How long does a Motorcycle Helmet Last? Don’t Believe the Myths

A motorcycle helmet is a very big concern for every bike rider. Bike helmets differ from rider to rider, depending on their usage. Some people go for sturdy, solid-built bike helmets, while some prefer a cheaper one.

So when we’ve to answer a question related to the lasting of a motorcycle helmet, then it’ll obviously not be the same for all types. There are a few crucial factors like usage, time-period, material, etc., behind motorbike helmets lasting period.

To answer queries related to motorbike helmets, factors behind longevity, and others, we’ve got this article for you. Read this to know how long does a Motorcycle Helmet lasts and the related stuff.

Should I replace my helmet if I drop it

motorcycle helmet last

Let’s start this motorbike helmet discussion by answering the most common question.

If you think you need to change the motorbike’s helmet every time after dropping it, you’re wrong! Yes, dropping your helmet might indeed damage it. But if you drop it from 10 feet and 100 feet, the damage won’t be the same, right?

If you want to be on the safe side with your motorbike’s helmet, check the helmet immediately after dropping it. If you see any heavy damage, for example, if the helmet gets broken or any side comes off, you can change your helmet.

If the helmet has some minor scratches or the color came off, then the helmet is alright.

But you should not just throw your helmet here and there. Keep the helmet in a dry place always.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Motorcycle Helmet

Signs You Need To Replace Your Motorcycle Helmet

Now that we’ve cleared the common myth related to motorbike helmets, now let’s head on to the main part.

As we already told you, a motorbike helmet doesn’t need to be changed every time after dropping. So here, we’ll be sharing some tips by which you can identify when to change the helmet.

1.   Helmet’s Age

Believe me. There are two types of helmet users. One would change their helmets almost every two or three months. At the same time, others will have one helmet for their entire life.

So if you fall one the second category who’s been using a single helmet for years, it’s time to change it. The reason being, from the outside, you might think that the helmet is in perfect condition. But, when you use a helmet for a prolonged period, the helmet’s strength doesn’t remain the same.

God forbid, if you face any accident with that helmet, it’ll not be enough to protect you. So your helmet’s age is a key factor or sign to consider when changing it.

2.   Helmet Usage

Not all bikers use or drive their motorbikes regularly. When you’re not driving your bike regularly, you don’t need the helmet as well. So obviously, your motorbike helmet will last longer.

On the contrary, the helmet will face wear and tear get damaged for people who use it daily.

So this usage time is also a key factor when you’ll consider changing your helmet. If you’re a daily helmet user, check your helmet if there is a big sign of damage or not. If you use your helmet once in a while, you probably don’t need to change it frequently.

Another point to note is, did you face any accident with the helmets on? If so, there is a high probability that the helmet can get damaged. So give a thorough check to the helmet and, if needed, do an X-ray of the helmet as well. In this way, you can understand the sign of a helmet.

3.   Is your Helmet Coming Off?

Bikers or riders wear helmets so that the head remains protected. But what if it tends to come off every time to wear it? It’s probably indicating that you need to change the helmet and get a new one.

If your helmet wants to come off while driving the bike, it’ll cause two major problems. The first one is, you’ll not be able to concentrate on the bike and the road. And the other thing this, the helmet might come off fully and fall on the road.

To test this, first, wear your helmet and connect the straps. Now, shake and move your head in different directions. Is the helmet coming off? If yes, then the helmet is too loose for you or not in your head’s shape. So the helmet needs to be changed.

4.   Check the Inside of the Helmet

Helmet manufacturers or makers use protective foam, rubbery-soft materials in the interior part of the helmet.  These are collectively called helmet padding. The purpose is to provide a solid grip, comfort, and safety at the same time.

But if you use a helmet for a long time, you’ll see the interior’s condition is deteriorating. The hair oils can damage the bike helmet’s interior as well. As a result, the rubber straps might come off, the wools and fabric linings start to fall. This is a sign of poor helmet condition. So you need to switch to a new helmet!

5.   Check the Outside of the Helmet

Most often, the outside part of the helmets gets more damaged than the inside one. It receives all the sun exposure shock, dirt, and injuries mostly. So if you notice any cracks or holes in your helmet, you need to say goodbye to it.

Remember, never comprise with the helmet’s quality. If you buy a cheap helmet to save some bucks, you’ll have to suffer in the long run. Good quality helmets provide comfort and protection. Nowadays, companies use carbon fiber in helmets to increase safety standards. In contrast, cheaper ones don’t do any of this!

At least once a month, you should give a thorough check to your bike helmet. You can even test the helmet by applying pressure. If the helmet can stand it without any bend or deformation, it’s good to use.

6.   Is the Helmet Lock Working?

Bike helmets are a piece of safety gear. Whether you drive a motorbike or ATV, wearing a helmet is a must. Often it’s seen that many riders don’t use the helmet locks. They think it’s not necessary.

The locks are provided to hold the helmet with your head so that it doesn’t come off. But when you’re using the helmet for a long time, the locks can get broken. As a result, they can’t serve the purpose they meant to.

We recommend changing your bike’s helmet if the locks are not working or broken.

 Do motorcycle helmets Really expire?

how long does a motorcycle helmet last

So far, we’ve discussed the common signs to consider for changing your bike’s helmet. Also, we’ve cleared a common myth about changing a helmet.

Yes, motorcycle helmets expire. But they just don’t get vanished. Instead, they become useless. We all are concerned with the wear and tear of bike helmets. The rubber pads that are used as a mean of a safety feature.

So you might ask, how long do bike helmets last? Well, finding out a helmet’s exact lifetime is quite impossible. Here’s why-

  • First of all, no all helmets are made the same. There are differences in the materials and features of helmets. The production method is different as well. So not all of the helmets will last for the same period of time.
  • The quality and Price of helmets is another thing to consider. During the last few years, there have been major advancements in helmet technology, especially in dirt bike helmets. So these helmets will last longer than the regular cheap quality helmets.
  • Depending on usage, the lasting time of helmets differs as well. The helmet, which is used more often, gets more damaged in quick time. And the ones that are used rarely last for longer periods.

Let’s cut it short. how often should I replace my motorcycle helmet? The answer is, you should try to switch to a bike helmet in every 5 years. Normally, this is the lifetime of a helmet (yes, there are exceptions as well).  That’s why the five-year helmet replacement term is so famous.

Helmets not only get worn up after continuous usage. If you keep your helmet in storage for months, it can also get damaged. There can be fungus over it, and the interior can get damaged by insects.

So don’t believe any myth regarding bike helmets. Always keep your helmet in a dry place. Regular cleaning of the helmets can guarantee a longer serving time. Forget the saying have a five-year life. It absolutely depends on how you use your helmet!

Final Words

Let’s not make this article on helmet’s lifetime long anymore. Your bike helmet has no specific time period. It depends on quality, materials, and how you take care of your helmet.

Sometimes it’s seen that new helmets can get damaged if you face any accidents. Also, some helmets last for decades. So I hope you got your answer for how long does a Motorcycle Helmet lasts, right? Next time, keep these factors to the helmet in mind. Get a good quality helmet and protect your brain and head! Good luck!

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