How to Build a Dirt Bike Track: Everything You Need to Know

“How to Build a Dirt Bike Track”- is it the question that has brought you here? That’s cool. You are already on the track by following this question and landing on this page.

If you have been riding a dirt bike for a few months or days, we do not need to tell you how much enjoyable dirt biking is! Because you already know it from your experience.

We acknowledge that it is always the best to get a full-size dirt bike track for the sake of practice. But, if you are not able to get that always, won’t it be great to practice with a short track at least instead of not riding at all? Well, that would be fun and effective to enhance your riding skill.

Do you know that If you have got some space in the backyard, you can make a dirt bike track there? To be frank, that will help you save a lot of time.

To build a dirt bike track, you have to consider certain aspects like picking the appropriate site, dirt bike track design, and preparing the ground. You should also have knowledge on how to maintain the track.

By the way, keep in mind that we are not going to show you how to make the latest circuit for the AMA series. Instead, we are going to focus on how to build a motocross track that is simple and can be prepared within a limited space.

We have divided this article into three main steps with multiple subheadings on each step so that you do not miss anything. Let’s now go ahead to know how to build a dirt bike track in your backyard!

Step-1: Be Prepared and Manage Permissions

Before proceeding to make your very first dirt bike track, you have to think about the following issues:

  • Are there any restrictions on the noise in your locality?
  • Is any permission from the authority required to construct the motocross track in your area?
  • Will your neighbors react negatively to the plan of building your dirt bike track? What are the effects of this new construction on their lives? Will it disturb them or hamper their productivity and well-being?
  • Do you need riders’ insurance?
  • How will you restrict the access of unauthorized users on your dirt bike track?
  • What is the source of water for the dirt bike track you are going to make?
  • Is the area you have chosen safe to build a dirt bike track? The track should not have rocks and trees as that will restrict your emergency access.

These are really important things to consider when you are planning and thinking about how to build a dirt bike track.

Let’s now discuss some of the chief ideas regarding the dirt bike track planning.

Know About the Space Requirements

 How much space can you allot for the dirt bike track you are going to make? The amount of space is important because a bigger space helps to make a better track.

However, do not feel demotivated thinking that you cannot make a dirt bike track if you have a smaller piece of land in the backyard.

Building a dirt bike track does not require you a hundred acres of land. The space that you have in the backyard can be enough for constructing a small dirt bike track. You will require even less space if you are making a motocross track for your kids.

Let’s now have a quick look at the minimum requirements of space for your backyard dirt bike track:

  • The minimum length of the dirt bike track can be about 400 feet.
  • The minimum width should be about 220 feet for a dirt bike track of 5 to 6 lanes including the starting area.
  • Make sure that your dirt bike track will have enough empty space between the lanes. It will make maintenance much easier.
  • You should leave about 30 feet space in between 30 feet lanes. In case, you have a plan to fence the track, you need to keep another 15 feet space between the lanes and the fence.

Keep the Neighbours and the Surrounding Area in Mind

The place where you want to make your motocross track is really important. Maybe you have got a large piece of land in the backyard of your home, but there is a chance that the neighbors won’t feel good about the track and they will rather feel disturbed.

If your neighbors don’t like the idea of your motocross track that disturbs their well-being and calmness, they might report about that to the local authorities and that’s quite problematic for you.

However, you cannot blame them for their complaint as the constant noise can make them bored. On top of that, the exhilarating sound of the dirt bike can be intolerable for some people.

For all these reasons, you have to be very careful when you choose the location for your dirt bike track. Do you want to shut down the track just within one month of opening? It will be a waste of resources and frustrating at the same time, right?

So, if you have got neighbors, it is wise to know their viewpoint, accept their suggestions, and take permission before going to build a dirt bike track. It will help you avoid trouble later on.

Another thing that you can do is to put up a fence or buffer of trees so that noise and dust remain under control. But make sure that you have a clear idea about the setback requirement to place a fence.

In case your property is not surveyed yet, you can get that surveyed soon to keep yourself in the safe zone.

Take an Insurance Policy

Have you ever thought about how to build a dirt bike track that does not entangle you in the trap of liability? Well, you can do it by never forgetting about the right insurance when you are going to build a motocross track.

Apart from using the track for yourself or your kids, you will love to share the joy with your dirt biker friends, won’t you? Well, when you compete with each other on the track, accidents can occur anytime. Having the right insurance coverage will let you remain free of unexpected liabilities.

No matter how intimate friends you have, they might blame the track for their errors. If that happens, you will have to spend a large sum of money that you could avoid just with a good liability insurance package.

You should not keep waiting until you finish building the track. The insurance price varies depending on the use of the track and that’s why it is important to settle the issue of insurance before you start building the track.

To keep yourself out of additional liability, you can also think of offering your friend to come in terms by signing a waiver and release of liability deal. If you do so, you can keep your head out of the lawsuit in case of an accident on the track.

You can make signing the waiver process easier by making your track available for registered members only. When the members get registered, you can get them to sign the form effortlessly.

And last but not least, it would be an intelligent move to install some cameras along the track as that’ll help you escape from the false accusations brought against you.

Keep the Trespassers Away

While planning on how to build a dirt bike track, you have to think a lot about how you would control the trespassers from getting into your track. It is really tough to monitor the trespassers especially if you stay away from the track. You have to think in advance about what actions you can take against them.

To keep your track away from the trespassers, it is ideal to erect poster signs along your dirt bike track. You can easily find and buy such items either in the local hardware store or online shops like Amazon.

The regulations on showing the poster signs for the trespassers differ from state to state. Some states have laws mentioning that you should include your name and address on the poster sign.

On the other hand, some states have rules regarding where you should place the poster sign and how far from the track you should place the poster sign.

However, doing some research on the trespassing laws for your location will help you plan on how to erect the poster sign.

Besides using the poster sign, surveillance cameras can also let you track if anyone gets into the tracking area illegally. If you have more budget, erecting a fence around the tracking area is a good idea.

How to Build Dirt Bike Track’s Access and Parking

If you want to know how to build a dirt bike track, you should also need to know how you can design the access and parking facility of the park. These issues bear more weight if you have the plan of making your track a public one.

If you want to accommodate trailers and other large machines, you should obviously allot an adequate portion of the land. For the purpose of parking, keeping a flat surface reserved is quite important.

You might also need to keep enough space so that water trucks, bulldozers, and excavators can enter inside the tracking area even if the work is completed.

In case of the renovation of the motocross track in the future, keeping some space vacant around the track is very helpful.

Never expect that the dirt bike track you are going to build will last forever. You might need to grade the track in the future and that might require large vehicles. If your track is not wide enough, it will be really tough to accommodate those vehicles and get your work done.

Step-2: Design the Dirt Bike Track

To get an easy understanding of how to build a dirt bike track with an impeccable design, ride around the intended place several times. To determine the parking space and the racing area, make use of a rope.

Natural jumps, trees, and hedges around the track can help you to build berms and serve other purposes as well. Make the best use of all the natural resources available in the location of the intended dirt bike track.

Have you got a clear picture of your dirt bike track? If yes, it is time to put your plan in a paper. Make sure that you have kept the parking area, length, and width of the lanes, perimeter, required amount of lands, trees, and obstructions in mind.

If you are planning to use the dirt bike track for racing, it is essential to allocate an adequate amount of space for letting the riders overtake.


If your dirt track is situated on the hillside, you might not worry about the drainage too much and that’s fine. But, if it is not, then, you have to think a lot about ensuring the proper drainage. Lower areas are prone to be flooded with water from various sources as water goes down.

Are you thinking about how to build a dirt bike track that does not discourage drainage? Well, you have to draw a precise plan about how you will get water when you need it at your desired point of the track without interfering with the rest of the track.

Building a raised track can solve the problem as water can run straight off there. Having some gaps between the lanes is also helpful for letting the water flow into.

You can also think of adding some culverts to drain the water away from your main motocross track.

Check for Underground Utilities

There may have some secondary transmission lines in your desired area for the dirt bike track. In that case, it is important to check the underground utilities before you proceed to dig a pond for getting soil.

Through the authority post signs regarding underground utilities, those can either fall or get damaged by rust. We recommend you call the hotline number of the underground locator of your state so that you can be certain about whether anything is lying under the ground of your desired area.

Step-3: The Execution of How to Build a Dirt Bike Track

Now that you have gone through the other related parts, it is time to get into how to build a dirt bike track from the beginning.

So, what will you need to build a dirt bike track?

  • Dirt
  • Machinery
  • Building Jumps, and
  • Building Timeframe

Let’s talk about these ones by one.


Needless to say, dirt is the most essential component required for building a dirt bike track. You have to research a lot regarding the source of the dirt that you can utilize in the track you are going to build.

You have to make sure that you have an adequate supply of dirt at your desired location. There are different kinds of dirt available to use for the dirt bikes. But, we suggest you go for the clay-based dirt as that’s the best.

So, how much dirt do you need for a motocross track? Well, it depends largely on the width and length of the track. For building a dirt bike track of average length and width, 3,000 cubic yards of clay would be pretty good to start with.

But, how to build a dirt bike track in hilly areas?

Okay, let me answer this question straight. if your desired dirt bike track is located at any hilly or sloppy area, you can consider yourself lucky. It is because you will get readily available dirt for you.


Proper equipment is a must for making a dashing dirt bike track. Water trucks, bulldozers, stakes, bucket loaders, large measuring tapes, etc. are some of the common equipment you will require for building the track. You might also require an excavator.

To be precise, it is the size and the type of your dirt bike track that can determine the exact need for machinery for the project you are undertaking.

In case you are not fully aware of the exact operation of the equipment, get a rental guy to explain to you how to build a dirt bike track safely with their equipment.

When you rent any machinery, make a written deal about the payment of the rent. Ask the rental company about whether you have to pay even when the machine is idle for rain or any other reasons. It is better to make a good deal at the beginning than having disputes later

Building Jumps

When you think about how to build a dirt bike track, sweeping, hills, jumps, and flowing motions are four important things to consider.

Jumps and whoops are capable of sucking out all the dirt inside. Large boulders or logs are the solutions you should use to fill the jump up.

You can ensure the right jump transitions with an adequate supply of dirt. Nice and long jumps will help the riders ride safely instead of throwing the riders straight away.

The jump you are going to make should have a height and length proportion of 1:3. That means, if you are used to jumping as high as 5 feet, the length of the jump in the track should be about 15 feet.

To get rid of tearing up the same jump section and to let the riders use more lines, it is very important to have a good width of the jumps. Try to make the jumps as wide as possible as it has multiple benefits.

Building Time-frame: How Much Time Do You Need?

So, how to build a dirt bike track within the shortest possible time? Is it the question popping in your mind for long? Well, you cannot make a good dirt bike track overnight. It needs at least about 3 to 4 days to complete the motocross track.

By the way, the building time of a motocross track depends heavily on the type of machinery you are using, the size of the track you are going to make, and also the type of soil you are putting on the track. It will take longer if the lands need to go through clearing and the track size is bigger.

If you can manage an experienced operator and a powerful and heavy bulldozer like Caterpillar D6, you can expect to get your dirt bike track prepared within a week while you will need 3 to 4 days to clear the desired location.

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Final Thoughts

So, you now know how to build a dirt bike track, right? But, that’s just a rough theory to give you an idea of how building a dirt bike track looks like. You might need to go through extra steps in the real scenario.

Planning and designing the project are the most important aspects before you start the plan of building the motocross track of your dream. If you do not focus on the planning and designing properly, you may end up having a track you will hate.

However, when it comes to size, you do not need to be comparing your track with the tracks of others. You can go for building a smaller track featuring smaller jumps if you are just a beginner.

Remember that you can always renovate the track whenever you want in the future once you gain enough experience and become a pro in dirt biking.

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