7 Best Dirt Bike Clutch Techniques for the Newbie Bike Riders

Knowing all the necessary dirt bike clutch techniques is worthwhile. It is neither harsh nor easy to go through. But we will help you understand as efficiently as possible.

A dirt bike clutch is an important thing to know due to being a good rider. Unfortunately, many people around us think the clutch they use in the bike is the same as the car clutch. But there’s a difference.

However, you will learn what a bike clutch is, how it works, how to use a clutch on a dirt bike, dirt bike clutch techniques, etc., with us today. And, this guide will help get a clear conception of dirt bike clutch control tips.

Let’s get started!

About Bike Clutch

Dirt Bike Clutch Techniques

You can say that a dirt bike clutch is a normal part of a bike in a simple word. It is essential to free the power from the bike engine toward its transmission.

A clutch is needed while disconnecting the bike engine from the transmission. Also, when you need to shift gears or bring your bike to a standstill, a clutch is a must for that job. It will make your trip easier.

Besides, it will let you decrease the engine RPM to increase the traction to make your motionless ride faster.

Using the clutch in the right way can make you a super rider to control any situation of your riding time.

Types of Bike Clutch

There are two significant types of bike clutch. And, the types are-

  1. Wet Dirt Bike Clutch
  2. Dry Dirt Bike Clutch
  • How Does a Wet Clutch Work

This type of bike clutch is suitable for a maximum of bike types. And, this type of clutch is covered in terms of engine oil to keep the bike clutch equipment cool.

  • How does a Dry Clutch Work

Usually, the dry bike clutch type has a short lifespan because of the engine oil dearth. But it will not affect your bike through its fluid drag.

Components of Bike Clutch

Let’s know about the different parts or components of a dirt bike clutch. Primarily, there are four main parts of a bike clutch. So, this time you will know what they are and what their functions are-

Dirt Bike Clutch
  • Primary Drive

The clutch primary drive means a gear assembly that drives a large gear.

  • Clutch Basket

A Clutch basket means something that contains the whole assembly and is obsessed with primary drive.

  • Clutch Hub

It positions in the middle of the basket and pressure plates. And, it keeps rotating with the help of its main shaft.

  • Clutch Plates

There are two sorts of clutch plates-

  1. The Driven/ Steel Plate
  2. The Drive/ Friction Plate

These two types of clutch plates act as the interface of the plates. The driven plates act as the interface in the middle of the pressure plate and the clutch basket. 

And, the driven plate acts as the interface in the middle of the clutch hub and the pressure plate. However, the power gets transferred to the transmission from the engine while rotating together.

How Does a Dirt Bike Clutch Works

A dirt bike clutch works in terms of its friction plates that will let your bike slip as well as grip. The plates on the clutch grip while the clutch springs compressed them together. And, these plates slip while the clutch lever is pulled and separate the plates.

simple clutch mechanism

You can consider the dirt bike clutch a simple clutch mechanism that you will find in between the bike gearbox and the bike engine power. And, it will transfer the engine power of your bike through the central spine and connect it to the gearbox.

However, the clutch function will let you change the bike speed without turning off the engine. That means, by using only the gear, you can change the speed easily. So, you can stop your bike swiftly as well.

Hence, this is how a dirt bike clutch works.

Importance of Using Clutch

While you need to change the gear, the bike clutch plays well to connect or disconnect the power from the bike engine to transmissions. And, it will make you able to change the gear in terms of turn off/ on mode of the engine power.

But, while you have no clutch with your dirt bike, the engine can stall. It means the engine requires to get disconnected from the wheel because the engine keeps running even while your motorcycle is in unmoving mode.

A dirt bike clutch will most importantly let you use your bike effectively, saving your bike from unwanted damage.

How to Use a Dirt Bike Clutch 

Although many riders find it tough to use a clutch on a dirt bike, it is not that challenging. We will show how to use a dirt bike clutch in the easiest way-. 

  • Remember the Clutch Location

You will find the clutch on the left handlebar side on your bike. And, on the right side, it will look the same as the brake lever. In the beginning, it will take time to remember. 

So, the easiest way to remember the terms of brake and gas, and these two always go hand in hand.

And, the gas you can consider as the perfect zone for the brake lever.

  • Pull the Clutch

What you need to do first is to pull the clutch lever and let it touch the handlebar. The clutch lever will then be different from the front breaker lever. 

  • Press the Clutch

If you consider the clutch of a car and bike, you will find the difference in the critical functions. That means, when you use a clutch in a car, you have to press the clutch using your left foot. 

And, in the case of the clutch on your bike, remember this simple technique that you have to press the clutch using your left hand. 

But, here is the difference between the clutch of a bike and a car in left hand and foot. So, remember that both depend on the left side.

  • Engage the Front Brake

Now, engage the front brake by pulling the right clutch lever. At this point, the breaker lever will pertain to the front disk, and you will surely get more resistance. But you cannot pull the brake lever through all the way unless it is less than 2.5cm.

  • Keep Pulling Both Levers

You can observe a difference in its resistance while pulling either right or left lever at a time. However, keep trying to pull both the levers and it will make you feel comfortable.

  • Remember the Stick Shift Position

You will find the stick shift on the left side of your dirt bike. More clearly, it will be in front of the dirt bike boot peg. For that reason, you can change the gear easily in terms of its left footpeg positioning. 

Nevertheless, we found the flat area is the best way to learn how to use a clutch on a dirt bike

  • Gear Functionality

Now shift down the clutch to put the first gear. And shift up to put the second as well as third gear. That means you have to grip the clutch lever and keep pressing to stop the bike.

This is how you can use a dirt bike clutch easily.

7 Best Dirt Bike Clutch Techniques 

Technique-1: The Sequence of Dirt bike clutch control tips

  1. To slow down your bike, apply the brake.
  2. Pull the clutch lever now. And, pull it on the left handlebar.
  3. At the same time, turn away the right grip and close off the throttle.
  4. Click on the gear shift lever through your left foot.
  5. Now again, let the clutch out as opening up the throttle. As long as you are in the first gear, you can click the way through your gears. And, also you can break the more challenging way if coming to a stop.
  6. You now can reach a standstill that is complete.  But keep pulling your clutch in.
  7. You have to put your foot right under the gear. Make sure to gently click up. You can now turn off the bike engine.

These all are the incredible dirt bike clutch control tips.

Technique-2: One/ Two Finger Clutch Habit

If you want to prevent stalling, you have to change the clutch holding habit with your finger. Riders, who don’t know the proper grabbing style, grab the clutch lever just while they need it.

But grabbing at whenever you need it doesn’t mean the clutch will not work. It will work but not the way you want.

However, if you want to get 100% efficiency, put your one finger on the clutch lever for your whole riding time. It will help you prevent stall due to pulling the clutch with one finger than holding the handlebar grip with all fingers. In addition, it is faster the way you do.

Although doing this for the first time will be a bit tough, it will not take much time to learn. We can say that it will take hours only. And, once you will get used to this habit, you will never want to get back to the previous practice.

By doing this, you can often feel your finger is aching. In that case, use your two-fingers in place of one.

Our strong recommendation is not to use all your four fingers to hold the clutch lever. It doesn’t require any necessity to use four of your fingers just because of grabbing the clutch. 

Technique-3: Gear Shifting Practice 

Start practicing the gear shifting from the beginning of your riding time is our top suggestion. Practice as much time as possible to go up through your dirt bike gears and get back down.

Find a suitable place where you can practice regularly. You need a place where you can continue your practice changing gears. 

Once you can be used to this habit you can easily do the following-

  • Keep Stopping
  • Selecting Neutral
  • Going Back to the First Gear
  • Pulling Away

And, all these following things you can do using your dirt bike clutch.

Technique-4: The Clutch Pressing while Braking

Many riders get confused, or some riders don’t know whether to press the clutch while breaking. In this case, our direct answer is “no,” which means you don’t need to press the clutch while breaking.

But, you have to press the clutch when changing or switching the gear. And, if you want to slow down and push the break, you will slow down only for the selected gear. So, in this condition, you have to switch to the lower gear.

Your bike will be in trouble to pull while you go so slow for your gear selection. Also, you will feel a jerky ride and hear a labored sound from your dirt bike. And, it is the situation where you need to take help from the clutch.

However, if you find this (Jerking or Noising) happening, immediately pull the clutch, switch the gear, and let it out again. If the problem is still happening, you need to change another one or two more gears.

For instance, this can happen for many reasons- as long as you have to break for the corner. Also, it may be the reason for obstruction.

So, gathering such experience will help you learn the tone of your engine means when and how to use the clutch. Also, you certainly understand the functionality of your dirt bike clutch pressing technique while you need to break.

Technique-5: Selecting and Pulling Away from the First Gear Using Clutch 

  • Put your foot on the gear and click it. Try to push in such a way so that you can hear the clicking sound.
  • Turn now the right handle grip and enhance the engine’s revs slowly. 
  • Get the clutch out slowly but remember, don’t drop it. You will fall off your dirt bike if you try to drop the clutch because a dripping clutch keeps the bike engine stall ultimately.
  • You will now understand that your dirt bike is ready to move forward if the clutch lever already reached the bite point. 
  • In the bite point, you can enhance the engine revs in terms of twisting the handlebar throttle.
  • Let the dirt bike clutch out a bit more than previous and keep continuing unless the bike starts moving forward. Make sure the clutch is completely disengaged. Now, you can switch to the first gear of your dirt bike. Put your feet on the footpegs.
  • Remember, never to look at the downside while pulling away. Looking down is a big mistake at your gear selector. Many bike riders do this for the first time and get into a trap. Be careful about that warning.

Technique-6: Neutral Shifting

While the engine is hot, it is often pretty tough to start the bike. So, at your ride learning time, you should learn to find neutral. You can consider it the easiest way to start a motorcycle while the engine is hot. Besides, it is a great and helpful practice. 

It is because a hot engine will make you trouble at your bike starting time with its transmission in gear. Here the clutch starts heating up and enhancing. And, an improved clutch plays as like an already engaged clutch, making it hard to spin due to more friction.

So, we recommend you get back to the neutral if you find it hard to restart your bike to the engine’s heat.

Technique-7: When You Need To Be In Neutral

You have to disengage the clutch to start your dirt bike in gear. And, if you don’t do so, you cannot begin your motorcycle due to its neutral safety switch. Also, it can accelerate due to its position in gear.

Where is the clutch on a dirt bike?

In general, you will find the clutch on the left handlebar side.

How to tell if the dirt bike clutch is terrible?

You can say- the dirt bike clutch seems lumpy/ jerky.

What does a clutch do exactly on a dirt bike?

Well, consider the clutch as one of the parts on your dirt bike that will help you disengage the engine power.

How long can a clutch last? 

If you maintain it correctly and repair after using 5000 miles, it will sustain 1,00,000 miles around.

Is it mandatory to use a clutch while shifting a dirt bike?

If we answer in a word, the answer is “no.”

Is it reasonable to shift my dirt bike without a clutch?

It is not good because shifting your dirt bike without a clutch will damage your bike transmission. 

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Now you know what a dirt bike clutch means and how it works. We hope our 7 dirt bike clutch techniques could teach you how you can use a motorcycle efficiently. 

Also, we believe you can now save the different components from getting damaged by changing the gear.

However, knowing about the dirt bike clutch is essential for many things. To make your ride safe, you must learn about the bike clutch and its techniques and functions.

So, you are now ready to make your go safe. All the best!

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