2021 Beta 300 RR Review – The Best Enduro Bike on the Market

The 2020 Beta 300 RR could have been a big hit. Instead, it went unnoticed from what it looks like.

It had all the things to become a sensation: looks, power, and quality. Yet, it came out short. The ride was too shaky, and that’s a big no-no in the off-roading world.

So, the Italian makers went back to the drawing board. They kept what was great, and thrown out the things wrong: Chassis.

Now, with the latest ride, they are going to make up for that. Stick to the 2021 Beta 300 RR review to know more.

2021 Beta 300 RR Review

2021 Beta 300 RR Size Chart:

  • Engine: 2-stroke, single-cylinder
  • Displacement: 293.1cc
  • Start: Electric
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Clutch: Multi-dis (wet)
  • Frame: Molybdenum steel
  • Suspension: Front and rear
  • Brake: Front (260mm rotor) and rear (240mm rotor)
  • Tire: Enduro competition

Key Features:

All right, all right, all right! The 2021 Beta 300RR specs create the hype. But what I’ve learned from experience, the bike doesn’t get measured by what is on the paper. What it shows on the track is what truly matters.

Does the Beta 300RR 2021 leaves up to the hype, or just it’s another 2020 in the making?

Available colors:

Keen followers of enduro bikes or bikes, in general, will be familiar with the concept: imprinting a picture in mind. That’s something most big brands do with their products. Whether it’s just a pen or a bike.

2021 Beta motorcycles in a way follow that footstep with a bit of change. As you’ve got a whole new chassis on the bike, the graphics are a tad bit different. They stayed with the red and white color combo. But unlike the 2020 Beta 300RR, here red is more dominant of the two shades.

That’s one of the reasons, it is more striking to the eyes. I would count it as an improvement.

Are they good in quality?

It looks fast, but looks can be deceiving. To make sure the Beta is a serious enduro ride, we’ve got to take a look into its soul. And that’s what we’re about to do.


Beta got the 2021 250RR for those aggressive riders. For the 300RR, they took a different approach.

Here, you get a 293cc, 2-stroke engine. It doesn’t lack in power, let’s get that straight.

With it, you get more torque in the ride. And as you know, the more the torque, the faster the ride. That’s what is up for grabs with the 300RR.

The secret behind is the V-force reed in the engine. Thanks to the fuel/air mix flowing in the cylinder are at the optimal rate. The bike produces clean power that gets delivered to the wheels.


The big improvement on the 2021 Beta 300RR race edition is its frame. It was hard for the rider to stay on the bike in the past models. 2020 300RR got that under control, but it was still there.

In the latest 2021 Beta 300RR, the problem exists no more.

The counterbalancer on the engine did the trick. That’s true. But the new frame also played a big role in that. Just like most top-quality enduro bikes, they molded the bike frame using Molybdenum steel.

Strength wise is just as robust as your regular one, but it’s much lighter. Shedding some weight helped the Italians to get it to balance better. No doubt, it made the bike faster too.

Plus, the frame absorbs a lot of the abuses. No surprise, you feel less jittering riding on it even if you’re riding on the worst tracks.


I loved the fact, the bike uses enduro racing tires. Compared to the regular trail tires, they grip much better.

Especially on the wet rocky terrains, they provide the traction to keep your bike and you on their feet. Even on the sandy tracks where there is a lot of mud, it doesn’t let it stick to the treads.

That improves the braking performance on the bike. They adjust better to the track. Whether moving from rock to mud to sand to back to the rock, they give you the same level of traction.

Moreover, they are more resistant to wear and tear.


When you buy the Enduro Beta ride, you get a 6-month warranty. That’s a minimum. However, there might be dealers that can offer a more extended time.

Try to contact with authorized dealers to see if there is any such option. If there is, then you can go for it, but be ready to pay some extra bucks.

How does the 2021 Beta 300RR work?

Nothing much to tell about here. The 2021 Beta 300RR has an electric start system. So, as you can imagine, just press that start button and the engine gets alive.

Then just hop on it and twist that throttle to get the bike moving from one place to another. Press the red button to kill the power. That’s it.


Great color, superb quality, it is like a dream. And that doesn’t end there. The Enduro 300RR bike has much more to give. Go and find out below.


Getting a great suspension system in an off-roader is like a must. And you won’t be disappointed with the 2021 Beta 300RR specs.

On the bike, you get both front and rear suspension systems.

Starting from the front one, you get a 48mm Sachs USD fork. These forks are better than your telescopic ones. That’s because they don’t flex much when you brake hard or during turning speeds.

When it comes to damping, the USD forks make quite the impression. One of the reasons behind such performance is that the forks let you tinker for everything: whether it be for damping, rebound, or compression.

Similarly in the rear, there is the aluminum body Sachs shock suspension. You’ve got hi/low compression with it which means it takes on the small bumps when you ride over them as well as take care of the big hits without letting it travel on the bike.

That’s one of the reasons you remain stuck to the bike.


On those unforgiving tracks where you’ve got no certainty what’s ahead, you need more control over your ride.

That’s what the Beta 300RR offers with the 260mm and 240mm rotor brakes at the front and the rear.

The flame-like brakes get made from high-impact steel. Therefore, they are much more resilient compared to your regular stoppers. I can bet that they will take the abuse of the rocky terrains better than most. And when it comes to getting the bike to a stop, there aren’t many that much what it can offer.

You get 25% better-stopping performance than most. Even after those hard braking, the disc remains cool. That’s why even after years, it manages to give the same level of performance.

But the best part, when in conditions most braking systems give up on the rider, they keep managing to create the friction to get the bike stop.


With many KTM and other big players in the Enduro bike industry, there is always an issue with the transmission.

Just like others, the Beta also has a 6-speed transmission. But the one here is much more enjoyable for a simple reason: Spacing.

Most bikes have a 1-4 gear transmission that has a nice speed bump. You can get used to that. However, from 4th to 5th and 5th to 6th, you feel a usual gear change that sometimes takes them by surprise.

Nothing much in the Beta model. With the wet hydraulic clutch, you find a smooth transmission. In one word: Effortless.


I think the 2021 Beta 300 race edition got the biggest issue fixed. Yet, we humans can’t be happy with everything. And even in this awesome bike, we’ve tried to find some flaws.


I think it is me trying hard to find some issues with the bike. But it is what it is, they didn’t keep any kickstand.

So, if you’ve got to get a kickstand for the bike or get an oil change stand to get it upright. Otherwise, you’ve to keep that stunning bike laying around in the dirt and mud—not a pretty sight.

Additional Features:

I think there is more to the Beta 300RR 2021 model that meets the eye. So, let’s see what didn’t meet ours at first glance.


Ok, the seat is important. When riding through off-roads, you need a seat that’s comfortable and also grippy.

And the one here provides both. You get a great cushion that helps to make you feel one with the bike. Plus, those grippy patterns on it makes you stick to the bike.

Great job by the Italians.


In the previous model, even after significant upgrades, the bike had some issues that many didn’t like. The steering was one of them. Many complained about it not turning well like some of the predecessors that helped the Enduro bike put on the map.

With the 2021 race edition Beta, they fixed the issue. Now, it turns perfect to give you control over manoeuvring the bike. All credit goes to the upgraded chassis.

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The Italian made Beta rides are one of the best in the world of Enduro rides. So, many tournaments had been won on these sleek looking monsters.

But even the goliaths can fall short, that is what happens with the 2020 Beta 300RR.

Looking at the 2021 Beta 300RR review, you’ve got to say, they got their redemption. It’s a dream ride, that true Enduro fans can’t miss.

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