What is dirt bike VIN and how to check it?

This article is all about dirt bike VIN and how to find it. You may think that what to know so much about this simple topic! But VIN of any bike is a very important thing to know about. You can identify the important information about the bike with the VIN. For that, you have to know where the VIN of the bike is.

This article will tell you how to repair the dirt bike, how to know about the making and model of it and other important information. The location of VIN can vary with the models, makes and manufacturing companies. The vehicles have their unique VIN number depending on every make, model or type.

This article will cover what the VIN is, dirt bike VIN check, how to check this VIN number, how to find out if a dirt bike is stolen etc.

What is a VIN Number?

The seventeen digits long number used to uniquely identify each dirt bike is known as the VIN. VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. This name is for the number is mainly used for identification. This unique number helps the owner of the bike to find out if the bike is stolen or legit.

The number is specific and unique according to the model and make of a dirt bike. It includes the year it has been made, the used parts of it, where is its origin and it is developed by whom. VIN is not only limited to the age, repair model and where it was manufactured. The number fulfils many purposes for every bike that are created by different companies.

How does a Dirt Bike’s VIN Number Looks Like?

How does a Dirt Bike's VIN Number Looks Like

You don’t need to memorize the VIN rather than how much important it is. But it is worthy of giving efforts to understand where this number is engraved on your dirt bike. The VIN of a dirt bike is a composition of 17 digits. It’s nothing less than a fingerprint in the history of your dirt bike. It represents the information of the bike model, manufacturing year and place and so on. We can say in one word, this VIN is the identity of your dirt bike. Not only for bikes, but it’s also actually the mandatory identification of each vehicle including cars.

The VIN number is written in titles, registration papers or cards or the insurance card. But carrying the papers always with you is a hectic task sometimes! So, most of the people look for a shortcut way to find out the VIN on the body of the bike. Moreover, you can’t buy any new part of the bike for replacement without having the VIN. The VIN number will say, what parts with exactly match your vehicle. And the seller will need this number to identify your dirt bike and supply you with its parts.

What Do The Letters and Numbers of VIN Mean?

The 17 numbers of the VIN are not chosen randomly and given to any vehicle. If the numbers and letters have a specific meaning that indicates some information or detail about the dark bike. This information follows specific rules so that both the manufacturer and the buyer or owner of the dirt bike understands the meaning. This indication helps them to find out important factors while they need to repair or return the bike or finding out the bike if it is stolen.

The first three numbers of the 17-digit VIN of the dirt bike are known as World Manufacturer Identifiers. First two numbers indicate the region where the bike was manufactured or created and the third number indicates the type of the vehicle. As we can see, these three numbers are representative of basic information.

The 5 digits, starting from fourth to ninth (known as Vehicle Descriptor section), represent the model of the dirt bike, the engine model and other styling features. The 9th number in this sequence ensures the correctness of the VIN.

The last eight digits (starting from tenth to seventeenth) are known as the Vehicle Identifier Section. This section includes important numbers that represent- how to identify the bike, especially when there is no paperwork available. The name of this part also describes this feature.

The tenth number indicates the dirt bikes marketing year (the year when it is sold). The digits from eleventh to seventeenth represent the production number of the bike, where it was assembled and other features related to the parts & upgrades of it.

How to check VIN number on Dirt bike?

dirt bike VIN

The answer to this question is very simple. But you cannot ignore its importance while maintaining your dirt bike. This question is also related to the question- how to check if a dirt bike is stolen. In most of the dirt bikes, the VIN is near the steering component. It’s on the right-hand side of the steering, which is closer to the underbelly of the casing. In some other bikes, this number is written around the cylinder or near the motor.

But each company doesn’t need to write this VIN number in the same common places. Every company can choose a different and uncommon place. If you do not find it in common places, you have to check some other options. For that, the first condition is a clean bike. Ensure that any part of the bike is not covered by mud to hide the VIN. When all the parts of the bike are visible, start looking for the VIN from the neck of the bike. Turn the steering head to the left and check the right-hand side of the upper body of the bike.

If it is not there, your second check will be near the engine. If not found, you have the final or last option to check. As the last place, the VIN should be etched well into the bike wheel. These are the three most common places where most of the manufactures place the VIN of their dirt bikes. But the greatest possibility is to find it in the neck of the dirt bike.

Why is Dirt Bike’s VIN Check Important?

Checking the VIN number of a dirt bike is the best way you can find out its true identity. You can recognize whether it’s a second-hand, stolen dirt bike or a brand new one. 

Car & vehicle manufacturers and Vehicle registration agencies store a comprehensive database. This database is linked to the VIN number. As such, they can instantly and correctly identify each bike by feeding this code directly.

These agencies provide valuable information that is necessary for people when they go to buy a previously purchased dirt bike. For example, these reports will create the ground for bargaining with the price if there are some previous issues with this bike. You will also get the info on whether the bike faced serious accidents or not repaired properly.

Dirt Bike VIN Check

Although a dirt bike or a motorcycle, both are two-wheeled vehicles, some features are different in them including their design, manufacturing and materials.

Dirt bikes are designed for swift mobility with their small and light frame. They are stable even in rough terrains with a strong suspension system. For better grip on the surface, the tires of the dirt bikes are narrow. But these Dirt bikes are smaller than the motorcycles in size. As they ride on rugged terrain most of the time, they are more prone to accidents.

Dirt bikes are one of the most demanding bikes and they are more susceptible to theft also. So it’s a must to check the VIN number of a dirt bike when you go to buy a used one. Moreover, you can ensure the bike security and track it against stealing by carrying the VIN registration of it. You should be happy to know that, is the dirt bike VIN check is a similar process as motorcycles.

How to Lookup Dirt Bike’s VIN Number?

There are many updated and user-friendly VIN decoder tools available. You can use them for free and the steps are very simple. You will get all the statistics about the dirt bike you want to buy within a few seconds. We are describing the three simple and easy steps.

dirt bike VIN number lookup

Step1: Tap on the following link, and a VIN search bar will appear at the top of the page.

Step 2: Feed the VIN number of the dirt bike you want to know about.

Step 3: Now click on the button named “Check VIN”

When you click on this button, you will get a detailed history report about that specific dirt bike. This result will appear within a few minutes. Now you have to read and understand it.

Knowing the history with dirt bike VIN number lookup of any vehicle including accidents, reports, damages, repossession etc has been made so easy and quick now.

Dirt bike VIN number check free

If you are using a free version of VIN number decoder, you should compare the “search result” with the real state of your dirt bike. Some issues can make your bike riding less enjoyable. If you select the “motorcycle VIN decoder” to decipher the seventeen-digit sign, you may notice that the “year” provided in the data-sheet is different from the “year” provided in the registration card.

The VIN of the dirt bike can be found in two places. Moreover, the letters & figure of the data sheet should be the same.

The VIN number decoder provides instant results of deciphering. You can also do this deciphering by yourself but, it may take some time. It may take even several days!

We have mentioned that each symbol indicates specific information. You may see ZZZ as a part of the code, it represents that the bike is manufactured for countries other than the USA.

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We tried to provide all the important information regarding dirt bike VIN. We have also mentioned about dirt bike engine VIN decoder and how to check it. We hope that it will be helpful when you go to buy a brand new dirt bike or a used one.

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