Fantastic Dirt Bike Tricks for Beginners: Win the Danger

What’s the point of driving a dirt bike without tricks? Well, it’s not going to be easy to do dirt bike tricks for beginners. But if you’ve got a dirt bike or thinking to get one, be ready to do some cool dirt bike tricks.

Fantastic Dirt Bike Tricks For Beginners

Of course, you’re not going to jump on the tricks at the beginning. You need to go through a session of practice. We all know the tricks are awesome, but can also be dangerous at the same time. So, you have to learn how to ride a dirt bike first. Then, slowly go for learning how to whip a dirt bike for beginners

Top 13 Best Dirt Bike Tricks from Beginning

Taking off Feet

One of the very basic dirt bike tricks for beginners is to take your feet off your bike. First, try to master a simple trick like jumping in the air with your bike. Then, start with your one foot. Take it off just a little when you hit your bike in mid-air.

Make sure your foot is in the right position while jumping. Try to take off your foot a little more away and also land safely each time. Now, try the same trick on your other foot.

Continue with a single foot taking off your bike until you’re confident enough to use both your feet at the same time. While taking off your feet be more careful about their position.

Taking Off Hands

Taking Off Hands  dirt bike tricks

After taking off your feet, now it’s time for taking your hands off the bike. Start with your one hand taking off your bike. Keep your hand close to the handlebar so that you can grab the handle as soon as possible. You can try to take your hand away from the handlebar a little more each time you jump.

Now, do the same trick with your other hand. When you have full faith it’s time for you to take off your both hands together. Now, begin with a little distance, and slowly try to increase the distance with proper balance. Keep trying to move and raise your both hands above your head.

The Fender Kiss

Now, you can go for the Fender Kiss trick which is one of the easiest dirt bike tricks for beginners. In this trick, the way a rider comes closer to the front fender looks like kissing the fender. That’s the reason for someone to give this stunt such a name.

Now, there are two ways to do this trick. In a way, you can go closer to the fender. And the other way is to make the fender come closer to you. You can do the trick in both ways. But the first one seems easier because it’s a little risky to manipulate the position of the bike in the air.

Now, you need to move your face down to get closer to the front fender of your bike while jumping in the air. Try to bring your face slightly closer to the fender gradually with every jump. 

Back Flip

Backflips are the cool dirt bike tricks, but it can also be dangerous. You have to prepare yourself jumping higher in mid-air to get started with a backflip. First, you need to set your gear for a backflip. It should be the third gear for the power a backflip needs.    

Then, go on the ramp leaning forward to the handlebars. When you’re about to take off the ramp, make sure you push on the footpegs. Also, don’t forget to lean back on the handlebars. In the middle of the flip, your neck should be in a backward direction to the ground for a safe landing.

To make yourself and your bike rotate faster, and more flexibly you should boost up the engine. That will make the wheels rotate faster. Keep leaning back and pushing the footpegs until you complete a flip.

Indian Air Seat Grab Backflip

In this stunt, the rider controls the bike steering with one hand and grabs the seat with another one in mid-air with a backflip. It seems amazing but isn‘t too much an easy task. You have to stabilize the steering with one hand straightly without shaking it.

Frankly, it’s a challenge. You also need a sufficient amount of air while backflipping. When you get the perfect time to move your legs away from the bike, grab the seat with one hand. Also, make sure your steering is stabilized. Otherwise, you can miss to grab the handle back while landing.

Rock Solid Backflip

After the single-hand-seat-grabbing stunt, you can go for the rock-solid backflip. It’s like a grabbing-backflip but with both hands. When you are upside down in mid-air, you have to move your whole body away from the bike.

Then, grab the last end of the bike with both of your hands. It’ll look just like a plank but upside-down. After that, you need to get back to the usual position and grab the steering as soon as possible to land. It needs a lot of practice for sure.

Shaolin Backflip

It might seem one of the craziest stunts for a beginner. It’s going to take a lot of practice to master it. However, during the backflip in mid-air, you have to move your legs under your hands.

After that, extend them through the handlebars. Then come back to your previous position soon so that you can have a good landing. 

Kiss of Death Backflip

It’ll be a great advantage to someone who can bend his back as much as possible. In mid-air, the rider has to come off his bike and bend his back. That’s because his feet should be towards the ground.

Also, his face will be near the front tire. It seems like kissing the front part of the bike. Then he has to get back and sit on the bike in the right position.

Double Backflip

Let’s talk about a little scarier stunt called double backflip. It’s the same as a backflip. The only difference is you have to do that twice. There’s no doubt that it’s not going to be an easy trick. You have to move around backward twice.

To complete two consecutive rotations you’re going to need more air time. Otherwise, your landing will be a massacre. The trick is to manage some huge air time. Try to have full control over the issue.

Triple Backflip

You can consider the Triple backflip as the most dangerous stunt. You already know about the double backflip. Now, it’s just one more. Yeah, sounds interesting, much harder, but not impossible.

To complete three consecutive 360-degree rotations before a sound landing you just need more time. That’s why you need to jump higher to get the air and the time. The rest is the same.

Front Flip

Front flip is more difficult than the back one. It’s like a challenge against a natural flip. Unlike the backflip in a front flip, you need to lean forward and push over the tank while taking off the ramp. Here you have to push the handlebars instead of the footpegs.

Even better, if you pull back the footpegs. To make your speed faster you need to duck down closer to the tank. One more thing can speed up the rotation of your bike. Hit the brakes while jumping. It’s going to make all the wheels stop spinning forward, and the rotation faster.

Double Front Flip

Honestly, it can be one of the scariest dirt bike tricks for beginners. This trick already has some tragic history. So, if you have a plan to do this, first make sure about all the safety equipment. A single front flip is dangerous enough.

So, when it’s time for a double front flip, you should be both confident and scared at the same time. The main part is to push harder while jumping in the air. Also, try to jump higher to get more air so that you can have enough time to complete two rotations before landing.

Paraplegic Backflip

It’s a single backflip with a customized bike for paralyzed people. This backflip is an inspiration to the paralyzed riders. They don’t need to quit their passion because of their physical condition anymore. It’s a special type of backflip.

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Final Words

Don’t rush to be a pro with cool dirt bike tricks. Remember that you have to go through a lot of training and practices for a while. Start with the dirt bike tricks for beginners. It might also happen that you get hurt while practicing. Try not to freak out and get off the bike before landing. You’re not going to have a perfect landing so easily. It’s going to take a lot of practice and some failure also. Don’t make these stunts ruin your life. They are just for fun. Keep practicing and enjoy riding dirt bikes with safety, and mind-blowing tricks. 

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