How to Tie Down a Dirt Bike

Want to move your Dirt-bike from one place to another? You can use various dirt bike tie down systems, moving it on your truck-bed is one of them. Tying down your Dirt-bike on the truck-bed can be easy if you follow a few simple steps.

On the other hand, tying it down on the truck-bed, thus ruining both the truck-bed and the bike is also possible. You can either go for what you want to do or you can follow some expert and logical technics about how to tie down a dirt bike.

Maybe you are wondering about how to strap down a motorcycle in a pickup or a truck? Most steps are similar for the large vehicles.

Here I will provide a few instructions, following which you will have proper knowledge about how to tie down a motorcycle in a truck bed. If you do it in a right way, you will load the dirt bike in truck bed without causing any damage.

But first, here are some tools that you may need while tying down your bike to the truck-bed,

  • Tie-down straps
  • Soft straps (if your tie-down strap comes without them)
  • Loading ramps or loading dock
  • Support brace
  • Wheel choke

How to Strap a Dirt Bike Into a Truck

how to strap a dirt bike into a truck

Instead of tying the bike straight in, you should tie it diagonally, from corner to corner of the truck-bed. By doing this, you can reduce the pressure on your suspension. It also gives you more space to put your bike.

There are some other benefits of putting your bike like this. By following this method you can not only close the tailgate, but can also prevent the bends of the truck bed.

How to Load a Dirt Bike Into a Truck

There are several ways you can push the bike in the truck-bed. You can use whatever method you feel comfortable. Loading ramp maybe suitable for you as the most effective and secure way. If there is a loading dock available, you can use that too, but it might need a little lifting. If you have none of these available, you can use your hands or hire people to lift the bike for you.

Once you are done, you need to tie the bike with the truck-bed so that it doesn’t fall off. So first, you need to close the tailgate, which makes sure that the bike doesn’t slide down from the truck.

Then you require tie-down straps for tying the bike down. After getting the bike inside and closing the tailgate, you have to tie the bike down with the straps, attach the loose-end to the truck-bed rings and therefore tight them.

When you are done with all dirt bike truck bed mount tips, you need to re-check to make sure that everything is done properly. After that, you are good to go. I will provide a detailed step by step guide about how to tie down a dirt bike below, following which you can tie your Dirt-bike down on the truck-bed by yourself.

How to Tie Down a Dirt Bike User Guide

You can never learn how to tie down a motorcycle without knowing how to load it on the truck bed.  

Instructions of Loading the Dirt Bike on the Truck Bed

1.Parking it on flat ground

For the very first step, you need to park your truck in a proper and flat surface to load your bike in it. Loading dirt bike in lifted truck is better. Yet, you can use a place where you don’t need to lift your bike can also be a good option. The best option is getting a good loading ramp. The benefit of choosing a flat ground to park is that the truck won’t move around much and will give you less trouble while getting the truck in.

2.Setting up the tie-down straps

In this section, you will know how to strap down a dirt bike. Before loading the bike in the truck, you need to make sure that the tie-down is ready to use. You can put the straps on the handlebars on the bike before loading the bike in the truck so that you won’t need to get off every time to get the tie-down straps. It just makes the process easier.

3.Getting the bike into the truck-bed

You can use whatever method available to get the bike into the truck-bed. You can use the ramp or dock or lift the bike using your hands to push it on the truck-bed. You need to put the bike on neutral before pushing it in. If you have access to none of the loading ramp or loading dock, you can use your hand to lift the bike or you can seek other’s help to put the bike in the truck-bed.

The bike doesn’t need to fit perfectly on the truck bed. There are ways to fix every situation. If the bike jumps while driving the truck, you can use an extra tie-down strap to tie the rear tire or you can use wheel choke.

4.Bracing the bike with wheel-choke

If you have a wheel choke, just put the front wheel into the wheel-choke after getting it on the truck. If you don’t have a wheel choke, just put the front wheel in the front left corner. Using a wheel-choke makes sure that the bike doesn’t move while driving the truck.

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Securing the Dirt-bike in the truck

Now you know how to strap down a motorcycle efficiently. However, making sure that the bike won’t create any hassle after tying it down is also important.


You need to take the right-hand-side tie-down straps and attach it to the front-right truck bed’s ring. After that, attach the left-hand-side tie-down straps with the back-left truck bed’s ring.

Close the tailgate

When the bike is inside and secure, you can close the tailgate. The back tire may not be the way to the back-right corner, just remember that it’s okay. You just need to make sure that the tires are straight and in line with each other.

Tighten the tie-down straps

After making sure that the tailgate is closed, you should tighten the tie-down straps. You shouldn’t go overboard with it, just tight enough to make the bike stay fitted to the truck. After tightening the bike, you can tie off the strap, that way it won’t slip or flap in the wind.

Tying down the front tire

This step is optional, in case the bike doesn’t fit in and the front tire bounces around. You can tie the rear tire with a tie-down strap, by looping it once around the tire, attach one end to the front right side and the other to the front left side. This way you can provide more safety to the bike.

These are some effective and easy instructions about how to tie down dirt bike. If you follow these steps while loading and strapping your bike, you will know how simple task is that.

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