Is Leatt Knee Brace a lightweight and comfortable?

For off-road biking, you need to make sure you get as much protection as possible to keep yourself safe. That’s what made me do this Leatt knee brace review.

Because many of the riders often don’t consider any gear besides the helmet to be important. And when most of them crash with their bikes, the thing that gets damaged most is the knee. You get shattered bones, ACL injuries or if lucky just get out of it with grazed skin at best.

leatt dirt bike knee brace review

But not everyone is that lucky. So, if you don’t want to miss out on the thrills of the track and make sure that you can hop on the bike and ride around forever, making sure you don’t break a knee.

The Leatt motocross knee brace review will help you with just that with the gears to make sure of that.

Leatt Knee Protection Braces Comparison Table:

To get a look at what the Leatt dirt bike knee brace for youth got to offer, first check out the quick comparison table.

Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace Set

Leatt Brace C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Braces

Leatt Z-Frame Knee Braces

Leatt Dual Axis

Leatt 3DF Hybrid EXT Knee & Shin Guards

5 Best Leatt Knee Brace Review: Surefire safety for the legs

Having to pick a knee brace could take months as the sea of options out there confuse you. Don’t waste time on that, just go through the top 5 picks from the market to come to a decision real fast.

1. Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace Set: Ride risk-free

Leatt’s been around for years now since they changed the game with their neck braces for riders on those race tracks. Now, they come to do the same with knee braces too. And they plan to do that with their Leatt X-Frame.

The part of the body that needs protection right after your head is the knees, and Leatt knows that too. With X-Frame, they do that with a high-quality gear that is also lightweight in nature. Something riders have always found the problem with braces been solved with this one.

But there is more to the Leatt knee protection.

Highlighted Features

Why will you like this product?

There are many things to like about the Leatt X-frame. Starting the frame itself. As I’ve talked about earlier, this got a light feel to it as the carbon composite frame on it allows to shade some weight. But it still provides a solid structure to take on the crash impacts.

To prove that, it got CE certification.

Besides that, the kneecap on the things is another aspect of the brace that you will love. It offers full knee protection for the rider. That’s because, underneath the kneecap, it got protective pieces that offer safety no matter the position of your knee, you get both upper and lower knee protection.

Fitting is quite crucial. You want to be one with the knee brace. And for that, you need a snug fit which you get with the extra pads that come included with the brace. You can change around the padding inside the knee brace to have the right fit.

The asymmetrical design of the hinges is also something you can’t help but love. It works with the movement of your leg to give you freedom while riding wearing it. Not to forget about the extension stops that you can use to limit the hyperextension to a certain level.



2. Leatt Brace C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Braces: Improved force control

Wearing knee braces underneath the comfortable motocross boots can be impossible for people with larger legs with bigger calves. For them, comes the Leatt C-Frame carbon pro. It has a light, slim shin pad that fits right on the calves. 

Similarly, on the upper calf, you can widen the top cuff to slide and get the custom fit for your large legs. However, there are many more features and technologies involved in making this gear which you get to know more about below.

Highlighted Features

Why will you like this product?

C frame design is different in terms of the earlier X frame as it got a 3-point force distribution. It keeps the inside open with only those 3-points covered as those are the most crucial points of contact in crashes.

Not only that, it even only has a single hinge that gives you more control over the force. Besides, having only a single hinge towards the outside, with an open inner knee, riders get a better grip on the bike.

Like the other Leatt, it offers full protection in the knee area. But what’s interesting is the center kneecap doesn’t move from its place.

No matter how much you move the knee, the knee pad will cover the part. So, it’s quite secure.

And the hinge system is also great as it got a dual-hinge where the upper part and lower part move along to get a natural motion wearing it. Plus, those secure fit straps and the quick release buckles make it fast and easy to get in out of this brace.

But the best part of all is the fact that the chassis breaks down to the force at which it’s risky for the leg to have it.



3. Leatt Z-Frame Knee Braces: Safety Guranteed

If you’re looking to update from a knee guard to a new brace and don’t want to spend a lot, go for the z-frame Leatt.

From other knee braces, this isn’t going to be as rigid. Yet, the injection composite chassis works better in terms to conform with the shape of your knee and leg better than those.

So, better fit for the riders.

Highlighted Features

Why will you like this product?

Though the rigidity of the chassis isn’t the best. But the underneath knee cap makes up for it. The carbon injected protector here absorbs the impact while giving more rigidity in the hinge area of the brace.

If you flip the knee cap and look at the other side, you will find 3DF foam there. It does a great job of taking in the hit and disperse the energy to make sure the rider’s knee doesn’t feel anything.

You will like the hinges on the thing. Inside it got an aluminum build, and so does the cover of the hinge itself gets made with it to add more durability to it.

For a low profile knee brace, it got the basics to the tee that makes it the best Leatt dirt bike knee brace for youth.



4. Leatt Dual Axis: Ultimate affordability

The Leatt dual axis is a knee/shin guard is a good starter kit to have for keeping the knees safe.

Yes, it might not offer full protection like the other Leatt products, but for under 100 bucks, you can’t complain about the quality.

Highlighted Features

Why will you like this product?

The hard plastic shell at the front is impressive. It can take on some serious crash impacts. The CE certification is there to prove that. No shattering knee or ACL injuries for you to worry about anymore.

Underneath the hard shell is a knee cap that stays in post at all times.

One thing that makes the Leatt comfortable to wear apart from the foam padding behind the shell is the cutting vents at the front. It lets the airflow through it nicely.

Turning back, the straps on the knee guard help it to keep it in place. What you will like about it is the fact each strap underneath it got a soft piece that lets the straps not dig into the knee.



5. Leatt 2019 3DF Hybrid EXT Knee & Shin Guards: Practical and cozy

If you’re getting into motocross, then having this Leatt gear makes a lot of sense for the price point.

With a big sock-like design, you put it on by sliding it on and have the knee to almost the entire leg covered from the bike drops.


Highlighted Features

Why will you like this product?

To start, the straps on the thing deserves the credit. With most strapping, you get some chaffing at the back of your knee. These don’t. They are super comfortable to wear.

Looking at the knee pad, it’s pliable. But when you put force to it, it is hard enough to tackle the crashes. Inside of the knee cap got a liner that holds it in position.

Even the shin guard is hard to take on the impacts. At the back, there you will find nice foam to make them perfect for racing. Those things absorb the moisture while there are vents to improve the airflow in the thing.

It doesn’t slip off like some of the others. The rubber on top holds it in place.



Leatt Knee Brace Buying Guide: Everything you need to know

To find the best Leatt dirt bike knee brace trail riding, you first need to figure out the aspects that make one great. Take notes if you don’t know what you need to look from right below.


Looking at the Leatt motocross knee brace review, you might have already got the idea, the material of the thing is what makes the most difference. The hard shell at the front line is the thing that keeps the bones from shattering in the crash.

But not all shells are the same. If you want a durable and lightweight solution, then go for a fiberglass and carbon composite shell. Those things can take on the high impacts while making sure to break when the force is too much on it, which might even cause more harm than good from high impacts. The Leatt C frame carbon is a great example of that.

So, make an investment in materials like such to get maximum safety and not just go for cheap braces.


The knee braces need to be comfortable to wear. They shouldn’t feel like restraining your movement or make you feel irritated wearing them. That’s where you need to concentrate on a couple of things.

Starting with the hinge. It plays a crucial part in terms of durability. No doubt. But it also gives you the freedom of movement. Without a proper hinge, the brace might not be able to move along your leg properly. It can make you feel constrained.

Besides the hinge, the padding and the straps also have a role in providing comfort. With proper padding inside the knee brace, the leg will conform better with the gear and fit nicely. And straps that don’t bite on the skin is always the one you want to have as you can wear them for long periods without feeling anything.


If you don’t want to feel like the knee and leg-burning, then having a shell with cutouts on the knee brace is a must. That way, the air can flow in and keep things cool for the rider to feel fresh.  Read more about ventilated motorcycle helmets.

Medical equipment:

One of the advantages of Leatt knee braces over the others is that many of them got FDA approval as medical equipment. So, you can ask for insurance help to cover their price to make it easier to get if your doctor prescribes the knee braces for you to use.

CE Certified:

The last piece of advice is always to look for gear that comes with CE certification. Those things will ensure that they got tested for high impacts. You can be more secure wearing those than those that don’t come with any such certification along with them.

Hyper Extension Limit:

With many of the knee braces from Leatt like the Leatt C Frame Pro Carbon Knee Braces or others, you will get to restrain hyper extension to certain limits. They come with stoppers that you can use to constrain the movements to 10-25° to make sure that you don’t pull the knee joints bending too much.

Leatt knee brace size guide:

The knee brace is going to be a larger investment than a knee guard. Therefore, you need to make sure you get the right size or it will be just a big waste.

Here are the tips on how you can figure out the right size Leatt knee brace for motorcycle riding.

  • You should stand up straight and let someone take the measurement of your leg. If no one there is to help, then sit on the chair and have a straight leg with the heel touching the floor.
  • The next step is to measure. Get a measuring tape and start taking the measurements. Start from 6-inches up from the middle of the kneecap.
  • Now, measure the leg around in that area that you’ve recently measured.
  • Same way, now measure 6-inches down from the kneecap middle part. And the same way, measure around the calf just like the way you did before.
  • Then just get the chart and cross-refer the sizes to find the perfect size gear that matches your measurements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get the right size?

You need to take the size of the wide parts above and below the kneecap area to get the right size.

Is knee guard and knee brace is the same?

No. Knee guard only provides safety for the knee cap regions. Meanwhile, the knee brace provides safety above and below, so even the shins and thigh area get protection from crashes.

Which Knee brace is the best?

All the Leatt here is great. However, if I’ve got to pick one then the C-frame pro will be my pick for the fact that it offers safety with great grip on the bike using its 3-point force distribution design.

How does Leatt hyperextension stopper help?

Using them you can constrain the extension of the leg to make sure you don’t hurt the leg by turning or stretching it too much.

Final Thoughts

When you’re riding on tracks that are unpredictable like the dirt tracks, having as much protection as possible is important. And in that Leatt knee brace review, I made it sure you get that with some of the best knee braces in the business.

It isn’t that hard to find the right one. I’ve got the right deal for everyone. No matter the budget, style, or liking, you will get a brace that will meet all your needs.

Just go ahead with one making up your mind, and enjoy riding without any worry.

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