How to Start a Motorcycle Riding Club: A Complete Guide

Are you a crazy motorbike rider? Is bike riding a pervasive chapter in your life? Want to ride your bike and leave comfortably when you need fresh air and new thinking?

Then, you should consider forming a local bike club. Yeah, you are absolutely at the right place as we are going to inform you about this from top to bottom. 

The dedicated Motorcycle clubs have multiple types of formations and purposes. But one thing in common is riding something with companions. No matter if it is a club in a certain kind of motorcycle or a social thing in the community, it is always purposeful.

Now, if you are prepared to set your own motorcycle club up, you need to know how to get motorcycle clubs active. Here, we have complete instructions for starting a motorcycle club for you. As much as you read this article, you will be able to learn more about the full-proof process of operating an MC club. 

Do you know what type of club you are starting?

Do You Know What Type Of Club You Are Starting

Two major types of motorcycle-focused clubs are evident: equestrian clubs and motorcycle clubs. Equestrian clubs are groups of people who ride bikes after meeting occasionally to socialize a bit.

They may be centered on specific brands like Harley-Davidson, Victory, Honda, etc., but in general, I’m very loose about who can get involved. This is perfect for those looking for a casual get-together, so you don’t need to plan for a specific equestrian club.

When you start the Motorcycle Club, you register in an inclusive organization known as the Club Federation. The COC acts as a liaison between the various clubs and chapters.

Do you have a strong base for a Bike Club?

If you are already in an informal group, members of this group must be registered as the founding members of the club. Word-of-mouth is the best way for clubs in the early stages of formation. Invite a friend, family member, or a stranger to own a bike by chance. Consider the following when configuring membership:

Do you have a strong base for a Bike Club?
  • Continuous and spontaneous participation by members.
  • Organizing and sponsoring events.
  • Able to maintain the liabilities.

If you don’t have an established membership base, advertise your organized ride at your local bike store. I would like to do everything I can to sponsor the vehicle and provide interesting activities to draw attention.

What is your purpose in opening a Bike Club?

What is your purpose in opening a Bike Club

At a very early stage, the club has a clear purpose. Write your mission and present it to your candidate for membership, so that everyone has a clear understanding of what they are working towards and what they are expecting. You do not need to worry about the bylaws at the beginning of your club. There’s plenty of time to polish and fine-tune it later.

If there are other motorcycle clubs in your city, you need to do some research by yourself. You do not want to explain your mission overlap, so you will find everything you need to create a unique club.

Maintaining a calm MC environment is all about respecting people there before them. If you can do it, you never have problems with another COC organization, and you can go privately in your business. While you study, start what you want, what you want, contact the fields you want to operate or support, and the type of person you want to join.

Do you have a plan to go for a ride regularly?

Do you have a plan to go for a ride regularly

We would like to propose our members a ride on a regularly scheduled bike. This vehicle should be the most predictable part of your club. Ride at the same time and route regularly. A good idea is to end this regular ride at your club’s regular meeting. Hopefully, this will not diminish interest in the boring part of the club.

Do you have any sponsors?

The sponsorship of a local company can be a good way to make money on your club’s essentials. But keep in mind that most businesses don’t sponsor you without some of your community services. Balance carefully and discuss with your accountant how it will affect the financial structure of your club.

The sponsorship of a local company can be a good way to make money on your club’s essentials. But keep in mind that most businesses don’t sponsor you without some of your community services. Balance carefully and discuss with your accountant how it will affect the financial structure of your club.

How does the club arrange money?

For many non-profit organizations, such as sports clubs, money is a problem. Hire an experienced accountant or chartered accountant and take care of your club’s finances to make sure money doesn’t come out of the window. Some economic aspects to consider include:

  •  Membership fees.
  •  Budget.
  •  Fundraising.
  •  Audits & Taxes.

Starting an official bike club is hard work, but it’s very rewarding. With meticulous planning, management, and proper member involvement, there is no reason a club cannot succeed.

What You Will Need

As have been mentioned earlier, learning how to start a bike club mostly depends on whether you are creating a riding circle or an MC. In this guide, you can find the steps to form a riding club.

Remember that clubs must provide their members with something unique. Members must be able to meet, ride and enjoy the riding circle you have formed. Here are some things you need to do to get started with the Riding Club:

  •  Member.
  •  Registration Form.
  •  Motorcycle.
  •  Riders.
  •  Statement of Mission and Vision.
  •  Proposal Draft.
  •  Liability Insurance
  •  License.
  •  Sales Tax Exemption.
  •  Solicitation.

Conditions about Brands

For riders, brand loyalty is everything. One of the important things to be clear about during your research is whether you would like to establish a club that will endorse a particular type of bike. Other dominant clubs in your area (if any) will help you decide about it.

If you want all to carry the same type of bike, be sure to limit the club to a specific brand of riders. However, at this moment, as we are crawling towards a boom, anyone who wants to participate is welcome. Opening up to all types of bikes can result in more riders trying to join your club.

Come up with a name, logo, and monogram

cool motorcycle club logo examples

Now the interesting part begins. Naming will be one of the most important factors in starting a bike club. What’s in the name? You will want to choose a name that is representative of the image, philosophy, position, etc. You can very easily specify what your club is, a name like “Sky County Bike Club” to get specific points.

But as needed, be creative. Names like “Hartford Highway Man” tell people where you come from and what you like. After searching for the name, you can proceed with the mission and symbol.

Write down your name as well as your main focus and create a unique logo that epitomizes your club. What you are intending to express in your mission statement must include a visual element.

There are plenty of cool motorcycle club logo examples on the net, but if you don’t mind artistically, consider entrusting a celebrity to handle this part. Let them know what you think and send them some drafts to choose from there.

Statement of mission and vision

You can use your mission statement to differentiate yourself from other motorcycle clubs in your area. It’s about clarifying your values ​​and intentions, so sit down and write down 3 things to tell the club and make them your mission statement.

Gathering Initial Members

If you don’t have a network of friends to ride your bike with, it can be difficult to recruit the first member. For those interested in finding a group of bike enthusiasts in the area online, we will notify people by sending a message to start a new club in the area.

Once you know a lot of companion bikes, you can create and distribute a registration form or pick it up by potential members. Leave it to the repair shop and the motorcycle dealer to get the exposure.

If it is difficult to register as a member, please invite the public on SNS, bulletin boards, and bulletin boards where bikers gather. After all, some bikers can only start listening to your call and officially start the club.

Structure Formation

If you want to create an organization within the bike club like any other organization, take your time. Keep it in case you know the strengths and weaknesses of each person. You can perform a SWOT analysis here.

With more groups, you can make yourself president and hold a general election to fill other positions. Typical clubs include presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, treasurers, doctors, ordinance enforcement officers, repair specialists, and road ledgers.

The positions you make available depend on the size of your group and the quality of your organization. It solely relies on how much seriousness you are showing to take it over.

Find a Regular Meeting Place

find a place for regular meetings for the club

At this stage, we’ve solved all the difficult parts, we need to find a place for regular meetings for the club. When launched for the first time, it will probably be the parking lot of someone’s house or your favorite restaurant or bike store.

However, as you grow, you can use your membership fees to invest in more permanent facilities. A forlorn space or derelict warehouse can be a significant option where you can have a meeting to talk about club issues and choose a road-trip path.

Social Responsibility

Unfortunately, there is a negative notion about bike clubs that are almost unfounded. Participate in the community as actively as possible to reverse these assumptions.

To work with other bike clubs in the area to organize and participate in financing events for the community, to show that they are, like any other institution, legal and respectful. I can do it.

Learning how to start a motorcycle club is simple. But, the further journey may not be straightforward. Like other organizations, ups and downs may frequently occur, but remember your mission and why you are there.

If you find this guide helpful which can help you to form a Motorcycle Club, please share it with your biker friends. And comment below if you have questions. Happy riding!

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