Amazing Tips on How to Clean Dirt bike air filter

Enjoy riding a dirt bike? Well, we like to stay clean and fresh after a dusty ride. Then what about your bike? Do you have any idea how to clean dirt bike air filter?

You do the best to protect yourself while going on a ride. Like you, your bike needs safety hacks too. One of its safety equipment is its air filter. For a powerful machine, the credit goes to the air filter. The air filter prevents foreign materials, dust, or sand from going inside the engine.

So, an air filter is like a mask. If you don’t keep it clean, sooner or later, it’s going to affect the engine of your bike badly. After cleaning air filter motorcycle can breathe in the fresh air again. It will also give you the most wanted robust service you need. So, no matter what, it’s important to know how to clean motorcycle air filter correctly.

Types of Air Filters In A Dirt Bike

Before cleaning motorcycle air filter you should know about the air filter. Have you ever checked the type of air filter your bike has? Because you can find 3 different types of air filters out there. Let’s try to learn a little more about them.

Paper Filters

If you want to know about the most inexpensive one, this is it. Most of the time, a paper air filter comes along with street motorcycles. The less satisfying part of this filter is its filtering power. It isn’t good enough for a dirt bike.

Foam Filters

Now, let’s know about something that is a better air filter than the previous one. We’re talking about the foam air filters. Usually, they come along with the dirt bikes. That’s because the robust ride needs a robust air filter. A foam air filter beats a paper air filter with its extraordinary performance. It can block any kind of dirt or particular entering into the engine. Even, it’s reusable for a long time. You can wash it whenever it’s dirty. Don’t need to replace it after a few usages. But that makes the foam air filter much expensive than the paper one. Another thing is because of its dense it can pass very few airs. But you can’t ignore its filtration power at all.

Cotton Filters

If you want to have an air filter for your dirt bike for the lifetime, go with the cotton ones. Warning! It’s going to cost you even more than the cotton ones. Also, you need to be very careful about cleaning it. It’s a little high maintenance but the best performer in all ways. It blocks the dirt and foreign materials to pass it through but passes the air fluently. So, the engine gets enough air to needs to power up.

How To Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter Step-by-Step?

Relax, it’s not going to be a tough task for anybody. Just some simple steps you need to proceed accordingly. That’s it. A dirty air filter can’t hold the dust, dirt, mud, or any other foreign particle any longer to get inside the engine. It even can get damaged.

Can you clean an air filter with gas? Can you clean a dirt bike air filter with dish soap? Well, let’s see how to clean dirt bike air filter and what you can use.

Remove the Air Filter

You should know the exact place where it belongs. First, you need to remove the bike seat to reach the airbox. Inside the airbox, the air filter will be waiting for you. To remove it entirely, you have to take care of the washer and bolt. Remove them carefully. Now, bring the framework out that holds the air filter in a shape. Then, remove the filter. That’s it. Now the air filter is all yours. It’ll be smart to block or cover the air inlet with a clean object to protect the engine from dust.


Inspect Air Filter for Damage

Before start cleaning motorcycle air filter never forget to check if there’s any damage.  A filter might get damaged when you find weakening rubber seal, or there are any split or tears. Don’t ignore the size of the tear.  Once you find any damage, replace the damaged air filter with a new one without any delay.

How To Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter: The Main Part

What can I use to clean my air filter? People keep asking. Here you go. Find all your answers about cleaning the air filter of your dirt bike.

Cleaning Paper Air Filters

Honestly, it’s better to replace a dirty paper filter instead of cleaning it. That’s because it can get damaged if it’s too dirty. Even while washing, it can get torn apart. Still, if you want to clean it for an emergency, don’t go for the rough cleaning like using brushes, or compressor type forced air drying kit. Just go with clean water and cleaning liquid. Don’t push with pressure. Keep it slow and soft.

Cleaning Foam Air Filters

When it comes to the foam air filter, it’s a must to be careful with the cleaning objects you’re are using. Because of the wrong chemical, your air filter might get damaged. Avoid soap which leaves behind a deposit or residue. It can be harmful to the fluent airflow. Again, don’t use a corrosive chemical that holds the foam together and breaks down its glue. It’ll be far easier to go with ready kits specially made for the foam air filter.

Don’t forget to use hand gloves. Now, first of all, slap out the loose dirt and grime from the filter. Apply your air filter cleaner on it and give it a good massage through all over it. Stretching or wringing might damage the foam filter easily. So, avoid it. Just go with the gentle and farm massage.

The next step will be filling up any bucket suitable for you. You can use a mild soap like dishwashing one with warm water. Then rinse the filter into the mixture several times. This step is to get the remaining dust and the filter cleaner out of the foam. After some time the foam filter should get back to the color before using it. When it happens, softly squeeze the excess water out of the filter. Now, let it dry.

Cleaning Cotton Air Filters

Apply the right cleaner on the filter and give it some time to sit. Now wash the cleaner form inside to get the dirt and the remaining cleaner off the fibers. Now the rest of the process is just like cleaning the foam air filter. Now let it dry naturally without using any compressor.

Cleaning the Air Filter Frame & Air Box

Next, you should check on the filter frame and the airbox. If requires, clean them too. First, wipe out the dirt. Then, you can use water and soap mixture to clean the dirt and remaining grease.

Oiling the Foam Air Filter

When the filter is entirely dry, now it’s time to apply fresh oil on it. Try to apply sealing grease to sealing flange too. Don’t forget to squeeze out the excess oil.

Reinstalling the filter in the Air Box

All done? Now it’s time for you to get the foam back in the airbox. Before that don’t forget to fix the air filter into its frame properly. After that put it in the airbox. Make sure you tighten and fix the bolt accurately.

How Often Should You Clean Your Air Filter On A Dirt Bike?

how to clean motorcycle air filter

Well, it varies. It depends on the type of riding you enjoy with your bike. The type of air filter can probably be a fact too. Sometimes, the air filter or your bike might come with a manual. There might be a description of the repetition of the cleaning motorcycle air filter.

Now, usually, it’s not mandatory to clean your dirt bike after every single ride. But sometimes a ride can make the air filter dirty enough to clean that without any delay. Riding your dirt bike on such a track where it’s so dirty, muddy, or dusty might be fun for you. But during that fun, your dirt bike and its air filter go through a lot. That’s the time when it’s mandatory to clean them immediately.

On the other hand, you can skip cleaning the air filter when your ride was only for a few hours on the non-muddy track. Usually, it’s safe to clean it after 2 to 4 rides on average. Although it’s much better to keep the air filter clean regularly. Just make sure it’s clean enough for the next ride.

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Last Words

Don’t ignore that after cleaning air filter motorcycle will improve its performance. The air filter might seem just a little thing. But this little thing handles a huge responsibility.  So, just throw the damaged air filter out without any second thought. And, also learn how to clean dirt bike air filter. The important thing is you can’t skip a single step no matter how simple that is. From the beginning to the end, go with all the necessary steps.

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