Electric vs Gas Dirt Bike For Kids: Choose the Best One

Riding a dirt bike is a pure form of joy for anyone. And for kids, it’s like a dream coming true. Riding a dirt bike is amusing and adventurous at the same time. The riders get a thrilling experience with a great adrenaline rush. What do you know electric vs gas dirt bike for kids?

In the present time, there are different varieties of dirt bikes. They have unique features on their own and provide exceptional service to the riders. The most common ones are electric-powered and gas-powered dirt bikes. They give a head to head with each other when it comes to choosing the best one.

As there are different types of bikes, the competition between brands is high. And this craze hasn’t left the kids section unnoticed! So when the question comes of choosing a dirt bike for your kid, then what should you go for? Electric one or gas-powered one?

Don’t worry! We’re here with a detailed comparison between electric dirk bikes and gas dirt bikes. We hope you’d be able to choose the right one after reading this article. Read the article to the last!

What is an Electric Dirt Bike?

By the name, you can already understand that electric-powered dirt bikes are the bikes that run through the electric generated engine. They don’t have traditional two or four-stroke engines. Instead, they run on electric batteries.

Before running them, the electric battery needs to be charged. The battery then supplies power to the wheels and other segments through the shaft. We have a detailed discussion on the electric bikes on the latter part.

Before choosing an electric type dirt bike for your kid, you need to know the details first. We’ll be discussing electric generated vehicles based on four different criteria.

Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

Body Structure:

As electric bikes rin on charged batteries, you might think that their working mechanism is simple. But the truth is, their working mechanism is totally different than a gas-powered bike.

In electric powered dirt bikes, a simple motor completes the arrangement. The rear wheel remains connected to the motor with sprockets and chains. Thus it can get the rotary motion with shafts.

It doesn’t need any fuel, fuel pipes, and combustion. It has absolutely no mess, and the starting and running process is so easy.

The electric dirt bike engine is torquey. It means it can have more muscular offroad strength as opposed to gasoline fuel. To get them to work perfectly, these engines don’t need a warm-up procedure. Most significantly, they may continue to run as long as the battery still carries a charge.

Effect on Environment:

As no ignition takes place inside the engine of the bike, so, there is no combustion and no emission of carbon dioxide or other harmful gas. As there is no emission of gas, so the bike is environmentally friendly. They are safe for nature as well as human beings.

Usually, the electric dirt bikes are on the quieter side. But are they entirely silent? Don’t they make any sound? Yes, they do. But the amount of noise is minimal—only the sound of the spinning of the chains of the electric motor is heard.

Being less noisy gives an extra advantage as well. You can ride the bike in cycle zones also as people won’t be able to differentiate your motorbike with a bicycle.

Top Speed and Covered Distance:

Electric dirt bikes are battery-powered battery fueled and are energized utilizing the vast majority of the electrical yields when associated with the mains.

The motor or engine runs on lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are really giving a run for their cash as far as estimating and higher productivity. This is a significant improvement when contrasted with the previous days when electric motorbikes were as yet one stage behind.

Gas bikes and electric bikes are totally different. As gas bikes require gas and fuel, electric bikes need you to charge their batteries, and you are a great idea to go. At the end of the day, these bicycles will spare you a great deal of cash that you would have spent if it was gas-powered vehicles.

The way that these electric-powered bikes for kids are working on batteries, you’ll soon discover that they can’t go far when you contrast with the gas bikes of a similar size.

For example, a single charge of 6 hours is probably going to empower your electric bikes to cover around 10 miles, which is a shorter separation than what gas bikes can cover. It can reach a top speed of about 20 miles per hour and can run for about 2 hours on a single full charge.

However, this is uplifting news, particularly for newcomers and little youngsters taking to riding as their leisure activity. Electric dirt bikes are prescribed to children for their advantages.


Safety is a real concern for any type of vehicle and any type of person. But when it comes to kids and bicycles, the safety precautions and measurements become even more concerning.

As we know, electric-powered vehicles have an electric motor inside them, and they run through the power generated by the engine. So they are light-weight. That means they have an extra advantage in balancing the bike compared to gas generated ones.

They are not as speedy as the other vehicles. And this makes them safer for kids to drive. So talking about the safety, electric dirt bikes are reliable for kids to ride as they are light-weighted, balancing is easy and less speedy.

What Is An Gas Dirt Bike?:

Gas dirt bikes are the off-road bikes that are powered through the burning of gasoline. They are similar to the street bikes that we see on our day to day life. But their body structure and other factors are different than the others.

They are manufactured with extra parameters and measurements. They are airy and powerful. They have been in this business from the earliest of the days. As they are in place for years, gas-powered bikes are one of the top priorities of people.

Now let’s take a look at the critical fields of the gas-powered dirt bike for kids.

Gas-Powered Dirt Bikes for Kids

Body Structure:

From the name “Gas Dirt Bikes,” you can already understand that these types of bikes run on gasoline. The power is generated by burning gasoline. They run on fuel. The burning of fuel produces powerful energy that helps the bike to run.

As the bike is started, the internal ignition of fuel takes place. This produces a substantial power. And the energy is transferred to the rear wheels through a shaft. This helps the bike to run and roll!

The gas running dirt bikes are powerful. The internal combustion gives massive power to the bikes. After injecting fuel, the ignition takes place with just a push in the start button. And that’s it. You are ready to ride. The powering mechanism is effortless, and the starting time is less.

Effect On Environment:

As you already know, gas dirt bikes run on the burning of gasoline, just like most of the other gas-powered vehicles. And the burning of gas results in the emission of carbon dioxide in the environment.

The type of gas that is used in gas-powered dirt bikes is non-ethanol. As the non-ethanol fuels are 90% octane, so they are suitable and recommended for dirt bikes.

Other than the emission of carbon dioxide, gas-powered bikes are noisy. While kicking off the starting gear and during the whole process, the engine makes a lot of noise. It isn’t very pleasant to many people, especially for old and kids.

 Researches have shown that riding a vehicle with annoying sound can be deadly to many and can result in hearing problems. So considering the health problems, gas-powered dirt bikes can be somewhat irritating. But if we consider the advantages they have, we can surely ignore the drawbacks.

Top Speed and Covered Distance:

Gas-powered dirt bikes are more efficient and powerful than electric ones. Mainly they run on two-stroke engines or four-stroke engines. As they can generate more power, they can cover more distance in less time.

A gas dirt bike can reach a top speed of around 30 miles per hour. This speed is around double of the electric bike ones. With a full tank of gas, a gas dirt bike an cover more than 50 miles and even to 60 miles. This is just insane!

But one thing to be kept in mind that the more the power of a bike, the more difficult it becomes to handle. But expect that gas-powered bikes are sturdy and are handy if you are considering the mileage coverage and speed. So you can ride it on the off-roads easily and get the ultimate pleasure of off-road biking and thrilling experience!


So far, we’ve discussed all the parameters of a electric vs gas dirt bike for kids. Now lets come to the most important one, “the Safety.”

Whether you buy a gas one or an electric one for your kid, your primary concern is safety. As we know, gas-powered vehicles have massive engines and run on the combustion of fuel. As a result, they are powerful and speedy.

Alongside this, they are heavy in weight. That means they have a backdrop. Balancing the bike is more challenging than the electric ones because of their weight factor.

They run about a top speed of 30 miles per hour. And this speed makes them dangerous for kids to drive. So talking about the safety, gas generated dirt bikes are somewhat on a riskier side for kids. But that doesn’t mean people should not go for them!

Till now, we’ve covered all the essential parameters of both electric and gas-powered dirt bikes. And we hope you got an idea. But to help you get a more detailed view, in this part, we’re going to make a detailed comparison between gas dirt bikes and electric dirt bikes for kids.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Dirt Bike For Kids:


  1. Electric-powered bikes are more comfortable and simple to operate.
  2. The mechanism of them is simple. So that makes them efficient.
  3. As they run on electric batteries, so there is absolutely no mess.
  4. They are just one click to start. So you don’t have to give power by yourself by kicking or pushing.
  5. As we said earlier, electric bikes make little sound. That means they are quiet and less annoying.
  6. An electric bike runs on electrical charges. So they are totally environmentally friendly.


  1. Their maintenance is not easy.
  2. A charger for their batteries is not too much available. So it could be a hassle for you.
  3. Prices of electric bikes are higher compared to the gas-powered ones.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gas Bike For Kids:


  1. They have been in the business from the very beginning. So they are most trusted by the customer.
  2. You can just power it and go. They run on gas, and you can fill your tank from the road also.
  3. They are powerful and speedy.
  4. They give the classic motorbike feel.
  5. They come at a lot less price than electric ones.
  6. They are durable. That means you can ride them for a long time.
  7. Their maintenance is easy and affordable.


  1. They are noisy and annoying.
  2. As they release carbon dioxide while running, so they are harmful to the environment.
  3. They run on oils, and that means, after using for a few months, they become messy with dirt and grease.
  4. They are heavy and speedy. So maintaining balance while riding can be a problem.

Conclusion: That’s really all there is to when it comes to choosing an electric or gas dirt bike for your kid. Hopefully, the information that we’ve provided you here today really helps to clear out some confusion for you while choosing a dirt bike for your kid.

Thanks for being with us the whole time. We understand the article was a long one. If you have anything to know other than this, feel free to ask. Good luck with choosing the best one for your kid!

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