore, you need to have a stable ride. And 4-stroke is the more reliable option due to its quality build. Yes, it might not produce the raw power of the 2-stroke engines, but it will let you go through with minimum problem. At lower RPM, you will get better torque with 4-stroke rides.

That’s why you can rely on it for long rides. And even if you think from the environmental point of view, the no mixing oil system blends with the surrounding better. No noise, no smoke to disturb the wildlife near you.

Not to forget, the fuel economy of the 4-stroke is also much superior to its counterpart. And that comes in handy on tracks where there is no chance of you finding a petrol station.

Besides all that, the engines give you a smoother riding experience with more control over the ride. That is what you need on trails over just raw power.

Which is the Best Oil for a 4-Stroke Dirt Bike?

You can’t use the same oil that gets used for 2-stroke engines. That’s because those get mixed with fuel.

The 4 stroke engine oils are more like the ones that get used in the car. There is no pre-mixing. You just pour down undiluted oil.

But even though you know that you can’t use pre-mix oil for it, you can’t just use any oil for the bike. You need to know the exact type of oil weight that the ride requires. And the best way to find that is by looking into the bike’s manual or the website.

However, you need to know what this oil weight is all about?

If you think that the weight here means how much each type of oil tips the scale, then you can’t be more wrong.

Instead, the weight here refers to the viscosity level of the oil. In simple terms, at a given temp, how well the oil flows through the engine. So, when you’ll be looking for trail bike oil, you often come to see figures like 10W-40 and many others.

The number 40 here denotes the viscosity level. The lower the number, the quicker it will flow, but the lower the protection will be in high temps.

What about the other number with the “W”. That’s the number that shows how the oil will work in winter conditions. So, the 10W means, when it’s below zero temperature, it will work as a 10-weight oil. And when it gains the right heat, it will function the 40-weight oil.

You might be thinking about why it needs to work like that? That’s because, on cold days, you will have a hard time getting the engine started if you’re using heavy oil. It won’t flow fast enough to get the engine ignited. But you can’t risk using a thin oil for a long time, as it will not be able to protect the engine in demanding conditions.  

That is why you use multi-grade oils that work differently according to the temperature.

2-stroke vs. 4-stroke: Which is Faster?

The argument will never end when it comes to the 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Though, they both have their pros and cons. But when the subject is in the context of speed, then there is one that comes up on top. And that one is the 2-stroke engine.

But why’s that?

For that, you’ve got to know how both the motors work. You don’t have to dive into much detail to realize what’s making one faster than the other.

The 2-stroke engine functions mainly on compression and combustion. When those things happen, the piston within the motor goes up and down.

The same is for the 4-stroke engine. But with a slight bit of difference. To perform the compression and combustion to make the piston move up and down, the engine got intakes and exhausts. So, the intakes take in the air to make the crankshaft rotate and compress. And when combustion happens, the exhaust takes air pressure out of it.

The 2-stroke engine doesn’t require the intake or exhaust valves. Instead, it uses something called the scavenging port that’s on the cylinder wall which works the same way to provide the air. Bypassing the two steps, the 2-stroke makes quick work of the engine cycle with just one spin of the crankshaft. Where the 4-stroke engine requires two rounds. That’s why the 2-stroke gives instant power which makes it faster.

But that speed comes at a cost which is why the 4-stroke engine is taking over.

Are 4-stroke trail bikes good for beginners?

It depends on the rider, to be fair. No doubt, the luxury that a 4-stroke bike gives is unparalleled. You get a fast and smooth ride that you can tame easily on the trails, unlike the 2-stroke engine rides. Even for riding through the longer distances, they are the best kind of vehicle out there.

But the problem is that they are slightly bigger in size. Therefore, it has that weight that might not make it easy for a beginner to balance the ride. Especially on the volatile tracks. Where else, the counterpart 2-stroke trail rides have that leaner size that makes them easy to balance. And that is something beginners will always feel comfortable driving.

But as I’ve said, it depends on the individual. Still, most beginners will discover riding on the 2-stroke easier than the heavier 4-stroke dirt bikes.

What is your skill level?

If you’re not a complete beginner, then you can go for a 4-stroke dirt bike. Though, you need to be honest with yourself about the fact, how good you’re riding bikes on the trail.

Let’s say you’ve just started riding bikes on the trail. The perfect ride for you will have a smooth riding experience with a power level that you can manage.

That is something that most people don’t get. It is much more fun to ride a slower ride fast than having a powerful bike and not getting it to ride to its max.

And it’s not just about the speed. It is also about learning the skills of riding. There is more to just moving fast on the tracks. Learning how to control the throttle, the clutch is another side of riding that often gets overlooked.

If you move up to a high-end bike before learning those things, you won’t be able to enjoy it. That’s why you should start with a ride that suits your skill level and then pick up those skills before moving up to a more advanced bike.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are 4-stroke bikes better for the environment?

Yes, the bikes are better for the environment as there is not much smoke emission than the 2-stroke rides.

Which is faster, a 2 stroke 250cc or a 4 stroke 450cc bike?

The 250cc 2 stroke bike will give you more power due to its working mechanism. But that won’t be able to deliver the power in a constant manner like the 4-stroke 450cc ride.

KTM or Yamaha, which one is better?

They both have their strengths. For the stiff tracks, the KTM is a more reliable option. While for the cornering on the off-road trails, the Yamaha seems to come out on top. To be fair, both are great off-road racing rides.

How fast does a 450cc 4-stroke dirt bike go?

With the 450cc 4-stroke bike, you will get an average of 87 miles per hour. Though it can vary based on many factors.

Final Thoughts

What makes the best 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding? You know that by now. All the rides you see in the list have some things that are in common. And that’s what makes them better than most.

Though some of the rides are faster than others, while some might be more suited for beginners than the pro riders.

You know your skill and what you want to achieve with the bike, so pick the bike keeping that in mind. And don’t forget to let know here in the comments which one you’ve got as your ultimate 4-stroke dirt bike.

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