Best Waterproof Motorcycle Cover for Outdoor Storage

If you’re a keen motorcycle enthusiast, you might not want to leave anything behind to protect your two-wheeled buddy from any damage, and it is always uncertain how your motorcycle can be damaged.

When it’s about protecting your bike from sun damage, acid rain, dust, tree sap, bird droppings, accidental scratches, or any other pollutants, the name of motorcycle cover comes first.

best waterproof outdoor motorcycle cover

If you’re in search of the best motorcycle cover, you may find numerous products with different specs and features available in the market. Necessarily, not all of them have equal potential and so, choosing the right one for you seems a bit challenging.

No matter if you’re looking for the best motorcycle cover for rain or an all season motorcycle cover, we have got you covered. Check our top-rated list and buy to find the best one for you without any hassle. 

best outdoor motorcycle cover

Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus Motorcycle Cover


There is no doubt to declare the Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus Motorcycle Cover as our best pick. To be honest, you can realize the fact more clearly by using it on your own.

heavy duty motorcycle cover

Formosa Premium Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover


We were a bit hesitant to make our best choice. However, the Formosa Premium Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover has made our job easier with its impressive features and affordability.

budget pick
best all weather cover adventure motorcycle

XYZCTEM All Season Motorcycle Cover


Well, we have specified something for those who have a tight budget. Don’t worry about the quality, while the XYZCTEM All Season Motorcycle Cover is there for you.

Best Motorcycle Cover Quick Comparison Table

best motorcycle cover

Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus Motorcycle Cover

heavy duty motorcycle cover

Formosa Premium Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover

best all weather cover adventure motorcycle

XYZCTEM All Season Motorcycle Cover

best price on badasss moto gear all weather motorcycle cover

Badass Moto Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

best motorcycle cover for traveling

CoverMax Standard Motorcycle Cover

best motorcycle cover for winter

WinPower Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

harley davidson indoor outdoor motorcycle cover

VELMIA Waterproof Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

best universal motorcycle cover

Favoto All Season Universal Motorcycle Cover

best waterproof outdoor motorcycle cover

Nuzari Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover

best motorcycle cover for street glide

LightWeight ‎Formosa Covers Motorcycle Cover

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Cover Review

Each product of our listing has been selected through endless research and analysis. We have tried our best to make all information authentic and unbiased. Without further ado, let’s move ahead to our top-rated list.  All your answers in product info. Let’s start

1. Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus Motorcycle Cover (Best Outdoor Motorcycle Cover)

Highlighted Features

Dowco has earned immense popularity for manufacturing some of the best waterproof outdoor motorcycle covers. Their products are praised across the world due to their outstanding functionalities. The same thing goes for the Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus Motorcycle Cover.

This model is designed especially for sports bikes to protect them from mildew, rain, and fading. This cover is constructed with durable ClimaShield Plus fabric which is tremendously waterproof and breathable as well.

Well, it has something to charm you. For instance, this cover features a combination of solution-dyed polyester and 300 Denier fabric to ensure maximum rain protection. This is far enough to declare it the best outdoor motorcycle cover.

However, its moisture guard vent system is specialized to reduce moisture build-up significantly. No matter, it’s raining outside or moisture spreading around your garage, this cover is unparalleled to protect your bike. This is why people also prefer it as the best indoor motorcycle cover.



Why We Love It

Well, there are many things we can mention about this product. But if we talk about the most significant fact that has made us love it, its impressive weather will come first. Its special fabric protects your bike from any weather damage, while the belly strap makes sure your bike has worn its protective cover all the time.

2. Formosa Premium Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover ( Best Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover )

Highlighted Features

If you have ever suffered from a short motorcycle cover that struggles with your 180-inch bike, the Formosa Premium Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover could be the greater solution for you. This motorcycle cover with lock also comes with a wire cable for stable placement. 

There is no doubt about the popularity and reliability of Formosa, still, you have to be cautious to avoid duplicate products that often fraudulent buyers using its name. However, we have sourced from authentic places to provide you the best Formosa motorcycle cover.

Now it’s time just to gather a little more knowledge about it and grab the one. Well, this version is eminent to be the heavy-duty motorcycle cover over many other conventional models. Its special WeatherGuard polyester fabric is reinforced with UV-coating to prevent sun damage.

At the same time, the ThermoGuard nylon protects the inner portion from melting away due to exhaust pipes. You don’t have to worry about scratching, as its super fine cloth prevents scratching.



Why We Love It?

If we talk about the most attractive fact of Formosa Cover, its premium fabric will come first. However, the special Thermo Guard feature and convenient storage gadgets are money-worthy.

3. XYZCTEM All Season Motorcycle Cover ( Best All Weather Cover Adventure Motorcycle Cover)

Highlighted Features

If you’re in the market and asking, what is the best all weather motorcycle cover? The name of XYZCTEM will come in the front line. The XYZCTEM All Season Motorcycle Cover is a perfect representative of the name and fame of this brand.

No matter if you have a mighty sports bike or those Off-road bikes, this cover is going to give maximum protection to your bike all year round. Talking about its suitability, this cover is 108 inches long; hence it can cover an array of bikes easily.

This cover is quite lightweight compared to many other conventional bike covers. This cover is designed with premium Oxford fabric to ensure maximum protection against dust, rain, heat, and other pollutants.

This version comes with two windproof buckles and an aluminum lock hole that enables a secure fit in highly windy conditions. The included storage bag makes carrying easier when you’re not using the cover.



Why We Love It?

First of all, this cover is suitable for all standard and off-road bikes, which makes it really special. Its enhanced design for a secure fit and excellent weather protection will withstand your investment indeed.

4. Badass Moto Waterproof Motorcycle Cover (Best All Weather Motorcycle Cover)

Highlighted Features

Are you in search of better weather protection for your Harley Davidson motorcycle? We have something special for you. The Badass Moto Waterproof Cover is considered one of the best Harley Davidson waterproof cover. This cover measures 97 inches in length that’s far enough to cover your two-wheeled buddy.

Similar to its other siblings, this model is also made of durable 300 denier polyester fabric. But what’s exceptional? Well, its upper fabric is treated with tapered seams and UV coatings to ensure advanced protection from weather damages.

Motorcycle covers are very susceptible to blow away; hence the manufacturer has incorporated a durable elastic piping and belly strap to protect the cover from wind. Its added hidden pockets are more than you can expect, as these pockets are useful, especially for storing small gadgets and tools.

Its enhanced heat shield protection will make sure the cover is not going to be melted due to the extreme heat of exhaust pipes. At the same time, its reflective stripes provide improved visibility at night and keep it safe from uncertain conflicts. You can find the best price on badass moto gear all-weather motorcycle cover on Amazon.



Why We Love It?

This version is the addition to the line of all-weather waterproof motorcycle covers from Badass Moto; hence it is constructed with premium fabrics and loaded with some impressive features. For instance, the durable UV-coated fabric is also treated with tapered seams. Its included storage pockets are minor but useful indeed.

5. CoverMax Standard Motorcycle Cover (Best Touring Motorcycle Cover)

Highlighted Features

If you’re in search of the best motorcycle cover for traveling, we have one for you as well. Just look at this CoverMax Standard Motorcycle Cover. While ordinary covers struggle to protect the whole body of large bikes, this model is designed with the goal of protecting large travel motorbikes efficiently.

The CoverMax standard motorcycle cover boasts a combination of two waterproof polyester materials. These two have been used for different purposes. For instance, the upper 429 denier polyester fabric is added for better weather protection on the upper body of your bike.

On the other hand, the lower 6535 polyester fabric is mixed with cotton and treated with a heat-resistant PVC coating to protect the cover from exhaust heat damages. It comes with a convenient carrying bag for better transportation.

What’s more? Sometimes moisture can harm a lot more than other uncertainties; it is quite difficult to eliminate moisture build-up without an air circulation pathway. Covermax has cared about it especially. Hence it comes with built-in air vents that prevent moisture build-up.



Why We Love It?

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best outdoor waterproof motorcycle covers. There are some excellent features of this model that make it something special. This is the perfect outdoor motorcycle cover for those who love traveling. Unlike other cheap models, this cover is made of two polyester variations for enhanced protection. ALongside, both fabrics are coated with PVC.

6. WinPower Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover ( Best Motorcycle Cover for Winter)

Highlighted Features

Are you looking for the best way to cover your bike in the winter? The WinPower Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover could be the best option for you. This model is considered the best motorcycle cover for winter storage. So, if you live in a frost zone, nothing can cover it.

To ensure maximum protection against all kinds of weather conditions is manufactured with high-quality 210 Oxford nylon fabric. The water-repellent surface provides enhanced weather protection and makes it the best motorcycle cover for snow and rain.



Why We Love It?

This is the Best motorcycle cover for indoor/outdoor storage, especially for those who own a travel motorcycle or cruiser. This cover comes with exceptional construction and design to protect your bike from any kind of weather damages. Besides, its two buckle and 2 anti-theft cloth lock holes will come with your investment indeed.

7. VELMIA Waterproof Outdoor Motorcycle Cover (Best Harley Davidson Indoor Outdoor Motorcycle Cover)

Highlighted Features

Do you have a Harley Davidson? Are you worried about protecting your two-wheeled buddy from weather damages? We have the best Harley Davidson Street Glide Outdoor Cover for you. The VELMIA Waterproof Outdoor Motorcycle Cover is praised all around the world as the best motorcycle cover for Harley Davidson.

This cover is constructed with reinforced material for maximum weather protection. As well as it protects bikes from wind, snow, rain, dirt, and other pollutants. This cover is very handy. Alongside, it can withstand up to 575-degree temperature.

With the inclusion of two adjustable straps, elastic hems, and diversified sizes, it fits any motorcycle easily and you customize the size and shape also. There are super fine air vents to ensure optimum airflow that prevents moisture build-up.



Why We Love It?

Primarily, its durable construction was just beyond our expectations. This is extremely durable and capable of protecting bikes from any weather damages. Its customizability and versatility have made it exceptional.

8. Favoto All Season Universal Motorcycle Cover (Best Universal Motorcycle Cover)

Highlighted Features

Now it’s time to introduce the long-lasting motorcycle cover of our listing. The Favoto All Season Universal Motorcycle Cover is our best bet if you’re looking for the best universal motorcycle cover.

This impressive cover is made with premium quality polyester fabric coated with PVC material to make it more water-resistant and durable to withstand harsh weather conditions.

This lockable motorcycle cover features two anti-theft lock holes for extra security. That means you can easily lock your bike when parking somewhere. Unlike some cheaper models, this cover is designed with reflective strips all around the cover. Hence, it will remain safe from unexpected situations.

Its bottom elastic cord ensures a snug fit and protects the cover from blowing away due to strong wind. Alongside, the included storage bag makes transportation more convenient while you’re not using the cover.



Why We Love It?

The first thing we have noticed in this cover is its outstanding water-repellent design, which becomes possible because of its silver-coating inner portion. Besides, its anti-theft lock holes enable secure parking. Also, it’s all-around reflective strips watched our attention.

9. Nuzari Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover (Best Waterproof Full Motorcycle Cover)

Highlighted Features

Suppose you’re looking for the best waterproof full motorcycle cover to keep your motorbike protected in all seasons. In that case, the Nuzari Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover could be the right choice for you. This model comes with multiple size variations meaning it is more versatile.

This cover is suitable for sportbikes up to 108 inches in length. Different individuals have different perspectives while buying a motorcycle cover. To someone, design is nothing to care about, while someone may consider the design as well.

This is the point where the Nuzari Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover remains one step ahead as the best motorcycle cover for outside storage. This is a perfect choice for people who love impressive design. What about performance? The performance of a motorcycle cover means its protection capacity, and Nuzari is loaded with some outstanding features for maximum weather protection.

For instance, its 300 denier polyester fabric makes it the best waterproof outdoor motorcycle cover. Its special air vents prevent moisture-buildup and make it a reliable motorcycle cover that offers the best protection from moisture and rain.



Why We Love It?

At first glance, its impressive design has drawn our attention. But the most noticeable facts of this cover are its versatility and outstanding weather protection.

10. Lightweight ‎Formosa Covers Motorcycle Cover (Best Motorcycle Cover for Street Glide)

Highlighted Features

Here is our last candidate. If you’re searching for a lightweight travel motorcycle cover, we could assure you to rely on the ‎Formosa Covers Lightweight Motorcycle Cover. There is nothing to say about Formosa brands; this brand is trendy worldwide for manufacturing quality products with quality material.

This model is not any exception, and it is loaded with superior quality and performance together. Many people prefer it as the best light motorcycle cover for travel. Because this cover is made of premium quality 150 denier polyester fabric, which is coated with water-repellent and UV-resistant materials to ensure the highest protection against sun and water damage.

Well, this fabric is so durable and reliable that it can protect most sportbikes from any type of weather damage, no matter if it is winter or summer or those heavy rainy days. It features reinforced poly grommets and an elastic hem for a snug fit. While the lock holes ensure your bike is safe by facilitating lock.



Why We Love It?

This cover’s most significant fact is incredibly lightweight while constructed with maximum durability and weather resistance. Its Thermo Guard, grommets, elastic hem, and air vents just have made it the perfect motorcycle cover for any weather.

Why Buy a Motorcycle Cover?

To some people, a motorcycle is more than a vehicle; they treat their bikes like their babies. Ask a motorcycle enthusiast; the fact will be more clear to you. However, if you’re one of those bike lovers, you might know the importance of a bike cover if we don’t do something to inform you.

Every motorcycle owner should invest in the best motorcycle cover, as it’s an essential part of your bike’s maintenance. One of the most important reasons for owning a bike cover is the weather protection it provides.

The majority of the components of a motorbike are susceptible to water, moisture, UV-ray, and many other pollutants such as dust, debris, or bird’s shit. Of course, you won’t let such elements damage your bike. This is the point the necessity of a bike cover raises in our minds.

If you invest in buying the best motorcycle cover, your bike will remain protected from these uncertainties. The word “best” indicates the right bike cover, which has enough potential to protect your two-wheeled buddy. Otherwise, your investment will go in vain.

How do I choose a motorcycle cover?

Well, you might have understood the importance of buying a motorcycle cover. As we mentioned before, you have to choose the best motorcycle cover to ensure maximum protection. In this case, there are certain facts you have to consider to choose the right cover.

If you’re hesitating about choosing the best motorcycle cover, follow our buying guide. Here we have discussed some of the crucial facts you should reminisce about before making your purchase. Let’s move ahead to our buying guide.

Best Motorcycle Cover Buying Guide

We have listed every aspect of buying a cover that will help you make sure you have picked the best motorcycle cover. These include:


Winds can significantly damage your bike components by initiating moisture build-up inside the cover. This phenomenon is caused by trapped air, and it becomes more severe when the air is humid. So, what’s the solution?

Thankfully, there are many motorcycle covers with proper ventilation to ensure optimum airflow and prevent trapping air. So, make sure the cover has enough air vents to deliver maximum wind resistance.

Type of Motorcycle Cover

Generally, there are two major types of motorcycle covers, which are Full-size covers and Half-size covers. Full-size covers are designed for covering a motorcycle entirely from the front tire to the rear tire.

This type of cover protects almost all major components of your bike. On the other hand, half-size covers have a limited coverage area. They’re designed to protect the upper portion of a bike, including the seat, handlebars, and fuel tank.

Most all-weather motorcycle covers are full-size, and they’re extremely waterproof in nature. Although half-size covers optimum protection to the covered area, still, you should go for a full-size cover.


Polyester is the most popular water-resistant fabric. However, there are many types of polyester fabrics available. Each variation has significant differences in water resistance, weather resistance, and durability. Try to pick one with heavy-duty polyester material.


Ensuring your bike’s security is most important, especially when you often park your bike outside. In this case, you should pick a cover with locked holes. Lock holes allow complete access to the chain and lock area.

Weather Conditions

Considering the weather condition is very important before making your purchase. All motorcycle covers might not be able to protect your bike from every weather condition. Considering the weather condition helps you to choose the right one. However, the best idea is to pick an all-weather motorcycle cover.


Different manufacturers offer diversified coating on the fabric for maximum weather and heat protection. A bike cover with PVC coating offers excellent water resistance. There is also a heat-resistant coating available for protecting the cover from exhaust pipes. Make sure your cover has these coatings.

Waterproof materials

Waterproof materials are very crucial elements for motorcycle covers. They prevent penetration of snow, rain, or moisture inside the cover.

Inclement weather

Inclement weather often blows away motorcycle cover. Hence, you should choose a cover with a belly strap or any other components that ensure a secure fit.

Cable locks

Cable locks are very handy to lock your bike instantly. However, to lock your bike with cable locks, you should pick a model with lock-holes.

Synthetic material

Analyzing the synthetic material used in a cover is very important. It helps to determine the level of weather and heat resistance of the cover.

Heavy-duty polyester

Denier polyesters are considered heavy-duty materials. However, there are many types of denier polyester fabrics. In general, the degree of resistance increases with the model number of denier polyester fabrics.

Popular choice

Check out customer ratings on the site from which you’re going to buy the cover. This will help you to determine public demand and popular choice.

Weather protection

Weather protection is the key consideration while buying a motorcycle cover. You can realize the degree of weather protection by analyzing a cover’s build quality and its material.

Heavy rains

Many motorcycle covers are potent to deliver decent protection against water. However, they struggle during heavy rains. A fabric with water-repellent material will help you to ensure optimum protection against heavy rains.

Should you cover your motorcycle?

Yes, of course. You should always cover your motorcycle when you’re not using it. No matter whether you park the bike inside your garage or outside, it should remain covered. 

Do motorcycle covers cause rust?

Absolutely not. Motorcycle covers protect almost every component of bikes from rust build-up.

Do I still need a cover if I keep my bike in the garage?

When you keep your bike inside the garage, you can protect your bike from water and snow. Still, you can’t control dust movement, besides humid air can also cause some damages. Covering your bike inside the garage is an obvious fact; still, it’s better to cover it up.

Can you use an outdoor bike cover indoors?

Yeah sure. You can use a bike cover for both indoor and outdoor purposes. There is no hard and fast rule for this.

Final Verdict

Finding the best motorcycle cover has never been so easy, as there are so many minor and crucial facts associated with a motorcycle cover. However, we have tried our best to clarify every aspect and provide you with some of the best motorcycle covers available in the market.

However, if you’re irresolute about choosing the right cover for you, we have a few recommendations for you. First, if you need the best motorcycle cover for both outdoor and indoor purposes, the Formosa Premium Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover is our prime choice.

On the other hand, if you have a tight budget, you can go for the XYZCTEM All Season Motorcycle Cover without any hesitation.

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