How Much Do Mobility Scooters Cost: A Comprehensive Guide

A mobility scooter is used as an equivalent or auxiliary to a wheelchair. Configured similarly as a motor scooter it comes with three or four wheels. It is called an electric or power-operated scooter as well when it is motorized. Though there are some mobility scooters without motor, they are far less common. A non-motorized scooter is generally for those wheel-chair users who have some strength left at their feet to operate the scooter.

When it comes to the cost of mobility scooters, there are a variety of factors that determine the price. The price of mobility scooter differs due to brand, weight, quality and a bunch of other important issues. In this article, we are going to discuss the pricing factors of mobility scooters and how much do mobility scooters cost as per their specification and specialties. Let’s begin.

Factors That Determine The Price Of A Mobility Scooter


In the UK and many other countries, mobility scooters are classified by the range of speed limits and level of power they offer. There are two classes of mobility scooters in terms of speed: Class 2 and Class 3 mobility scooters.

Class 2 mobility scooters come with a maximum speed range of 4 mph or 6.8 km/h. Being electrically powered, they are ideal to be used on the pavement. Though you can use them on the footway or zebra crossing, these are usually not fit and allowed to be used on the highway along with other vehicles.

One great advantage of class 2 mobility scooters is that these are easy to move and carry. As these are lightweight, you can place these at the back of the car quite comfortably. On top of that, some of these are available to be dismantled easily for storage. Due to all these reasons, class 2 mobility scooters are ideal for short trips.

On the other hand, class 3 mobility scooters offer a speed limit of 8 mph or 13 km/h. The first one is limited to be used on a footway only, while the second variation can be used on both highway and footway.

When it comes to changing the speed, you will find a mechanism or built-in switch to help you make a change. As you will be using these on roads frequently, these are usually equipped with a horn, a rearview mirror, rear lights, headlights, hand brakes for emergency control, and indicators. Due to the robust design and upper-speed limit, you can pick them to travel for a longer period and distance.

However, if you are pondering about where is class 1, then you should know that manual wheelchairs are usually categorized as class 1.

So, what about the prices? By now, you can easily estimate that the class 3 mobility scooters cost way much than class 2 mobility scooters due to added features and advantages class 3 mobility scooters offer.


 The weight-bearing capacity of a mobility scooter is another important factor that influences the price tag. However, it is important to measure the weight of the user at first to find out the right mobility scooter. While class 2 mobility scooters are usually designed for people with lighter weight, class 3 scooters might be the ideal choice for users with heavier weight. However, the more weight a mobility scooter can bear, the more costly it will be to buy.


 Do you want your scooter to be easily portable? Portability is another feature that contributes to determining the price of mobility scooters. However, if you are looking for something very lightweight and easy to carry anywhere you go, you have to go for class 2 mobility scooters. But, if you use your scooter in a fixed area and less likely to move elsewhere frequently, transportability is not an option you should be looking for.


 If you are old and your muscles are in a vulnerable situation, comfort is something important for you. The more comfortable a mobility scooter is, the more costly it will be. The advanced level cushioning system and other features will add comfort and thus increase the price of the scooter. In this case, you can not choose class 2 mobility scooters as these use a very simple cushioning system to keep the scooters lightweight. So, when you choose a heavy mobility scooter with a comfortable seat, it is a no brainer that the price will be a little higher.

Number of Wheels

 Some mobility scooters come with 3 wheels, while some offer 4 wheels. The price may vary due to the difference in the number of wheels. However, the quality of the wheels is also an important factor to fix the price. Three-wheel mobility scooters with high-quality wheels may cost more than four-wheel mobility scooters with wheels of low or mediocre quality.

Brand and Body Quality

 it is pretty obvious that a mobility scooter from a renowned brand will require you to pay more. It is because of the goodwill and the quality product a good brand offers. You may find mobility scooters cheap in price from the not so known brands of the market. However, you may buy those if your budget is low and your expectation from those scooters is not very high.

On the other hand, a mobility scooter that comes from a popular brand is good in quality and you can depend on those for longer use for years. It is due to the body quality and quality control that makes those stand apart from the crowd. However, in that case, you have to pay more money.

Mobility Scooter Price Ranges

As we have discussed the pricing factors of the mobility factors, let’s now talk about mobility scooter prices. As mobility scooters come with 2 different classes, the price of class 2 mobility scooters differ largely from the class 3 scooters. The other features and specifications along with brand value also play an important role in setting the price.

If you are looking for a basic level class 2 mobility scooter, you have to spend around $600 to $800. However, for a class 2 mobility scooter from a reputed brand, you might need to spend about $900 to $1000.

On the other hand, you might need to pay more than $1500 for a class 3 mobility scooter. This price may go as high as $3000 for quality class 3 mobility scooter. However, If you are looking for more luxury, you can go up to $5000.

Lightweight Mobility Scooter Prices

As most of the lightweight mobility scooters belong to the class 2 category, you can catch them easily even if you have a tight budget. You can get a mediocre lightweight mobility scooter with as low as $700 and with a maximum price of $2000 in case you buy that from a reputed brand with a good warranty period.

Foldable Mobility Scooter Prices

lightweight portable mobility scooters

A good thing about lightweight mobility scooters is that there are some foldable mobility scooters in class 2. However, due to being foldable, they come with some extra materials and a different mechanism that influences the price to be higher. If you want to carry your mobility scooter inside the car or other vehicles, a foldable mobility scooter is ideal for you. To buy a foldable mobility scooter, you have to spend about $1700 to $2500 depending on the model, brand, and specifications. For example, if you want to get a smart foldable mobility scooter to fold down just by pressing a button, you have to go above $2000.

 How Much Is A Class Three Mobility Scooter?

Between class 2 and class 3 mobility scooter, the latter one is more costly due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, class 3 mobility scooter is the only kind of mobility scooter you can use on the highway or road. You can not do this with class 2 mobility scooters. Secondly, class 3 mobility scooters come with more speed than that of class 2 mobility scooters. And thirdly, class 3 mobility scooters require and use more pieces of equipment such as horn, rearview mirrors, indicators, etc. For all these reasons, the price of class three mobility scooter is significantly higher than that of class 2 mobility scooters.

If you want to buy a class three mobility scooter from a good brand, you need to pay a minimum of $2000 price with a maximum price of $5000 with deluxe features such as comfortable seats. If you pay much, you are supposed to get more modern and updated features and quality equipment. However, the price of class 3 mobility scooter also depends on the size. There are small, medium and big sizes to choose from. The bigger you choose, the more you have to pay.

Why Are Mobility Scooters So Expensive?

Well, you might guess by now that a mobility scooter is not just a wheel-chair. Due to the modern facilities, high powered batteries, and backup, modern mobility scooters are costly. Unlike a wheelchair, it runs faster.  You can use both the highway and the footway if you have a class 3 mobility scooter. For all these reasons, good mobility scooter is usually expensive.

Final Thoughts

A mobility scooter has made life very easier. Being more advanced than a wheelchair, it mobilizes the life. We hope that now you know how much do mobility scooters cost which is going to help you make your budget to buy a mobility scooter as per your choice and need.

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