Can You Ride an Electric Scooter on the Sidewalk?

Can you ride an electric scooter on sidewalk? Or is it better to ride it in a bike lane or regular traffic? These are some of the most often asked questions concerning these scooters. The laws of your respective states determine it. 

California: Can only be ridden in a bike lane or on the right side of the road, next to the curb. On a sidewalk, you cannot use it.

Texas: Can ride it alongside traffic, in a bike lane, or on the sidewalk. However, some sections of the sidewalk in Austin, Texas, are off-limits to scooters, so do your research before you ride!

Washington DC: Riding a scooter on the sidewalk is banned when a bike lane is present. However, You can ride it on any National Park Service-managed sidewalk.

First, go to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles’ website. You may be able to obtain information not only about state laws but also about local governments there. If you can’t find it online, contact your local police department.

Is it safe to ride an electric scooter on the sidewalk? 

Electric scooters have been increasingly popular in towns and cities around the country in recent years. They provide a variety of advantages, including increased exercise and cleaner air, reduced commuting expenses, and a substitute for the bus or subway. But, can you ride an electric scooter on sidewalk? Is it secure?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a nonprofit funded by the insurance industry, released the findings earlier this month. More than 100 e-scooter riders who visited the emergency room due to injuries were interviewed by institute researchers. The results show that moving scooters off the sidewalk could put users at risk of more serious injuries. Still, riders are currently suffering from these minor injuries at a higher rate.

So, if a bike lane is available, we recommend taking it. If you must ride it on the sidewalk, keep your speed reasonable. Before riding on the road or a sidewalk, you should practice it more. Wear a helmet at all times. It has the potential to alter the entire story.

Do you need a license for an electric scooter? 

electric scooter

Electric scooters have only recently swamped many major American cities, even though they have been present since 1996. And the figures speak for themselves. Do you need a license for an electric scooter? It all depends on how your state classifies electric scooters, which vary a lot.

Currently, California law specifies that riders of electric scooters have a valid driver’s license and that scooters do not exceed 15 miles per hour.

Electric scooters are sometimes lumped in with electric bicycles, which do not need a driver’s license to use. On the other hand, scooters are sometimes lumped in with mopeds and other street-legal vehicles that require a valid driver’s license to operate in some areas.

The majority of states in the United States do not require a driver’s license to ride an electric scooter outside California. However, it would be best to verify your local state and city rules before purchasing or leasing a scooter, like with any legal matter.

General Laws for Electric Scooters 

Because there is so much variety, it is your responsibility to observe the law wherever you go. Luckily, a few common regulations are expected to apply consistently throughout states. As an example,

  • If you are 16 or older, you are exempt from wearing a helmet.
  • You can drive on a public road at the age of sixteen.
  • A full-sized electric scooter cannot be driven on a sidewalk or bike path. It is often known as a street-legal scooter, has a top speed of 65 mph, and is designed for road use.
  • You must have a valid driver’s license if you are riding a scooter with a capacity of 50cc and a top speed of 30 kilometers per hour or more.
  • Furthermore, for full-sized electric scooters, annual registration is often necessary.

We recommend that you go to scooter review if you’re looking for an adult electric scooter. We are a website that reviews all things scooter-related. Our focus is to assist you in finding what you need by making guidelines based on your requirements.


The electric scooter is a fantastic mode of transportation. They have a low environmental impact. They do not contribute to air pollution. It requires low operating costs.

 However, there are a few things you should think about before purchasing one. First, check your state’s laws where you can ride it, whether or not a helmet or a license are required, and so on. Then, before using it on the road, put in a lot of practice time. 

We wish you a pleasant and safe ride on your e-scooter.

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