Best fuel management system for Harley Davidson

You might be happy with your Harley Davidson, thinking it is a beast. But do you know, it isn’t performing to its real limit.

That’s right!

Most bikes today coming out of the factory get tweaked to be lean to comply with the emission law. If you are in a state where there is no such law, then you can enhance the bike and get to enjoy its true power.

Best Auto Tuner for Harley Davidson

But for that, first, you need to have the best fuel management system for Harley Davidson.

This simple machine will allow making the changes to the engine and exhaust to unleash the bike. But which one to get?

You can find the answer right here.

Want the best fuel pump for Harley Davidson right off the bat? Then check out the options below.

Best Auto Tuner for Harley Davidson

Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 for Harley-Davidson


For the best one, I will go with the Vance and Hines FP3 unit. It is everything you want it to be. You can have it mounted or just plug it and adjust the fuel system to enhance the performance. It got a wide array of exhaust mapping based on various ride models to make it an easy task. But if you’re confused, you can just keep it mounted on the bike and ride it while the FP3 does the tuning for you. Not to mention, a whole bunch of bike data it provides right on to your phone to know more about the bike’s condition.

best fuel pack for harley davidson

Dynojet Black Power Vision Tuner


The Dynojet Power Vision Tuner is my best choice. From having stocked mapping to auto-tuning, everything that makes tweaking the bike easy, it got. Not to mention, the installation is quite easy using it. But most importantly, it comes with a display that makes it even easier to tweak the bike while following the bike’s internal condition on the gauge on it. Rather than trying to see all that on a smartphone display, you get everything right on it.

budget pick
best tuner for harley davidson

Dobeck Performance Gen 3.0 Electronic Jet Kit


The Dobeck one offers a wide variety of settings based on your riding condition. Therefore, you can get the right setting based on your riding type to get the best acceleration and mileage from the bike unlike anything else. And all those things you get in a reasonable price range.

Best Auto Tuner for Harley Davidson Comparison:

Which tuner you should get? You can go and do a look into the comparison of the Harley Davidson Tuners to get some idea about them.

Dynojet Black Power Vision Tuner PV-2B

Dynojet Power Commander V AutoTune Kit

Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3

harley davidson tuner comparison

Tier 1 Tuners +CCT Fuel Optimizer

what is the best fuel management system for harley davidson

Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Digital Fuel Processor

best tuner for harley davidson

Dobeck Performance Gen 3.0 Electronic Jet Kit

6 Best Fuel Management System for Harley Davidson:

Due to the environmental factor, most of the Harley’s come out of the factory lean. If you want to get the best out of your ride, you’ve got to tune the engine and exhaust system. And for that job, you need the best fuel management system for Harley Davidson like the ones below.

Just check them out.

1. Dynojet Black Power Vision Tuner PV-2B:

With the Dynojet Harley Tuner, you will be able to run the bike smoother than ever.

If you don’t want to get your desktop every time you need to tune the bike, then this is what you need. This standalone unit can work without a computer if you don’t have one to use it.

Highlighted Features

Let’s start with the installation. There is nothing more there than just a single cable that you need to plug into your data port. That’s how easy it is.

Unlike many other tuning systems, it doesn’t require to be installed on the bike at all times. Tune with it and then remove it. But if you want it to be there, you can mount it easily with the universal amps mounting system.

But what truly makes Power Vision so impressive is the fact, it got map settings tailored to improve your bike performance right on it. You just select the right map and it takes care of things for you from there. It will adjust the fueling for you while you ride the bike.

Plus, it helps you to diagnose the bike and find out the problems to help with the maintenance.



Does it come with preloaded tuning?

Yes, the Harley tuners come with stock tuning for bikes.

What's the best feature of the Dynojet?

No doubt, it makes tuning easy. But you will appreciate more than the Harley Davidson tuners offer you a lot of your bike info on the gauge. Looking at those things, you can do custom tuning on the bike to get more out of it if you wish to.

2. Dynojet Power Commander V AutoTune Kit

Coming from Dynojet once again, the autotune kit Power Commander V.

To make the complicated tuning job easy, you’ve got this fuel pump tuner system. No matter what ride you’ve got, it will work with most bikes.

It isn’t just the best fuel pack for Harley Davidson, it is the ultimate tuning kit for all rides.

Highlighted Features

Most bikes either have no sensors or just narrow-band sensors. If you’ve got no sensors, the computer doesn’t know how much fuel the bike needs or not. It feeds in the fuel or withdraws from it based on the pre-programmed system. At least, with the narrowband, the computer gets to know whether the bike needs more oil or not to improve the bike’s performance. Dynojet, on the other hand, provides you with wideband sensors that can tell the system exactly how much fuel it needs to give or take away from the engine.

That aside, when you modify the bike, the stock ECM will have trouble figuring out the bike’s need. That’s where the Power Commander comes to play, as the auto-tuning kit will help it to figure out the system with the data.

For those heavy modifying bikers, it is a must to have the kit. So, whatever part you change on your Harley, the Dynojet will be able to tune it according to that to get the most out of your bike.



What does the benefit of using Commander V?

It will help to improve the mileage as well as the bike’s power.

What's the one feature that stands out about it the most?

The auto-tuning feature allows you to figure out the best setting for the bike without you needing to do anything. Just have it mounted and ride the bike, it will take care of the rest.

3. Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3

Next on the line is the Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3. This fuel pump system for Harley Davidson is one of the best for its ease of use.

Just plug it in, and use your smartphone to operate the tuner to recalibrate the engine parameters. No need to drag that desktop to the garage anymore.

Highlighted Features

Doesn’t matter whether you’ve modified your bike or not, you can use the Fuelpak to improve your bike’s performance.

Just like the first Dynojet, it got a single cable installation. It can’t get any easier than that.

Being a Bluetooth operating system, you just plug it in the bike and can use it from your phone. The app is quite simple that anyone can get used to using it the moment they have a go at it.

The Vance and Hines FP3 allows you to get pre-programmed mappings to tune the bike. Or you can go back and forth different things and tweak them on your own.

Even you can adjust the VE tables using the system to your liking. And to hit it out of the ballpark, they’ve got that auto-tuning feature that helps to adjust the bike as you run using the factory sensors to get the best performance out of your Harley.



Does it come with pre-programmed tuning?

Yes, you can download pre-programmed tuning for your bike from the app based on the bike model.

What’s the one feature that stands out?

You will love the fact, you can use it to have live data of your ride like RPM, speed, gear selection, temperature and much more having it installed on the bike.

4. Tier 1 Tuners +CCT Fuel Optimizer

To help your bike perform better, go for the Tier 1 tuners. It tests your bike’s fuel system to help you where it is lacking to give you that guaranteed performance boost.

Check it out to know more about it.

Highlighted Features

With Tier 1, you’ve got something called the CCT. CCT stands for consecutive cycling tuning which keeps measuring the power cycle of your bike to identify the precise fuel amount to give the best acceleration

What makes it different from today’s dynamometer is that while those measure the simulation in minutes, the CCT works through the cycles in milliseconds with real-time feedback from the bike. You, therefore, get to improve the tuning of your fuel system as you go.

The +CCT feature cuts down acceleration optimization error to 5% from 30%, to give a 95% performance boost. All thanks to its closed-looped system that works to change the mapping based on the real-life driving condition.



Does it help the stock bike?

Yes, this standalone product will help to optimize the bike.

What's the one thing that you will love about it the most?

It got a closed-loop system that works to get feedback from the engine in real-time to improve the acceleration.

5. Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Digital Fuel Processor

If you’re still not sure after looking at the previous motorcycle fuel management system reviews, then the Cobra might change your thought.

This close looped design, oxygen sensor-equipped digital fuel processor will work with any stock or aftermarket exhaust system out there.

And if you’re looking for something made for those racing rides, this is the one that you were waiting for till now.

Highlighted Features

The first thing that will make you happy is that the PowrPro is for almost all fuel-injected Harley out there.

Unlike most other systems, it doesn’t look into the air/fuel ratio and then adjusts it based on the burned exhaust gas. This doesn’t work like that using those typical oxygen sensors. PowrPro checks the throttle position sensor as well as the crank sensor. So, it looks like your throttle twisting and measures it with the crankshaft acceleration within the engine to figure out the fuel required to get to top acceleration.

No matter what changes you make to the bike, it grows with it to juice out the best performance at all times.

But the reason to love it the most is that you don’t need to do any mapping or anything with it. Hook it up on the bike and ride and let it figure out what’s best for the Harley.



Does it require a computer to use it?

No, you don’t need any computer or any other device to use the Best Auto-Tuner for Harley Davidson.

What’s the best thing about the device?

The plugs that come with the tuner will work with your bike’s existing connector system. Therefore, you don’t need to hack up the wiring to get it installed like some other ones.

6. Dobeck Performance Gen 3.0 Electronic Jet Kit

No need for a dyno test anymore, if you’ve got the ultimate Harley Davidson tuners like the Dobeck.

To deal with the complex fuel injection system in your bike, you want to give it a try for sure.

Highlighted Features

It is simple to use the device with a button to change modes and plus and minus buttons toggle the settings.

Now, there are many features the Dobeck system offers the rider. When you see a green light flashing on the device, it will allow you to adjust the fuel system for idle and cruise biking conditions. And while accelerating, you will have the yellow fuel light on it.

Even it can make changes to the fuel based on the full-throttle condition to help with the acceleration. That’s when the device got the red light flashing on it.

Besides that, there are options to determine RPM, accel pump, and all that to help with the bike’s performance based on the type of riding you’re doing on it.

So, this one adapts to the riding style to give you the best performance.



How many light settings does the device get?

There are a total of 16 light settings for each mode.

What's the best feature about it?

It got many fuel management settings based on the riding type. It helps to manipulate the fuel system based on the bike’s need to improve acceleration and mileage.

Best fuel management system for Harley Davidson Buying Guide

To know what is the best fuel management system for Harley Davidson, you’ve got to know first the features of the unit that it has to have.

Don’t have a clue about that? No worries. I will take you through them to help you make the right decision.

Wired or Wireless:

The first thing you should decide is whether you want a device that would be wired with a display or just a stand-alone wireless unit. If you’ve got a unit with a display, there would be a need for wiring the thing. Where the other one, you just plug in the device. And then connect to it using Bluetooth on your phone.


With a tuner, you want to make adjustments to your bike. So, no surprise, you will want to have as much control as you can with the unit. You can download pre-programmed mapping of the tuner based on your ride model and use it to make the changes. Or you can make changes on what you want to base on the information you get about the ride.


Though having the luxury of changing the engine settings to get aggressive performance out of your bike is something special.

But not everyone feels comfortable tweaking the exhaust system. In that case, you should have a unit with the autotuning feature that will do precision tuning of your Harley Davidson based on its need.


It is something that many people forget about while getting the tuning system. You need to make sure the model you’re getting is suitable for your ride. For instance, something like the Vance and Hines FP3 works with a lot of Harley Davidson. But others might not work with all types of rides.

Legal or not:

For your information, not all states allow using tuners. That’s because there are emission laws that require the bike to comply with it. And having a tuner on the bike means, you’re trying to boost its performance that would breach the law. So, before getting the tuner, make sure you can use it.


For the last part, you should consider the size of the tuner. Not every bike will have the same kind of room for the tuner to place there. So, make sure, the one you’re getting can fit there without any problem.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best fuel management system for Harley Davidson?

There are a lot of great fuel management systems. But the one that seems to be my top pick is the Vance and Hines FP3. Not only tunes the bike, but also it offers a lot of info about it to take proper care of your ride

Does using a fuel management tuner voids your bike’s warranty?

It depends on the dealer. Some might not have an issue with you using it till you get it installed by them. Others might not be so lenient about the warranty.

Should you get a wired or wireless tuner system?

Having a wired unit usually will come with a display that will make it easier to use. But the wireless system will have less work during installation. So, it is completely on the user what he prefers to have.

Can you use the tuner system as your bike gauge?

Yes, many of the tuners like the FuelPak or others offer a lot of data to use them as bike gauges.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! The best fuel management system for Harley Davidson. Not only have you got the best tuners for the Harley, but you also are getting a variety of options to choose from here. Whether with a display or without one, wireless or wired, and something that’s within most budget. Finding the right one for every Harley rider won’t be that hard.

Just pick one and use it to unleash the real power of your HD.

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