coleman ct200u-a trail 196cc gas-powered mini bike review

Trail bikes are super fun. You can go out to rough, muddy tracks and have some great time on it in them. But not all trail bikes can offer the same flawless performance. Some are ahead of the class. One such kid on the block is the Coleman.

If you love to ride off-road on those hilly tracks fast and hard, then Coleman has something unique to offer with the Coleman ct200u-a trail 196cc gas powered mini bike.

So, do you want to have a blast riding the bike? Then check out the Coleman mini bike review now.

Coleman Mini Bike Size chart:

Coleman Mini Bike Size chart
  • Engine: 4 strokes, OHV 1 cylinder
  • Displacement: 196cc
  • Horsepower: 6.5hp
  • Start: Pull system
  • Wheelbase: 42-inch
  • Tires: Low pressure
  • Frame: Metal
  • Brake: Rear drum
  • Load capacity: 200 pounds
  • Tank capacity: 0.95 gallons

Key Features:

The Coleman Powersports mini bike is a great trail ride, but what makes it great? To know that, you have to first learn about the Coleman mini bike key features.

Available colors:

In all honesty, colors aren’t the thing that will impress you in the case of this bike. That’s because there isn’t much when it comes to the frame. You’ve got just steel tubes that make the structure with fenders above the tire. And below the seat is the exposed engine. But whatever you’ve got for the frame, you can get it in two color options: Red and Black. But the fenders in both versions will be in red.

Are they good in quality?

You’ve got an idea about the bike’s look. Now, let’s dive into the vital part, the quality of the Coleman ct200u-exr mini bike. Because in the end, how the ride handles is critical, not how it looks. So, let’s check if it is any good.


No doubt, you want to know how high the Coleman mini bike top speed goes. And to see that, you’ve got to look into the engine of the machine first. Here, in the trail bike, you get a 196cc Honda clone engine.

And it gets powered by gas. The first thing that hits your mind is that it might consume too much of the fuel. But that’s not the case. The quality 4-stroke engine with its single-cylinder doesn’t consume much gas. Even with the 0.96-gallon tank, you can take it for a spin an entire day. All credit is to the carburetor that doesn’t waste the fuel like others, which is why it ensures such fantastic mileage.

With the engine, the Coleman ct200u-a trail 196cc gas-powered mini bike top speed goes up to 25mph. For a mini bike, that’s quite fast. You can even rev the engine in this thing.

Wheels and Tires:

In the Coleman, you will get 42-inches wide wheels. What sets them apart from many of the other best mini bikes is their adaptability in any track. Unlike others, the wheels hold a superior pressure level that makes them perfect for pavements and off-roads alike.

And on those wheels get placed some quality tires. To many, the tires are one of the most recognizable aspects of the minibike. The wide tires on it take whatever the tracks have to offer. They absorb most of the shock to keep the bike steady. And they are crucial for the motorbike as there is no suspension system here. The tires do that work.

But working as your suspension system isn’t the only thing they do. The treads on the fat tires help you grip the ride on any track. So, the bike’s handling also depends on it.

Both front and rear tires have the same dimension. So, never have to worry about placing the tires in their right position.

That’s a bonus!


coleman mini bike review

Though it is a simple minibike having nothing extraordinary about it, yet the design is so innovative.

If you look a bit close, you will see how the bike has a high ground clearance. Compare the Coleman minibike with any other ride, and you will see the difference.

Yes, the seat is not adjustable, but you don’t need it to be adjusted. The 13-inches long, triangle design seat has a nice cushion with a slight climb toward the back. By sitting a bit close or far from the handle, you can get a comfortable sitting position.

Plus, you will love the fact it has a bike stand to it. That lets you keep the bike standing upright and not laying in the ground.


The warranty policy for the bike is a bit confusing. If there is any failure to the motorbike that doesn’t relate to materials or craftsmanship, you don’t get free servicing. Nor will you acquire any free maintenance if you cause anything to the bike.

Here, you get an emission-related warranty. So, if any of the bike’s parts, that causes increased emission, only for that you can take advantage of the guarantee. For anything else, you’ve got to pay from your pocket.

Now, the warranty period you get is 5-years from the date of purchase or 18000km.

How does the Coleman mini bike work?

coleman mini bike review

There isn’t any electrical switch or a kick start on the bike. Like your boat motors, it uses a pull start system. Just give it one or two good yanks, and the engine is up and running. It is as simple as it can be.


Ok! you’ve got some idea what the bike’s offering. But besides that, what more does it have that make the fastest Coleman mini bike a great deal? Let’s figure it out here.


Even though there isn’t much in terms of the frame, whatever it has, it gives a solid structure. To build the frame, it uses solid steel. It gives you a nice build that holds up to 200 pounds. Both adults and teenagers can enjoy it without any issue.


All the parts on the machine work in perfect harmony to let you enjoy the ultimate experience. Starting from the engine, the 196cc Coleman gives you the power to climb up the hills with ease.

Even without the suspension, the tires take on the hits from the hilly, stony tracks to keep the bike stable. No vibration, nothing.

Then there is the impeccable throttle system you get here. With it, you can quickly increase the speed or reduce it. You will love the idea of the throttling screw in the system. Using it, you can take the top pace down to make it more suitable for the kids to ride.

It ticks the trifecta box: speed, control, and safety.

Comprehensive Protection:

Looking at the Coleman mini bike review, you know it has great features to protect the rider. It got those fat, wide wheels that provide traction to keep the bike from sliding on loose tracks with rocks. They also make sure to take the bumps while riding through the uneven roads to keep the minibike steady.

But even after all that, sometimes when you’re going downhill on a bike, tires aren’t enough to save you. For that, it has a rear drum brake. In comparison to your regular disc brakes, this will give you more braking force. And it does so without generating any real heat that might cause problems to the brakes. You can therefore enjoy the same level of braking intensity for a more extended period.


The minibike from Coleman has top-quality parts and many exceptional features. But is there anything that needs improvement? Let’s see it for yourself.


You can’t just hope to order the bike, get on it and start running around with it. To do that, first, you need to assemble the bike.

Now, when the bike comes, you will find the engine part. The other parts, like the handlebar, bike tires, all need to be put together by you. And there are a lot of nuts and washers that required screwed to assemble the thing.

If you’re not a patient person and not good with tools, then this will be a problem. Although, it will come with all the nuts and tools to assemble the bike. Plus, you’ve got the manual. Still, it can be a bit laborious.

Weight limit:

No doubt, Coleman offers a strong frame for the bike, and it can pull off some weight but not in par with some others. The 200lbs weight limit makes it suitable for both adults and kids, but not those who are a bit heavy. And to be honest, many grown-ups will be above that weight limit, which makes the bike exclusive to a selected weight group people. That’s one of my biggest complaints about the Coleman mini bike 196cc, ct200u-ex.

Where can you buy it?

You can go to any authorized dealer to get the Coleman mini bike. But you don’t want to make a trip to the store, you can order it from home, and it will get delivered.

Additional Features:

You’ve seen the good and the ugly side of the bike, is there anything else that you’ve missed! Let’s find out here.


On the bike, you will find that Coleman went with 420 chains instead of the typical 35 chains. And that makes a massive difference in terms of performance. The chains on it don’t stretch much. No risk of breaking, therefore.

Side cover:

Another aspect related to chains on the bike is the side cover. I loved how they covered the chain. It would keep your pants getting into the chain, which is a relief. Also, it saves you from burning yourself on the centrifugal clutch.

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Doing the Coleman mini bike review, I’ve got to find how much work went to make this mini scooter/bike kind of ride. In plain sight, it looks nothing but an engine moving the chains hooked to the wheels. But in reality, it is more than that.

This minibike is the ultimate way to have some off-road fun without taking too much risk. Just get it and see it for yourself.

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