2021 KTM 350 XCF-W Review

Do you want a durable enduro bike that you can enjoy on the streets? Then the 2021 KTM 350 XCF-W Review is just what you need to see.

If you consider yourself a fan of the off-roaders, KTM is surely a name that you’ve heard of more than once. They got some great rides like the KTM 300 XC TPI that ruled the market. And now, with their latest line of XCF, they want to cement their legacy.

And the 2021 KTM 350 XCF-W is a great way to do so. To know more, keep on reading.

2021 KTM 350 XCF-W size chart:

  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Starter: Electric
  • Stroke: 57.5 mm
  • Bore: 88 mm
  • Clutch: DDS multi-disc, Brembo hydraulics
  • Design: 1-cylinder
  • Engine: 4-stroke
  • Weight: 105.2kg (without fuel)
  • Tank capacity: 9.5L
  • Brake: 260 mm(front) and 220mm (rear)
  • Frame: Steel
  • Suspension: WP XPLOR-USD (front) and WP Xplor PDS (rear)

Key Features:

So, you’ve got some idea what the bike has to offer. But knowing some numbers like the KTM 350 XCT W horsepower or the KTM 350 XCF top speed won’t give you a clear picture of the bike. You need to look for the key features of the bike. And that you can find right here.

Available colors:

Now, the bike comes in just one single color. There isn’t any color variety. And it’s a common practice among manufacturers. They keep on going with the same iconic color to make the bike easily recognizable to others. No wonders, the 350 XCF does the same having that vibrant orange and white color graphics to it like all of the other bikes in this line.

Are they good in quality?

The bike color is simple and eye-catchy. If look matters to you, it won’t disappoint you. But you’ve got to look past it and dig deep into the bike parts. Do they offer the quality or not? That’s a big question.


The bike engine is its most crucial part. And when you look into that part, you will discover a compact but beast engine. Here, KTM 350 XCF-W has a DOHC engine. And it offers the best power-to-weight ratio that the market has to offer.

Not that only it offers great power, it also got the weight down to 28 kg to give you a lighter engine. With newly developed camshafts, exhaust system, and the updated electronic fuel injection, it offers you power and torque close to 450 cc, which was the result of that reduced weight.

Now, this is a 4-stroke engine. Compared to the KTM 300, hands down you get better fuel efficiency just for that. Plus, it’s quieter than other bikes and more durable. Not to mention, it is better for the environment which is why you get to use it on the street.


For the improved power delivery, the bike got a new exhaust system in place. In the earlier model, you got only one header pipe. But this newer version has a 2-piece header. So, it takes out the exhaust fumes better to give you a better performing engine. Besides that, they made it shorter and compact while bringing the weight to the center. That’s one of the reasons, you get a better balance with the bike.


The DDS clutch of the bike is something you would appreciate. Here, you will get a wear-free steel basket and heat resistant plates for better durability. And instead of a coil, they went with diaphragm spring with the clutch. This small change gives you better a superior clutch action.

Balancer shaft:

In the bike, you get a multifunctional balancer shaft that gets mounted on the side. This counterbalance shaft works to balance the oscillating forces. And that’s not it. It even takes on the job of driving the water pump. But what’s most crucial is the fact, it keeps the engine vibration to a bare minimum to give you a smooth ride while enjoying the KTM 350 XCF top speed.


With all XCF-W models, you will get a 48 mm diameter, WP XPLOR front fork. That’s the case here too.

You get an upside-down fork that has a split design. So, you get two sides where one works as the damping function. And the other works for the rebound. On the fork, you’ve got 30 clicks dial to adjust both of them to make the bike suitable for the track you’re going to ride.

At the rear, you get the WP XPLOR shock absorber treatment. This PDS system gets linked with the swingarm directly. There is no additional linkage system. So, it is lighter. This system at place offers better damping than the previous 2020 piston and it’s fully adjustable just like the front one.


While doing the 2021 KTM 350 XCF-W Review, I’ve found out that you get the minimum 6-month manufacturer warranty on the bike. But you need to buy from an authorized dealer. And probably, you can get an extended warranty on the ride, if you get some premium insurance offer. But that would cost a bit extra for sure.

How does the KTM 350 XCF-W work?

2021 KTM 350 XCF-W Review
2021 KTM 350 XCF-W

KTM uses the most reliable electric starter the market has to offer. That’s right, it uses the Mitsuba starter drive, and strong starter motor in the bike. Just press the button, and the engine will come to life just that.


You’ve seen what’s in store for you with the KTM bike. Now, see what’s so great about it that might make you want to ride it.


The engine already took some weight down to make the ride lighter. And keep going with that trend, KTM introduced a lightweight Chromoly steel frame on the bike. With the help of robot welding, it provides the same level of stiffness.

But tweaking certain areas, they improved its stability by a lot. When you’re on the bike, you can feel that change. Plus, the center placement of the aluminum engine also helps with the balance.

Even the fenders got made from lightweight aluminum to make it extra-light. And all that results in a better cornering bike.

Quality materials:

Besides the durable frame and engine, you can find quality materials all over the bike. To start, check out the 350 XCF-W’s aluminum swingarm. It gets the die-cast production just like the engine shaft to provide you with a solid one-piece swingarm that adds the least weight possible.

Then on the bike, you will find the CNC-machines hubs with Giant high-end rims that are super lightweight. But they do offer better stability than most. Next is your brakes which are the high-tech Brembo that KTM uses on all their Enduro bikes. The wavy brake discs are heat-resistant and work great on wet conditions. And just like all the other parts, they contribute minimum weight to the bike.

Comprehensive protection:

For the safety of the ride and the rider, the bike offers many great features. Starting with the frame, that gets made with Chromoly steel which is perfect to endure the drops. But most importantly, it improved design makes it easier for the rider to handle it while enjoying the true KTM 350 XCF W horsepower. 

You got a large wheel with knobby-tire that reduces shocks and takes on the bumps to make it easier for you to ride. Not to forget about the rear and front suspension that takes care of the shocks altogether to make you feel like you’re riding on a smooth road even when you’re going through the rocky trails in the mountain.

And how can you forget about the map select switch? With one touch of the button, you can get the bike settings changed to make it suitable with an aggressive track. This gives better control to the rider.


With the KTM 350 XCF-W, there aren’t many things to dislike about. To be honest, there aren’t any at all. However, there are some tweaks that you might want in it with its next model.


With XCF-W models, you expect low power. Although it offers a wide range of gear. You get a total of 6-speed with the bike. But they have that change in speed that you can feel it. But while downshifting, you always need to be aware as this gap of gear catches most off-guard. So, if the transition was a bit smoother and more fluent rather than having gaps, it would have been better.


The bike chain uses the standard X-ring that works great when you ride on the street. But it catches a lot of dirt and grit when you take it out on off-road tracks. And that’s an issue. The X-ring closure doesn’t hold the grease as long as it should, so it needs oiling more often than you would like.

Where to buy?

The best place to get yourself the KTM 350 XCF-W is to contact an authorized dealer. You can go to KTM’s official website and find the locations from where you can buy it.

Additional Features:


You will love the aluminum tapered NEKEN handlebar on the KTM. That’s because it offers 4-different positions. So, you can adjust it the right way for more comfortable riding experience.  Even the vulcanized ODI grip on it is top-notch.


The electric starter is as good as the battery. And in this unit, you get a good one. Right below the seat, you get a lithium-ion starter battery that offers reliable starting power every single time. It’s not heavy at all, so it doesn’t weight on the ride too.

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The 2021 KTM 350 XCF-W Review gives you an idea of what is in store for you when you get the bike.

Without any doubt, KTM is killing it with their line of Enduro bikes for the last couple of years. And that’s not going to stop anytime soon by having a look at it.

So, why wait? Grab it and ride it on the street or climb the hills on it. With it, the sky’s the limit.

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