How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Scooter|| A Complete Guide

Increasing the e-scooter speed is somehow weird as you have to remove the speed limiter. However, if you don’t know how to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter, our guide will be your right partner.

Generally, the users think it tough to remove the speed limiter on their own. But, we will introduce you to the easiest ways today. 

However, before going to remove the speed limiter, we recommend you to be sure about your country’s law. It is because removing speed limiters on a scooter is not legal in many countries.

Fortunately, if your country state permits you to remove the speed limiter from your scooter, then let’s begin-

What is Speed Limiter on a Scooter

What Is Speed Limiter On A Scooter

In general, the e-scooter speed limiter is essential to control the safety issues on the road. The electric speed limiter indicates a specific software configuration on an electric scooter. And this configuration is installed and set by the manufacturer directly. 

Furthermore, you will get a specific maximum speed limit on your scooter that you cannot exceed if you want. However, if you want to remove the speed limiter, you have to go through some procedures.

Advantage of Removing Speed Limiter

Advantage Of Removing Speed Limiter

There are several benefits that you will get right after removing the speed limiter from your e-scooter.  Let’s see what those advantages are-

  • Better Performance

If you remove the speed limiter from your e-scooter, it will ensure a high speed and better performance.

  • Time-Saving

As long as you are not at a specific speed that is the limit decided by the manufacturer, it will help you save your time in terms of high speed. And, you can cover even the long-distance by a minimum time limit.

  • Save Electricity Bills

While you will not use the speed limiter, it will require only a single charge. Therefore, it will help you reduce your extra electricity bills.

  • Allow You on Social Events 

We often participate in different social events. For instance, ride competitions. In this case, if you use the speed limiter on your scooter, you cannot participate in such an event. 

So, here, if your scooter is already free of the speed limiter, participating in the competition will be easier for you.

  • Meeting up Emergency 

While you are in a hurry or emergency, you can make your go faster and meet the emergency. 

How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Scooter

How To Remove Speed Limiter On Electric Scooter

The reason why manufacturers add speed limiters on a scooter is the law in some countries. Also, to ensure your road safety, it is essential to limit your scooter speed. 

However, we will now show you the way how you can remove the speed controller from your e-scooter following three essential steps-

  • Make the Speed Limiter Disabled

The first step that you can follow to remove the speed controller is to make the speed limiter disable. And, you can disable the speed controller by the following steps-

  • Turn the scooter display off.
  • Keep pressing the electric break.
  • Now, turn the display on, and it will display the present speed limit level, for example- L1 to L5. 
  • If you want to increase or decrease the speed limit, you can change it by pressing the light button.
  • While finishing setting your level of the speed limit, press the “S” button. This “S” button is to set the speed limit finally.
  • You have finished changing the speed limit of your scooter already. You are now done.
  • Remove the Speed Limit Completely

You also have the option to remove the speed limiter by removing it permanently. If you want to remove it permanently, follow the given steps below-

  • Turn your scooter display on
  • Keep pressing the e-scooter break.
  • Press the power button, and in the meantime, it will display you “P1.”
  • But you have to move that “P1” to “P3.” 
  • To move the “P1” to “P3”, press on the light button
  • Just press the “S” button and finish your procedure.
  • Flash the Speed Limiter

It is a bit complex to do. But if you can flash your speed limiter properly, your e-scooter will give you a smoother ride.

However, to do so, you have to rewrite the software that you have got on your e-scooter controller. The e-scooter speed limit will reach 30km to 31km per hour, which is extremely impressive.

Speed Limiter On Electric Scooter

Note: We do not recommend you to follow this method unless you are an expert.

Other Ways to Increase Your E-Scooter Speed Level

There are many other ways you can increase the speed limit of your e-scooter. We will introduce you to the most productive ways to make your operation effortless-

  • Changing Battery

Changing the scooter battery can increase the voltage that leads to an increase in the scooter speed. But, make sure the battery is well-matched with your scooter.

  • Spraying Oil

Spraying oil WD-40 to the sprockets will be another easiest solution to increase your scooter speed level. But this option will not be suitable for the new scooter.

  • Changing Sprockets

You can easily gain some extra miles per hour if you can change the sprockets. And, it will not cost you much.

  • Adding Extra Battery

Literally, adding an extra battery will not show you any direct results. But it will maximize the speed limit for a long-distance ride.

  • Increasing Battery Power

It is a vital way to improve your scooter speed. Now the question is how you can increase your scooter battery power. Well, you can change the battery power source with the previous one.

So, all these mentioned procedures above will be your best support to increase the speed limit of your e-scooter. 

Speed Limiter Removal on Mobility Scooter

The mobility scooters hold all the advanced technological mechanisms. Also, you will get a mobility scooter with an ergonomic design. 

However, it is a bit tough to remove the speed limiter from a mobility scooter. But, following three possible ways can be your best guide-

  1. Installing Upgraded Battery

If you can install an upgraded battery on your e-scooter, it will bring more power to the scooter. And, later it will make your scooter speed limit faster.

  1. Reversing Scooter Motor

While the coil on your scooter can be rewinding, it will automatically increase the speed limit of your scooter. In this case, we recommend you reverse your scooter motor and make it fast.

  1. Removing of Speed Limiter

And the third option is to increase your scooter speed by removing the speed limiter. It is the most common solution to increase your mobility scooter speed limit. So, this is how to remove the speed limiter on a mobility scooter.

How to remove the speed limiter on the electric scooter Xiaomi?

Here is the process 

  • Go to Google Store and download the m365 DownG app.
  • Install this app.
  • Now, download the Xiaomi M365 Max Speed Firmware.
  • Open the m365 DownG app and tap on the “Connect” button. It will then connect to your Xiaomi Scooter.
  • Click on “Check Version.”

How to remove the speed limiter on a pure electric scooter?

By modifying and upgrading the firmware and your remaining battery, you can easily remove the speed limiter. 

But, you have to add another new battery and also change the sprockets. And rewind the motor with 15 Mph.

How can I increase the speed limit on my Gotrax scooter?

Well, the Gotrax scooter speed limiter removal procedure is the same as the pure e-scooter limiter removal methods. But, find a plain terrain while riding a Gotrax scooter.

How do I remove the speed limiter on my electric scooter?

Please, go through our content to explore all the easiest ways to remove the speed limiter on your e-scooter.


Speed limiter on an e-scooter is a very important part that you should focus on carefully. It is because the speed limiter is the indicator of safety. 

However, you now know the importance of a speed limiter for your e-scooter. Also, you know how to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter. 

So, you can now make your go easy, we believe. But, make sure whether the terrain where you will ride your e-scooter fits with your new speed limit. 

Also, you should read the manufacturer’s recommendation before removing the speed limiter. And it should be your top priority ahead of your move. 

Have a safe ride with a standard speed limit on your electric scooter!

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